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Obama Takes Major Step in Controlling Natural Gas

Written by Gary North on April 19, 2012

By executive order, Obama has created the beginning of a vast new regulatory system to control natural gas. Congress had nothing to say about this.

Natural gas prices are falling due to new methods of extraction called fracking. This is creating havoc for the anti-growth environmentalists. It has dropped the price of natural gas. Across the nation, power companies are switching to natural gas. This means pollution-free power. This means that the enviros cannot get the votes to stop energy development, which is their real agenda.

They have to reverse this. This is what Obama’s executive order is all about. It will be used to restrict fracking, thereby stopping the move to natural gas.

Watch for this phrase: unconventional natural gas. This refers to underground gas that can be accessed through fracking.

Here are highlights of the new rules.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to coordinate the efforts of Federal agencies responsible for overseeing the safe and responsible development of unconventional domestic natural gas resources and associated infrastructure and to help reduce our dependence on oil, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1Policy.  In 2011, natural gas provided 25 percent of the energy consumed in the United States.  Its production creates jobs and provides economic benefits to the entire domestic production supply chain, as well as to chemical and other manufacturers, who benefit from lower feedstock and energy costs.  By helping to power our transportation system, greater use of natural gas can also reduce our dependence on oil.  And with appropriate safeguards, natural gas can provide a cleaner source of energy than other fossil fuels.

For these reasons, it is vital that we take full advantage of our natural gas resources, while giving American families and communities confidence that natural and cultural resources, air and water quality, and public health and safety will not be compromised. . . .

Because efforts to promote safe, responsible, and efficient development of unconventional domestic natural gas resources are underway at a number of executive departments and agencies (agencies), close interagency coordination is important for effective implementation of these programs and activities.  To formalize and promote ongoing interagency coordination, this order establishes a high-level, interagency working group that will facilitate coordinated Administration policy efforts to support safe and responsible unconventional domestic natural gas development.

Sec. 2Interagency Working Group to Support Safe and Responsible Development of Unconventional Domestic Natural Gas Resources.  There is established an Interagency Working Group to Support Safe and Responsible Development of Unconventional Domestic Natural Gas Resources (Working Group), to be chaired by the Director of the Domestic Policy Council, or a designated representative.

(a)  Membership.  In addition to the Chair, the Working Group shall include deputy-level representatives or equivalent officials, designated by the head of the respective agency or office, from:

(i) the Department of Defense;

(ii) the Department of the Interior;

(iii) the Department of Agriculture;

(iv) the Department of Commerce;

(v) the Department of Health and Human Services;

(vi) the Department of Transportation;

(vii) the Department of Energy;

(viii) the Department of Homeland Security;

(ix) the Environmental Protection Agency;

(x) the Council on Environmental Quality;

(xi) the Office of Science and Technology Policy;

(xii) the Office of Management and Budget;

(xiii) the National Economic Council; and

(xiv) such other agencies or offices as the Chair may invite to participate. . . .

(iii) engage in long-term planning and ensure coordination among the appropriate Federal entities with respect to such issues as research, natural resource assessment, and the development of infrastructure; . . .

Continue Reading on www.whitehouse.gov

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53 thoughts on “Obama Takes Major Step in Controlling Natural Gas

  1. Blazing Scriptures says:

    Obama is doing evything he can to make the U.S. govenment bigger. Big governments are always highly corrupt because with big government comes great power with access to massive wealth. Great power and massive wealth will always attract the most corrupt with the greatest ability to take advantage of great power to steal massive wealth, such as George Soros. Such people are truly evil and heartless. They will kill anyone who gets in their way. And they will always strive for greater power and greater wealth. They know the biggest government possible would be a one world government, the New World Order. It would have the greatest power possible with access to the most massive wealth of all, the wealth of the entire world. The New World Order will have the most corrupt oppressive government in the history of the world. There's not much time to stop it, if it's not too late already. God, help us all.

  2. Patriot1776 says:

    Where is Congress? According to the Constitution of the United States of America, Congress is to make the laws with regard to interstate commerce, not the king. This man is way beyond the limits of power that were established to prevent tyranny and our representatives in Congress had best step up and perform their responsibilities which they are payed very well by our tax dollars to do. The free market system works, but the current occupier of the white house steps in and acts as king to prevent success and relief to the American people.

  3. What do you mean, Congress can't do anything? What are they there for, then? This man is intent on taking control of everything and no one will DO anything? I say – impeach or arrest the Ba$t3rD and rescind all his high and mighty 'Executive orders' or all of Congress gets voted OUT this next term.

  4. Congress created this problem beginning in the 1930’s, when it created the alphabet soup of quasi-contitutional “agencies” to which it delgated its authority to legislate. Congress did not stop to think that all these agencies to which it had given its legislative power away were all controlled by the Chief Executive, thereby evading the separation of powers in the Constitution.

    Of course, when the people in Harlem are freezing in the dark, Obama will give them guns and tell them that their predicament is the fault of the white people. They won’t think through it far enough to realize that the white people who are to blame are the ones who voted for Obama.

  5. max penn says:

    Congress is gutless. Anyday now you will be required to call out "ZIGHILE" or HILE HITLER, no Hile Obama. Call you rep in congress and give him/her hell. Only way it works, but you must hurry before Obama fires them and become King.

  6. Congress is neutered, the little baby Boehner cannot stand up to Hussein. The pink tie is probably making a profit off higher energy prices. We have a one party system, but the illusion of a representative government fools us into voting for these b@$7@dos

  7. It does NOT in my state. The reps and sens just ignore and send out form letters that do NOT address the issue about which was written.


    OK it's time again to tell you how to get OBUMMER out of the White House once and for all.
    When you go to the polls to vote this November remember that voting is just like playing a
    game of EUCHER and all you have to do is remember EUCHER RULE #1 and you'll be a winner.

    EUCHER RULE #1 is in order to be a winner all you have to do is remember this:
    (DO NOT RE-NIG) and you will be a winner.

  9. justathought says:

    What a depressing article! From the headline I thought perhaps he'd put a cork in his behind, or decided all WH personnel were required to wear gags (including the Gas-Bag in Chief). 🙂

  10. Public Citizzen says:

    The lies start in the first paragraph with the phrase " and to help reduce our dependence on oil".
    When will our congresscritters develop spines and reign in this out of control monster?

  11. Not one for Govt control, but..Fracking is a horrible, & dangerous practice..that pollutes water..and it really ought to be banned alltogether.

  12. David Parker says:

    Proof please. Let's see if there are any fact to be had on the matter.
    David Parker

  13. What does this mean?

  14. All I can say is Nov 2012……we will be voting….

  15. John Stewart says:

    Another lemming heard from, get your facts staight before you spout off.

  16. The first paragraph of this exrcutive order is contrary to what Obama believes. Obama get out of the Oval Office and take all your communist czar cronies with you.

  17. You must be from Florida.

  18. Same in Minnesota.

  19. never mind billy joe, you wouldn't understand

  20. I see you have been drining the cool aid. There is not only no proof of what you say, it makes no sense. You are like the guy in Nevada who wants to keep Yucca Mountain closed because someone told him there could be a ground water problem 250,000 years from now.

  21. By executive order, Obama has created the beginning of a vast new regulatory system to control natural gas. Congress had nothing to say about this…………..I agree with you. Down with wanna be king Obama and his damn executive orders.

  22. mrsgunnut10 says:

    Same in Missouri.

  23. Paula,you are absolutely correct!Our problem is awakening the sheeple so sanity can be restored.

  24. jammin2011 says:

    The Senate is owned by Harry Reid. He will not bring anything that he doesn't want OR what he is told to the floor of the Senate. We the People are going to have to rise up so that the Senate comprises of men and women who love freedom. And… I am an environmentalist, but I'm not stupid.

  25. sean murry says:

    The SOB is controling everything.

  26. Can someone please explain to me WHY this Creep hasn't been Impeached yet? along with Biden, Pelosi, Reed and about 100 more!!!!!

  27. YO VINNIE says:

    onoochio cannot even control his own gas.

  28. R. Lind, you have no idea of what your talking about; Fracking is presently conducted safely!! The Technology is well proven, goes to extreme lengths of safety and takes extreme precautions to limit and protect from polluting ground water. The Technology is improving daily, so please know what your talking about before contemning it!!!. Maybe you'll appreciate the advances in new technologies when your sitting around your open fire, cutting down trees to fuel it so you can keep warm & prepare your food?

  29. The house is being run by the GOP and the senate is being run by liberal lemmings…the house could do something only to get shelved by Reid. Reid and other liberals aren't even bothering to attend budget meetings because they have no intention of creating a budget even though it is mandated by the Constitution.

  30. So where is your evidence that fracking is dangerous, horrible, pollutes water and other hyberole? From the red greenies? Oil and natural gas release all over the world, under water and above. The world is a dirty dangerous place. Natural gas is a necessary commodity to keep our country strong and free. I swear people live in human coops and know nothing about the natural world!

  31. Well what did you expect from the Great One. The jobs president. The president that hads stabilized ourr economy, This f'er with do anything, I mean ANY THING to kill jobs in this contry, make us more DE PEND ENT on him ad his MARXIST administration. Anybody that believed ANYTHING this liar says is a CLASSIC FOOL. Either that or just a plain IDIOT.


  32. You are an odiot, it isn't dangeruos at all the chemicals they use are thousands of feet below the water table.

  33. I'm sure you have heard of movies titled The Terminator, Conan the Barbarian, etc. Well there is a movie in Washington, DC that EVERYONE needs to watch. That is watch out for……….OBAMA THE DESTROYER
    He is systimatically destroying everything good, decent and wonderful about this country.
    Why did so many people make this happen?
    What is it about this CREEP that people like?
    He is NOT a nice man.
    He does NOT jave a pretty smile ladies.
    He is the ugliest, most vile human being that ever waked the face of the earth

  34. Stanpauley says:

    I hope and pray that it will not be to late!

    Especially when you consider other actions being taken to bypass the Congress.

  35. Stanpauley says:

    There should be something that could be done when Senators and Congressmen intentionally fail to do their duty, such as removal from office, and replacement by the appropriate state (perhaps, this might be call a 'recall').

  36. Stanpauley says:

    Richard – You are being too nice and appropriate. It is far worse than you state. The freedom that our forefathers fought for and gave up their lives for is now being threatened. It is time for the citizens of this great country to rise up and take the legal actions to reestablish this Grand Ole Nation. if not for our sake, then for our children's sake!

  37. I give you a 10 of 10 score. Well done.

  38. wnettles says:

    The only looming question is: Why has Obama not yet been impeached and removed from office for his flagrant and obvious usurpation of power? He has wandered WAY OUTSIDE of the legal authority given to the President of the United States. Why has Congress not begun impeachment proceedings? Why has the Supreme Court not acted to contain this narcissistic tyrant? Must WE THE PEOPLE do the job that we elected our government to do?

  39. wnettles says:

    I really find it hard to believe that this scumbag has been able to decieve enough of the voters to get elected. I find it even harder to believe that the Congress has not removed him yet. Even more difficult to believe is that the high and mighty Supreme Court has just sat there on their fat asses and done nothing. It TRULY IS TIME FOR A CHANGE. Obama wanted change, and, folks, we certainly need to give it to him and his lot of corrupt sociopaths.

  40. Iftruthbeknown says:

    HEY CONGRESS!!!! YOOO-HOOOO, CONGRESS!!!! WAKE UP!!! DO SOMETHING TO SHOW US YOU ARE MORE THAN JUST A SLEEPING ELEPHANT!!!!!!! SHEESH, MY DOG IS MORE AWAKE AND AWARE THAN YOU ARE. It looks like we need a revolution just to wake up congress. What a pile of elephant dung they have become.

  41. Iftruthbeknown says:

    Get the horses and the ropes and lets hang the gutless varmints. Jeesh, if this was the old west we could actually do that. Congress would know we could, too, so they'd be trying harder to represent us, in order to keep their bodies and souls from swinging apart. Sheesh….where can we get hold of some tar and feathers?

  42. "By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution"

    What authority? The Man From Mombasa is not a natural born citizen, in fact it is questionable that is a U.S. citizen of any description, therefor under the Constitution he can not be President so there is no vested authority.

  43. ReaperHD says:

    The occupier in the White House the Anti-Christ will destroy this Country if given four more years…..

  44. sweetpea says:

    Nothing is being done by congress because 80 members of Congress are communists. I find that to be an incredible fact!

  45. Guest DOLLY says:

    Well, this is just one more thing this dumbell wants to take over EVERY THING, then he can say I am your 'DICTATOR, YOU DO AS I SAY, NO ONE ELSE". Sounds like what we have been receiving from the people in Congress who will not tell this FAKE IDIOT IN THE WH NO JUST BEFORE HE BECOMES A REAL DICTATOR. REMEMBER STALIN AND HITLER AND PLEASE REMEMBER WHAT THEY DID TO THEIR PEOPLE. That is the shape we are in and if Congress doesn't do anything to stop him, FIRE EACH AND EVERYONE OF THEM FOR NOT KEEPING THEIR OATHS AND DOING HARM TO THE COUNTRY AND CITIZENS.

  46. Pennsy native says:

    Fracking occuring in Pennsylvania. All other state's Tea Partiers should worry about their state. I live in Pennsylvania. Not Jersey or Delaware. If my drinking water or well water gets contaminated by fracking, then it is MY concern, not yours.

  47. Get him out of office! Now!! We can't afford to wait until the election. He is doing everything he can think of to further ruin our economy and stop growth. He's the most evil and treasonous person to ever be in our government…unbelievable.

  48. I wonder why he has no concern about Solyndra's cast-off toxic dump that everyone is ignoring?

    Easy answer, I know. Natural gas doesn't enrich Obumma's campaign contributors as did Solyndra and the other greenie companies.

  49. I think it is either time that the Republicans put a stop to this power grabbing Kenyan or raise such a ruckus with the New Media that people everywhere will begin to hear the truth of what Obama is doing right now! This clown couldn't run a turtle race in a small mudflat let alone figure out how the FREE ENTERPRISE SYSTEM works.The only people who believe his BS about what is attempting to do to this country are the other SOCIIALIST Progressives in this country. Oh yeah, Barack don't forget to take you little fuzz buddies with you when you leave the White House nest January! Unlike Motel 6 we will NOT be leaving the light on for ya!

  50. It's like nobody even cares about the constitution anymore! Our do nothing congress just sits there and lets these power grabbing deals take place! Kick them all out this coming election!

  51. It is absolutely amazing, that no one is challenging the fact that Obama isn't even an American citizen! Obama has no right being on the ballot anywhere in the USA, maybe Kenya.

  52. boomer8 says:

    OH! If only the dinosaurs had Obama 65 million years ago!! He could have saved them from extinction!