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Why Conservatives Have Lost the Political Battle for America’s Soul

Written by Gary North on April 18, 2012

This was posted on one of GaryNorth.com forums.

The battle for America’s political soul is always fought on the battlefield of federal politics. That’s why conservatives lose, generation after generation.”

Dr. North, would you please elaborate on this, why you believe the battle for America’s political soul is fought in Federal politics and why it is that conservatives continue to lose, generation after generation?

From the time of the ratification of the United States Constitution, American politics shifted to the national level. One of the things that I realized late in my career, even though I had been trained as an historian of the colonial period, was this: it is virtually impossible to write a history of the United States after 1788 without dividing it into four-year segments. Presidential election years set the tone for the direction of the country, and this has been true ever since the early 19th century, when the federal government’s share of the economy was minimal. It is not a matter simply of money; it is a matter of political legitimacy. Issues of legitimacy are much more important than issues of taxation. Legitimacy tells what the taxes will be spent on. That is far more important than the amount of taxes collected.

The problem is this: voting for the President, who is the only representative of all the people, is functionally a covenantal act. People ratify a particular President, and in doing so, they transfer authority and legitimacy to him and to his administration.

Prior to the ratification of the Constitution, these events were limited to state and local governments, and before that to colonial governments that were technically under the authority of the King of England. Politics was local, and the great issues of the day were also local. These issues differed from state to state, or from colony to colony.

There was no national civil government. There was no national political issue that confronted citizens in every region. Because there was no national government, there was no means of covenant ratification, which first took place in 1788. There was no means of covenant renewal nationally. So, people did not think of themselves as Americans; they thought of themselves as residents of their particular state.

It is difficult to write a history of the United States politically prior to 1775. Other than the American Revolution, there were no national political events. There were so many different colonies, and so many different issues, that the focus of the historian of necessity moves to issues of economics, social institutions, literary trends, political theory in general, marriage patterns, church planting, and basically nonpolitical issues. These are what conservatives regard, at least in theory, as the central issues of civilization.

The problem with political conservatives today is that the Constitution created a national government, and this national government has the power to tax. It has grown systematically and without reversal since 1788. The issues of the day are increasingly those of national politics, because the federal government extracts a greater percentage of the public’s wealth than any other single institution. When there is that much loot to be divvied up, everybody wants to get his hands into the pile of loot. In taking this money, the government legitimizes certain activities of the government, and these activities steadily replace private institutions and local governments. The money that the government collects baptizes the various proposals that special interest groups have for national renewal. Renewal is seen as political. It takes a lot of money to redo the whole nation.

Conservative social thought de-emphasizes politics. This is why conservative social thought never gains much of the hearing in the modern world. The modern world is so obviously political, and the power of central governments is so great over every area of life, that all issues become politicized. The traditional conservative opposition to the very suggestion of political salvation is co-opted by their enemies. Conservatives over and over go out to vote as if their votes will fundamentally change the nature of American society. Ultimately, this cannot be true if conservative social theory is correct. Ultimately, the political institutions represent the people, and the great issues of daily life are not political; they are social, ethical, economic, ecclesiastical, and educational. The great issues of life are not political, yet at the same time the central government is pushing its way into every area of life. It is politicizing that which was not political prior to the Enlightenment.

So, the conservative faces a dilemma. He wants to make the case for a particular national political candidate in terms of conservative values, but conservative values tell him that no political candidate can do much of anything to make the country any better. If the essence of social life is nonpolitical, which is what the conservative says is the case, then how can an election every four years fundamentally change the foundations of American life?

I always quote the letter written by political activist Paul Weyrich in 1999, in which he specifically said that we have lost the culture war, which ultimately is an ethical war. He did not see how politics could roll back the debauchery that America has become. He did not think that anything that could be done at the federal level through politics could fundamentally reverse what Robert Bork called slouching towards Gomorrah.

The liberal believes in something like political salvation. He believes in political healing of every area of life. He believes that federal power, coupled with federal money, can make society better. Therefore, he is active in politics, he puts faith in politics, and he puts a whole lot of money in politics. He sees political mobilization is the heart of social transformation. He becomes highly skilled at getting votes. He becomes a master at political fund-raising. He has all of the skills that a professional has in any field, and he is up against conservatives whose very philosophy of life militates against political salvation and hard-core political mobilization.

So, every four years the conservatives go off to vote, telling themselves that this is going to change something fundamental in the country. It never does. It can accelerate certain trends. But, given what George W. Bush did to the budget deficit, and given what he did in Middle Eastern wars, it is hard to make a case that the election of Al Gore would have made America far worse than it is today. The great thing about Al Gore was that he was indecisive. He did not trust his gut in the way the George W. Bush trusted his.

I suppose the best example in my lifetime was Franklin Roosevelt’s decision in 1944 to replace Henry Wallace with Harry Truman as Vice President. Henry Wallace was the most radical political figure ever to advance to national politics. He was further to the left than Huey Long. He would have replaced Roosevelt in April of 1945. Had he done so, America would be a far better place to live in. Harry Truman personally imposed the modern national security state. It was Truman who created the CIA. It was Truman who created the foundation of the Department of Homeland Security. It was Truman who expanded America’s Empire around the world. It was Truman who got us into the Korean War, and would not even call it a war, never gaining congressional approval. Wallace would never have been able to get that through Congress, because conservatives in Congress would have opposed him. Everybody knew how far to the left he was, and he had no national constituency of his own. Conservatives looked at Truman in preference to Wallace. They make that sort of mistake all the time.

So, the conservative movement by its own nature is not an effective political competitor. Because local issues are far more tied to social issues, where conservatives say a country is established, they are better equipped to fight political battles of the local level than liberals are. Liberals look to Washington for salvation; conservatives ought to look to county government as a barrier against the expansion of the federal government into their lives. But they do not know the philosophy of local government which undergirded the foundation of this nation, beginning in the colonial era, and extending even through the period immediately preceding the ratification of the Constitution. That legacy has got to be restored, and conservatives have got to adopt it. If they do not adopt it, we are simply going to get more of the same, until the federal government finally goes belly-up.

Sadly, I think that is what is going to happen. I do not think most conservatives are going to spend the time, money, and effort to build up local resistance governments at the county level to step in when Washington’s checks bounce. They will have to do it after the Great Default.

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58 thoughts on “Why Conservatives Have Lost the Political Battle for America’s Soul

  1. LiveFreeOrDie says:

    Great. So that's that. No reason to go on. Thanks for the post.

  2. max penn says:

    What I see is the 55% that work are working so hard to just keep their heads above the weight of just making it (taxes, mortgage, food, they have little time or thought about political issue's. The other 45% are sitting on the couch drinking a beer.

  3. Mike Knight says:

    The moron masses will never wake up until it's too late. They're too easily fooled by the trendy liberal messages of political correct crap. We're going to see mass heart attacks, and pants peeings as people are dragged away to FEMA camps, or locked down in their homes within the American police state within the next decade.

  4. waynesalhany says:

    That explains a lot, Dr. North. Thank-you. Conservatives need to give a lot more attention to local politics and do the right thing at home.

  5. The author sounds pretty hopeless and has no confidence in restoring America; repairing the damage done by the Obama Administration's corruption and deception. I encourage America to go to a higher power and pray for the healing of our Country.

  6. NoMoreMarxistsInDC says:

    And all of you idiots just keep paying your taxes until there's nothing left. What every taxpaying American needs to do is stop paying federal income taxes. There is no law requiring you to pay income taxes anyway. As long as you continue to feed the federal bloat, you can argue and cry and whine until the cows come home, but nothing will get done–as usual. If every American or a majority of them say we're mad as hell and we're not going to pay our taxes anymore, and stick to it, gov't will have no resources to continue screwing you. Tell your employers that you DO NOT WANT any taxes taken out of your paycheck and that you will take care of the taxes–and then don't pay it. If enough Americans did it (in the millions), gov't can't go after more than a couple thousand, it's all over for the federales.

    So, all of you idiots keep paying those taxes to allow the government to continue to violate your rights.

  7. John Stewart says:

    What I take from this is not doom and gloom, it is that we (the voting conservative/independent) need to kick the conservative politician in the spot where the sun don't shine. If they know that they are under a microscope, just maybe they will think of the Nation and not themselves first.
    If they blow this one like they did the so called contract with America, all could very well be down the crapper.

  8. He is absolutely correct. The only way to beat the federal government is to start at the local levels of government. We need to take control of our home areas first. Today the many little political groups such as the republican party social clubs have no teeth and only pay lip service to the state and federal bureaucrats. I haven't seen any of these local Republican or Democratic social clubs (because that is what they are) do anything constructive in the way of a positive direction. I have made suggestions promoting and sending petition letters to congressmen and senators that are serious concerns of WE, the legal voting taxpayers.

  9. All I got was, yes we should do that and then nothing happened. I even drafted letters of petitions for promulgation to these club members to disseminate as a group for signatures and nothing happened.
    But, mention a party or get-together of some social prominence and everyone got involved! Does this make any sense? So the actual purpose of these so called clubs are toothless and without merit and serve no useful function that I can see to further the cause of returning our country to its foundations. We need to regain control at the local levels of government to have an effective result at the federal levels.

  10. GWjr_reregistrd says:

    I personally don't like the negative tone of the title of the article, but I am 1000% behind the idea of all of us getting off the couch and into local politics, getting into your local GOP, becoming a force within by learning how to do grassroots campaigning and producing actual votes, and then finding, grooming and supporting GOOD local candidates who will learn to use, for example, the Tenth Amendment as a barrier to Federal hegemony (hege-MONEY)!

  11. GWjr_reregistrd says:

    You're wrong–the author is telling you to go local. And I'll add, get busy, there's no time to lose!

  12. GWjr_reregistrd says:

    …hastening to add that praying is good, too. But, it makes sense to me personally, FWIW, that we should do something more than ask for help. Prayer for Divine Guidance for right action might be more to my tast. But, again, that's personal, isn't it?

  13. Read history. All free democracies only last around 200 years. We are overdue to die. Too many weak people living of the efforts of others. weather anyone wants to hear it or not..guns are what freedom is derived from and held onto with. Not the ballot box. That is what it will take to get it back. The teachers pretented to teach. The students pretended to learn and the people pretended they were free.

  14. lilbear68 says:

    no party has lost, the ppl have started to wake up to the fact that the big money power elites own both parties, and everything in washington and all they want is more. romney is obamas guarrentee to be reelected. the polititians are just there to make us think we have a say in any of this. its a circus, congress cant seem to get it together to pass a budget in 3 yrs and when the debt ceiling comes around they just kick the can and this is largely ceremonial any way but some how they managed to pass the NDAA literally overnight and unanimously even tho its a direct assault on the constitution and probably treasonous. yet very few actually question this and only 1 state is recalling its senator over this

  15. GWjr_reregistrd says:

    If you want to see change, keep your principles intact, run for or get appointed as Committeeperson (or whatever it's called in your locality) for your immediate election district. If there is an existing Committeeperson in place, and you've never seen or heard of him/her, Primary them! Become active within your local party. Learn how to campaign for votes (classes are available from Leadership Institute and American Majority, and probably from your state Party). Become a voice by producing votes. Our government is supposed to be run by US, not by self-serving Professional Politicians who love power, perks and PENSIONS (eliminate all pensions for all elected officials!!!) and who do nothing but PANDER all year long for re-election. Let's get elected, clean house for a term or two, and then get back out to our private lives. THAT's what we are supposed to be doing now, and because we didn't, we have the present mess. Very simple to correct, if we will but WORK at it.

  16. Oh grow up!

  17. That's a sad state of affairs. Never the less, I'm going to vote and I'm going to donate money to Romney. I live among Mormons and despite the pitifull example of Harry Reid, they are a resolute, thrifty and pious people. Romney will bring some fiscal sanity to the federal goverment as much as can be done. If he doesn't then the road to Gomorah is going to get faster to travel. The behavior of federal employee is an interesting insight into what they see as the future. The GSA throwing money away and singing about it, the Secret Service losing all rectitude down in South America, I've see that behavior before in corporations, it is a sign that they are "going to party like there is no tomorrow" because they know subconsciously that there isn't. The dollar will collapse and the government will collapse if they continue this path.

  18. Yes Tom, we must pray, but most people stop there thinking that, like a genie in a bottle, God will make everything alright with a wave of His magic wand while they sit around and watch. Jesus prayed and then He took action. That's the pattern that you see throughout His life. He didn't sit around; He was establishing His Father's kingdom on earth. That's what we are supposed to be doing too! Pray and take action! Pray and take action!

  19. Gary North is spot on and he is not saying everything is lost but that conservatives are fighting a battle they shouldn't be winning which is political positions at the national level.

    How can conservatives claim that states,counties,localities matter when they spend all their time/money on national politics and national media?

    Washington is inherently corrupt so spending time and money on how to get there ahead of a liberal is a waste of time and welcomes corruption into the ranks. This doesn't mean that nothing can be done nationally. Certainly conservatives from all over can meet and discuss strategy and organize but in the end they return to their region to fight. In short the problem is not rhino's or big government conservatives. Rather the problem is small government, pro state rights conservatives who focus on national politics to save local politics.

  20. Bruce D. says:

    The political battle for America's soul is not lost yet. It is on the verge of being lost. It is about 40% to 40% with 20% that can go either way. It is not because of the top down it is because of the bottom up. Conservatives have allowed liberal education into the school system. Conservatives have lost the war of educating their kids to the public school system. It is a war of attrition. Liberals gain more and more of the youth every generation do their indoctrination in public schools. Conservatives have failed in their local communities. They have failed to safeguard their children. They have failed the family unit by allowing public schools with public money to indoctrinate their children. You are only influence from the top down when the foundation has been weakened. If you want to save America first you must save the children or you will the war through attrition,

  21. Bruce D. says:

    Sorry about the last sentence … or you will 'lose' the war through attrition.

  22. Instead of wasting your money by donating to Romney, how about just send me the $ instead? I can put it to better use than him.

  23. ThunderFunder says:

    Here's an idea: Citizens pay taxes only to their respective States. Then, the States pay Federal taxes. With only 50 tax returns to the Fed, there's no need for the IRS. States argue with the Fed to keep taxes low AND compete with each other to keep their own State taxes low to encourage people to move there. This would restore the focus to "local" State-specific issues where Conservative values would dominate, per North's assessment.


  24. Go back and re-read, particularly the last two paragraphs. Clearly you missed the point.

  25. The problem is that the courts have always ruled that you ARE obligated to pay your taxes. So unless someone can get a mass tax revolt organized all at the same time, AND the people don't back down especially when "a couple thousand" get tossed into jail and/or get their property confiscated and/or some other harassment by the government…

    The question is who will blink first… Your average citizen? or bureaucrats and politicians who have zero moral compunction and will desperately resort to anything to ensure their survival?

  26. billstanley1 says:

    There are so many people on cash welfare, Medicaid, housing assistance and food stamps, and 49% of households pay no federal income taxes that big-government politicians have no problem getting elected by these people. Individual liberty is dead. http://www.newsandopinions.net

  27. jdangiel says:

    What the author is saying is exactly what I have been posting everywhere. The National elections, while extremely important, are not the be all and end all. We can't just vote in a Republican president or republican congress, then roll over and go back to sleep. We have to stay awake, we have battles to fight and win on the home fronts, too. It's a total war on all levels, and too many conservatives are fixated on the national levels to the exclusion of everything else. We get the states right and bring back the notion of states' rights and things will be a lot better.

  28. Hmmmmm…..that actually sounds pretty good! Add to that that each person pays a flat tax or additional sales tax to their state, and I think you may be on to something.

  29. I believe, supporting Romney over the more conservative candidates, the GOP elite just shot themselves in the foot. The political analysts at the GOP are either liberals or not smart enough. I see no reason why any conservative would vote for Romney. They just took their base for granted and it is only fools that do not learn from their past mistakes. The McCain example should have taught them a lesson. I for one will wait for 2016

  30. Bruce D. says:

    The idea of saying it is the top down is the same as admitting to being to a victim without any influence or control over the future. Not everyone is in a position to cause an immediate affect on the national level. They can influence their family, their friends, and their school system where it is needed the most. Family, friends, and education are powerful toosl if you take your future seriously. You can also be a sovereign individual who knows how to minimize the effect of the progressive movement and still be successful. The idea of being free never really goes away as the idea of government power and control never goes away. That struggle will go on to the end of time. You just have to be clever and refuse to lose. Liberals are in it for the long haul. They enjoy and are energized by the process. Conservatives want to go about their business and be left alone which is a noble attitude but it is also their downfall.

  31. Daniel – sounds like the definition of a lot local churches these days (social club, toothless, without merit, serves no useful function…for God or people).

  32. Bill McCroskey says:

    From one tiny acorn the mighty oak tree grows. Dr. North is absolutely correct that the "revolution" will start small (locally) and grow. It will not be a nationwide fusionable overnight event.

  33. Good point, Trevor.

  34. Nik…If you look at Romney's history and behavior, he will continue the neo-conservative's push for bigger government, more taxes through inflation, and more debt.. As Lilbear68 said: "the big money power elites own BOTH parties"…"big fed" is pushed by both political parties now.

    Check out Ron Paul's position on issues and his absolutely consistent voting record of following the Constitution; this man is knowledgeable and has integrity. If you've read any original documents from the time of our founding (not found in government schools), you'll recognize that his positions (yes, even on foreign policy) are extremely close to that of our founders. That is why the vast majority of donating veterans support him. http://www.ronpaul2012.com/the-issues/

    This is a plain intelligent man, a true non-statist, whose simple campaign stops regularly draw thousands of people (occasionally close to 10,000), as compared to 40 to 200 for "media pretty" Romney. The the main stream media and the GOP pretend he and his ideas of liberty and a federal gov't which follows the Constitution doesn't exist, but he still can win enough delegates at the Republican National Convention to get the nomination. In polls, he repeatedly is the ONLY one who can win an election against Obama. I urge you to read his position on the issues.

  35. The "revolution" has started small and is growing. The ideas of liberty are on the move.
    This gray haired lady says check out Ron Paul.

  36. There are several somewhat organized efforts to put local politics in the forefront. It's tough. Finding candidates who are willing to do what it takes is, perhaps, the toughest. Many want to talk, but few want to walk.

    So, who of you are willing to take back one of your local centers of power.

    See G. Edward Griffin's take on this:

    An Idea Whose Time Has Come http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=601529167

    Richard Michael
    Director, Project City Hall
    Grassroots Logistics / Internet Campaign Advisor
    (909)274-0813 (Pacific)
    I help candidates and causes win elections by focusing on the three R's —
    Raising money, Recruiting volunteers, and Registering votes.

    Twitter: http://twitter.com/GrassrootsPhone
    Project City Hall: http://twitter.com/ProjectCityHall
    Constitution for the Everyman: http://constitution-for-everyman.blogspot.com/

  37. LimestoneFreedom says:

    I think that sounds like a good idea. Let the states control the purse strings instead of the Feds!!

  38. sherman4040 says:

    The writer is correct in as far as he goes! What is missing is that on George Washington's inauguration day, he did something that has been missing for several generations! Washington made the shortest speech on record, I believe. Then he lead the new Congress and Senate over to St Paul's Chapel, where in a short prayer, he dedicated the Nation to God, after a fashion and that is why the United States of America still is in existence. We have been blessed by GOD for over 230 years! But our country, our people have fallen away from God. And we have lost that blessing. That is why the 911 disaster happened. We are on the downhill slide and we as a nation will fall and fail if our people and leaders do not change their direction. Israel has tasted God's judgement many times. We will feel His judgement for maybe our first time! What is taking place in Washington DC has to stop and it has to stop soon!

  39. There is a simple solution to the problem that requires a paradigm shift in one's thinking to see. A solution that will satisfy the goals of Right and Left. They fight over the distribution of wealth, thinking it is something people possess, when in reality wealth is a contract enforced by government. The left believes government intervention is the answer, the right believes people can and should earn "it" for themselves, both fail to realize wealth is a contract and what they come up with is all screwed up.

    Wealth is the best grantor of rights, government's purpose is enable people to acquire sufficient assets to have rights. Until people reach the threshold of wealth necessary for that purpose government has no right to make the pay to maintain the wealth of others who have hundreds, thousands or millions of times more than they need.

    The mechanics of how a fair tax system should work can not be derived from faulty concepts. The wrong perception of wealth is the reason for oscillating Right Left grid lock paralyzing the Nation. Assets pay the taxes of the wealthy, not their labor. In terms of time spent paying taxes imbedded in the price of products, the poor work the most and the super wealthy work the least. Raising taxes on the upper brackets, doesn't effect their life style in the least, the taxes end up in the price of products and end up on the backs of the poor. Every dollar of benefits the poor get costs them more than a dollar. All the bureaucrats redistributing it have to get paid!

    The solution.
    1. NO taxes until one is able to care for self and family.
    2. Limited Government
    a. PROVIDING stable currency.
    b. PROTECTING wealth and rights.
    c. PROMOTING general welfare by giving people credit, NOT providing it by tax and spend.

    The current system can be transmogrified into one of principles once people realize government must be limited in order to survive.

  40. Maynard Merrell says:

    Who is john Hart. He wrote three times as much as I did, but you put me through the mill to shorten my message, and then told me it had to be approved by a site administrator. Well, who is he, David Rockefeller? Are you on the side of America, or just another enemy.

  41. Maynard merrell says:

    You are the kind of conservative north is writing against. I am on your side.

  42. Maynard Merrell says:

    You are the kind of conservative North is writing against. I am on your side. I wrote this message to you a few miniutes earlier, but it ended up below. I wonderof this site knows what it is doing.

  43. Phil Witte says:

    What are we suppose to do at this point. I didn't want Romney but what choice have I got. A thrid party canidiate can't win and will just give the election to Obama. Bill Clinton didn't beat George Bush, Ross Perot did but Clinton won the election. The whole GOP Primary started out with anybody but Obama. Romney will be better than Obama for sure. My biggest fear of Obama is the Supreme Court Justices he will appoint. I hate to think of what the supreme court would look like today if Gore or Cary had been president. So we are stuck with Romney, like him or not.

  44. ThunderFunder says:

    It was Wayne Root's idea: http://www.rootforamerica.com/

  45. "I do not think most conservatives are going to spend the time, money, and effort to build up local resistance governments at the county level to step in when Washington’s checks bounce. They will have to do it after the Great Default." – G.N.

    I basically agree that not much will change until the "Great Default", but conservatives COULD make change for the better in Washington if they united behind a small government, Constitution-loving politician like Ron Paul. They tried to effect a change for the better with Reagan & were partially successful. Now we need a similar leader. But looks like we will collapse economically before that happens.

  46. tHEgOVTiSnUTS says:


    Beware! The left-wing government-deifying liberals are also very active at the LOCAL level with ICLEI organizations based on the UN Agenda 21 (depopulation, eugenics, climate change hoaxes, eminent domain and private property theft, phony sustainability, SMART meters, etc).

    Here is a great resource, Democrats Against UN Agenda 21 at http://www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com/ (home page), also their ICLEI page at http://www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com/iclei-w….

  47. Nanna Gail says:

    Bruce D: This is exactly why our son and myself have decided to pull his little girl out of early headstart, his son out of preschool, and, along with his girlfriend, homeschool both his children and her daughter. There is no way we are going to let these three children become prey for the Homosexual Agenda. We are devout Christians and, although I make mistakes, like most people, I always try to live by Gods' Laws. However, I think this mess is going to culminate in a very violent confrontation between Politicians, up to and including bo AND his czars, and "We the People", before we will be able to get our country back and running the way it should be.

  48. Nanna Gail says:

    D.J. Yes, it sounds very good to me too. However, when you say a flat tax, as there are not so many extensions to the State Government, especially if we could abolish some of the Departments which have outlived their time, which would cut down the size of the Administrations of said departments, I would like to suggest the flat tax be around 7%. But, it would need to be frozen at this percentage for ever. I think that sounds fair. I don't like sales taxes, because they start them at say 3% and keep raising them until they are like 27%, and no one can afford that, except the rich and influential. I would be happy to pay that, even though I am now a Senior Citizen, living on Social Security.

  49. Nanna Gail says:

    Ronnie: Just a small warning about not voting. NO VOTE is a VOTE FOR mr. horrific … bo.

  50. Billstanley1, An observation. Were one to take away the Bush (or as some like to say Bush/Obama) tax cuts, those numbers paying income tax would increase.

  51. Correction, paragraph 2: Government has no right to make the (poor) pay to maintain and protect assets of those who have hundreds, thousands or millions of times more than they need.


    Thanks for the encouragement Maynard.

  52. Gary North: "So, every four years the conservatives go off to vote, telling themselves that this is going to change something fundamental in the country. It never does. "

    To frame the argument as one of contemporary conservatives versus liberals is to already lose the debate. Yahweh's law as found in His commandments, statutes, and judgments is only standard by which conservatism can be rightly ascertained. Anything left of Yahweh's morality is left, liberal and ungodly.

    That said, nyone who thinks that voting is going to make a Christian or moral difference over the long run is ignoring the last 224 years of the Constitutional Republic's history. Think about it: have elections helped to make this nation more or less Christian? The inescapable answer is that elections have always produced the lesser of two evils – or is it the evil of two lessers – by which the nation has become less Christian and more immoral with every election, regardless who's elected. It's a political shell game by which we are provided the establishment's choice. This is because constitutional elections are non-biblical. Yahweh has a much better plan by which we end up with the best of the best. You can read about in "Article 2: Executive Usurpation" at http://www.missiontoisrael.org/biblelaw-constitut… or you can listen to a two-part audio series concerning the same, entitled "Elections: Man's or Yahweh's," at http://www.missiontoisrael.org/tapelist.php#T873 and T874.

  53. Red Baker says:

    We must limit the federal government to 18% of GDP, shrinking 0.2% per year until its about 10% of GDP. No borrowing, ever, for any reason whatsoever. We must create a regulatory budget which limits the regulatory compliance costs to 2% of GDP. Federal regs currently cost about $1.75 trillion/year, or 12% of GDP.

    Federal spending is $31,000 per household per year
    Total government spending per household is $53,000 per year (federal, state, local)
    Total regulations per household are $26,000 per year (about $3 trillion per year)
    The total cost of government is $79,000 per household per year.
    Median household income is $50,000 per year.
    It is clear that the purpose of the US has mutated into supporting Big Government.

  54. “The problem with political conservatives today is that the Constitution created a national government, and this national government has the power to tax.”

    The Constitution did not establish a national government. The proposals in the Federal Convention to establish a national government were rejected.

    The document created a government of the United States; a federal government of the States collectively.

    The problem is the federal judiciary has amended the Constitution from the bench and transformed the federal system of government into a national system. The government in DC has become a government over States.

  55. Re-read the last portion of the article. He is spot on. Stop thinking national, that was not intended by the founders. It doesn't mean you don't participate, but where the Liberal focuses at the top, we need to go local, that includes State and county. This is exactly what the founders did. While they continued to petition the King, at the same time they shored up their own local defenses. They gathered with those locally who shared their common ideals and vowed to protect them. If you read the Federalist Papers, this is exactly what was intended. Our States/local governments were to be our most powerful legal protection. If we don't restore that, we will lose the war.

  56. The founders didn't try to save Great Britain. They stood where they were and declared they were freemen. They left their national attachments behind and joined with those who shared their ideals and principles at the local level. The author is laying out exactly what the founders did, which I believe it the best example.

  57. Folks, this is exactly what the founders did. He is spot on. Stop thinking national, that was not intended by the founders. It doesn't mean you don't participate, but where the Liberal focuses at the top, we need to go local, that includes State and county. This is exactly what the founders did. While they continued to petition the King, at the same time they shored up their own local defenses. They gathered with those locally who shared their common ideals and vowed to protect them. If you read the Federalist Papers, this is exactly what was intended. Our States/local governments were to be our most powerful legal protection. If we don't restore that, we will lose the war.

    Keep in mind, the objective is not to 'save America', it is to be free. The founders didn't try to save Great Britain. They stood where they were and declared they were freemen. They left their national attachments behind and joined with those who shared their ideals and principles at the local level. The author is laying out exactly what the founders did, which I believe it the best example.

  58. "Don't be mislead by politicians who say that everything is great, that we are on the verge of this wonderful, new era thanks to technology or the stock market or whatever. These are lies. We are not in the dawn of a new civilization, but the twilight of an old one. We will be lucky if we escape with any remnants of the great Judeo-Christian civilization that we have known down through the ages."

    The quote above is is from the Weyrich link. It appears to be completely opposite from what Kurzwail predicts (which Dr. North seems to agree with).

    It appears as another one of those opposing views held at the same time.