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22 thoughts on “Suicidal Geezers: People 65+ Think They Don’t Need Jobs.

  1. Cliffystones says:

    "This means that three-quarters of them think they can live on Social Security plus pension money, which over half of retired workers do not have."

    Boy, what a leap Mr. North makes to his conclusions.

  2. I am one of the 24% that still work. I'm 68. Would I like to retire? Yes I really would however I don't trust there will be any money to take care of us. For all it's faults America is still the best!! Vote!! This time let's get "real" change.

  3. I'm 63 and disabled, but still looking for work. My leg may not work correctly but my brain still does.

  4. I am not 65 yet but I am closing in on it. I think there are a few reasons that these numbers are wrong. First of all it assumes that all of the people over 65 that are working, (gernerating income) are reporting that income in a way which will show statistically. I have been off work since November of 2009. Yes, I have gotten unemployment during part of that time, however I do not now and I am still paying the bills. Yet I have dropped off of the "looking for work" statistics because I don't get unemployment. I am doing odd jobs, handyman repairs, cutting firewood, and other work, self employed which keeps me out of the statistics. If you are on the lower end of the income range and a senior over 65 your quite likely are generating income that doesn't show statistically. If you have assets and are on the mid to upper range income you may be managing investments for profit and not go to a 9 – 5 job anymore but you are still working, (generating income). So I take these statistics with a grain of salt.

  5. What are you going to do when you can't do any sort of work anymore because of severe physical and/or mental disabilities? How are you going to take care of yourself then if you are just scraping by now while you are still able to work? How long is your savings going to last as inflation keeps rising? Do you have any savings?

  6. lendingahand says:

    5gsandacupofjoe describes the experience of many elders, now politely referred to as “senior citizens”. We work for money in small jobs, informal trades of goods and services, and as volunteers in our communities to provide the quality of life appreciated by Americans and self-help folks everywhere. The gov’t statistics don’t record most of our profitable activities because their surveys and unemployment offices are set up to capture wage slaves into the taxing net, and to provide big business with young, low cost labor. That’s what you see when you look at their list of available jobs, and if you don’t check in with the unemployment office weekly, they drop you from reporting as looking for work. The best work is found through personal networks, and from being self-employed, but that doesn’t get counted in gov’t statistics. So North builds his admittedly good advice from a foundation full of holes, and jumps to scolding conclusions which are not justifed, IMHO. Perhaps it is “all talk” there and here… Now I have to get back to work.

  7. I have to agree with Cup of Joe…. I am, and I know may others, who are as he describes. No longer "in the system:, because the system has closed us out one way or another. Many are also in that category who are well under 65. Craigslist, eBay, swap meets, large circles of friends/contacts, bartering, horse trading, garage saling, performing needed services… and, truth be told, were not the gobmunt so intrusive and regulative, there are many other things I'd be doing "on the side" as well, such as flipping cars (requirements for dealer licensing are impossible to meet when working from home), construction (requirements for licensing, bonding, insuring, employees, are prohibitively costly for part time work), food handling/selling (licensing, inspections, premises requirements/restrictions) costly and restrictive for part time, and so the story goes.

    The real blow to our "class" will be when our masters that know best reduce us to effective slavery by moving to a cashless economy where every transaction is registered/taxed at origin, thus eliminating the entire "underground" (though currently completely legal) economy. We'll all become as "drug dealers" then, even when I take my trackhoe to a friends' house and do some work for him. I believe the correct term for such a society is "fascist", the people "owning" the means of production but government totally controlling it. That's where this dopey-changey thing is headed.

  8. Age discrimination against those 55+ is alive and well; the younger generation has newer, more subtle methods in stating why a senior cannot be hired, or even retained on a job, so it is more difficult to prove that discriminatory practices are in place. What this junk article also does not address is the fact that a younger working spouse must use ALL resources to cover what the chronically ill, retired spouse needs in terms of medical care when insurance and medicare does not cover those expenses. Having been the victim of this, when I was forced into retirement and because all of my financial resources were used to care for an ailing spouse, I have nothing except the stipend from social security and medicare.

  9. Addendum: Adding insult to injury, when it became clear that medical expenses would be well beyond the insurance and medicare coverages, I was informed by the social security counselor I should divorce my spouse and move him out of the home so he could qualify for medicaid. There is something drastically wrong with this picture…why should such counseling even be given? There was no divorce, so everthing set aside for retirement was used for medical care. I am sick and tired of blowhards writing articles on retirement preparation who never look at the whole picture—problems cannot be solved by only looking at the surface.

  10. Oh, and one more thing….Yes, I DO want to return to work. I hate retirement but it is really difficult to combat the age discrimination that exists. Just because a person is 65+ doesn't mean they are brain-dead and can't work. I have Masters Degrees and qualify to teach undergrads, preferably online. You'd think it would be a snap to obtain such a position–think again!!!

  11. Where many are wrong about Mr. North's analogy and numbers,is you are using your own personal experience. He's probably right about the 24%. Remember, people who read Mr. North tend to be more ambitious than the norm; even if they are people whom tend not to agree with him much. I know I don't.

  12. More & more I'm hearing about 'seniors' stock-piling pills…guess this is why, huh?!? B.O. will get his way one way or another! One can only 'Hope & Pray' that this country takes an about face after November, 2012. I'll do my part…will you? If we don't make it, there will be many many suicides…but, I hope that doesn't even get a chance to happen. Yes this sounds harsh but it is the TRUTH!

  13. Blair Franconia, NH says:

    I'd have a job if I was able to understand math more than 2+2=4.

  14. I think Mr. North should do a little re-thinking. There are some of us who are living on SS and paying on a mortgage; no plush luxuries, but hanging in there just the same. Actually, God is my real provider and that's the biggest reason I survive so well.

  15. The more I read North's junk, the more I see why Ron Paul has had a problem in the past. I think North is a bit of a loon, maybe a lot of a loon.

  16. I'm 76 years young, and willing to work. Age discrimination and prohibitive licensing are the biggest deterents to senior and part-time activities. I can outwork a large portion of the workforce, but opportunities are rare for someone my age. I'll keep pushing for work even though it gets discouraging to be repeatively rejected because of age considerations.

  17. PrincessPhilly says:

    You need to understand Obama's math where 2 + 2 = 6 Then you can get a government job.

  18. I started taking SS at 63, not by choice by the unemployment was running out. Not many people want a 60+ employee in case you haven't noticed. I was willing but reality was kicking in after almost two years of looking for work after being downsized. I had planned for my own retirement and have IRAs that are the cushion one needs. You younger ones will need bigger IRAs because SS will be gone in a few years. Good luck with that and keep partying and voting democrat!

  19. Calling people names proves nothing. It's not even satisfying – it annoys or angers others, preventing your point of view from being heard.

    I do not always agree with Dr. North. Sometimes he forces me to think and then agree with him. I think he is a wise man who thinks out his points of view. Show him respect for that if nothing else.

    It's pretty simple to demonstrate that Inflation is officially under calculated by Federal Agencies. This is in part done to reduce the rate of annual COLAs for Social Security and other payouts. Visit the BLS.gov and use their "inflation calculator" to compare the value of a Dollar today with past values. See for yourself how much the value of a Dollar has eroded in just the last few years, then compare and contrast with "official" announcements.

    Obamacare reduced Physician reimbursements for Medicare. Nobody protested. The Congress made half hearted efforts to "restore" them. This demonstrates that Seniors are EXPENDABLE.

    Then we have the fact that Social Security was originally meant ON AVERAGE to support someone for three years. Yes, the "retirement age" was selected so that on average someone lived three years. Today they live far longer. Something has to give and it will – the comfort of Seniors.

  20. My younger brother, a young sprightly 48, works "on the side". He eeks out a living. If he's lucky he's clearing $20,000 a year. Recently he started a job that will give him half again more money plus health insurance. Thank God.

    He does not own a new car, in fact he spends about five hours per week on average maintaining his older car. He is not paying on a house, he rents a small apartment in a "low end" part of town.

    He does not have health insurance. Recently a local dentist took pity upon him and extracted three teeth for "fifty bucks a piece" as he could pay. He refuses to take any money.

    He does not go on vacations. His idea of luxury is a motorcycle, upon which he dotes time. Yes, and cigarettes and cheap beer. Once in a while he'll "hook up" with a woman. He also watches a lot of TV.

    He fixes cars, fixes problems around people's houses and does other odd jobs.

    For a long time he was one of Obama's 88 million Americans who "did not work" but were not considered "employed". If the IRS ever gets efficient at taxing guys like he used to be we'll see how "odd jobs" cut it for the average American oldester.

  21. First: NEVER quote the Federal Reserve weasels. My word, what ignorance. ..or worse.

    Second: Unemployment based on U-3 rather than a still-inadequate U-6 is a deception of the first magnitude. They're over 30% in Florida – NOT 12%. My word…just go see for yourself. Absolute propaganda.

    Third: IRA's, 401's, Social "Security, gold? Do you really think they can't be "appropriated"? "Invest" in stocks or bonds? Silly people.

    I do declare…

    I'll post what I just posted on another misguided Gary North commentary, regarding all of us lazy geezers, at:

    Offensive, accusatory drivel in the guise of wisdom. I'm disappointed but not surprised. (Have ANY of you ever received a response from this guy North, by the way?) Oh, well, as we say in Texas – "There's an ass for every saddle." Mr. North has a right to his opinion, but he isn't the only man with an Econ degree. (He might, however be the only one of us with a job when this is all over.) Absent a credible "correction" to reposition his position, I'm outta here. Online chess is better company.

    My response, as a faceless geezer nobody, going nowhere, with no hope, and nothing to offer:

    In the old reality this narrative may have been universally true. No, take it back, not even then.

    This is an exceedingly arrogant and out-of-touch generalization. Shame on you.

    This "emergency" has been perpetrated purposefully, and BOTH parties are corrupt and culpable. It's a new game, and surreal – now millions of us are nowhere near where, in good faith, we worked very hard to be. Shame on you, NOT US.

    On one hand, yes, there is MOST definitely age discrimination, and yes, some folks fold early in resignation to victimization and manipulation. An employer can hire three or four younger, less expensive people to provide the services which I was exceedingly competent to provide. Strictly on the numbers upfront and quality considerations aside, if all but one of these new hires fail, the bloodless, ubiquitous, insufferable bean counters feel that it was a good investment.

    Notice – I didn't say that it was good management. Many – no, MOST – young people have unrealistic expectations and little in the way of marketable real-world skills, thanks to our insulated, arrogant but professionally inexperienced purveyors of higher education. Mere babies on the teat.

    On the other hand. if you still have kids at home, a mortgage, need for insurance, and heretofore marketable skills, it makes NO sense to throw in the towel and sling burgers for much less than your monthly nut. That will only delay the death spiral, unless this contrived economic "emergency" is reversed. Good luck with that. I'm 60-ish but I'm not lazy and I'm not a moron.

    Like it or not (I thank God for it), with the church mostly absent, the public safety net pays better (health and food), and takes less time away from seizing control over one's life to reconfigure one's career on better terms. I for one welcome the possibility (however remote,) that I can design and offer something of value as a self-employed producer, rather than a lowly, beaten-down service sector drone, inevitably stripped of my dignity and my assets.

    I'll also create jobs and wealth, and demonstrate to my suffering children (and disabled wife,) the proper, temporary use of the "safety net", and the inherent resilience and utility of empowered, determined individuals in the free market system, however corrupt and dysfunctional the system might be.

    Let us pray. Hard.

  22. Been thinkin'.

    I apologize to Mr. North for my indignant comments above. I disagree vehemently, but civility must reign. We're not enemies.

    And that's my point.

    We do not struggle with people, but with powers and principalities of darkness which we cannot see. Our battle should be seen through spiritual eyes. We must unify on universal core issues, spread abundant grace around (which we all receive in bucket loads every day), stop the personal blame, or fall.

    We've been distracted and divided against each other (the name "Satan" means, "Accuser.") The next time you observe an accusing, unloving bony finger pointed at a person rather than a behavior, discern the source, rebuke it, and RUN from the temptation to pile on. WWII would never have happened if Christians confronted by fascism had done so.

    Another thing: the terrorists have won when we fear, and cease to do the right, American, and loving thing. When we suspend rights, detach, dehumanize our countrymen, and band together in tribal and institutional lynch mobs against each other, terrorism has won.

    Know the Word. Satan, always legalistic, certainly does (Zechariah 3:1-7). Then listen to every check in your spirit, and always err on the side of loving rebuke of a behavior, with abundant grace. It's our only hope.

    Sorry, Mr. North. Raw nerves, in a very long, painful valley.