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Ron Paul’s Crowds: Immense

Written by Gary North on April 17, 2012

I begin with the rally at UCLA. I attended UCLA. My parents attended UCLA. This would have been inconceivable then. It would have been inconceivable in 2008.

Ron Paul is building a mailing list. Mitt Romney is not.

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27 thoughts on “Ron Paul’s Crowds: Immense

  1. delmar jackson says:

    Rons crowds would be even bigger if he did not suck on immigration.

  2. Immgration is destorying America, in my city ,there is now, more immigrants than natives, ofwhich do not speak english.
    Where have all the white americans gone ??????

  3. Mike Knight says:

    Amazing how Ron Paul gets the largest crowds, and it mentioned with praise all over the internet in conjunction with Obama blowing big time. Yet Ron has basically lost the Republican nomination, and I'd bet big money Barry will be re-elected. It's called fraud folks!

  4. Victor Barney says:

    IF ONLY RON PAUL COULD WIN! However, 70% of our society(women & blacks) is made up of "gatherers," who just love having things given them by the RICH, although there also is NOT ENOUGH MONEY in the ENTIRE WORLD to do so! Welcome to Adam's world! Just saying…

  5. Sicklesteel says:

    A revolution is coming at us quickly folks. The question is will it be within the guidelines of political acceptability, or violently at the end of a gun barrel. I believe it will be a violent one that will start as a Revolution then degenerate into a Civil War triggered by the election fraud Mr. Knight above mentions. The trouble will start when Martial Law is enforced – it has already be enacted – by the military when they are called on to enforce the reality of BO's Marxist vision for this country and the political power structure tries to lay it on the citizens like a horse collar. It will be very interesting to see what the Military does – I am talking about the soldiers on the ground with the guns – when called on to suppress American citizens with deadly force. That will be the beginning of it, and it will unravel quickly.

  6. I wish you were wrong, but the signs are there for anyone who is looking.
    I believe the US will split into segments, depending loosely on red and blue states.
    It will not be pretty, but it will be for the best. There are many of us who do not support the 535 in Washington. However, Hollywood and it's pie in the sky folks can band with them and tell each other how to live. We will no longer be subject to their rantings.

  7. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Vote for Paul – the surest way to reelect Obama.

  8. Gardens&Chicks says:

    Victor, this is the second post I've read, of yours, and I am calling you on it. You seem to come across as a woman hater / racist. If this is not your intent, I suggest changing your language, as yes, I take immense offense. I am a middle-aged-white-woman from the midwest and consider myself a patriot & true believer in the constitution. There are many, many more of us, so don't put us off as aberrations! To read your posts, one would assume the only people hoping Ron Paul can make a difference would be white males….. so, so sad.

  9. Are there any real differences between Obama and Romney?

  10. Not that I can see… except that Romney pays lip service ot our rights, including Second Ammendment ones, whilst the kenyan does not. Their voting record on such issues speaks far more loudly than any words either could utter today.

  11. Both the Republican and Democratic Parties have been subverted and bought off by Soros. We can win the revolution at the polls if Ron Paul runs as the Constitution Party Candidate and our Churches support him. To Hell with the IRS and their intimidation with the 501(C)3 crap. Freedom of speech must be restored.

  12. 2WarAbnVet says:

    There's not a great deal of difference between Obomney and Obama, but that which exists is significant. There's no indication that Romney hates America or Americans. There's ample proof that Obama despises the Constitution, and wants the destruction of the Republic.

  13. If you want a candidate that agrees with you on every point, you will have to run yourself.

  14. Dr.Ron Paul 2012 for the ONLY Patriot running ,and the Worlds Last Chance at Freedom !!!

  15. mattchapman76 says:

    There is ample proof that Obama despises the Constitution. There is also ample proof that while Romney respects the Constitution, he will abandon following it for the sake of expedience. Is his infidelity to the document somehow expunged by his romanticism towards it?

  16. sandykramer says:

    Ah, the crowds! Such memories of Nuremberg.

  17. Yes, it's coming, but it will end the same way it did the last time the states stood up to out-of-control federal government. It was called the Civil War and the Good Guys lost.

  18. Sean Mahoney says:

    Don't forget about the death threats- I would guess that threats to families are even more of a factor than money. Notice how people who come out against barry suddenly change their minds, even money won't do that. Example: the "original birther" Bill Clinton was going to defy this administration but (very!) suddenly changed his mind. Don't know if the threats to Chelsea (if real) had anything to do with it, but my info says Bill Clinton was even going to risk his own life- until family was threatened- about face! Even if that's not true, you get the point. Another example would be the judge (forget his name) who was ruling against barry's eligibility in Georgia -total and very sudden about face. This threat situation will be even more to deal with than the thievery, if you ask me.

  19. He comes across that way to me, also, and I commented on it in another article.

  20. Ann Wilson Kingsley says:

    Ron Paul for 2012!

  21. he doesnt suck on immigration,,,he just says come through the front door…nothing wrong with that

  22. sidewinderaz says:

    In the last unCivil War not all the states participated or weren't yet states. I think it might be a lot different this time around. Those population centers in the East and West coast will run out of food pretty fast without the "AG" industry in the Midwest (aka "flyover country"). They can't force us all to comply and their food supply can be easily "tainted".
    I'm just sayin'…

  23. sidewinderaz says:

    Let's not forget about the judge who did rule against Barry and wound up dead as well as wounding a sitting US Congresswoman (Gabrielle Giffords).
    I don't believe in coencidences.

  24. sidewinderaz says:

    Spoken like a true Obamabot drinking the Marxist Kool-Aid.

  25. Tim Borron says:

    No more Robomany;s. Ron Paul for president

  26. sandykramer says:

    Sorry. No stench from Obama emanating from here. Just a Ted Nugent All-American, in the truest sense of "All American". No Nazis wanted in the tent.

  27. Cedric Ward says:

    You don't seem to be able to 'write' very well in English either, 'whitey'. And you only had two sentences to get it correct. FAIL!
    Where did all the Native Americans go, huh? Whitey?