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George Soros is a Pontificating Blowhard Who Has No Solutions for Europe’s Collapse.

Written by Gary North on April 17, 2012

I am a professional speaker. I want to assure you that George Soros has nothing to say, and he says it poorly. The only thing he has to say that is clear is the non-word, “um.”

He can make a lot of money in financial futures. This entitles him to no respect in any area outside of financial futures.

I love to see a Leftie leader be this inarticulate.

The thinks the euro is going to die. So do I. He thinks the European Union is going to die. So do I. He thinks he has a solution: Germany’s willingness to bail out the PIIGS forever.

Ho, ho, ho. And, I might ad, ha, ha, ha.

The German vorers will finally toss out the NWO bureaucrats, pull the plug, bail out of the euro, and let all but German banks collapse. This may take a few years, but it’s coming.

This guy is seen as an expert. To see him bewail the death of the bureaucratic monstrosity of the EU is a true joy. He has no specifics, He has no way to cure the disintegration. The PIIGS sucked in the bonehead bankers, and now the northern European banks are going under. All that the European Central Bank can do is inflate.

Soros has nothing to say. It took the blowhard 19 minutes to say it.

This is worth watching for three reasons: (1) he knows the euro and EU are doomed; (2) he has no practical solutions; (3) he is inarticulate. It’s nice to see a leftie with a reputation for wisdom demonstrate in full public view that he is an empty shell intellectually.

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14 thoughts on “George Soros is a Pontificating Blowhard Who Has No Solutions for Europe’s Collapse.

  1. Not Impressed says:

    He may be a poor speaker but he does realize the crisis situation. He may not have a solution but he is very opinionated. I suggest he does not realize how serious the crisis is. I suggest he does not fully understand the relationship between his liberal views and that they are in large measure the cause of the crisis. He may, in fact, be deceitful and trying to suggest that things are somehow normal in spite of the crisis. Be very careful what you do next.

  2. Not Impressed says:

    I'm still listening to the video… He was the "authorities" and those "in charge" to act in certain ways. He thinks maybe they will be influenced by the democratic process. Ask youself why he is saying these things.

  3. Blazing Scriptures says:

    I think everything in this article is either a lie or ignorance. If it's ignorance the article should be igonored. If it's a lie it's to deflect attention away from Soros. Big governments are always highly corrupt because with big government comes great power with access to massive wealth. Great power and massive wealth will always attract the most corrupt with the greatest ability to take advantage of great power to steal massive wealth, such as George Soros. Such people are truly evil and heartless. They will kill anyone who gets in their way. And they will always strive for greater power and greater wealth. They know the biggest government possible would be a one world government, the New World Order. It would have the greatest power possible with access to the most massive wealth of all, the wealth of the entire world. The New World Order will have the most corrupt oppressive government in the history of the world. There's not much time to stop it, if it's not too late already. God, help us all.

  4. Victor Barney says:


  5. Skyknight says:

    Soros is a truly evil man and the man behind Obama. If Soros were to meet with a fatal accident maybe even like OBL it would be a great service to the whole world. I would think Masaad would have taken him out even with his conspiring with the Germans against the Jews.

  6. Erik Osbun says:

    Deport George Soros to Europe.

  7. Note his assurance that the "monetary authorities" need to come up with a new way of meddling. G. is an elitist who believes the gliterati are the ones who must control everything for the good of the subjects. they are, once again, the old Marxist "tail wagging the dog." When will these control freaks admit their impositions are what screwed everything up in the first place?

  8. Ost Euro Trash talking trash!

  9. And who are the 70 Percenters? The ordinary citizen? And where do you fit in the scheme of soros' plan? We are not ignorant and we see what soros and his group is doing…the United States is but one country and, contrary to popular global belief, we cannot fix everything.

  10. Soros is the new global puppet master. He learned early on how to bankrupt an entire nation and has continued his rampant destruction ever since. Why he was granted US Citizenship is beyond comprehension, but he was permitted to enter our country and become a citizen. Fortunately, he can be stripped of his US Citizenship for failure to support the US Constitution and the commission of crimes (yes, he has been convicted of criminal activity at least once). soros is the ultimate control freak, threatening anyone who refuses to do his bidding. Well, there is one thing he cannot control—there are just two equalizers in this world and it is universal: Birth and Death. All are born the same way and all will eventually die……….what comes after death is up to the individual and how he/she lived their lives.

  11. He is already in Europe and has been there at least for the past year….unfortuantely, he still maintains his US Citizenship although he should be stripped of this privilege.

  12. Victor Barney says:

    70%er's are women & blacks, both "gatherers," women totally through biology and blacks through a combination of biology and choice! No? We'll talk again in November! Watch!

  13. PatriotDiva says:

    Soros' death cannot come to soon for me! This man is evil incarnate. Unfortunately I heard he actually procreated and has two children to carry on his evil empire. He almost makes Darth Vader look tame.

  14. David kiernan says:

    Sounds like the shit has hit the fan for the money changers,time to throw them out of the temple.