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The Word’s Funniest Libertarian (Not Dave Barry) Goes Back to the Land, Sends Warning

Written by Gary North on April 16, 2012

So, you dream of five acres and independence. Stop.

You dream of living in a state with no income tax and no sales tax. You can do that. It’s New Hampshire, where it’s cold in winter. It’s really, truly cold. What you save in income taxes and sales taxes you will spend in fuel oil.

Then there is a gentleman farm. The problem is this: it’s not a farm, and you’re no gentlemen. Admit it. You aren’t.

Neither was P. J. O’Rourke, but that didn’t stop him from buying such a place in New Hampshire. He owns a true retreat in the country.

His problem is simple to describe: he can’t find a face-saving way to retreat from his retreat.

He battles raccoons. He battles squirrels. He battles thorns. He forgot to read Genesis 3:17-19.

At least he has maintained his sense of humor. If you don’t laugh out loud at his report, you have lost yours.

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6 thoughts on “The Word’s Funniest Libertarian (Not Dave Barry) Goes Back to the Land, Sends Warning

  1. Yeah, living on the land is tough. That's why we gave it up 100 years ago and opted for a more-or-less urban existence, aided and abetted by cheap gasoline. The cheap gas makes it possible for us to be country squires and commute 30 or 40 miles to our incomes. Here in SW Washington the main rural industries are growing Christmas trees and selling rural land. Logging was phased out starting a couple of decades ago, although you can still see the occasional loaded log truck. There is a fair-sized fruit growing industry in some areas, but this is VERY labor intensive and not recommended for squires.

  2. g2-d0192b5e39e84c9d452a7adbbc59e2f6 says:

    I'm a Ron Paul supporter/daydreamer, but that line about the chickens made me laugh out loud.

  3. I am for Ron Paul to

  4. This North guy is kinda of looney. No wonder Ron Paul has had problems in the past. I like Ron, but his choice of "advisors" leaves something to be desired.

  5. David Parker says:

    Completely off topic, but we could at least collect rain. Still can, of course, because Olympia cannot yet enforce it's claim to own all water. I am from near Chehalis. And you?

  6. David Parker says:

    North is anything but looney. I believe he is what a "liberal" used to be – someone who accepts truth unvarnished, no matter how unpopular it may be. Marx defined Marxism, not North. North is merely comparing Barry to Marx's formula. I buy the notion that Obama seriously considers a post-political gravy train of speaking engagements. Look at this pair of guilt manipulators, have you ever seen such high living at public expense? Such airs? Such arrogance? Such divisiveness? North hit the nail on the head when he said that their key to success was successful manipulation of the media. I see it a little differently, that Barry/Obama was deep selected because he is so easily handled, a creature of expensive tastes, his sign read "will sell soul for opulence" and here he is, the biggest milk chocolate whore in American political history. Alan Keyes is black and a real man, Obama is a stuffed shirt political whore.