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California’s New Land Use Planning: No More Back Yards!

Written by Gary North on April 13, 2012

California is the cutting-edge state. Close to bankruptcy, the state’s urban planers are ready to begin the implementation of a truly utopian project: to get Californians to live like Swedes live in Sweden. Like sardines.

New rules in the San Francisco Bay area will no longer allow developers to build communities with fewer than 20 houses per acre. This is five times the present ratio. This means condos and apartments and duplexes. The planners will cut off development outside of existing cities.

Only 3% of houses will be allowed beyond this urban zone in the Bay area. Two-thirds of the housing will be multi-family: duplexes and triplexes and quads, where poor people live today. In a democratic push, these central planners will make sure that middle-class people will live in these units, too.

In Southern California, over half of all new housing will have housing choices limited to transit villages. These will be at least 30 housing units per acre.

Why? Because it takes a village to raise children. It takes lots transit villages to keep them as children.

Over two-thirds of all regional new housing will be in condos and apartments by 2035.

How can this be? The environmental movement, silly.

A law was passed in 2006, the Global Warming Solutions Act, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Then, in 2008, came the Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act. This has been interpreted by the land use planning boards as mandating most new development to be close to downtown, to discourage automobile use.

Europe has been doing this for 50 years. There has been a war against suburbia.

People are more easily controlled when they are in well-organized, centrally planned living quarters.

These laws will hike the price of existing single-family properties.To pay for them, ethnic groups that accept three families — “cousins” — living in a single-family home will be able to buy them. Zoning laws do not apply to cousins.

The cost of living for young families will skyrocket. The exodus will continue. People who like homes for one family — no “cousins” — with back yards will move out.

Alternatively, the laws will be repealed, the planning commissions will be disbanded, and the free market in housing will be restored.

Don’t plan on it.

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13 thoughts on “California’s New Land Use Planning: No More Back Yards!

  1. Delmar Jackson says:

    If we would enforce immigration laws on the books, make E verify mandatory, end anchor babies and worker visa fraud, then the supply of 3 families of "Cousins" wanting to live in one house will evaporate.
    California used to have one of the most educated populations in America. Now it ranks behind Mississippi for next to last place. Soon, the rest of the country will also become mexifornia. The environmemtal movements ignorance of immigration while focusing on bicycle lanes and recycling cans is a bleak comedy.

  2. The last thing the illegal alien usurper who occupies the White House wants is to enforce immigration laws. After all, when he illegally gives them back door amnesty, that will be his new voter base.

  3. It also means he will still be allowed to live here when people finally figure out that he is not a citizen.

  4. Yes, I agree, but he will be out come November and all his edicts will be set aside by the new conservative congress, He is a patholical liar as we know he and Napalotano are not enforcing the immigration laws.

  5. senior viking says:

    0bama can not be allowed to leave the US in the event he loses in the fall.
    He knows to many of our secrets.
    We know he is not a friend of the US.

    Consider the damage he could do to us if we were allowed to immigrate abroad.

  6. hey you have to remember how he got in there

  7. Bruce D. says:

    Not only live here but live here with all the amenities of an expresident. Dealing with Obama is like trying to patch holes in a sinking boat with your hands. He will be around forever pushing his Marxist agenda in or out of the WH.

  8. Public Citizzen says:

    "People are more easily controlled when they are in well-organized, centrally planned living quarters."

    Yes, Comrade. It is much easier for us to turn off your utility services and stop the trucks delivering groceries to your local store.
    When the last TAXPAYER finally gets fed up and moves to Texas/Arizona/Oregon/Colorado it will be too late for the Utopiocrats as the entire system comes crashing down on top of them.

  9. z1queenie says:

    Can you say Agenda 21. Whenever you hear anything that mentions sustainability, long-term planning, and words like that, run the other way as fast as you can. Agenda 21 is going to put us all into little enclaves like they want to do here. The United Nations is going to be in charge of Agenda 21. Don't think that Odrama has not figured this out. We all need to be vigilant and make sure that our elected officials do not buy into this Agenda 21 sustainability codswollop. If you google ICLEI, you can find out if your town is involved in this. You need to start at your local level, county, city, municipality etc then work your way up the governmental food chain.

  10. mrsgunnut10 says:

    Wonder if there really are gun owners in D.C. ??

  11. Jerry Brown is a radical microcephalic Marxist like all of the college utopians. They have never run a business . They have little contact with the real world and are exempt from the draconian laws that they impose on their subjects. Their billionaire puppets will NEVER live in a duplex or be impoverished by the utility and food price inflation tsunami that will hit.

  12. Well if my neighbor, who lives 7 feet away, in her compartment is a six foot blonde from Sweden she can share some
    of my space?

  13. E-verify? what a damn joke. Obama does not pass e-verify now and they do not enforce it. So what is the point? We just need to legalize the Constitution and have citizens enforce the laws that are constitutional and strike down those that are not and also those that try to do deliberate harm the constitution for these Darwinian Communist communities.

    I say we don't burn down the houses of the GREENIES but we remove the electricity from them. And the Water that is pumped into their homes via COAL powered pumps.

    Greennes can go straight to hell. Just lie once more and tell Marxine Waters, that your actually a TeaParty member and she will arrange FREE flight on Congressional air for you to get there. NON-STOP TO HELL. That is as long as Leon Penetta does not have it tied up going home himself.