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The Tennis Balls (Voters) and the Players (New World Order)

Written by Gary North on April 11, 2012

Respectable people do not talk about the New World Order any more. George W. Bush did, over and over, but after Clinton defeated him, the phrase was relegated to the fringe.

I’m on the fringe.

In this video, Ed Griffin, author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, a detailed criticism of the Federal Reserve System, goes into the background of the New World Order.

If you have wondered what the NWO is and what its goals are, according to its own publications, watch this video.

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3 thoughts on “The Tennis Balls (Voters) and the Players (New World Order)

  1. justin_o_guy says:

    MOre clarity, more revelation of truth, more affirmation of what I Thought was true about the nature of the things Ive seen, just as I got from reading Creature from Jekyll Island. Tho I did not know where Rhodes played into it, that his secret organization was central to the whole game theyve been playing on us, I suspected there was a hub smaller than the Bilderbergers & I didnt believe the Rothschilds were, even with their immense wealth & power, the originators & architects of the game,. Now, I know where the game was started & who started it.. What difference does that make in how I see the world? Well,, I dont know yet, it took me a week to stop spinning after I read Creature, even tho I suspected things were simply not as advertised,, heck, I KNEW they werent, I just couldnt prove it,, & having read that book, I then knew not only that things were manipulated , I also knew how, & WHY, & what effect the fed has on our lives & how we are being harvested of our wealth as we are being made sick by the pollutants & the pharmaceuticals, all part of the plan to depopulate us as they enslave the remaining populace. Dont think for a minute the Georgia Guidestones wont be followed,, these people have a code, they "count coup" they show us what they are planning, & then they do it,, & while they can do that, they feel justified, because IF the people Were NOt Stupid, they would see what is being done & stop it,, BUT, Since they dont, They Must be deserving of being owned & controlled, Like Cattle,, having demonstrated a lack of ability to manage their own destiny. That they have operated in secret until they had managed to gain sufficient control to make their game almost complete is of no concern to them, that they have created a deceptive system to cloak themselves in so as to make it almost impossible for the average person to see thru it is of no concern to them. They maintain that the masses are deserving of the position they are in, because they allowed it.. They are sick, SICK people, without the moral compass the average [person has.
    I am justin_o_guy,, &,, even tho I am just an ol guy,, I see, & I started seeing when I was 12.

  2. BigSkyCountry says:

    Scripture says, "The love of money is the root of all evil. It's the "Bottom Line" for those folks, "We're servants to whom we yield our members." Unto GOD or to mammon …. They might get by in this life, but they won't get away from the coming Judgement…

  3. Your post has moved the debate forward. Thanks for sahirng!