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Why Ron Paul Should NOT Run as a Third Party Candidate

Written by Gary North on April 9, 2012

National politics is a loser’s game today, unless he is building a mailing list for post-election uses.

Ron Paul is building such a list.

Third party politics in a non-parliamentary system is the leprechaun’s lure of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Teddy Roosevelt in 1912 was the last serious candidate to run on a third party. That led to the election of Woodrow Wilson. Taft lost. The Republican faithful never forgave Roosevelt.

That century-old legacy is crucial for a successful political revolution inside the Republican Party over the next 8 years.

When I was on Ron Paul’s Congressional staff in 1976, we had no idea of what he would accomplish. What’s another 8 years?

We need 8 years to quietly infiltrate the Republican Party’s county organizations, especially in rural counties where Democrats are dominant. Nobody wants to be a Republicans in in those counties. Ron Paul Republicans should take advantage of this.

No one wanted to be a Republican in the South, 1877-1960. In 1964, Southern conservative Republicans’ patience paid off. Lyndon Johnson lost the South. The Republicans took it and kept it.

This can happen again in counties that are not inner-city counties. Most aren’t.

Ron Paul, as a good Republican, needs to put aside some of his campaign money to put together a post-election team of specialists in winning local elections. They need to set up an online training program for Republican activists who will become the next generation of leaders at the county level.

He must do what no Republican national leader has done: teach Republicans the basics of local politics. He needs to take a long view of the battle that he is in and we are in. He did that in 1976. He needs to do it in 2013 and beyond.

He needs to recruit and train a cadre. They in turn must target the crucial battlefield: the public schools.

Local Ron Paul fanatics need to do the groundwork for the next 8 years: mastering the basics of winning elections, dealing with entrenched bureaucrats, cutting budgets, and running local school boards. They must gain experience in preparation for their takeover of the national Republican party when the federal government is forced to default. When Washington becomes Athens — and it will — this new leadership will emerge at the national level. It will have this message: Ron Paul was right.

For my recommended strategy for public school reform, click here: http://www.garynorth.com/public/9339.cfm


The cost of getting Ron Paul’s onto the ballot in every state is prohibitive. The political system is rigged for a two-party system. There will also be little time after the Republican National Convention.

Then there is Rand Paul. If his father openly bolts, Rand’s chances will be zero in 2016, assuming that Romney loses in 2012. There will be pent-up rage against the name “Paul,” in the same way that there was Republican rage against the name Roosevelt after 1912. But in 1920, Franklin Roosevelt got the nomination for Vice President . . . as a Democrat.

Ron Paul sat out the 2008 debacle. He did not get blamed. If Romney loses without his endorsement, he will not be blamed. If Romney loses in the face of a third party move, Ron Paul will be blamed.

If Romney wins, he will get to preside over a train wreck. That still opens the door in 2020.

A third party run is a kamikaze run.

I recommend Proverbs 17:28: “Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.” Ron Paul can simply say “If Governor Romney loses, there’s another Paul available in 2016.”

Ron Paul has single-handedly created a significant voting bloc that understands that the Federal Reserve is a disaster. He has preached non-intervention and peace in foreign affairs. This has outraged the perpetual Pentagon deficit budget segment of the Republican Party, but that had to be done. He was the best man to do it. He voted against the fools’ errands in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ron Paul was able to say, “I told you so . . . and why” about the 2008 meltdown. He is able to say the same about Iraq. Soon, he will be able to say it about Afghanistan. No other national politician can say this.

What he has accomplished since 2007 is nothing short of a political miracle. He gave voice to ideas that millions of Republicans hold, but which no national Republican had articulated since Robert Taft died in 1953.

The non-interventionist genie is out of the bottle. The anti-FED toothpaste is out of the tube. Millions of Republicans from now on will be able to lay blame where it belongs: to the Federal Reserve and the foreign policy Establishment. “We told you so . . . and why.”


It will take at least one more Presidential electoral cycle for the FED’s policies play out into a national disaster. It may take two. With each mini-disaster, the cry will be heard across the land: “Ron Paul told you so . . and why.” That will do more to undermine the Establishment than any kamikaze third party run will accomplish.

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61 thoughts on “Why Ron Paul Should NOT Run as a Third Party Candidate

  1. Ron Paul is the only candidate that will turn America around, but the first order of business is to stop Obama's failure. Breaking up conservative votes will put Obama back in for another disastrous term.

  2. billstanley1 says:

    I vote for the candidate that is closest to my views. The last time I voted for an R or D for president was Nixon (first election). My vote will not decide the election. I will not waste my vote on the lesser of two evils. Voting for Tweeledee or Tweedledum would only support the march to a more authoritarian government. http://www.newsandopinions.net

  3. Really ? says:

    Rigged is a lite work

    Electoral fraud is illegal interference with the process of an election. Acts of fraud affect vote counts to bring about an election result, whether by increasing the vote share of the favored candidate, depressing the vote share of the rival candidates, or both. Also called voter fraud, the mechanisms involved include illegal voter registration, intimidation at polls and improper vote counting. What electoral fraud is under law varies from country to country.

    Many kinds of voter fraud are outlawed in electoral legislation, but others are in violation of general laws, such as those banning assault, harassment or libel. Although technically the term 'electoral fraud' covers only those acts which are illegal, the term is sometimes used to describe acts which are legal but nevertheless considered morally unacceptable, outside the spirit of electoral laws, or in violation of the principles of democracy.[1] Show elections, in which only one candidate can win, are sometimes considered to be electoral fraud, although they may comply with the law.

    In national elections, successful electoral fraud can have the effect of a coup d'état or corruption of democracy. In a narrow election a small amount of fraud may be enough to change the result. Even if the outcome is not affected, fraud can still have a damaging effect if not punished, as it can reduce voters' confidence in democracy. Even the perception of fraud can be damaging as it makes people less inclined to accept election results. This can lead to the breakdown of democracy and the establishment of a dictatorship.

    Electoral fraud is not limited to political polls and can happen in any election where a cheater perceives the potential gain as worth the risk, as in elections for labor union officials, student councils, sports judging, and the awarding of merit to books, films, music or television programmes.

    Despite many instances of electoral fraud internationally, in the U.S. a major study by the Justice Department between 2002 and 2007[2] showed of the 300 million votes cast in that period, federal prosecutors convicted only 86 people for voter fraud – and of those few cases, most involved persons who were simply unaware of their ineligibility. This rarity of electoral fraud in the U.S. follows from its inherent illegality. Harsh penalties aimed at deterring voter fraud make it likely that individuals who might perpetrate the fraud correctly fear that they will be discovered by election officials carefully examining voter identification.

  4. You are so right any third party candidate will divide the conservative votes and put Obama right back in the White House.
    I pray that anyone would have enough sense to know that.

  5. Betty Jo Hvistendahl says:

    if the Republicrats nominate Romney I am out! I will not vote for him period. I will write in Ron Paul or I will vote Libertarian or Constitution Party. I do not think Ron Paul has to be on the ballot. He will still get write in votes.

  6. Betty, then you will be giving a vote to BO! Is that really what you want?

  7. Bill McCroskey says:

    Obama is the most dangerous person to the constitution of this country since King George …he must (hopefully) be defeated in the fall election. Gary North is right ….Ron Paul will be looked upon as a messiah in the future …the train wreck is coming … just how far down the tracks with either 'engineer' operating the controls is the only real question..

  8. You should have watched Neil Cavuto a month or so ago when he stated that a third party run from Ron Paul would not hurt the Republican party. He stated that Ron Paul would take nearly 30% of the Democrats votes should he run on a third party ticket and concluded that he would not hurt either party as he would take votes from both parties.

    The easiest way to ensure Ron Paul is not on a third party ticket is to make sure he is the Republican Candidate on the ticket come November. Whether or not he gets the nomination, his die-hard supporters will write him in which will take votes from the Republican base and negate the votes he would have taken from the Dems.

  9. Eric J Potter says:

    You don't seem to have understood the point of the article. Gary North understands that it doesn't make any difference to the cause of liberty if it's Obama or Romney conducting the train when it wrecks. Actually, it may be better in some ways if Obama's at the helm. At least then the "small government" conservatives will rail against him when he enacts George Bush/Ronald Reagan-style policies.

  10. What's the difference? BO or Romney? Both have supported the same agenda in one way or another. Both are just more of the same……..

  11. That is the best you can do for Obama's administration. Hanging on the fence will let to push you on that site, where they will need it. So rule number ne: Vote. Rule number Two: You never vote by face, but by the policy of the party and their ideas. And rule number Three: You do find out about the candidate as much as you can. What he is saying? Did he lie before? Where he is coming from? What he did and what he achieved in his life? So it is not important what candidate promise. Important is what other people, not affiliated with him have to say.

  12. Bill Samuel says:

    I'm not sure just where Americans Elect is in the process of getting on state ballots, but it has been working on it for some time and claims it will get on all 50 ballots. Ron Paul has the most support among Americans Elect "delegates" now and would become the favorite for that nomination should he declare as a candidate for it. It is probably too late to start a serious third party/independent race due to ballot requirements, which is why Americans Elect is possibly the most viable option.

  13. My same advice as to Bill Stanley1

    That is the best you can do for Obama's administration. Hanging on the fence will let to push you on that site, where they will need it. So rule number One: Vote. Rule number Two: You never vote by face, but by the policy of the party and their ideas. And rule number Three: You do find out about the candidate as much as you can. What he is saying? Did he lie before? Where he is coming from? What he did and what he achieved in his life? So it is not important what candidate promise. Important is what other people, not affiliated with him have to say.

  14. I have been saying this all along. A third party will never be successful if you try to start at the national level. It has to have it's roots at the township, city and county level. From there on to state represenatives and governors. Then work to get people elected to congress and finally the White House. This is not going to happen over night, but in can be done with lots of work at the local level first. This is unquestionably the most important election this country has ever faced and the first priority is to get Obama and his horrible administration out of office. Then the process can begin and have some time to work. A vote for any one other than the Republican candidate is a vote for Obama. So please, vote with your heads, not your hearts and take our Country back before it is too late.

  15. Running as a Third Party will give Obama another four year term in the White House. I think that it is foolish for Ron Paul to even think of such an idea.

  16. We can't let Obama apoint any more judges. That is what scares me.

  17. The GOP establishment is so hellbent on ignoring Ron Paul's popularity and universal message that they are going to repeat 1932. They're telling America "If you're poor, if you lost your pension, your investments, your savings and you're out of work, it's YOUR OWN FAULT!". Romney is so "part of the 1%" Obama will position himself as the voice of the "99%". The GOP is once again dominated by arrogant old white guys (think Lindsey Graham) and they're going to be scratching their heads when Obama gets hhis second term.

  18. Bruce D. says:

    30% for democrats means Paul takes 70% from the republicans. This is going to be a close race and your own numbers say it will help Obama win a second term.

  19. I will never vote for Mitt he lies just like ovmit he dont care about us only power he wants a one world goverment just like the Bushes wanted why vote for anouther ovmit might as well keep the one we have If the people are so dumb and vote for Mitt then they deserve what they get

  20. informer says:

    Why? No freedom of speech here?

  21. Bruce D. says:

    I think it matters. We have to get Obama out of there. Ron Paul needs to start thinking about starting coalitions which apparently he has never been able to do.. He needs to make allies and promote his son for president some time down the road. Running as a third party candidate and giving Obama another four years may give Obama time to finish what he started. That would be disastrous. Libertarians do not have the numbers to get anything done- ever- if they do not find allies. A third party vote is a Kamikaze vote and nothing more.

  22. Relax! Ron Paul will not run as a third party candidate — the Libertarians already have a good candidate.
    I'm not voting FOR anyone this year — I'll be voting AGAINST Obama.

  23. Gary,
    This is a very good and well-reasoned argument. It doesn't mention one very crucial thing, however. This is the fact of Washington DC's seduction of elected officials and wannabees. No matter how principled the freedom movement might be, when push comes to shove, people who get to Washington will find themselves greatly tempted to feather their own nests. All such nest-feathering involves compromise with the forces which seek to enslave the people, by definition (any increase in government power comes at the expense of the people). Ron Paul's resistance to such temptation has to be one of the major miracles of our time. There may not be many, if any, others like him.

  24. rodney burke says:

    He makes sense and the Repubs don't want that. They apparently want someone who is just like Mitt romney or John McCain. They don't want, God forbid, someone who will tell it like it is and do what's fiscally right. Ron Paul if anything, should be secretary of the Treasury under a VERY blunt, strong fiscal Republican. Demoncraps have continually demonstrated fiscal irresponsibility over the last 50 years. LBJ, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and now this excuse of a man who isn't even from America? I think policy gives us the answer. I say FORCE the Repubs to nominate a man who represents the views not of the party, but of the people and common sense. I know, what is that? Time to let Ron Paul and a VERY few others show us what it is.

  25. Patriot1776 says:

    BO is now obviously anti-America, anti-Christian, anit-capitalism, anti-morals. Romney will at least honor the flag that so many vetrans have die for and is pro-capitalism. Our first priority has to be to stop obama, stop the communists, stop the fear mongering, stop the hate mongering, turn this country around. Romney isn't the best candidate, but he is better than what we've had for the last 3 plus years. After we have stopped the communist tide, then we can turn around or replace the republican party with a conservative Constitutional party, after obama is unemployed.

  26. jim shipley says:

    It still boils down to a choice of warfare or welfare. Ron Paul is the other choice…America.

  27. yeah, because those GOP appointed judges have been just great for the people and the cause of liberty…

  28. NO. Voting for a third party isn't a vote for BO. It's a vote for a third party. The GOP (assuming it doesn't nominate Paul) hasn't earned my vote, and neither have the Dems.

    Go vote for the same-ol GOP candidate, and they'll never learn that they can't run the same crappy candidates. They don't care if you're only voting against Obama, they just point to the totals.

    In fact, your vote is more meaningless if you vote for the GOP candidate – at least if you vote for the LP or another third party, you might help them reach a small hurdle for more ballot access.

    And all this doesn't even point out that your 1-in-100 million vote for anyone DOESN'T MATTER. You have a better chance of winning the lottery than your vote being a deciding factor in the election. Stop pretending that someone who didn't vote for the 2nd place candidate somehow helped the winner win.

  29. Bullcrap.

    Romney will continue to require people to die under his bloodied flag, will continue the anti-capitalist regulatory system, will continue the fear and hate mongering, and will placate those who are too blind to see that the GOP is no better than the Dems as far as conservative constitutionalism gravitas.

    Ron Paul is the only person who has any sens of morals: that it is immoral to use the govt to do immoral things like invade others' privacy or business. Romney is just a Utah-Mormon version of the Bankster-controlled Obama.

  30. I believe the tea Party has more followers then Ron Paul.
    Paul has too many idiots following him that no one will listen too>

  31. You are casting a vote for Obama in that case. I believe Ron Paul followers are haveing a hard time waking up to the fact that Paul is not electable.

  32. then you will have 2 idiots that no one but idiots will vote for. How nice it would be to have an America filled with idiots.

  33. Victor Barney says:

    Wrong! You're DREAMING! Statistically, women and blacks make up over 70% our our population. Women tend to be "gatherer's" by their very own biology and you make up your own mind about blacks. Just saying…

  34. When I vote in the primary for my state, Ron Paul gets my vote; in the general election I will vote against the incumbent President as I believe another term for this man will be a continuation of the train wreck of the last three years for these United States.
    I think a third (and fourth and fifth) party must begin to grow at the grassroots level to overcome both of the statist wings of the party of the ruling elites. It is beyond time for the Demopublican dinosaurs to go to their extinction.

  35. Irritated!! says:

    A vote for anyone in a third party,,OR..NOT VOTING..is assring another 4 years of Tyranny! A "Non-Voter" actually gives Pres. Obama 2 (TWO) votes. He wasn't voted FOR..but He wasn't voted AGAINST. ANYONE will be better than the current Pres. In GOD we TRUST!

  36. harbinger says:

    It's not over until Nomination Day. The four Republican candidates should stay on the race an let the candidate by chosen then, by the people.
    Read "Votescam" by Collier & Collier and see how vote fraud and election stealling were combined into a well-oiled machine back when Nixon was president; he, the FBI and Janet Reno were….. "A shocking investigation".

    After you read it, tell everybody to read it.

  37. Carlos A. Garcia says:

    The Tea Party Movement in 2008 was for Ron Paul and all his believes and Platform. How much has it cost to be bought by the Republican's Main Tea Party?!! 30 pieces of Silver?! If Ron Paul doesn't run then I will not vote Republican. That's my Right as a Citizen and a Patriot. Either way with Romney, or Obama at the Oval Office the Only difference will be their "Color" other than that it will be Business As Usual at the White House and Washington.

  38. Ridiculos,Ron Paul is to old he is harly walking around,The other one will put him in hell,no the same thing he is going to do Rommy,the only one tha is the reallyconservative is Rick Santorum and you see the rep.party dont care about him i really dont know what are they doing,the rep. party is not thinking what is coming,the diablo is about to heat the campain ,and Rommy better be prepare for ,the big fight………..God bless the USA………..

  39. Don Duncan says:

    Yea, yea, yea, I've heard this argument for fifty years. It it was true we would not be living in a warfare/welfare/police state. It voting endangered the ruling elite, it would be outlawed. Do you really think they would just step down quietly? Control of the most powerful country in the world will be lost when they have destroyed it with their greed and power lust. You are continuing to promote the illusion that a choice exists, that we have a good party and a bad one, that there are two parties. The record shows that every candidate has lied for a century and promoted bigger, stronger government. The stronger the government, the weaker the people, i.e., the less liberty.
    I voted for Nixon also, and learned not to vote or trust the political system. Anyone who is over 30 and still trusts the government to protect him is a fool. Government is our biggest right's violator. It's the same worldwide.

  40. Don Duncan says:

    When the Bushes got elected did the people get their country back? Hell No! They got NEW TAXES (Read My Lips), the "Traitor's Act", Rendition (kidnapping, torture, murder). And Obummer is the same. No one who will challenge the power elite will be allowed to win. This is a rigged game to promote the illusion of choice.

  41. Don Duncan says:

    The GOP lost in 1932 because FDR ran on the strongest free market/peace platform seen in 100 years. The people wanted peace and economic freedom so they voted for the candidate who promised that. They got the opposite. Anyone who can defend voting after that is a blind fool. If voting worked, it would be outlawed. How do you explain voting in dictatorships? It is allowed, in fact encouraged, because it gives the ILLUSION of choice. Wake up! Reject government. Reject rulers. Take back control by exercising SELF Government and private enterprise. Public services are a fraud. Study the history of the Roman Empire. The public sector breeds the worst corruption possible. Private is not perfect but it self corrects because of choice. With the public sector no accountability exists, except when the private sector can no longer be parasitized and the whole system crashes, as in Greece today.

  42. The PowerHour with Joyce Riley

  43. No more politics as usual for me. I will from now on vote for who I think is best, not who I think will win or against the bad guy. This is the control game and why change never comes. The power brokers are the same in each party and they only allow candidates from elite families and/or elite schools. Their heart and soul belong to the elitest or .01%. To them we are stories in the paper, statistics, fuel for the fire, and where the taxes come from. They dont know any regular people and they dont care to. Support who you will but as for me and my house hold, we will support peace and liberty and the Constitution that secures them.

  44. Jacob Steelman says:

    I take exception to this strategy. Forget politics. What is needed is education of people about the government. What is needed is a revolution, a revolution of the people that challenges government as a solution and explains the wonders of a private non-governmental solution to the needs of people not only in America but throughout the world. This revolution is possible with the global internet and the global availability of libertarian and Austrian scholars interconnected by the internet, Skype etc. Whether you live in New York or New Orleans, London or Moscow, Hong Kong or Manila governments all react the same – to throttle the efficient functioning of the private free market. It is this universal enemy of the people that needs to be challenged and changed. When private individuals no longer sanction the warfare-welfare-wealth destroying state and withhold their endorsement of statist policies then and only then will politicians and the ruling elite get the message.

  45. If conservatives truly want to be rid of Obama and the "Big Government" policies going on in Washington, then they had better vote for the only candidate that will truly do everything within his power to stop it!! Ron Paul is the only candidate that will do what he says he will do! Ron Paul supporters will not vote for the other three conservative frauds and without Paul supporters the GOP candidate will not have the votes to defeat Obama! They will be effectively handing Obama another four years in office! If they vote for any of the other three candidates they deserve another four years of Obama and I hope they enjoy it!!!

  46. Kathy Gornik says:

    I worked very hard here in Kentucky to get Rand Paul elected. He will DO FINE in 2016 whether Congressman Paul runs as a 3rd party candidate or not. Have you not noticed the acceleration of the rate of political change? Four years is an eternity. To predict now what will happen then is simply not possible. Ron Paul should run as a 3rd party candidate because so many people hate both parties. The primaries and Romney's lead? Well, they're run by the parties, right? They, by definition, give us a distorted view. I have more confidence in the general population than ever that they will vote for Ron Paul given the chance. So what if Obama wins? He will anyway against Romney. Give us the opportunity now, please, Mr. North. Ron Paul will do better than we might think in the general.

  47. You’re one of too few who have it right. America has seen over 232 years of Principle slowly steal away to the trashpile. More of the same won’t fix this mess.

  48. Bruce Porter Sr says:

    I made a decision after I took 20 minutes to vote for that fraud McCain, and if he hadn't had Palin on the ballot I wouldn't have……since we only have a 1 party system I will vote my conscience. So, regardless I am voting for Ron Paul.
    You might tell me it is a wasted vote….so would a vote for Rombama or Obomney. Sorry dudes, I'm done. There is no lesser of evils. The only question between the "two" parties is how fast we become a dictatorship.

  49. I believe this may finally teach you Jackasses in red suites that there are more people than you think that want a return to a constitutionally limited federal government. While it ain't over till its over, looks like YOU numb nuts just got Obummer re-elected. I can't darken the the little oval for Obummer or Romnatoid. There will be be a higher per centage of defection of conservatives than pick up of clueless milqtoast. Obummer never needed my vote, Romnatoid does. I'll write in Donald Duck, or go 3rd, if Ron Paul endorses him. You people never learn – might just as well have run McCain again.

  50. Bright Bulb says:

    He tried making coalitions in the past. Guess who blocked it? Republicans.

  51. Gene Poole says:

    I'm all for going after vote fraud! Vote fraud is how Bush got into the White House, and he was the most disastrous president since Washington. Of course, Obomber has picked up where he left off. What the hell ever happened to Pat Paulsen?

  52. GenePoole says:

    Hell, all politicians feather they're nest. WHat happens to 'em in Washington is that the boys with the eagle sh*t on they're shoulders lay down the law to 'em in no uncertain terms and they think back to what happened to kennedy, who was the last prexy to buck the Pentagon, and they say "ooooop…". Result: nobody even needs a bulletproof limo anymore.

  53. PépèreLePew says:

    Le train wreck have been going on since about the 1980s, non? Not for zhust three year.

  54. PépèreLePew says:

    Well, yes. But weethoyt a govairnement, who weel build the roads between the states? Who weel keep ten radio stations from broadcasting on the same freequency? Who will provide health care for the poor who have no more medicaire or sociale sécurité? If there is no money in growing food anymore, the corporations will simply stop and let us all starve. The free market is only good for the rich, mon ami. They have gated communities and storehouses of food. What about the rest of us, mon cher?

  55. The only way to send the message to the Republican Party is to make it well known who made them lose! and that means Ron Paul running 3rd party.

    The failure here is thinking that the Republican party can be save from the within. It cannot, it has always been run by the same globalists as the Democrats. The entire system must end. All election rule must end. All the congressional rules must end. Until then there will be no change.

  56. A third party has to have it's roots in a REVOLUTION!!! Ron Paul Revolution 2012!!

  57. "Harsh penalties aimed at deterring voter fraud make it likely that individuals who might perpetrate the fraud correctly fear that they will be discovered by election officials carefully examining voter identification. "

    Like the guy who recently impersonated Eric Holder, in spite of his being the wrong race? Holder's reactions: "Ain't no thang", "This didn't really happen."

  58. Doesn't the fact that George Soros approves of both Ovomit and Romney tell you anything?

    Romney will say whatever it takes to grab the power. Sound familiar?

    Let's start with the 1994 U.S. Senate debate between Romney and Edward Kennedy. Every Republican needs to watch this debate from the last decade. Here you will see Romney try to persuade Massachusetts voters that he is as pro-abortion as Kennedy, more supportive of special privileges for homosexuals and more appalled by Ronald Reagan's economic policies.

    He is unfit. He is unworthy. And no matter what he says today as he seeks the Republican nomination for the presidency, he is not going to overturn Obamacare or any other achievement of the Obama administration. In fact, he is the perfect establishment cover for ensuring that all of Obama's devastating accomplishments in office become permanent. That's what his record shows.

  59. "Recently Romney signed the National Organization for Marriage's pledge to protect marriage. The pledge included a promise to appoint constitutional conservatives to the federal bench,"

    "Romney also agreed in that NOM pledge to 'appoint judges who will respect the original meaning of the Constitution.' But when he had a chance as governor to call for the removal of activist judges who ruled for 'gay marriage', violating the Massachusetts constitution's clear separation of powers, he did nothing,"

    A meglamanic phoney, just like Ovomit.

  60. I would certainly hope Ron doesn't run as a 3rd party candidate. If you remember, Gary, when you guys were debating the viability of a 3rd conservative party, in San Jose, Costa Rica, in early December, 1990; on the videos I have, Ron concluded it wouldn't be viable. The following year, Howard Philips launched the US Taxpayer Party, forerunner of the Constitution Party.

  61. Frank Bradford says:

    The best candidate has now been nominated and should be able to defeat BHO. Ron Paul would have been a terrible President and will never be elected. Getting rid of the current president is the first order of business and electing more Republican legislators so some real work can be done in congress.