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Goodbye Privacy: The Government’s $2 Billion Super Spy Center

Written by Gary North on April 9, 2012

The National Security Agency is building a gigantic spy center in tiny and obscure Bluffdale, Utah. It will be huge: a one-million-square-foot data collection center. This is five times the size of the U.S. Capitol building.

The NSA tried to keep this secret, but James Bamford blew its cover (again), in  Wired last month.  He wrote that the center is part of President Bush’s “total information awareness” program. Yet that program was officially killed by Congress in 2003 in response to public protests.

It’s back!

This is not just a data cenrer. It’s a code breaking system bigger than anything in history.

Whose codes will it be breaking? Why? What is the threat?

The story caused such a stir that the NSA’s chief General Keith Alexander was called before Congress last week to testify about the project and categorically denied the facility will be used to spy on American citizens.

“The NSA does not have the ability to do that in the United States,” Alexander told Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson. “We’re not authorized to do that, nor do we have the equipment in the United States to collect that kind of information.”

NSA public information officer Vanee’ Vines backed up Alexander in an email saying: “What it will be is a state-of-the-art facility designed to support the Intelligence Community’s efforts to further strengthen and protect the nation.”

Protect the nation from what?

It is clear that Americans are the targets.

Former NSA analyst Adrienne J. Kinne told Bamford the NSA has had the ability to listen in on American phone calls in real time since 9/11 when, she said, “basically all the rules were thrown out the window.”

It gets worse. Read the full report by clicking the link.

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5 thoughts on “Goodbye Privacy: The Government’s $2 Billion Super Spy Center

  1. Steven Jokinen says:

    So we can spy on every house and cell phone in America 2 Million mothers will not have access to food and 1.5 million Pre schoolers for head start will not be able to go. And lets not forget about all the parks that will close!!!!!! Thanks to Obama His words. Keep up the SPENDING!!!!!!

  2. Google Wayne Madsen (reporter and retired military who served at NSA). He has ticked the NSA off by reporting on the fact that the NSA management has been transformed into a cabal of traitorous, megalomaniac sexual degenerates, who have and do employ their Security group (“Q” Group) in covert, illegal stalking and vicious harassment of NSA critics and even NSA employees who report wrong-doing by NSA managers (fraud, waste, abuse, rape, criminal and even traitorous activity), and then themselves become targets because the NSA EEO as well as the OIG (Office of the Inspector General) have long ago been corrupted to protect the guilty.

  3. Beepster says:

    Alexander is an out and out liar. The US DOES have the technology to spy on everyone, and they are doing it. The agencies involved are FORBIDDEN by law to do this, yet they do it anyway. Well, just look and see who their leader is.

  4. Trunews with Rick Wiles

  5. Watching the government at work is like watching the old Get Smart TV series, only more comical….