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Good Old Boy Gun Owner Shreds a Leftie CNN Interviewer

Written by Gary North on April 4, 2012

Here is a video by a car dealer who gives gun vouchers to car buyers. I don’t know how he can afford to do it, but good for him.

Some leftie CNN lady tried to take him on. He did not get mad. He just shredded her instead.

It’s a delight to see this. These airheads think they can get the better of the “yokels.” But this woman forgot the obvious: he sells cars for a living. Persuasion is his profession.

Media liberals spend their lives chattering with liberals. They never get a run for their ideological money. This lady did. She lost.

Send this to your buddies. It will cheer them up. It will make their day.

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44 thoughts on “Good Old Boy Gun Owner Shreds a Leftie CNN Interviewer

  1. Didn't Jesus tell his disciples to buy a sword? Yes. Wouldn't that be so that they could protect themselves if need be or discourage attack? Of course. It is a dangerous world out there and THE GOOD LORD WANTS US TO BE ARMED to protect ourselves and others. Lots of bad things happen to victims during and after a criminal encounter and I choose to believe that the Lord does not want to have us experience those bad things. I grew up being told that "the Lord helps those that help themselves", so everyone who has the ability to protect themselves and others should do so. Also it is proven the more guns are in the hands of law abiding citizens the lower the crime rate is. It is our CIVIC DUTY to be armed. The progressive liberal democrats can not directly confront the facts so they try to scare people and play on their fear and sympathies. They are good at it unfortunately, and they are aided by the dumbing down of americans that has taken place in the last hundred years. Consequently our country is going down the tubes. Pray hard, carry a gun, shoot straight.

  2. Jonny DiBuono says:

    Awesome!! CNN host is clueless.I'll buy a car from this guy anytime !

  3. I see no problem with owning a gun, or two. Especially since our Homeland Security just purchased 450 million hollow points. According to the UN, those hollow points can not be used aboard. Only within the boarders for our own country. That means those 450 million hollow points are for U.S. Citizens.
    So, again, I see no problem with owning a gun, or two…..just sayin'

  4. Amen to that Anthony!

  5. Graywolf says:

    The libs show their ignorance about firearm wit remarks like ,"but an AK47". It is not the looks, ability to fire lots of bullets (noise), or being liked by criminal that make a gun dangerous. I'll take any 30 cal deer rifle over an AK47. The best thing about the AK47 and guns like them is that they sell large amounts of ammunition. I do not know of one person that hunts deer with it because it is under powered to humanly kill a deer.

  6. Interesting how Liberals will only call upon God when it fits their agenda. In this case gun control.

  7. she had to say what she said in order to be employed at CNN.

  8. LOL wow, since I don't watch CNN I didn't realize I was missing so many stupid interviewers. Holy crap, this lady is a piece of work.

  9. patriot4life says:

    Liberals are Total A$$holes!… These A$$'$ need to Eradicated!!…..

  10. bob jones says:

    This twit and most of the rest of the lamestream media fools would much prefer reporting on a family being murdered by a bunch of criminals with illegal weapons, than reporting on a family still alive after defending themselves with legal guns. It is criminal to them to be able to defend yourself. Nothing they love more than a country full of victims and nothing they hate more than self-sufficient people who want the government out of their business.

  11. Grumpy Old Man says:

    eradication is murder education is the answer our education system is nothing more than an indoctrination mill from the first grade to college. eliminate the NEA among other bureaucracies that are self perpetuating and do more than they are designed to do and invent poblems to keep their jobs.

  12. Well, one thing for sure, that CNN reporter ran into someone who was a helluva lot smarter than she is. Damn, I just might go buy a truck just to support this dealership! I'll bet the TV reporters aren't scrambling to interview this man

  13. SpiderMike says:

    Well, if God and Guns in the man's motto offends some people, let'em buy their cars somewhere else. These Liberals are dumb beyond belief. It's like Ricky Nelson sang in 'Garden Party', "You can't please everyone, so you got to please yourself . . ."

  14. My late great-grandparents would have loved to have had an AK 47 around the house as they lived near hostile Native-Americans and bad men running from the law. So what is this woman's comment about not needing an AK47 when she lived in rural America?

  15. Cliffystones says:

    7.62×39 ammo is relatively cheap, compared to the ammo used in many hunting rifles. I have one that I inherited from my Dad, a Winchester, that uses .32 Winchester Special. Just finding that stuff can be a challenge, and it's around a buck a round.

  16. Lee Crain says:

    After all, have some sympathy for that interviewer…..she's old!

  17. She is about my age, so no sympathy from me.

  18. http://www.petition2congress.c...

    Go to this website and sign the petition to vet Obama and check into his eligibility to be president. Send this to everybody on your mailing list. Ask them to do the same. We must keep up the pressure on congress till they do the right thing.

    Praise the Lord, pray to the Lord and keep your powder dry. The only way we are going to get out of this mess we're in is by getting rid of obama. We have to make congress do their job.

  19. Evermyrtle says:

    Absolutely, we need to support these people who are willing to do something to help change this country back to what it once was. We need to quit hiding our heads in the sand and thinking things will straighten out all by themselves, while at the same time, we have so many with the opposite desire, to bring us down.

  20. Doesn't it irk you when a liberal brings up God or Jesus and they know nothing about them. For her information, Jesus didn't carry a sword but His disciples did!

  21. Geez if I could afford to buy a truck I'd travel to his place just to support his business. God bless him for standing up for this country, God and the liberal MSM.

  22. she hot looking tho for a dumb liberal..lol..she hates guns and god but i bet she has no problem aborting a baby in a mothers womb..[MURDER IMO]

  23. Tried to go to the website that you provided but would not go there. What gives?

  24. You can cut and paste and it should work. Some people are being sent to a search site. It is listed there and will work. Keep trying.

  25. George Semel says:

    A buck a shot is not all that bad, You keep that rifle. My guess its a pre 64 1894 lever. By the way a Marlin 336 30-30 makes a good fire arm for home defense if you feel the need. We had a Murder up here in CT, the Germs Raped and Murdered the Wife and the two daughters, they botched killing him. All for the lack of a shotgun and some #6 birdshot. he lost his family. The State is in knots over how to deal justice to these two germs, They let them out of jail, they murdered, they got convicted and our Governor was to abolish the penalty that was imposed.. Moral is be armed and stay armed. Better to take your chances with 12 than to be carried by 6. Midway is a good source for 32 Winchester and So is The old Western Scrounger.

  26. DEFEATOBAMAIN2012 says:


  27. OH! GOOD GRIEF!!! SOMEONE has an AK47! MY GOSH, they must be insane,evil, and conservative! .Worst of all they believe in GOD!!! How could anyone ever do that???

  28. sean murry says:

    Good they need to come down a notch.

  29. Uh, why doesn't this media expert go to the White House and ask the president why he ordered Eric Holder to sell assault rifles to mexican drug lords who are not even citizens of the u.s., but can come and go as they please?

    "How much does it cost?" She should check the line item in Obama's budget that says, "Guns for dangerous, murdering foreign terrorists @ $2000. (Government always pays three times the going rate because it buys from the relatives and campaign donors of elected officials.)

    The crisis on all fronts that Obama has provoked, and the media's feigned ignorance of it are going to make these "media personalities" as popular as child molesters in prison. I sincerely hope that they all get the opportunity to enjoy that popularity.

  30. Assuming that Trayvon Martin was an innocent boy, and Zimmerman was a crazed killer… if Obama had ordered Holder to sell a gun to Trayvon Martin instead of to a mexican drug lord, he might still be alive today.

    The liberal media and politicians just want to blame everybody else, including George W., for their failures, and stir up racial hatred to blind the mind with a kneejerk emotional response.

    If the liberals in government deliberately are going to sell assault rifles to hardened criminal, at least, for God sakes, let law-abiding citizens have them too.

  31. Texas Tim says:

    Dr. North I hope that someone else sent you this video and you're not actually sitting down and watching CNN. What a monumental waste of time. I'm surprised you could pay someone to watch that drivel of propaganda and advertising, but I repeat myself.

    This bimbette doesn't have a clue who she's dealing with. This guy ran over her with one of his pickups and then backed up over her several times for sport. What fun! Please publish his website so we can check it out, get some intellectual self defense tips and maybe purchase a new car from him.

  32. AK-47s were sold to the drug cartels by our own government and she is against Americans having one for self-defense. Wake up lady!

  33. Read Psalm 144 Verse one, " Blessed be the LORD my Rock, Who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle"

    This psalm was written by Davie a real warrior. God intended for us to use our common sense and defend ourselves. These lib are insane. They Do not know God or His word.

  34. @ bob jones: You are exactly right. Law abiding citizens stop criminals EVERY DAY, either by shooting them or just by showing their firearm and the criminal quickly leaves; it just does NOT get reported. I have two responsibilities to my family: to provide for them and to protect them and I take my responsibility seriously. Did you notice that every time the Car Dealer would start to win the discussion, the CNN Reporter would rudely interrupt him ? I would buy a car from this fine man, even without the free gun voucher. God Bless America !

  35. JoAnn Rice says:

    I think it's a great idea, everyone that buys a car they would surly want the dealerships logo on it and make sure it stays on.

  36. Joe Wood says:

    Would love to shake this Great American's hand! Everyone within driving distance should go buy their vehicles from this guy! Awesome… and CNN, why don't you have a nice big cup of Shut the H3LL UP!!!

  37. How do you know ?. Were you there?. Oh no wait the bible says so right? Well the bible also says thy shall not kill. You can have it both ways.

  38. Dan Amend III says:

    I'll take "What is a dumb cocktail party strumpet posing as a serious news skank?", for $200 Alex.

  39. CSAcitizen says:

    Since this reporter does not seem to know much about God or the Bible let me lead her to Luke 22:36. Jesus orders all to be armed and if they were too poor to by a weapon, He told them to sell the clothes on their back to get one ! Now THAT is how important to Jesus/God to be armed for self defence. WE are to protect the life He gave us and help to protect others from the evil and dangers that comes against us. Before Lincoln did a coup on the Founders govt and REPLACED it wiht his own Marxist system and then disarmed the people and created the Police (not the Sheriff) it was the armed PEOPLE who were the armed law enforcement in this land. And there was no crime when the people were the law enforcement – but once Lincoln's Police took over crime has thrived ever since ! So what does that tell you !

  40. I hunted Deer with a 22 for years in Michigan. An AK47 is a 30 cal. and is more then capable of taking down a deer with someone who knows how to shoot. It is also legal to use for Deer in all states. The 7.62×39 has more power then a 30/30 acording to ballistics. The AK47 is one of the most reliable weapons ever made.

  41. I think you for got the /sarc tag 🙂

  42. Meanstreak Izzy says:

    I love it! I loved him taking her to school and I love all the comments! This whole page should be sent to CNN.

  43. Has anybody watched “Lord of War”?? At the end it says the US is in the top 5 for selling arms AND we are one of the 5 permanent members of the security council in the UN. Doesn’t anybody know that?? There’s a few other facts concerning arms in this country. Like they (the government)let gun runners do “their” thing because the presidents can’t be seen selling to these countries or factions. The other is the US leaves their arms in the country they’re fighting because it’s cheaper to make new ones then to bring them back. No wonder everybody’s got a gun!! A dime a dozen!!

  44. Kevin Beck says:

    Was she really that ignorant? She got stuffed into her place by the end of the discussion.

    I do have one question: How many CNN anchors does it take to read the Constitution? The question seems impossible to answer, since both God and guns are permitted in the Constitution. And none of them have figured it out yet.