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Why Americans Living Abroad Aren’t Coming Back

Written by Gary North on April 3, 2012

I have a membership Website, www.GaryNorth.com, which has lots of forums. People from around the world chat with each other.

Because there is a membership fee, “crazies” don’t join. The participants are experienced people with money to join a Website.

This recent post from an American living in Japan impressed me.

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The article hammers on two problems that I’ve noticed just about every expat in the world who doesn’t much care for living in America talks about:

1) The TSA (this is the specific gripe)
2) The American government and society (this is the general gripe)

As for the TSA, most expats I know hate it and more than a few have refused to return to America because of it. I have gotten several of my Japanese colleagues to cancel their planned vacations to America after I showed them vidoes of what the TSA does.

Fred Reed says it best but many other dedicated expats talk about American culture — they don’t like the ‘vibes’ in America– it feels full of tension and hostility. I’ve never seen this sentiment articulated clearly and am unable to do so myself but every one of these people understands when I talk about a sense of dread when returning to America — even for a short trip. I am beginning to suspect that people who are both comfortable in other cultures and want liberty from unwavering government intrusion tends to be highly correlative with American expatriots.

As for the sociopathy angle, my take is that we are transitioning to a period of what sociologists call ‘anomie,’ or normlessness. The widespread norms of America are passing away and little has been successful in replacing them. This type of period may be characterized by clashes on all ends until a new order replaces it. The traditional institutions of norm creation such as churches are now flaccid. Marriage and family is no longer dependable short of those few whom the leftists would consider ‘extreme.’ The state is losing legitimacy. It seems that in periods of anomie, the only norm that is respected is force alone. This is now the sole tool of the US government, and with the loss of legitimacy, it is the only one the government has left. In times of normlessness, the most ruthless are the ones who succeed in this period, hence the apparent sociopathy. Logically, I wouldn’t call them sociopaths, but those who behave to maximize benefits in the short run and have no resistance from anywhere else except others who are just as ruthless in pursuing their own short term gain. I think it was Ayn Rand who said that is ruthlessness is the order of the day, the murderer will win against the thief.

I also believe that times of anomie tend to be short-lived and that eventually some sort of order will return. It is doubtful that America as a whole will turn from its present course and renew itself as a civilization but it is very likely that small pockets of people will band together locally in the right direction.

My analogy of the US government is this: Imagine a very large giant in a town of dwarves. He is blind, damaged, bleeding, and his wounds are critical. He doesn’t believe that his wounds are critical, but he is very angry and is going to lash out at whomever he can before he falls.

That’s the view from an expat — whom many expats seem to agree with.

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14 thoughts on “Why Americans Living Abroad Aren’t Coming Back

  1. Come Nov. when this very large giant falls he will take as many dwarfs with him as he can. Be ready its coming to a street near you.

  2. There is a lot of tension and hostility in this country and I have never, in my 70 years, experienced anything like this before and it all started when some morons in our society voted a fraud into the Oval Office. HOW SAD!!!

  3. Dean…excuse me, the morons have been voting the frauds in for years….they ran the senate and the house before they were put in the oval office…..people we have a problem…..everybody better wake up here….

  4. The TSA is more hated now than the IRS. An acquaintance who has lived in Hawaii for most of the last 20 years says the TSA is the primary reason tourism has cratered and taken a lot of jobs and businesses down with it in the 50th state. International tourists are going other places where there are no uniformed perverts fondling passengers, stealing luggage, etc. He said, "When the tourism agencies brag about all the hotels being full and everything is fine, what they're not telling you is most of the resort hotels have gone out of business!"

  5. DEFEATOBAMAIN2012 says:

    And you can get cheaper room rates as a result of less tourist,
    hardly worth going thru a cavity body search to go on vacation to me.

  6. I refuse to fly until the TSA is abolished. I have not flown in the U.S. since 9/11.

  7. MontanaMEL says:

    I have lived as an expat while working in the oil patch many years ago…
    Traveled the world for many years…
    Things have changed now – for the worse!

    I last flew "someplace" (domestic) back in 2003 … Have listened to many friends' war-stories since then..
    Have not flown since then….and, WILL NOT FLY UNTIL THE TSA IS REMOVED OR SHAKLED…

    The issues of "Govt tapping your bank account" for susposed "fines" or "fees" if not paid freely is a BIG DEAL for ALL..

    Consider moving your funds "outside" the USA Banking system – using a "trustee" to hold them…

  8. http://www.trunews.com with Rick Wiles.

  9. I ALWAYS listen

  10. Just for the record, if you study US history, the true history and not the rubbish passed off as history in public schools, you will find that the major efforts to derail this republic go at least as far back as old (dis)honest Abe Lincoln. In truth though, there were morons in the government doing pretty much as the democrat party and the people cxalling themselves republicans these days, trying to destroy the republic and transfer the USA into either a totalitarian regime or return us to the crown going back to before the ink was dry on our Declaration of Independance, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Treason has always been with us and as now, like with obama and this regime, it has always been covered up by the lies, games, sideshows and manipulations of government (and more recently, the government propagandists — the public schools and media).

  11. Really sobering to watch your country self-destruct, both economically and morally.

  12. I live in rural Alabama. I travel regularly to Mobile, Meridian, Birmingham and Hattiesburg. I read Gary North and Lew Rockwell EVERY day. From what I can gather, most of the "issues" in the US seem to occur either in the NE, West Coast or Big Cities. I am NOT near ANY of those places.

    As I mentioned, I live in the sticks, so maybe things are more "normal" here than in other parts of the US. If things deteriorate down here, the I am out of here.

    BTW, I am actually working to make enough $$$ to get some off shore to give myself other options in the event of unrest.

  13. Putting your money off shore is not going to protect it. I read that the IRS is badgering banks (foreign) that have US depositors to give the IRS that information. It doesn't really have the legal authority to do this, but it does.
    Also the expats, and there will be more, I think leave for many reasons but to me are part of the 'me first' problem. If we want to restore this country, get it back on track then leaving is not the answer.
    As far as the DHS/TSA I do agree. Also refuse to fly and haven't in about 5 years. Will not put up with the unwarranted search & seizure by this rogue group. Americans gave up their liberty for security and got neither.

  14. Capt. A. says:

    I do not believe or trust in "the collective," those individuals that exhibit the herd-lynch mob mentality, they VOTE and do not possess critical-thinking skills. Wheedlers, gimme-gimmes, trough-suckers etc., they can't understand individualism. One way or another – the truly productive WILL be plundered by the collective! That’s why government is created and exists, tout au contraire – NO bona fide protection of private property, privacy, individual freedom and/or liberty are evident in the United States. It’s an illusion. That's why I'm a PT, as well. Government is created to give an air of "legitimacy via laws to control the hoi polloi," to plunder, redistribution of one's wealth and submission to "authority." The authority Master says, "You will carry the yoke (taxes) or you will feel the lash!" Think not? Think again! You are in denial if you think otherwise! Government produces NOTHING except FEAR and FORCE! Submit and Obey … or else! Why anyone would live the only life they will ever have in subjection is mind boggling! Chalk it up to the government-controlled school system, a raging success! You can keep and have at it!

    I left the U.S. 35-years ago, renounced its U.S. citizenship (never again paying its legalized theft). I followed the likes of Sir John Templeton, et al. who refused to submit to the collective's plunder and lash by way of their “government.” C'est la guerre.

    "Anyone who needs to be persuaded to be free, doesn't deserve to be." ~ L. Neil Smith

    Capt. A.
    Principauté de Monaco
    UTC +1:00 CET