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Obama’s National ID Card: Here It Comes

Written by Gary North on April 2, 2012

“Your papers, please.” As a kid, I heard radio shows where someone with a German accent would ask this. Now it’s coming to America. Only worse. There won’t be papers. There will be a plastic card backed up by a data base with your vital information in it.

The Bush Administration rammed this through in 2005. It was never implemented. States fought against it. Now Obama is trying to get it through again.

The Rutherford Institute is battling this.

The Real ID Act would essentially establish a national ID by requiring states to comply with costly and restrictive federal licensing standards aimed at creating a national database of drivers’ licenses. Alternately derided as a national ID card, a violation of the Tenth Amendment, an unfunded mandate, and a threat to civil liberties, the Real ID program has largely stalled, primarily due to mounting opposition from the states, many of which have adopted laws or resolutions opposing it. . . .

The coalition’s letter to the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime is available here.

“Civil and privacy rights advocates, as well as liberal-, conservative-, and libertarian-leaning organizations, have long raised concerns that a national ID card would enable the government to track citizens and, thus, jeopardize the privacy rights of Americans,” said John W. Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute. “When all is said and done, the adoption of a national ID card serves one purpose only: to provide the government with the ultimate control over the American people.”

The Act was signed into law in 2005. It gave the states three years to comply.  The data will include individual birth certificates and other personal information.

The cost? A staggering $230 million a year. States are resisting.

States must do the scanning of information. They will have to hire more staff.

Can you imagine the lines for this?

For instance, the law requires that all 245 million license and state ID holders in the United States visit their local DMVs to acquire a special identification card. Citizens who do not have this special identification by a given date will not be able to perform important yet routine tasks such as travel on an airplane, open a bank account, collect Social Security payments, enter federal government buildings or take advantage of most government services. The law requires that each person provide a photo ID, birth certificate, proof of their Social Security number and proof of residence in order to receive the identification. This information will then be stored in massive databases maintained by the states and shared among them. Once the DMV receives all the necessary information, it will issue the applicant a new identification card.

The states have been successful in delaying this. But it is clear that both political parties at the national level favor this law.

Resistance at the state level has bought us time. But it is clear what is coming. We are moving toward a police state. Our best hope is the bankruptcy of the federal government.

Continue Reading on www.rutherford.org

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38 thoughts on “Obama’s National ID Card: Here It Comes

  1. Wheres the ammunition

  2. Patriot1776 says:

    It is time that Americans stand up for the God given rights that our founding fathers declared. This regime, the political elite in Congress, the government that was intended to be "of the people, by the people, and for the people" has become worse than the tyranny of King George with their attempts to strip us of our freedom as well as our bank accounts to provide for their aristocratic lifestyles. The American people need to clean house in November, removing life-time slugs from the tax payer payroll and start a revolving door in Washington D.C. to stop the legislative tyranny and return American to God and to the people.

  3. Steve the Great says:

    The federal governent is already bankrupt … Everyone just ognores it !!

  4. Steve the Great says:

    Spelling error – that's ignores .

  5. Originalintent says:

    I find it pretty amazing that these two faced, one way leftists are against I.D.s for voting, but want I.D.s for everything else; and don't see the disconnect.

  6. TuckTuck says:

    Will oblahblah finally have to reveal his real birth certificate to get his card??? Why don't they just skip this and go right to the mark of the beast???

  7. You are so right. The ruling class on both sides of the aisle need to be sent on permanent vacation. Term limits and drastic pay cuts need to be implemented for Congress to dissuade the would-be career politicians.

  8. If that's the case., then Obama would certainly fail this since The law requires that each person provide a photo ID, birth certificate, proof of their Social Security number and proof of residence in order to receive the identification.. Obama has yet to provide proof of none of these.

  9. Warning to All, looks as if it may be "The Mark of The Beast".

  10. we’re just about there already. Timothy Geithner has proposed the US go cashless.

  11. anti fascist says:

    How much you need we have several thousand rounds saved up

  12. martin fee says:

    Well this could explain why DHS just bought 450 MILLION rounds of ammo. Get your new ID or else

  13. State I.D or a driver's license should be good enough. National I.D is what Hitler used during WW ll.
    (Guess no one has learned from that lesson.) Many will see it as the mark of the beast that is told of in Revelations.

  14. Dark_Archer says:


    We the People Demand a Full Scale Investigation into the Eligibility Requirements of President Obama to be President and to run again for a second term. please go to the link and sign the petition then ask everyone you know to do the same , http://www.petition2congress.com

    lets help obama ,biden and the house and senate democrats find new jobs ..preferably making little rocks out of big rocks !!!!

  15. NotYourSteppingStone says:

    “The data will include [individual birth certificates] and other personal information.” Well then, I guess our President won’t be able to get his National I.D. card.

  16. dialnurse says:

    Producers only. Parasites Thugell and Entitleisha will not need to comply thanks to ACLU. La Raza and their apologists will make sure ‘undocumented’ will not need to comply.

  17. “Our best hope is the bankruptcy of the federal government.” — Well, that much is within every American’s control. Stop funding this madness!

  18. Amy Garrard says:

    Ok…mr. obummer…you provide everything first!!! That should end the discussion!!!

  19. "The law requires that each person provide a photo ID, birth certificate, proof of their Social Security number and proof of residence in order to receive the identification."
    I guess Obama dose not get a National I.D. Card.

  20. Wouldn't that go against everything the Democrats/Liberals are saying about voter I.D laws? I people would have to get a federal I.D., then why would they not be able to get a state I.D. to vote? Hypocrisy at it highest!
    We have got to vote these Liberal idiots out! If you're a Conservative, get out and vote!

  21. concernedpatriot says:

    A card is just a larger version of a chip. Just sayin'…

  22. Just another unenumerated usurped power.

  23. The further audacity of the man who has no papers.

  24. Archangel0804 says:

    The first version would be a plastic card with an RFID chip ( a chip just like what you will find in a new US passport)…..Then they will deem an RFID chip implanted in the citizen themselves to be a better and cheaper alternative ( U can’t lose it, and it can’t be stolen, and a great way to track every citizen). Beware folks…it’s the Number of the Beast. Read the book of Revelations.
    This is all in preparation for a New World Order..a one world Government and a one world religion under Satan. Has anyone noticed the attacks on Religion (in general) and all of the “wars” being fought against not only Christians, but Jews and Muslims? These stories all inter-connect. Connect the dots…this is simple…….Things that make you go ….Hmmmmm. Strap on your spiritual armor…and literally…BE PREPARED to strap on your weapons. Armageddon is coming

  25. Talluluh says:

    he wont need to get one,he is exempt!

  26. Talluluh says:

    Just did! also sent to contacts….

  27. You are right on. Yet, if we resist, are we trying to deny the inevitability of what the Bible reveals in Revelation?

  28. dshevlin says:

    I know!

  29. dshevlin says:

    Greta Point Amy! I have been saying that for 3 years, we the people can not renew our drivers license now without a BIRTH CERTIFICATE. New Dept. of Homeland Security law. All states had different compliance dates. I am in FL and ours was Jan. 2010. This must be where the law went for implementation. Your drivers license is the ID card. So I guess they have been fibbing to their blue members about not needing a Dr. license to vote….Gee what a surprise, well anyway……Since I recently had to renew my Dr. license, after the 2010 compliance for my state, I had to bring my BC and numerous other documents to prove my identity to get a renewed drivers license. The change in my license card is a gold star added to the top of the license. That star only appears if DMV has received the best possible documents for identification, namely your BC. I asked prior to going in to renew if I could use my CERTIFICATE of LIVE BIRTH as I did not have a BIRTH CERTIFICATE. After a short pause, they responded NO. ONLY a BIRTH CERTIFICATE would be accepted for validating your ID. How on Earth will Obama ever renew his drivers license!!?? LOL.

  30. Gary Cook says:

    I like ognores better; it sounds a lot more serious.

  31. Let this president be the first to request this card. Then we can see where he was born and if he received financial assistance at Occidental College.

  32. He won't have to.Now that he's been you know what,He gets paid for the rest of his life.Then he'll get someone else to do it.This is why we need to stop paying for all of these a-holes once they leave office.Why hasn't anyone done a study one how much this would save the American People if this stops.Let them create their own retirement fund just like we do! I guess if the stock market crashes and we lose ours,we still have to pay them!

  33. I carry three photo ID's – a state issued driver license, a US government issued VA card, used at the VA medical center, and another government issued retired military ID card. I also have a passport.

    With that said, I have some reservations about a national ID card, but I do see one benefit: You would have to present it to vote, and, once swiped, it could not be used to vote a second time. Also, you would have to present proof of citizenship to obtain one.

  34. CryingSoftly says:

    Obama doesn't believe in photo I.D. for voting but wants all Americans to have National I.D. Card to he can keep tabs on us. He is a very dangerous man and we better wake up to where he is taking us or we will be this despot's slaves.

  35. How could obama pass a law when he has never shown his birth certificate

  36. So, they can keep all of that “Social Security” money that you were made to throw into their pot when you retire… if you don’t comply.

  37. humanitarian1 says:

    People, voting will not solve our problems. You all know the "higher ups" will just quietly stuff the ballot boxes in all states that allow them to get away with it to get the guy they want in the white house. Then you have to remember the video that was online in the late 90's about the lady who found out the "Gems" and "Diebold" electronic tally system had changed votes…well those systems can still do that.

    There is only one way for Americans to return to their god given rights as our founding fathers intended and that is by reclaiming your state citizenship. Check out state-citizen.org and read some files, then go check on their accuracy. By doing this you not only get all of your freedoms back, but lots of the money that was stolen from you (plus interest). But please do not take my word for it. Go check on these files in the law library, then email the website and ask how you can start the process. I send you all love and light.