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8 thoughts on “Facelift: An $18 Million Government Website

  1. sean murry says:

    You better not touch my social security or my medicare i skin you alive.

  2. Harry Lewis says:

    Sean, wake up and smell the coffee, congress has taken 4.7 TRILLION from SOCIAL security sence Jimmy carter was prez…

  3. Yes, that is probably so, but, social security & medicare are so often labeled by politicians as entitlements are exactly that! We are entitled to them because we a lot of us have been paying into with our FICA & Medicare deductions from our paychecks since we began working. I paid my first FICA payment when I was 14 yrs old. The government should leave SS & Medicare alone and pay back what they took from it!

  4. ladybuglw says:


    Go to this website and sign the petition to vet Obama and check into his eligibility to be president. Send this to everybody on your mailing list. Ask them to do the same. We need all the signatures we can get.

    The government twists everything to make it look good. Wonder who they think they're fooling anymore.

  5. Exactly Harry. Anyone who think the money they've paid into (or pay into) either program is ACTUALLY THERE is fooling themselves! That money was sacked and taken years ago (and replaced with I.O.U.s) and continues to be to this day…same reason you have to wait for days to clear out your savings or banking account(s) from the bank, they don't HAVE it.

  6. To ladybug lw I guess odumbo's thugs didn't like the Website. For some reason I can't connect to it. I wonder why?

  7. ladybuglw says:

    I just clicked on the site and it sent me to a search page. Petition2congress.com is about 4 listings down. Should get you there or just copy and paste it to your address line.

  8. Gerald Scott says:

    Well now the site tracks you. If you're looking into how the gov. is spending the money you may be considered a terrorist. However one of the procedures for taking control of a country is through ruining its economy thus waste as much money as possible on ventures that either don't work or are completely unnecessary running the national debt that much higher and eventually collapsing the value of the currency. This is simple George Soros 101