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On Shooting the Unarmed Youth in Florida

Written by Gary North on March 28, 2012

This incident is all over the Web. Al Sharpton flew to Florida to say his piece. Jesse Jackson also chimed in. So, I figure I can contribute my two cents’ worth.

First, the only reason we have heard about this incident is because Zimmerman is not black. If he were, this story would have been local — just another “black kills black” story.  Sharpton and Jackson would be waiting for other headlines to exploit.

The media, today as in 1890, do not care what black criminals do to blacks. Whites really do not care much. If the crimes are contained in the ghetto, the white community pays little attention. Blacks know this. It angers them. It should. The law should apply to all people, irrespective of race, but it doesn’t. All races should be equally protected against violence, but they aren’t.

Second, I grew up in a family headed by an FBI agent. That was in the 1950s. Here were the two rules that FBI agents were required to follow:

1. Never aim a gun at anyone unless you are prepared to pull the trigger.

2. Always shoot to kill.

When an FBI agent pulled a gun on you, you took it seriously, because he took it seriously. Pointing a gun at someone was deadly serious.

In 1980, I took a combat handgunning course from Col. Jeff Cooper, the master trainer. I went to his Gunsite training facility in Arizona. Cooper and I had been in grad school together. He was a scholar, a widely read historian, and the most dangerous man in America if you pulled a gun on him. He was a warrior. “I’m old,” he said. “I would just as soon die with my boots on. The man pointing a gun at me is not equally ready to die. If he has not yet pulled the trigger, something is holding him back. I have two seconds on him before he can react. That’s all I need.” If you ever saw him in action, you know that it would not take him two seconds to draw, aim, and fire. He was always armed.

Here is what he told us.

If you pull a weapon, you are responsible for your actions. You must be sure that the person you are about to shoot is a threat to an innocent person. You must not pull the trigger unless an innocent person’s life is at stake. You then shoot to kill.

These are the basics of armed self-defense.

Cooper believed it was morally reprehensible not to stand your ground. Armed or not, if he had been on a hijacked airliner, at least one of the hijackers would have died. Of that, I am sure.

With respect to the shooting, let me state the obvious: If a grand jury votes to try him, Zimmerman will get his day in court. If found guilty of premeditated murder, he should be executed. Liberals don’t like to hear this, but I do not write for liberals.

If he is declared innocent by the jury, anyone who calls for his murder should be tried as a felon. Vigilante justice is injustice.

Anyone who sets fire to a building in a riot should be arrested for arson.

The court of public opinion is not a court with the authority to impose violence lawfully.

We have courts because we want justice. We want justice because we want peace. The jury system is the backbone of justice in the United States. This is where a dozen citizens can decide guilt or innocence, without the presence of any bureaucrat. Anything that undermines respect for juries is a threat to our liberty and social peace.

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88 thoughts on “On Shooting the Unarmed Youth in Florida

  1. Zimmermann is Hispanic but it looks better to the black if he is white…..Al "Big Mouth!" always gets the story wrong,Jesse minister of the noname church! And the NAACP who jump on anything. And the Black Panther party (who cares), And would you believe racist of the week Spike Lee. All thrive ion these headlines. And last but not least our President……They want to create a racial Divide. This is a local matter and should be handled as such. With this much national publicity. How is the facts not going to be clouded? How is this man if charged ever going to have a fair hearing?…..If whites had gone on record doing this to a black man. Every Liberal,and Black in this country would be crying Foul….It amazes me how the tide has turned and we sit here and let it…..

  2. I think this thing has been entirely been over rated and blown way out of proportion. Sanford is a small community that you never hear of, or at least not like in Miami. If this had happened in Miami, it would just be another case of normal. Too much time and attention is being spent to deliberate, talk, bring up racism and every other concievable notion in the news. Let this be taken care of locally and not nationally. Just my two cents.

  3. The black RACISTS are ready to jump on anything to incite hate

    They love to feel belittled even if it is only in their own minds, which it generally is. If Zimmerman had been black and killed Martin no news or second page note. If Martin had been white ditto. This is only another page in the whiny lingo that the BLACK POWER cretins like to use, as usual, against the white taxpaying citizens who contribute to their social welfare.A ‘bite the hand that feeds you’ syndrome. They do not think the laws should apply to them.

  4. C.B. Coker says:

    I tell you what realy gets to me. This Country is just so unfair, blacks can do what ever the hell they want to do to a white man or woman and you here nothing. we can't even send our kids to public schools, if we want them to get a good education. Something has got to change. Every black should thank us for our ancestors bringing them to this Country. Just look at where they would be if they had not.

  5. This looks like a rehearsal for as Rahm Emanuel says" never let a negative situation go to waste". Ovomit could incite the ZOO into mass rioting and declare martial law just before the Elections if an incident came up lending itself to the situation.

  6. The "New Black Panthers" have put a bounty on Zimmerman, dead or alive, and the Eric Holder "Injustice Department" has not done one thing ! The Obama Administration MUST go. Anyone BUT Obama in November !

  7. Rex L Fey says:

    Threre is a big picture on the Obama participation. He would like nothing better than to incite massive disorder so as to have excuse to declare Martial law. He needs someting big enought to make a case that civil courts have lost control so as to claim meeting prior Supreme Court rulling on conditions for declaration of martial law. The martial law frame work was ordered on Fri. Mar. 16, 2012, allowing him to take over everything. We can expect more of the inflamitory stuff from W H, this one is not going to fly. Next flash, probably will be Supemes declaring Obamacare unconstitution, they will try on this but to many against that for it to fly either. W H hopes it stir up enough to call off election. because if that goes down Obama is done !

  8. Obama needed a good racial hate story so they are blowing this one up. He is inciting blacks to riot and don't expect Eric Holder to do anything unless the American public forces him into it. He told them to 'stand down' on anything involving black against white when the New Black Panthers had billy clubs threatening people at the polls.

  9. Abbe wrote: The black RACISTS are ready to jump on anything to incite hate

    And the president is ONE of them — unless we just want to believe that he "acted stupidly" by giving the knee-jerk liberal reaction to anything involving race. If Trayvon the 17-year old "minor child" had killed Zimmerman, Obama would order Holder not to prosecute the case, unless Obama thought it might cost him hispanic votes.

    That's the trouble with being a racist. A racist really can't tell what race someone is with 100% accuracy by just looking at them. If a racist picks a victim who looks white enough, or old enough, or young enough to look vulnearble, he may be making a bad mistake. If Trayvon had just been patient and waited for Auntie Hillary to negotiate with the U.N. to take all the guns away from law-abiding Americans, he could have attacked Zimmerman without fear of being shot.

    And that's exactly Obama's intent.

  10. IF the Publicity Prostitutes, jesse, fat al and ole barry wouldn;t have USED this tragedy to THEIR advantage to get publicity for THEM, this tragedy would be handled correctly, with Justice! Once these IDIOTS blow it up for THEIR advantage it makes a MESS of everything, like the Lib Dem MORONS do with everything they touch!!

  11. Bruce D. says:

    Neighborhoods are responsible for the prevention of crime that goes on in their neighborhood. The reason is that police are mostly concerned about accident prevention and tickets bring in excellent revenue for the state. In a mixed or black neighborhood not affluent the cops come when you call to fill out paperwork. They do no investigation of theft but take violence more seriously. Theft in these types of neighborhoods are considered unstoppable. If you do not know what it is like you should not be quick to judge Zimmerman for trying to defend his neighborhood. Not even bars on the windows keep these people out. You work all day to pay your bills and come home at night to find your TV gone and everything else of value. Blacks make up 85% of the jails despite being only 17% of the population. Black problems cannot be solved by white people. Most white people I think would like blacks to flourish and prosper so they are not such a drain on society. Giving them more entitlement money only leads to more feelings of entitlement.

  12. Evidence is pointing more to the self defemnse side. The witness is the key.

    No matter what kind of kid Martin was, he had no excuse to attack and beat up on anyone. So this is the kind of kid that Obama would want for a son? Sharpton and Jackson and Obama should stay out of it. THEY are bringing in racism and hate and don’t even know the facts. There are a lot of black people living decent lives and this hurts them. If this was a white incident, Sharpton, Jackson, and Obama would not say a word. They are expoiting it for their own benefit.

  13. Very well said, Gary.

  14. Let's change the headlines =" Man is attacked and beaten by hoodie youth, who has used marijauna"

  15. Who made them judge, jury and executioner? What happened innocent until proven guilty? Don't they realize if Mr. Zimmerman were guilty and had shot Martin in cold blood, he would have been arrested on the spot? Even the FBI investigated and saw that Zimmerman had indeed been attacked from behind. Mr. Zimmerman had to have stiches in his head and he had a broken nose. Had Martin been successful, in getting Zimmernans gun, he would be the one dead.
    It would never have made the news. This is not the first time Sharpton and Jackson has stirred up a lynch mob with their lies. Those young Duke University men will never get the years lost and can never be recovered. Remember, once the truth came known, these young men were proven innocent. They never touched that prostitute. Did Sharpton and Jackson admit they were wrong? HELL, NO. They are both hate mongers and thugs who need to be arrested and thrown in prison for inciting riots with their lies. Each time they have incited riots against the whites, it turned out later the whites were INNOCENT!! Not once did Sharpton or Jackson apologyze. They want blood and they don't give a damn if that person is innocent.

  16. gammabama says:

    The left will drop this story when the truth comes out. Zimmerman registered as a Democrat in 2002. Travon carried a screwdriver to a gunfight. It sounds like he punched a bus driver. He is really a large seventeen year old. Obama sends seventeen years olds to Afghanistan.

  17. What I don't understand, is why the Black Panthers are not being rounded up for putting a bounty on the head of any body. That too is vigilante justice. If they are allowed to do that we should all be allowed to do that to any one we don't like. It does put them in the same league that put a bounty on Sheriff Joe Arpaio. That group also needs to be rounded up and locked up permanently. And any one smart enough to con his/her way into the presidency certainly should know enough to shut his/her mouth and let the authorities do the job they were hired for. On second thought, the president ought to do the job he was hired for too.

  18. Where were all the civil rights junkies when 2 17 year old black youths set a 14 year old on fire on his own door step a while back. That crime should have been punishable to the full extent of the hate crime law. Where were the eye for an eye panthers then? Didn't even make national news. Wonder why?

  19. The bigger issue here is being over looked! Our Attn. Gen has said nothing about this. The president of the United States, has opened his big mouth, to throw Zimmerman under the bus! The Black Panthers make a public announcement to get Zimmerman, showing a wanted poster, and reward ! A publicly announced, "hit for Zimmerman's kidnapping"!
    These Panthers have committed felony crimes, as well as state, and local crimes, in broadcasting their videos!
    Where is the outcry over this? Where is Eric Holder now? Does Holder and the president think that we should have vigilantly mobs running our judicial system? You can bet if a group such as the, KKK made such statements that there would be a huge outcry for justice, and rightfully so.
    I want to know, where, and when, the justice department, is going to perform their duty, and uphold our laws?

  20. Gary,
    I'm a 71 year old retired cop and I fully agree with what you say except for one point. For nearly twenty years of my service i worked the street, first as a patrolman and then as a street Sergeant, almost all of it as a "ghetto" cop. In all that time, I never had to shoot anyone. I agree, of course that as rough, sluggish and awkward as it is, our system of legal justice gets it right more often than not and at least 200% more often that you find in many other parts of the world. Vigilante justice is, as you say, no justice at all because not only do you run the very real risk of hanging the wrong man you will, at the very least, start a blood feud that could last for generations. Anyone offering a $10,000 reward for someone dead or alive as the NBPs have done is nothing more or less than encourage a "hit" on someone. It needs to be called what it is, Conspiracy to Commit Murder, and prosecuted accordingly. It appears, on the surface, that the self appointed Neighborhood watch commander simply was looking for an excuse to shoot someone. However, I wasn't on the scene so I don't know what other provocation he had and if what he did rose to the level of being a crime under local law. All we, the public, know is what has been reported and all of that has first been filtered through the news organization's spin machine. It has been either been spun liberal or conservative depending on the bias of the organization doing the reporting. Granted, there are about three times as many spinning left these days but we need to be aware that all outlets spin the news.
    Now for the point of disagreement. You state the FBI teaches it's operatives to never pull the gun unless they intend to use it. that's true, they do. So does all police departments that I'm aware of. However, I found in actual practice that put me at a great disadvantage. I'm sure it would have resulted in me sooner or later shooting someone who really didn't need to be shot. If I didn't respond to his threat right away and with superior arms, he would have more than likely have escalated his attack until I did feel threatened and then would have responded with lethal force and more than likely killed him. Gary, I pulled my gun thousands of times and as a result never had to use it. If a man begins a threatening motion and before he can complete it, he has about an inch of Mr. Smith and Wesson up his left nostril, it is absolutely amazing how quickly he comes around to your way of thinking. Everyone knows what the unique sound of a slide action shotgun means. That loud CLICK CLACK does more to calm a room than a dozen policemen or FBI agents. I agree that all law enforcement personnel should be extremely familiar with his "tools," Just as proficient as a mechanic is with a screwdriver, and I contend that a gun can be a tool to save lives as well take them if handled in a quick workmanship like manner.

  21. There is a lot of rhetoric and rumor floating about on both sides of the discussion of this incident. I want to point out that the Sanford police department already investigated the shooting (it happened last month, remember). The evidence they had before them led to the conclusion that Zimmerman had indeed shot Martin in self defense. If evidence surfaces that the investigation proves otherwise, they officers involved should be tried. What bothers me the most is that most are assuming either that an investigation was not completed, or that the police department investigators are 'obviously' racist and therefore biased in their investigation and conclusion. That speaks volumes as well.

  22. If it is ever proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that we just can't get along (blacks, browns, whites), what the hell we gonna do?

  23. If you're on your back on the ground getting your head pounded on the sidewalk, and simultaneously being beaten about the head and face, you probably would think that it's time to use deadly force to save your own life. This community hired this man to protect their neighborhood because the police are not usually available to do so. Also, it's time that the nbp et. all. are arrested and tried for inciting hate crimes in our country. If the government incompetents can't do their appointed jobs, then they must be replaced immediately by persons willing to do so.


  25. A Just society would arrest Sharpton and Jackson and throw them under the jail! If the new black kittens or any other group did not like this let them be arrested and thrown in the same hole. I read that the lame stream media is afraid to cover the fake documents the usurper released to the public for fear of riots in the streets. Report the truth! We The People can stand our ground! Get that foreigner out of our White House and let the cards fall where they may! This is America, live like you are FREE! Let no one or no group suppress you and your beliefs. Send Zimmerman a few bucks, his life will never be the same. The evil has touched him, don't let it destroy him.

  26. back when the police would do their job in the inter city the blacks all complained they were being profiled so the cops stopped going there now they complain the cops allow this to happen

  27. this is not the first time odumbo has opened his big fat mouth and inserted both feet

  28. even though it is a different building it is the same church as rev. wright

  29. AMEN! ,AMEN!, AMEN!

  30. NCBigmouth says:

    You nailed it…"never let a good crisis go to waste" is the exact quote. If some thinking minds don't step up to calm down
    the situation, look out! All the components are in place for an outright race riot. The facts are not yet known to ANYONE.
    Facts never have and never will hold back the race baiters and in the event, a riot does break out, they will be out of there
    in a New York minute. I would like to see a coaltion of conservative blacks make an attempt to calm everybody down.

  31. Does the Klan still exist? If they do, why don't they address the little black kittens?

  32. Paul Divine says:

    I doubt that anyone has all the facts on this case at this time. Why not let a Grand Jury investigate this incident and give the public a report on what they find. There are thousands of opinions, and most of them are diffrent from others. Most of us are very much aware of how the Rattle Snake Al Sharpton ,Jesse the Jack Ass Jackson and the illegal President Obama think and are always on the lookout for any story, true or false, to grab onto and spread it like arsonists do when they start a wild fire in one of our western states. Sharpton, Jakson,. Obama and the Black Panthers thrive on a story such as this one. All these people must have something like this story to pursue because it fills their coffers with cash money. They must have a story such as this to keep their names in the headline news. Truth and facts have no meaning for these people. For them, the only thing that has meaning is to see their names spread across the news papers and the television screens accross this nation. Please let us wait until all the facts are gathered and published before we decide which side to believe.

  33. What does it say about the “culture” of the white abd black races in Anerica that a young white couple in Kansas can be abducted by FOUR large black men, both sexually assaulted, mutilated, tortured, murdered and their bodies burned. And white society waits for the law to do its job. But if a non-black and a black get into a bad judgment situation, where the black loses out – then a race war is called for? The biggest impediment to racial equality is unrepentent black racism.

  34. Hell, I'll vote for Mickey Mouse if that is what it will take to get that A.H. out of the White House.

  35. Why has no one mentioned the black teacher in a Kansas City school that demeaned a white kid in front of the class. This happened a week or two after the Trayvon killing. A couple of black kids in the class thought the white kid needed a little more punishment so they followed him home and set him on fire on his front porch!

    A full and total boycott of every form of the typical media is desperately needed. I for one have done so for many years. The way the media portrayed Trayvon was despicable. The first picture I saw of Trayvon looked like a 12 year old, a very cute kid for sure. In reality he was 6' 3" and knocked Mr. Zimmerman to the ground pounding his head against the cement. One other thing that has bothered me was the fact that Trayvon was trespassing, that is if it was truly a gated community. Why has the media left that fact out?

    The media is trying its best to destroy this country just like this Marxist/Muslim sympathizing president.

  36. What about the incident in Miami less than a year ago were two young Hispanics a male and female were gun down in a gas station in Miami by three young Blacks. Before he was shot he told them to take his money and the car and to please spare his and the girl’s life, and instead they shot them both. Did you hear Obama say anything about that? Or did you hear about the leaders of the community say anything? Or did you hear the Rev. Al Sharpton or Jessee Jackson say anything about it either? No one did said anything because they were not Black.

  37. Bless2live says:

    These black racist mobs are always shouting to white people and the(law) establishment. Of course it does not work and especially on this kind of situation.The courts will have the last say ,and the racist mobs will have to eat there on dispicable racists slurrs. The black racist here or only a minority of there people and do not represent them.

  38. same here brother!

  39. Hmmm, so for there is nothing on the news about Martin's autopsy nor is there anything indicating where Martin was shot (ie on the body). Was he running away or going towards Zimmerman?

  40. sean murry says:

    The kid was a hood.

  41. It's the media that is calling Zimmermann white. When I heard the name while listening to the radio, I assumed he was white and with a german sounding last name. Imagine my surprise when I see his face on the news. So we have Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson flying to FL to get themselves some press and to once again stir up the race issue. The Black Panthers have a reward out so they can most likely kill him, and Spike Lee is posting incorrect addresses of people with a similiar name and encouraging people to "touch him". WHY haven't the Black Panthers and Spike Lee been arrested for making terrorist threats or at the very least encouraging people to murder someone?

  42. LOL everybody knows by now that blacks can commit as many crimes against the white community without fear of prosecution because Holder would consider it "payback". Obama and his administration need to get the racial pot boiling hot so he will have an excuse to call for martial law. He's probably ticked off at the timing since the OWS and the unions weren't in place.

  43. I thought so too, but now that the black community has been worked up into a frenzy by Jackson and Sharpton if they don't put Zimmermann in prison, or put him on death row, the blacks will riot and burn down the town.

    Personally, I think if the black community riots and burns down their community, THEY should have to pay the financial consequences, but they won't. There are never any consequences for their actions. It's ALWAYS the fault of the white community….even though in this instance, the shooter is hispanic. Ooops! I mean a WHITE hispanic.

  44. Add who was also suspended from school for truancy, possession of burglary tools and jewelry thought to be stolen.

  45. When does a Hoodie go from being a Hoodie to a “Gangsta Hooddie”? Well quite simply put,, when those people adopted it as one.

    When did red or blue bandanas become a symbol of a particular gang? Well quite simply put, when those people adopted them as one.

    When did saggy pants and hats turned round become a symbol of rebellion against the system? Well quite simply put, when those people adopted them as such.

    When did people hanging out on the street corners, or riding around in cars with tinted windows become symbols of people with bad intentions? Well quite simply put, when those people wanted them to.

  46. You see the situation we have here is several generations of young kids, lacking adult supervision and parental support, and fathers, have adopted symbols, actions and gestures that indicate to those who know them and those who fear them, that they are someone belonging to a certain culture, gang or lifestyle.

    And everything is just awesome in their subculture of the low life’s as long as everyone understands and respects their symbols and actions. Don’ you dare “diss” them or their symbols, gangs and life choices.

    But all of a sudden someone comes along…. right or wrong… and interprets their symbols, clothing and lifestyle exactly as that thug wants them to, and that person does something to stand up and shut up the thug who chooses to dress and act a certain way. The thug comes out on the short end, and whoa, wait just a minute… you mean you judged me by the clothes I wear, the way I act, and the way I behave?

    What’s wrong with YOU!

  47. I didn’t really mean for you to treat me like the thug I pretended to be. I’m really a coward that hides behind clothing and low life’s that think and act like I do. How dare you stand up to me. How dare you call me on my behavior and appearance. You are just supposed to cower in fear, stay out of my hood, and give me respect, you’re not supposed to treat me how I act.

    Now maybe, if you’re honest! You understand exactly where we are. I’m not saying Zimmerman was right. I’m saying that if you want to act like a dog, run with a pack of dogs, then don’t be surprised when you get fleas or when someone feeds you dog food!

    If the cops could protect everyone from harm, we wouldn't be communicating here, Trayvon would be alive. If we didn't have thugs running the streets, we wouldn't need crime watch, and the Zimmerman's could stay at home.

  48. Bruce D. says:

    In Florida there are no police in neighborhoods trying to prevent crime. You must be from a big city in another state. In Florida they will respond to a call but are rarely patrolling neighborhoods to prevent crime. tIf you see a cop he is passing through in an air conditioned car. There is no proof Zimmerman was a vigilante. There is every indication he was part of a neighborhood watch. If you do not have this type of protection you have no protection in most cases. This is true even in cities like WPB. Many live in gated communities to be safe. Across the bridge in Palm Beach it is different. If you are walking and look like you do not belong there they will question you, make you show your ID, and ask if you have money on you. A lot of criminals only steel within walking distance because they do not have cars. Everyone is at risk but those within walking distance of black neighborhoods are more at risk. Most stop reporting theft to police unless there is insurance involved because it is a waste of time. Honest blacks are affect too but Sharpton and Jackson have no interest in black crime unless committed by a white person.

  49. Tell Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson to stay out of this issue. They only are trouble makers. Let the courts sort this out. Why is it when a black person attcaks an unarmed man or women nothing is said ?

  50. I'd like to thank you for putting your racism & ignorance on display for all of us to read!

  51. I agree, the liberal controlled media is trying to create a nation wide race riot. & The head racists Sharpton & Jackson are both onboard.. What's up with Obama? He claiming to be black again? what happened to his half white self? Amazing how he is playing the black card, low popularity with the black voters, so he plays it, in hopes it will show them he is on their side. It would be all that Obama needs to declare martial law, & have an excuse for the Fed's to start their gun grab. Think it can't / will not happen? Look back at the L.A.Riots, Los Angeles County pushed a waiting period on all purchases of ammo,15 days I think it was, the people voted it in just weeks before the riots.. Then when the riots started, they couldn't get ammo.. And I also believe that there is more to this story than what they are telling us, & this excuse that he was shot because he wore a hoodie, is bullshit! Does it really get cold enough in Florida that you actually need to wear a hoodie? If the KKK wear their hoodies they are racist.. This thing is gonna go sideways, you can bet on that..

  52. I hear there is a $10k bounty for Zimmerman offered by the Black Panthers. I say the US authorities need to offer a $20k bounty for turning in anyone offering bounties on citizens before they are found guility. This nonsense is serious and needs to be stopped immediately. The solution is to charge all the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons and other race pimps with inciting riots and fine them into poverty. It's time to stop playing patty cakes.

  53. So with all this, why haven’t we heard more about the Shawan Tyssob case in Sarasota Florida? He is charged with killing two English tourists simply because they wandered into the Newtown urban ghetto late at night.

  54. Troublemaker says:

    That’s what I foresee, if the Muslim-Marxist figures that the sheeple are starting to wake up, he will find some kind of reason to declare martial law. If that occurs, I think it gives permisssion for the subjects to …

  55. bullrider says:

    If you MUST shoot someone, under any circumstance, NEVER tell anyone – especially the police – that you had to, wanted to, were trying to KILL the other person. NEVER say that. Say “I had to stop them”, “I had to keep him from (whatever)…” but never EVER say that your intent was to kill. If it happens, well unfortunately it happens, but never EVER say that you wanted to kill them. Suddenly it changes to the possibility of murder, not just trying to protect someone or prevent a crime. And never tell the person himself that ‘stop or I’ll kill you’ – never tell them that is your intent either. What if they live, and you end up in court over the issue? The lawyers will make a huge deal over your having said that one little word.

  56. Barbara Sutton says:

    Why???? is there always a Black, White, Hispanic, Japnese, etc when we are all God's Children. If each of us stopped thinking they were white, black, etc. and say this is sad…Let the law handle whatever. Love each other. Bullies if you see a child that is being beaten stop the beating. you will look as a wonderful person helping people. As many blacks help me as whites and I am white due to being crippled.and old. God does not promise us a tommorrow. Make the most of today. I am speaking to all people. Stop it now or we will be destroying America. Who is paying for all of these marches if it is Tea Party or Al S. or Jessie Jackson's group? You can change America at the polls Stop doing it in media which is bais….There are good and bad in all races. Be a good one in your race. you will feel better.

  57. When the Al Sharptons, other Black politicians and we must also add the media, say no one rapes, robs and kills more Black people than other Black people will we begin to resolve these issues.

  58. Fed Up w/ lies! says:

    It's the media…and now I can't believe Congress! They are just inciting violence, trying to divide us so we can be easily conquered! The facts in this case speak for itself! The media and now Congress are doing Obama's bidding. When is someone going to stand up and put a STOP to this BS!

  59. Fedup w/lies! says:

    Why hasn't the Media been accused & charged with "inciting violence". The have misrepresented this incident in harmful ways…people could seriously be hurt!

  60. They are a group of dangerous lippy,radical fools, if Zimmerman is not arrested tried and found guilty, sentenced to death, all hell will break loose, that is if the black panthers don't find him first, and believe me when I tell you if they do find him and put him to death, THEY WILL NEVER BE TRIED FOR IT, you can bet the farm on that, not with this sidewinder ovomit at the helm.

  61. Connie from SoCal says:


  62. I don't think that this Zimmerman case has anything to do with the, Florida " Stand Your Ground law". First of all it doesn't even apply in this case, Zimmerman was stalking this man, and when he called 911, he was told to stand down, he didn't, and when he walked back to his vehicle, he was attacked. Although from what I read the young black man was not the Saint, that he has been portrayed to be, but still killing a person is a serious crime, and it's got to be dealt with, but in a civilized way. I also don't like the Black Panthers mob/gang going after Zimmerman without even knowing the whole story, or even caring, they are quite a bunch, which (Holder), Dept of Justice, seems to let run loose, they can do no wrong?

  63. JIM BOULTON says:

    Sharpton, Jackson, and Obama the three Black Musketeers always looking for whitie to pin somthing like this on if they cant find whitie then lets get a hispanic hes almost white and we'll just call him white. These 3 goons need to go back to the jungle where they came from the hateful bastards. Remember US WHITIES still have the power over blacks like this.




  67. Those of color such as the Black Panthers, Bro Al and the rest are nothing but the kind that keeps race as an issue because it is their benfit. If they did not have that they would not be heard anywhere much less be in national headlines. Also Oboma has the ideal setting to bring the races togeather, however, he is doing everything to bring a race war so he can declard marshal law and pospone the election. Think about it. In the health care he wants a civilian army as strong as the military. Sounds like Brown Shirts from the past.

  68. Not until Black politician and the news media state the facts as no one robs, and kills more black people than other black people do. It is a black parent problem, black neighborhood problem, public school problem, and mostly a black politician problem. Not until this is addressed will we begin to implement the corrective action that is long over due.

  69. Jstarusa says:

    Its pretty hard to do anything about it when the president himself does not respect the courts unless it rules in his favor. Sharpton and the rest know that the president is with them on this, so they have free hand to do and say what they want too. Not a word out of him to try and calm an angry mob, or tell them to leave it to a court of law. Peacemaker? I dont think so.

  70. Jennifer says:

    George Zimmerman is a good Democrat and statist, he's just following Obama and Napolitano's orders to spy on your neighbors, "If you see something, say something." He's such a loyal Democrat he called the police 46 times in one year to report all the suspicious people in his neighborhood.

  71. ArmyORet38 says:

    Recently in Chicago a black youth around 16 years of age was beaten to death by a black youth mob and all was caught on camera. A little coverage (one or two days) on National TV and "poof" nothing. Don't recall Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson going to Chicago or elsewhere to express their outrage! The last name "Zimmerman" caused the uproar because all thought he was a White person. Surprise now! He is Hispanic, a person of color and a member of what is called a "minority group" in these United States. So, the tune begins to change a little. All have rushed to judgment on this case before the investigation is completed. The shooting was wrong but that is for a jury and the justice system in the United States to decide. The violation that I see which should warrant Mr. Zimmerman's arrest was the fact that, although he had a CC permit, it is forbidden to carry a handgun or other firearm during Neighborhood Watch duties. That is clear. I have a CC permit and there are so many restrictions on when you can carry and warnings about where you can and cannot carry, pulling and using your weapon, and consequences, that it makes the permit almost null and void, i.e., in most situations where you may need to protect yourself and family, you cannot carry or use the weapon without consequences. I am African-American, raised in the Deep South during Jim Crow times and probably have multiple reasons to carry this racism cry more than the younger generations of today. However, I do not and I also do not believe that every time a White commits a crime or act of aggression against a Black or Illegal immigrant, that it is an act of racism, especially if all happens in the commission of a crime or violent act against another person. I would like to hear our President, Al Sharpton et al speak out and condemn the BoB crime and violence in our communities and not when it is PC or expedient to exploit incidents like these. My heart goes out to the family of Trayvon and it is unfortunate that they had to lose their son under these circumstances. But, again, I deplore the actions of the President, Al Sharpton, J Jackson, et al, exploiting this situation for their own personal interests, whatever they may be. On a final note, I would like to ask why the National media have chosen to only show photos of Trayvon which appear to be taken when he was in Jr. High School and as a little boy. I understand that he may be much taller than those photos depict and probably weigh a lot more. There are some pictures of him at age 17 (or so it appears) that are flashed on the screen for brief seconds and disappear. These reflect a much older looking young man than those mentioned above. Just an observation. For the record, there are many 17 year olds serving and dying in our Armed Forces in Afghanistan and elsewhere and I can assure you that the military does not consider them children. I entered the military at almost the same age (16) and quickly became an adult, believe it or not. (Sic) I also have suffered great harm and injury as a result of fights and assault from 17-year olds. Racists exist on all sides of the aisle and Whites and Hispanics hold no premium on this. We all should settle down and let the Justice system work in this case. It has served us well most of the time and should do so this time. We all need to come together during these trying times and not become racially divided or resort to violence to resolve disputes or discontent. Such bodes great ill for the United States of America and its people. We need to come together in this country for there are many hoping for our downfall and destruction!

  72. Connie in SoCal says:

    Part of Neighborhood Watch is to contact the police if anything feels suspicious. It's called the "ummm" factor.

  73. "One other thing that has bothered me was the fact thatTrayvon was trespassing,that is if it was truly a gated community"
    Prima facia evidence that you & most on this thread don't know what you 're talking about.
    Trayvon was 100 yards from his home in the gated community where he lived with his parents. He was returning home from a store where he had bought a soft drink & skittles. These are facts.

  74. Jennifer says:

    Well, he's a good Democrat and 'ummm' factored his fair share in following Obama's orders.

  75. The Black Panthers haven't, and won't be cited, arrested, or charged because we have a mixed race President and a black Attorney General who will never jeopardize their standings with either the black, or white liberal groups. Imagine what would happen, however, if a group calllling themselves tyhe White Tigers did exactly the same things that the BPs have been doing for years. THEN you would see some immediate reaction, and the full force of the goveernment brought to bear! Jesse Jacksom …he of "Hymie town" fame…proclaimed years ago the blacks cannot be racists, which thus made that the official doctrine of the Federal ebforcement agencies.

  76. Connie in SoCal says:

    You are getting totally off the point Neighborhood Watch stands for. The "ummm" factor means something appears to be going on where your neighbors life or property may be at risk. The BS BO has nothing to do with it. BTW, I'm a life long Republican who, at age 70, heads our local Neighborhood Watch. Just recently we have been the factor of catching an attempted daytime B&E and taking down a senior citizen drug dealer. Watch isn't spying for anyone. It's neighbors protecting neighbors. Our area is not in the low rent district, nor gated.

  77. icetrout says:

    Love when a Thug get’s his ass snuffed :O

  78. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    I have several black friends whom I love dearly. They are wonderful people, & I have seen first hand how white people treat them. When I moved to Tennessee in '86, I soon found that racism was still alive & well, in this area particularly. (The largest KKK clan is here in this area.) I have always disagreed with the concealed carry law, plus, neighborhood watch people should not be armed. IF they have irrefutable evidence that it was self defense, then ok. But, if not, then the man should be arrested & tried. I also disagree with this Stand Your Ground law. Just because you 'feel' threatened, it's ok to shoot & kill someone? What's next? People going to start shooting Muslims, simply because they felt threatened? That has got to be one of the stupidest laws ever. If someone breaks into your home, or car, & comes up to you with a weapon trying to rob you, then you should be able to defend yourself & your family. Also, I've noticed that media is being pretty quiet about the 72 y.o. BLACK man that was arrested for shooting a BLACK man that broke into his house, in Chicago. I guess if the mob is running the city it's ok to be illegal to defend yourself.

  79. BS, he was staying/visiting the home of his father's fiance. He was not trespassing, but he lived in the Miami area. He was NOT 100 yards from His home. Going for candy at 02:00-03:00? Obviously, no one had control of this young man. As far as the NBP are concerned, I'm still pissed that their butts wern't ;locked the hell up for voter intimidation back in '08 when oDumbass conned his way into the whitehouse, thanks to you stupid dumocraps. I say let them come here and start sh-/t, and we'll see what transpires this time in this area. Semper-Fi

  80. Stan Lee says:

    George Zimmerman was identified as a "white Hispanic." It was the fifth time in NY Times history that it identified a person as a white-Hispanic. Of course there's a racist agenda there. The NY Times is far from innocent when it comes to promoting decent race relations. It perpetuates the Democrat race-division agenda. It's got to do anything to try recouping all that lost circulation!

    My next-door neighbor is a nice guy from Costa Rica. I had to ask him about "white Hispanic." He shook his head in disbelief and said, "I guess they mean a tan-skinned guy like me."

  81. Herr Capitan Fick says:

    Who really cares if the colores kill the colors! See how they stick together? The low life whites wouldn't stick together like that! That's why these people of color will dominate the whites and the white people deserve it! I wonder what the American Indian would have done differantly about immigration! I guess they got what they deserve! So will the whites! Now go back to sleep!

  82. Mary Bonner says:

    What about the killing of the white student at MS State U. in Starkville by 3 blacks? Where is the outcry? What about his family from Madison, MS? No one cares about this apparently!!!

  83. voluntaryist says:

    Alf: There is no mechanism for immediately replacing "government incompetents". The quickest way (elections) don't work because promises are not binding. Lying is rampant. After two centuries it is clear that "limited government" is a fiction. The only solution is for us to take back our power, i.e., self govern. We can start by removing our support from all government, both economic and moral.

  84. The more attention you give this, the more you are feeding into the MSM hysteria and distraction. ALL ethnic groups have good and bad. We can't judge. This hysteria is only to divide and control and to make us hate other races when we really do not want to. They will try to get you to hate and resent and divide. Divide and conquer!

  85. Conjoinfo says:

    Thanks for the words of wisdom, Barbara. It would be so helpful if more folks could step back and figure this out and reduce the levels of animosity.

  86. Herr Capitan Fick says:

    So, what about all these things you people are talking about!! The P C have eaten you white cowards up! I'm surprised you're talking and saying this much!

  87. TheBlackPiper says:

    There will be no justice in the resolution of this case. It has already been too widely reported, distorted and demigogued by those with personal and / or political agendas for the facts to ever matter. When (political reality rules out "if") Zimmerman is charged, the most likely result, regardless of the evidence, is a hung jury. The case is already too polarized for any other likely outcome. That will result in deadly riots that the race mongers are doing their best to incite. And the loser will be all of the American people, regardless of race, because justice will have lost out to the politics of hate.

  88. Blacks will never let the race thing alone. They can't compete so everything has to be dumbed down, and what happens
    when that happens, everybody loses. If they want to be Africian Americans, why not just Africian, as go back start
    your own country, ruin it, and apply for foreign aid.