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Obamacare Is Going Down

Written by Gary North on March 28, 2012

It is becoming clear that the compulsory medical insurance section of Obamacare is going to be declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. The vote will be 5 to 4.

The fact that four justices will vote for it is indicative of just how far we have moved down the road to tyranny.

Already, the liberal media are running for cover. They are trying to spin this defeat as no big deal for Obama’s campaign. (The CNN video is an exception.)

If you take away Obmacare from the record, what has Obama accomplished? He got a Democrat-controlled Congress to pass a $700+ billion stimulus package in 2009. He has run $1.3 trillion annual deficits. But Congress is always ready to run deficits.

What has he accomplished legislatively that is uniquely liberal, meaning uniquely Obama? Only Obamacare. He is not known for anything else. If Obamacare goes down to defeat, he has no legacy.

It is not likely that the Democrats will gain control of both houses of Congress. If Obama is re-elected, he will face determined opposition in at least the House. He will not get any piece of liberal legislation through the House if the House is Republican.

It looks like he is boxed in. The deficits will continue, but they will be bipartisan deficits.

Quick: What was Bill Clinton’s legacy (other than Monica)? There was none. He was in power for eight years, and he accomplished little. At the end, there were budget surpluses, if we don’t count the concealed deficits in Social Security that covered the red ink. But Bush and Obama have erased that legacy.

Obama was elected by liberals by giving speeches about hope. He has not given such a speech ever since he was inaugurated. His supporters now expect no changes. There is no hope. He will not be able to rouse the troops in November. The excitement is gone. He is just another politician with no vision, no agenda, and now no hope of getting anything through Congress.

Let’s hope that we get a 5 to 4 decision against Obamacare’s compulsory health care insurance. That will end his version of hope.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media tell us that this looming defeat really doesn’t matter for his campaign, which is saying that his failure to get anything through Congress in four years in no way will affect his supporters’ enthusiasm.

For such a spin job, click the link.

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35 thoughts on “Obamacare Is Going Down

  1. American 27 says:

    This guy in the white house scares the living daylights out of me. Every single decision he has made since she has been occupying that white house has done nothing but of case danger to this country. Al kaida and islam have been festering more and more this clown or all hope will be lost. Obama is a traitor and can no longer be trusted.

  2. I never trusted him to begin with. I saw right through the lies of his "hope and change" mantra. Unfortunately, I had to hold my nose and vote for the RINO, John McCain! I hope the voters do more in November than just throw him and Moochelle out of the White House. They and many others belong in jail for treason, voter fraud, impersonating a president, tampering with public records, etc.!

  3. Two reasons he was elected. He is black and he is far left liberal. We need to continue to educate the American people but Obama did a lot of teaching with his extraordinary failures.

  4. Continued from Previous: Obama is the manifestation of the ideas expressed by Sinclair and Thomas. He is also highly representative of the marxist ideology adopted by the democrats. Basically, Obama is a popular demague propped up by calculating marxist elitists who want to establish a marxist oligarchy in this nation and "Obamacare" is a splendid example of the democrats' devotion to tyranny.

  5. My apologies to the other readers of this forum. Apparently the first half of my comments were "censored" for what reason I do not know since they were based on facts.

  6. The compulsory medical insurance section of Obamacare was the Trojan Horse – if it survived, fine, but not necessary.

    What will remain is the 3.8% Medicare surtax on ALL income, earned and unearned, and the 15,000 or so new IRS agents hired. This will only increase in future years.

    As to the posts above regarding Obama being the source of the ills of the US, please educate yourselves. The ills started long ago, and democrat or republican, black or white makes no difference. The trend is the same. You allow your hatred of one man or one party to distract you from the real issues and loss of liberty we have suffered over generations. This is exactly as your masters wish you to be distracted.

  7. Dr. Barbara says:

    Hey Cynthia, I also had to vote for the boring, white-haired, old McCain. I'm just hoping and praying that the GOP will knock off the stupidity and nominate a REAL candidate. Who is that? I wish I knew. In the meantime…….ABO!ABO!ABO!ABO!ABO!

  8. When was he ever been able to be trusted? The senseless unhearing people were the ones who voted for him. Now, I hope they won't be stupid and intelligently uninformed again. God, come to our aid; help us to "repent and turn from our wicked ways so you can hear from heaven and heal our land".

  9. You may be correct, but we still had better checks and balances than today. HE HAS BEEN THE WORST OF ALL!!!!!!!

  10. The very reason Obama's waving the bloody shirt of Trayvor Martin, he has no other issue to run on. If Bush hadn't been such a disaster as president, the country wouldn't have been so receptive to a candidate who didn't remind them of arrogant white males like Bush/Cheney/McCain. Unfortunately he successfully coopted the message of "hope and change" from the real deal, Ron Paul.
    Now with vote fraud firmly established and locked in the 50 states, we will only get Obama or Obama-Lite (Romney) in 2012.

  11. I sure hope the title of this article is right.

  12. I won't believe it until I see it! Remember Federal Judge Malihi of Georgia? Everyone thought that it was a slam dunk for the taxpayer and against the Obama regimes Obamacare. Surprise!…Which way did the good Federal Judge lean? So forgive me if I have little faith in what appears to be instead of waiting for the actual decision. Only then will I believe. Of course one also has to take into acccount that the biased News Mis-information agendas will sell you a story whether it is based on fact, fantasy or fiction.

  13. Who?! Ron Paul!!!

  14. Citizen Against says:

    I hope to God that one day one of the Tea Party coward's (not patriots, patriots fight in wars for their country) family members get sick and are told because it is experimental, the procedure, even though it will save a life, cannot be performed and you are told to take them home to die. I will have no sympathy for any Tea Party member this happens to.

  15. Pathfinder0100 says:

    Unfortunatly the "gimmes" will never vote against him. That's 48%of the population and he has the unions in his pocket also. I never in my life wanted to be so wrong. We just cannot tale another 4 years of him!!

  16. Dakota Sunshine says:

    Actually, both Obama and Clinton did do something huge and dangerous to our country.
    First, Bill Clinton signed in without Congressional Approval Agenda 21: Sustainable Development…the road to a one world government, which Hillary has even made greater movement towards accomplishing.

    Obama got two Supreme Court Choices, radical left women and Ginsberg, I believe, has swung over to his side.

    So they have accomplished something that can fundamentally transform our nation. On the Supreme Court he has one more year and a Gingsburg replacement could happen.


  17. "OBAMACARE IS GOING DOWN" Don't be so sure about that. We may have to get on the backs of our congressional reps to repeal this monstrusiy. These pansies should already have gotten that done. Replace all democrats that are up for election in November.

  18. Restless0217 says:

    Obamacare going down? Let's hope so …but …an old cliche say, "Don't count your chickens before they're hatched." Though it looks as if it will, there's time for justices to change their minds and sometimes they do.

  19. Huapakechi says:

    If there’s no other choice, at least Ron Paul would rip the lid off the federal finance cesspool.

  20. Huapakechi says:

    The more painful the lesson, the longer it will be remembered. This one should be good for half a century at least!

  21. Huapakechi says:

    You must have used one of the forbidden words or phrases that nobody can discover until they've been censored, and then you have no idea what word or phrase triggered the censorship.

  22. Huapakechi says:

    I heard a conversation between an amazingly articulate seven year old and a radio talk show host yesterday. He enede the conversation with four words: "Brokered convention, Sarah Palin".

    We've got a target rich environment. Don't even think of surrender. Dig in and keep fighting.

  23. There is no provision in the bill that says the rest of obummercare can operate if any part of it is struck down,it all has toGO.
    Kagan should be foreced out of the decision,since she had a hand in writing,she cannot be impartial,she is a POLITICAL HACK.
    All those judges that belong to a political party are Hacks,because they cannot be IMPARTIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oa hole is a ILLEGAL,and the CONgress tryed to pass several bills to remove the NATURAL BORN CLAUSE from the CONSTITUTION since 2003,and they did not pass,so CONgress knows and understands he is occupying the office ILLEGALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The latter can be verifyed.

  24. Gary North is counting his chickens before the eggs are hatched…he has no crystal ball to tell him which way obammycare and the death panel will go. He is wrong about the legacy obammy leaves the US–his legacy is how to remain in a leading position of a nation through fraud and get away with it. He also claims that Clinton left no legacy…wrong again. Clinton balanced the budget and the Repubicans were furious with him over this. When Clinton left office, there was $3T in the public cofers–and Bush spent it all within his first 3 months in office. That's a fact, folks; the papers were quite vocal over this and so were a lot of people. Perhaps Gary North was in diapers when Clinton was in office–even so, he needs to get a few facts straight before mouthing off. The fact is: No one knows how the Supreme Court Justices will vote on the obammycare issue; those who are against it should be coming up with strategies on defeating the so-called law by other means if the Court decides in favor of obammy.

  25. No Longer ? Hell , he never could be trusted . Any candidate who wouldn't wear the American flag on his lapel while seeking office is not someone anyone should put faith in . I pointed this out to others but was ignored and called racist . What does a Lapel pin of the American flag have to do with racism ?

  26. ladybuglw says:


    Go to this website and sign the petition to vet Obama and check into his eligibility to be president. Send this to everybody on your mailing list. Ask them to do the same. We need all the signatures we can get.

    Obama's agenda is so horrid that we cannot afford to let him have another 4. We need to get him out; sign the petition

  27. Smeethow says:

    That is exactly what will happen to all of us if obamacare stands.

  28. Clinton left one other legacy, NAFTA.

  29. the gop is going to push mccains twin so get ready to hold your nose again

  30. the only way clinton had a surplus was to disarm the nation then after bush was elected the congress including hillary and odumbo voted to go to war in afghanistan with half a military which is why bush spent the so called surplus but then the democraps always try to disarm us because our enemies are such nice guys but we just don't give them a chance

  31. Mighty Bulldog says:

    There are many Tea Party members who are either active or retired from military service. Many more have sons and daughters serving in Afghanistan right now.So their protests against tyranny includes fighting in wars abroad and fighting in protests at home. They all stand for a Constitutional America. The 6 or 7 good provisions in ObamaCare should be included with some good Republican provisions, like insurance companies allowed to cross state lines to increase competition, in a new healthcare plan that could be less than a 100 pages. Not all the subterfuge in the current 2700 page law.,Shame , shame on you! But your response is typical of the vitriolic hatred from the left-wingers. Puke!

  32. LarryFrom10EC says:

    And what war was it Obama, or in fact any of his Czars or the rest of his administration, fight in?

  33. It won't do no good people will vote for this guy again and put him back in office cause Rumney can't beat him and you can say bye bye AMERCA.

  34. I wouldn't put it past the radical left-wing to take out one of the Conservatives? Pray for their safety and health.

  35. Kevin Beck says:

    The fact that four liberal justices will side with the Obama regime on Obamacare is further evidence that there are four members of the Supreme Court that are illiterate. And that is a severe problem all to itself.