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Climate Change Is Bait and Switch

Written by Gary North on March 28, 2012

Carbon emissions have climbed for a decade, but temperatures worldwide have not trended up or down for a decade. So, the promoters of global warming have had to do a bait-and-switch. They got the voters into the movement with “global warming.” Now the promoters have substituted “climate change.” Why? Because the climate is not changing.

This is an old, old story. A similar bait-and-switch operation was pulled off successfully in the 1980s.

In 1971, James Hansen announced a new era of man-made global cooling. For a decade, the mainstream media hyped Hansen’s story. You can read summaries here. The proposed solution: government control over carbon emissions.

But the story never got any regulatory legislation passed. So, Hansen switched sides in the 1980s. He joined NASA. He is still on NASA’s payroll as NASA’s top climate scholar. At NASA, he became America’s #1 promoter of the story of man-made global warming. He has advised Al Gore.

If it were not for the Internet, the mainstream media could hide this famous bait-and-switch career model.

Speaking of models, he makes his climate predictions based on computer models. He is a physicist by training.

Rather than admit defeat because of temperature stability, the media have decided to use public relations to save their program of worldwide taxation and regulation. They dropped the phrase “global warming” and substituted “climate change.”

Yes, it’s warmer in winter than in summer. But nothing that men have done is responsible.

When hackers broke into the computer of Great Britain’s #1 global warming research organization in 2009 and stole emails showing that the scholars employed by the center had used tactics of suppression of rival views that were more political than academia is supposed to be, the global warming movement suffered a major defeat.

The hackers posted the emails a few weeks before the United Nation’s Copenhagen meeting, which the UN had planned for years as the key pillar in getting nations to conform to the anti-economic growth Kyoto Agreement (1992). The emails killed the meeting. Major political leaders from around the world suddenly had other more pressing engagements.

Then came this photo. A man who understood Saul Alinsky’s tactics dressed up as a polar bear and got a bullhorn. He kept calling for Phil Jones, the man whose emails had gotten the most attention by the media. The photo went all over the world’s media.

The research unit kept Jones on the payroll, but his usefulness to the global warming cause ended. The public figured out what was going on, even though the Establishment gave him clean bill of health. Any article with his name on it calls forth the mental image of the bear. The media cannot use it.

So, it’s goodbye “global warming,” hello “climate change.” What goes up must come down, and vice versa.

This is the politics of guilt. The good news is this: the public isn’t buying it any more.

Maybe the warmers need to resurrect the ice age theory. It has as much data behind it as global warming does.

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8 thoughts on “Climate Change Is Bait and Switch

  1. sean murry says:

    They are full of shit.

  2. Get rid of the EPA!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Agree, yesterday;


    Now that the Obama EPA is shutting down the ‘new’ Coal Plants.

    Will those affected vote as the Unions say or to have electricity?

    Swing states & electricity production

    Ohio – 82% from coal

    Iowa – 81% from coal

    Missouri – 81% from coal

    New Mexico – 71% from coal

    Colorado – 68% from coal

    Wisconsin – 63% from coal

    Michigan – 59% from coal

    Pennsylvania – 48% from coal


  4. The new regulations are going to have a direct impact on employment figures and the ultimate rise of electricity costs to the consumers. I wonder how many voted for Obama's and his new "Changes" concept? And how many of those are now or will be soon out of work?

  5. Jennifer says:

    When my children were younger and still in the government indoctrination centers (schools) they would come home frightened with the 'science' they were taught, that the world as we know it is about to end because of global warming. My response was, don't believe the crap they're telling you, when I was a kid they scared me by telling me we were about to experience a second ice age and we were all gonna die. Thank you, Gary, for informing me that it was the same evil man who gave both me and my children nightmares. As a side, I pulled my children out of the government indoctrination centers and homeschooled them using quality books, they now know how to think for themselves.

  6. Robert Rodgers says:

    On the subject of global warming, it would be educational if the good Doctor listed in this article would do research to find the article that the US Coast Guard published about their Arctic research trip during the time period 2001 to 2003 where they did undersea research and were somewhat surprised to find more than 13 active volcanoes in the Arctic Ocean seabed! That article was available in the USGC WEB site during 2007 and 2008, but disappeared shortly after the 2008 election and I have been unable to locate it.
    I read somewhere that many scientists now believe that the world as a whole has been cooling since 2007 everywhere accept in the Arctic. I wonder if all the Global Warming hype is based on the melting of the Arctic ice. If so, the USCG report of their research early in the decade could explain the melting of that ice and in turn, the changes in the weather patterns that such a change would be expected to produce.
    It would also be interesting to learn if melting was ongoing back in '32 & '33. Wasn't that just after the Dust Bowl?

  7. big dog says:

    This was sold to G.H.W. Bush in 1992 and we now have the U N telling us how to live under United Nations Agenda 21 check out the book Behind the Green Mask Agenda 21 is the take over of the world by a few evil people.

  8. Sun spots and the earth's elliptical orbit have more to do with climate change than anything humans can contribute, but the global environmental authority the carbon-nazis dream of has to find a way to tax the human race. Carbon tax credits are merely the next big scheme to extort tribute from the world population. It is instructive to know that Al Gore's consultant on the business model for his carbon tax brokerage scheme was none other than Ken Lay of Enron, whose company created the artificial energy shortages in California that brought that company down and bankrupted that state.

    The "research" of the climate research units at Univ. of Pennsylvania and Hadley CRU in GB has long been discredited because they attempted to "hide the decline" with bogus data, then refused to allow other scientists access to the raw data to verify their claims.