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80-Year-Old Man Arrested for Shooting a Burglar in His Home

Written by Gary North on March 28, 2012

Chicago, Chicago, the dunderhead town!

An 80-year-old man (black) shot a teenage burglar (black) inside his home. The Chicago police arrested the man. He is being charged with a felony.

The burglar is also being charged.

This is law and order in 2012 in Chicago.

The police forces in America want a monopoly of gun ownership. They want to be the citizen’s sole source of defense against criminals. This puts the police in charge.

The idea that a man in his own home has a right to use a gun to defend himself is appalling to modern criminology.

If the police bring him to trial, it’s clear what the jury will decide. The man will go free.

I think the police are going through the motions by arresting him. If the D.A. thinks he can get a jury to convict, then he is dumber than dirt. The juries are filled with law-abiding citizens who are fed up with the criminal justice system, which protects criminals and keeps citizens at their mercy.

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30 thoughts on “80-Year-Old Man Arrested for Shooting a Burglar in His Home

  1. I would rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6. This man would get a medal anywhere but Chicago.

  2. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Why aren't Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Spike Lee, and Obama advocating for this poor youth?

  3. BURGLAR ?????
    man breaks into your home while your home, he's a MURDERER

  4. Because it's a black on black "crime"! That's why! They only step in to flap their pie holes when a person of another race shoots a black person.

  5. Why does anyone want to live in Chicago, anyway? It's being destroyed by Democrats, aka The Mob, along with the rest of Illinois.

  6. Too bad the Old man had not been white, it would have given Rev. Jackass an big mouth Sharpton and ilk more ammo for their spewing RACIST hate mongering.

  7. Retired Marine says:

    Unless the gun was in the hand of one of the cronies of the annointed one, odickless.

  8. That's IL for U DUM S…ts

  9. Chicago – You get what you vote for. It is WAY past time to vote out the Dems that do not want you to defend yourself. Liberals want Government to protect you. If they had their way, the police would be drawing a chalk line around the bodies of the business owner and his wife. Too bad the gentleman wasn't a better shot. A thief will steal anything, including your life.

  10. FLChristy says:

    Thank you so much, I have been calling that idiot squatting in our W.H. Odumbo from day one, but it never seemed quite right…Odickless is PERFECT! Sums him up quite nicely…

  11. Because the "main stream media", has it, Whitey against Blacks, which still isn't right ! It was a Hispanic or Latino against Blacks. You notice the "media" stated that a "white" community watch man shot a young Black boy! Then they, (the media) put up a picture of him when he was like 12 years old.
    But if they put out the real story that wouldn't sell any stories, or news headlines!
    Of course just a few weeks prior to this incident there was a 9 month old Black baby boy shot and killed in his family's home, in a predominately black neighborhood, where black gangs go around shooting up the rival gangs houses. The house had some 37 rounds sprayed into it, killing the young child as he lay on the family couch!
    Move a long folks, nothing to see, or tell here, just blacks on blacks?
    What,,, it's okay if a black kills another black, but if some other ethnic group does the killing, then it's news worthy!!!???
    All I can say is, God please help us. We have run astray.

  12. That's right ! I say replace his ammo, and give him a medal!

  13. What about the incident in Miami less than a year ago were two young Hispanics a male and female were gun down in a gas station in Miami by three young Blacks. Before he was shot he told them to take his money and the car and to please spare his and the girl’s life, and instead they shot them both. Did you hear Obama say anything about that? Or did you hear about the leaders of the community say anything? Or did you hear the Rev. Al Sharpton or Jessee Jackson say anything about it either? No one did said anything because they were not Black.

  14. sean murry says:

    Chicago is very corrputed.

  15. And look where our so-called pres. is from. Is it any wonder the mess our Nation is in right now?

  16. Youre right Joe. Im 78 yre. old and if some one broke into my house i guarantee you id shoot him regardless of his color

  17. Expert Shooter says:

    The only thing the 80 year old is guilty of is being a bad shot.

  18. Shot in the Foot says:

    We need to get everyone to call the D.A. there and protest! Give them the devil!

  19. I say God bless the 80 year old man and I hope he is let go very soon. He is of an age where this will probably weigh heavily on him. The taking of a life leaves a scar that might never heal.

  20. Chicago is a model gestapo state. Crime is out of control yet when the law abiding citizens attempt to defend themselves in come the gestapo. This is what the man from kenya and his donkey party wants for the whole country!

  21. Carol Goodwin says:

    What would have happened if the old man had 'beamed' the intruder with a cast iron skillet? Would they have confiscated the skillet?

  22. Carol Goodwin says:

    Perhaps if non-blacks posted signs: If you are black or Muslin please do not break in as I do not want to go to prison for shooting you. All others okay because I won't get in trouble for defending my home. . Seriously, This stuff has to stop! A criminal is a criminal regardless of their color or beliefs. The homeowner has every right to defend and protect his or her home.

  23. Herr Capitan Fick says:

    As long as blacks killing blacks, then who cares, let them kill each other… They're probably Democrats and if they are, it's still okay! These are the rules and regulations the people in Chicage want! If it bothers the blacks so much, let them chip in for the old mans legal fees!

  24. Gloria Wedemeyer says:

    How can they arrest a person who shoots an intruder in his own home and especially a man of that age. If they are in my home, I would shoot to kill.

  25. Cathleen Ortolani says:

    Why does it matter what color they were? Why is that necessary for the story?
    “An 80-year-old man (black) shot a teenage burglar (black)…”

  26. Cliffystones says:

    How 'bout O'peckerlus!

  27. Don Williams says:

    The object is not to convict. The object is to punish by requiring the homeowner to spend thousands of dollars defending himself.

  28. NoMoreMarxistsInDC says:

    According to the US Supreme Court case of DeShaney v. Winnebago County, 489 U.S. 189 (1989), the police owe no duty to protect the citizenry from one another. In fact, the case said, even if the police are called, they don't even have to come. How's that for police protection in this country????????

    Instead of calling them Democrats that want to take away our Second Amendment Rights, call them what they really are–Marxist Communists. Democrats are anti-American. They are usurping the Constitution of the U.S. and trying to impose the Communist Planks in place of it. Democrats have finally morphed into the Communists that they have been for the past 60 years, but only hid behind their mantle of being a political party with an age-old name.

  29. If I were the judge on this case I would laugh this out of the courtroom and if I were on the jury I would certainly vote to acquit. Anywhere but Chicago and this guy would probably get a medal.
    This is a classic example of the common law Castle Doctrine: if someone breaks into your house and you shoot them, that's their fault because they didn't have any right to be in your house in the first place.

  30. no a-holes says:

    this is the mentality of our current jerk in chief, how can ANYONE BE IN FAVOR OF THIS $%^&*( SHMUCK.. DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS #$%^& ^&*() ^&*()