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Gun Sales Put on Hold by Manufacturer: “We Cannot Meet Demand.”

Written by Gary North on March 27, 2012

Today, the gun manufacturing industry is in boom mode. One firm, Sturm Ruger, has announced a new policy: it will accept no more orders until it catches up with production. It has one million unfilled orders. It hopes to resume order-taking by the end of May.

Think about that. It is selling over two million guns a year.

Smith & Wesson is forecasting sales of around $400 million in 2012. The estimate keeps rising.

This industry is recession-proof.

The demand is unlikely to decline. The public is catching on. Supplies are tight. Demand is rising.

Demand began in 2008, when Obama was elected.

Adding to the jump in demand were several Supreme Court decisions affirming that the right to bear arms is indeed an individual, one as well as the reappearance a year ago of firearms in hundreds of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. outlets.

Buyers would be wise to attend a gun show this spring. Take along currency.

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44 thoughts on “Gun Sales Put on Hold by Manufacturer: “We Cannot Meet Demand.”

  1. SEAN MURRY says:

    i think people are getting armed in case this country exploses.

  2. Mutant Bleach says:

    No crime has ever been solved through registration. Gun crimes are usually only confirmed by ballistics, they are solved like any other. Means, motive, opportunity, those are the hallmarks. Oh, and please stop projecting your murderous fantasies on to the millions of law abiding gun owners.

  3. You are an liberal idiot–why do you read gun stuff? So you can make stupid remarks! Legal gun owners are some of the safest, saneist people around. I am so glad that you don't live next door to me. I think that you missed the pool

  4. Jim Crane says:

    Yes! We must be ready to defend our country.

  5. lock-n-load I'm ready !!!!!!

  6. If the US government really cared about the American people, why has the DHS just ordered 450 MILLION rounds of .40-caliber ammunition, more than enough to kill every man, woman and child in the country??

  7. When the kenyan is voted out of office the racist that elected him will begin to riot. They will be extremely disappointed that free lunch is over. You see, for decades the country has allowed them to steal, kill and destroy with little cost to themselves. They have come to believe that it is their right to destroy property and kill and injure people because they have nothing. It's not their fault because they are to lazy to work. So they will riot and it will be our job to shoot them down in the streets where they stand. Bring it on.

  8. I like the way you think, good man. Nice to have someone like you in our corner.

  9. Sir, not in case, but when.

  10. SpiderMike says:

    If the Repubs had any balls at all, they would take this and make a great campaign line.

    "Obama promised to bring back manufacturing and he did . . .Guns! The people are buying guns to defend themselves from an out of control Federal bureaucracy."

  11. 375H & H
    You are soooo right. Be prepared. It's coming.

  12. During the Los Angeles Riots, after the Rodney King debacle, the only people who didn't lose their businesses were the Koreans who sat on the roofs and in front of their businesses with AKs and AR 15s. I think that Ovomit is making hay while the sun shines with this Trayvon case. Rahm Emanuel said never let an incident go to waste(or something like that).

  13. Right on. I've though the same thing and have said the same to my congressman and senators.
    I told them they should grow a pair and stand up to this manic.But I think they will be protrayed as "racist"
    well at least that's what I told them and it's funny but they won't respond to that remark.

  14. ashes to ashes dust to dust if it wasnt fer obummer our guns would rust!

  15. VTRobert says:

    The other piece to this puzzle is ammunition. Needless to say any enthusiast has seen the skyrocketing price of all calibers, platforms of ammunition. I once spoke with a gentleman who works as a technician at the Remington plant here in Little Rock. He was absolutely amazed that they had gone to running 6 days of the week and 12 hour shifts. This was right after Maobama’s election. I can only guess Remington is now going 24-7.

    I offer this mostly to say stockpile your ammo, otherwise your weapons are only expensive clubs.

  16. Ten out of ten dictators agree that gun control works. Our Members of Congress stand idle – in violation of their oath of office, watching the White House Executive West Wing walk on our Constitution daily. If we the people don't take our freedom seriously, it's a sure bet no one else will either. FREEDOM IS NOT AN ACCIDENT.

  17. For years now we have done nothing but TALK about the 2nd amendment,I think it is time to USE it,

  18. Danno,
    450 Million divided by 200,000 (the number of users) Throw in all the airline pilots and training on top of that. The contract is for one year with a four year option.

    I shoot more than that.

  19. They will try and take our right to bear arms, just like they have trampled other areas of the constitution, like you have to be born in the USA to hold its highest office. BigBummer and his daddy, Geroge Sorros along with Nancy, Hilliary and the like will not stop untill they have your guns, you can buy all you want, they know were they are to make it easy for when they come for them! Got to vote these commies out of office!

  20. exbuckeye says:

    Speaking of balls,
    If the people of California had any they wouldnt keep reelecting Nancy!
    If the people of Nevada had any they wouldnt keep reelecting Harry!

    To make it more general and all inclusive:

    If the people in this country had any they would have stopped Roe v Wade long ago., They
    would've refused to allow the ACLU to remove God from our buildings, schools, and work place.

    They woukld have come out in sufficient numbers to have put McCain and Palin in office not
    this bl a ck mu sl im li ar!!!

    And they/you better do that THIS NOV!!
    No matter what you think about whoever is running against omobman – they WONT be mu sl im.!!!

    Think about that as you decide which lever to pull and if an 'acorn' stands in your way. Well
    maybe it would be better to die by an 'acorn' bat than die by an is lam ic sword.

  21. You got that right. Ammo has gone up three bucks a box of 20 here in just the last 4 months!

  22. I just bought the last Ruger GP100 from our local gun shop last week. They said Ruger told them it would be a minimum of 9 months before they would get more stock (we're in Canada though).

  23. i'll vote the commies out !! the sward is mightier than the pen !!

  24. Finally, something positive that Obama, our Salamander-in-Chief, has accomplished … the rising awareness of U.S. citizens that he and his Secretary-of-State Hillary do not have our best interests nor the best interests of our country at heart. In their "2nd Amendment be damned" frenzy, they have tried their best to compromise our security in their quest to subjugate America to the international rule of the United Nations, an organization packed and ruled with despisers of the American people.

  25. "They will be extremely disappointed that free lunch is over. " If you think that the free lunch will be over if a Republican is elected, you are sure to be disappointed. The Republican candidates, with the exception of Ron Paul, are no different than Obama when it comes to Gov't handouts. Repubs are "big gov't" just as much as the Dems.

  26. Amen to that sawu.

  27. ArizonaPatriot says:

    If we have a manufacturing constraint here in the US, maybe we should start buying back all of those firearms that the Obama administration/Eric Holder let walk into Mexico! Would help Mexico solve their murder rate problem in their country and help us regain our country back when we use them during the next revolution.

  28. Colt, Smith&Wesson, Ruger, Kel-Tec, Mossberg and Remington have agreed to jointly award the Oval Office Oaf a special commendation for being the driving force responsible for their best sales year in history.

  29. And here all this time I've been absolutely convinced that a Yomama wasn't good for anything at all…….whoever woulda thought. We've got the full tilt gun control crowd in power & the highest gun sales ever. You'd think those in power would get the hint. People really don't want more "common sense gun control". Hey, Newt, Mitt, Rick, c'mon guys, pay attention! Wanna show people how different you are from the usurper? Support the 2nd Amendment! I mean really support it, not just say you do.

  30. ExtraSmooth says:

    “Nevada” did not re-elect dirtball Harry Reid. Liberals, labor unions, and dems (but I repeat myself) elected that turd.

    Northern NV (where I live) is conservative, but southern NV (Las Vegas) is run by California lib transplants who love Mr Big Government Harry Reid. Unfortunately they outnumber population-wise. The 2010 Senate race was a devastating disappointment to real Nevadans.

  31. Go to http://www.SurvivalBlog.org ….reason: The FBI is planting chips on there….flood it with your hits and all tell all your family and friends about it. Americans aren't afraid and timid….we defended our freedoms, against all odds against the British…and we Americans don't stand around and piss in our pants about government. We believe: "freedom is when the government fears the people"….so let them piss in their pants. Not me!

  32. I live in Kalifornia / Northern Mexico as it has become, & I didn’t vote for Jerry, or Diane Or Barbara & sure as hell didn’t vote for Obama.. With that said, I only have one more thing to say. “FEAR THE GOVERNMENT THAT FEARS YOUR GUNS”

  33. People need to realize that the second amendment was designed for just this purpose–to allow the people to defend themselves against oppressive gummint. Not so they could hunt, or defend themselves against some stray criminal(that was considered an unquestioned natural right), but against their own gummint. I know libtards can't read, if they could, they would have read the proceedings of the various state conventions that met to consider the adoption of the Bill of Rights, and the articles and treatises of the time, explaining why the people need to be armed. History proves again the wisdom of the Founders. The contrast between those people and these puny, pathetic, self-serving, limp-wristed swine in gummint today is mind-boggling.

  34. Every American who can afford one should buy at least one firearm, and learn now to use it. It would be great if the self-serving lobbyists at the NRA, along with other organizations, would set up programs to make firearms available to qualified people who can't afford them. And, how about a program to connect gunowners with like-minded people who don't own guns, to set up a lending library for firearms, if and when the inevitible shooting revolution becomes necessary. Become part of the well-regulated militia, as the Second Amendment intended. Then, the rats in gummint will fear the people, instead of the other way around.

  35. Gid-R-Dun says:

    You all can talk on here. Where it counts is in November on Election day. Talk with your friends, relatives and loved ones and convince them that enough is enough and we need their votes now. Convince others that have the same like and mind to vote but don't vote to get out there, get registered and vote. AVERAGES INDICATE THAT MOST CONSERVATIVES ONLY MOUTH OFF IN VENUES LIKE THIS AND THEY DON'T VOTE WHEN IT IS NEEDED AND WHEN IT COUNTS, Please get out there and vote. Vote the guy out of office. This is OUR LAST STAND. If we don't vote them out we will lose it forever. we are only one Supreme Court Justice away from losing our second Amendment Right to keep and bear arms against all enemies foreign and domestic. The next President will have the ability and direction to appoint up to three Supreme Court Justices………….for life or until they die or quit! Vote please!

  36. Lee Baldwin says:

    SpiderMike is dead on correct about the Republicans not showing any balls. I thought Paul Ryan would be the pit bulldog in their ranks, but he is still dissappointing because he has not opened his mouth and said any of the things "We the People' believe should be said. stuff like, "show me your birth certificate"-"show me your college records",-"show me your passport" -"show me WHY you have so many names" ~This is where it must start for Romney to win. The REPUBLICANS need to begin to act like they want to take the country back from the gates of hell, or they will lose.

  37. Lee Baldwin says:

    YES!!! ~Please make sure you VOTE and also please speak with those you know are lazy so they too go vote in November.

  38. I wonder if MR.B.O is getting any KICK-BACKS? It's all due to him and HIS COMMIE THUGS! GREAT salesman if nothing else.

  39. CALL OUT the DEAD! MR.B.O will and has!

  40. Hooray for SturmRuger!!!!! Smith and Wessen will be next,,,AMERICAN PRODUCTS !!! All the gun manufacturers shold be doing a land office business…Good..American companies and GREAT customer service and they are professional and their products are great quality,

  41. To kill every man , woman, and child if they see fit. Comply or die.

  42. 1600watch…the oath of office meant as much to obaoma as the rest of his promises….NOTHING.

  43. Some will…most of the sheeple are used to someone else taking care of them and will do nothing but get in the way and whine for appeasement..got a bunch of namby-pamby people running around..they only thing they will do is yell and riot for "fairness" and their "fair share" ..they had best get out of the way.

  44. And the idiots just keep electing Boxer and Pelosi and Feinstein …all the wackos from "Frisco and north.