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Big Brother’s New Face-Recognition Camera

Written by Gary North on March 26, 2012

The speed at which surveillance technology is increasing in efficiency is amazing

Here is a recent development. There is new facial-recognition software that lets the government put a photo or image in front of a camera. The camera’s software then scans faces at the astounding rate of 36 million per second.

What does it scan? Digital records stored by public cameras. These cameras are cheap and getting cheaper. They are placed in public locations. They feed images into huge data-storage disks.

The new system then scans faces to see where you have been and when. This can be combined with GPS data retrieved from your cell phone.

The ability of the government to track us is amazing. But the limit is now human monitoring and action. How many people in government will have the clearance to access this information? Not many. Information is seen by bureaucrats as power. They do not want to share it.

While the government can gather a lot of information on anyone, it has great trouble institutionally to put this information to effective use. It costs resources to go from a suspicion to a search to collation of data. Then the agency must take action, which can be challenged in courts.

Technology is racing ahead of bureaucratic abilities. The fact that a government agency can make life miserable for someone does not mean that it can make life miserable for millions of people in a direct fashion. It kes resources to use these tools. That is good news.

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4 thoughts on “Big Brother’s New Face-Recognition Camera

  1. It's time for everyone to read George Orwell's book entitled simply 1984. He certainly was ahead of his time.

  2. SEAN MURRY says:

    I think i would flip the bird at it.

  3. We all know that the GOVERMENT "just wants to protect us." THAT IS MY JOKE OF THE DAY!

    Dear people. It is too late!! It is almost time to BEND OVER AND GRAB YOUR ANKLES!!

  4. Never give up your gun and ammo. We are going to need it in the future the way it looks as long as this muslim is in the Oval Office.