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Taxpayers’ Yacht — If You’ve Got Connections

Written by Gary North on March 23, 2012

Los Angeles has its own $1,000,000 yacht. It costs close to $300,000 a year to staff it. It needs about $700,000 in upgrades. The city’s bureaucrats in charge tried to avoid a reporter’s questions. It didn’t work.

Yes, it’s a boondoggle. There are probably millions of them in America. But this one is photogenic.

What is the justification for the yacht? It stimulates trade, the mayor said — after he denied that it is a yacht. It’s a boat. Right. A 73-foot boat.

Jean Shepherd, who wrote A Christmas Story, once defined a yacht this way: “It’s a boat that doesn’t do anything.” His father told him that when he was a kid. That’s pretty accurate.

The port bought the yacht in 1988. So, it’s a 24-year boondoggle. A reporter only now found out about it.

The yacht is used for public relations tours.

Now that there has been a news story on it, there will be more requests for free rides.

Taxpayers are being taken for a ride. It’s not free. Two captains: $147,000 salaries. Ceck hands: $106,000. Fuel and maintenance: $32,000.

It needs new engines: $469,000. Where will the money come from? There is the U.S. government’s $469,000 to promote jobs. Then another $200,000 from the Port of Los Angeles.

The expenditures are coming even when port General Manager Geraldine Knatz testified before the City Council that she is watching spending.

Councilmembers called her in because they were following up on our investigation last year, which revealed the port threw a $200,000 party in Korea.

Knatz claimed that she learned her lesson.

You can see the video report by clicking the link.

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4 thoughts on “Taxpayers’ Yacht — If You’ve Got Connections

  1. SEAN MURRY says:

    Sell the boat and put the money to good use.

  2. MontanaMEL says:

    Put that entire stinking city council onboard for a final cruise, eh?..
    Add the "State's Leadership" in on that one…
    Maybe the heads of La Raza and that Mexican' counsel dude too?…
    Might be overloaded, eh?…but, just get it out beyond 12 miles…out of sight!
    Pull the plug…

  3. Bill McCroskey says:

    In the scheme of government waste of tax funds … this is a pimple on a gnat's butt ….take this story X 100,000 times or more …this country does NOT have a revenue problem …. we have a MASSIVE out of control spending problem.

  4. jim28threg. says:

    Couldn't happen to a nicer group. Just further proof IT IS THE LAND OF FRUITS AND NUTS.