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Nanny Bloomberg’s Hunger Game: “Let The Poor Eat Tofu!”

Written by Gary North on March 23, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg, the multi-billionaire mayor of New York, has had it with people who donate Twinkies to shelters for the homeless. Anything that is not nutritious must not be given to hungry people.

This is his version of the hunger game.

Here is his slogan: “Let them eat Tofu!”

The Bloomberg administration is blocking food donations to all government-run homeless shelters.

In conjunction with a mayoral task force and the Health Department, the Department of Homeless Services recently started enforcing new nutritional rules for food served at city shelters. Since DHS can’t assess the nutritional content of donated food, shelters have to turn away good Samaritans.

The Soviet Union always restricted what churches could do for the poor. The Communist government wanted to control the provision of food. This was basic to its system of control.

The Commissars did not want churches to get credit for helping the poor. That would have made the state look bad.

In the case of New York City, another law of society governs the new rule. It is North’s first law of bureaucracy: “Some bureaucrat will do something utterly nutty by enforcing a rule exactly as written.”

In short, “Let the poor eat tofu.”

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17 thoughts on “Nanny Bloomberg’s Hunger Game: “Let The Poor Eat Tofu!”

  1. Bloomberg is all wet I would like to know how much of his salary goes to buying fresh Veggies for the poor everyday. Cut the Salaries of that Bloated Adimistration. And dig deep into your coffers and let support the poor. Bread Milk, fresh Veggies every day….These comments of Bloombergs just alinate people and they say "The Hell With It!" Who looses?

  2. SEAN MURRY says:

    Bloomburg you can buy food with all of your money and give it to the poor.

  3. lilbear68 says:

    how does this guy stay in office??

    wake up new york!

  4. Jonathan says:

    This reminds me of the episode of Seinfeld where Elaine opens a store that only sales muffin tops (the food, not fat women squeezing into skinny jeans). They only sale the tops and donate the stumps to homeless shelters only to be ridiculed for having the audacity of donating only the stumps.


  6. Hey Bloomburg , are you implying that you are going to starve the poor people of New York City, like the Germans did to your ancestors??? How dare you shame your ancestors. Who cares what they eat, as long as they eat.

  7. Navy Vet says:

    Dumb Asses like Blomberg never cease to amaze me. Where do they come up with this BS.

  8. http://www.petition2congress.c...

    Go to this website and sign the petition to vet Obama and check into his eligibility to be president. The lame stream media never vetted him in 08 and neither did congress.

  9. I have eaten tofu and let me tell you, comrade bloommerberg, it is the nastiest, foulest smelling garbage ever pushed onto an unsuspecting diner. If you like tofu, then YOU eat it. It has no nutritional value to speak of and should be banned from all markets. Talk about forcing people to eat poison, this is the pits. Buy I guess as long as you get your 7 – 10 course meals three times a day, the rest of the people don't count. Well, remember Marie Antoinette and her kingly spouse?? They sort of lost their heads for insisting on letting "them" (IE: The Poor) 'eat cake.' Obviously, the French didn't take too kindly to their leaders…and the poor in the USA won't be taking too kindly to you and yours either. How in the h… you got to be the mayor of NY is unbelievable; got a lot of votes from the dead did you????

  10. ladybug: Why would I want to 'vet' this imposter? Not signing any petition that gives him the grass to run on our ballots. Toss him out on his hindend, impeach him, have him indicted, arrested, tried and convicted—then I will be happy.

  11. He is what he thinks is an elitist and that gives him special privileges….you and the rest of us are mere peons (excuse me, pawns in his case) who can be kicked whenever he is having a bad hair day. NYC ought to do something about their "leader," he is an embarrassment to all.

  12. The libtard city-state of NYC needs what the District of Criminals needs. Flushed.

  13. DEFEATOBAMAIN2012 says:

    motive for not feeding the homeless and hungry
    crimes happens
    guns are used
    guns are banned from new york
    bilderberg bloomburgh agenda 21 kill the 2nd amendment

  14. DEFEATOBAMAIN2012 says:

    Sounds and taste like "soylent green"

  15. Old Bloomberg needs to be put in jail and let him eat it three times a day I bet the creep would cry like a baby You people better wake up and get rid of this creep I am so glad I dont live in that city and I will neve take a vacation there eather

  16. I'd like to tell him where he can stick his tofu!

  17. Only a very wealthy person would say let a person go hungry rather than eat something he considers not nutritional enough. Starvation is obviously a better choice than eating anything lacking in complete nutrition. He has to be a completely liberal progressive to think that way. I'm sure he'll get reelected in New York City!