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Obama, a Foreign Student Who Stayed, Says This Mailman

Written by Gary North on March 21, 2012

This man claims to have met Barack Obama when Obama was a foreign student in Chicago. He was living with Bill Ayers’ parents. He was an ambitious young man. When the mailman asked him what he planned to do, he answer: “Become the President of the United States.”  This impressed the mailman at the time.

It still does.

Frankly, it impresses me, too.

Dreams come true . . . dreams from his father.


There’s more. Click the link.

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9 thoughts on “Obama, a Foreign Student Who Stayed, Says This Mailman

  1. SEAN MURRY says:

    We know he is a fake.

  2. Cedric Ward says:


    This, and some of the other articles you have been posting on this new site, are beneath you.
    This article is simply without ANY MERIT whatsoever.
    Obama is a mess, but so are the Republicans (except for Ron Paul!)
    Both parties are now nothing but corrupt criminals.

    Also, putting that you were 'Ron Paul's original staff economist' is rather pathetic of you.

    You 'should' be doing much better than this, given your other works.

    So far, this new publication is simplistic and not at all well done.

    I will continue to follow it for awhile longer to see if you can improve it, but not that much longer if you don't, or won't.

  3. If he was a foreign student at that time, wouldn't he be registered at the immigration dept. and why wasn't he checking in with the immigration dept. every so often like other immigrants do.

  4. http://www.petition2congress.c... Go to this website to sign a petition to vet obama for eligibility to be president. He was never vetted in 08. Lame stream media was too busy lauding him as the hope of America.

  5. How can Obama be a foreign student in Chicago when he was a foreign student at Occidental College in Los Angeles? The guy never saw Chicago until after Harvard when he got mixed up with the Chicago gangs. Now he has cleaned up Chicago be moving its gangs to Washington.

  6. healthnut says:

    He was there in Chicago after Columbia…not Harvard…You are right on about the Chicago gangs…

  7. David R. (Canada) says:

    Allen Hulton may be the next person to die of "natural causes" in the street.

  8. The republicans who are running are verifiable native-born Americans, which is more than can be said about the Kriminal Kenyan marxist.

  9. Like Breitbart?