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San Francisco Exodus: Familes With Children Leave

Written by Gary North on March 20, 2012

It costs too much to buy a home in San Francisco. Families are leaving. The city is not able to keep them.

Big cities with high prices are becoming demographically old cities.

The future is with smaller cities. The Internet makes jobs available there. The cities were the heart of production in the pre-Internet era. No longer.

In 2011, if you made $110,000 in San Francisco, you could afford only 23% of the homes offered for sale, mostly in the parts of town where families fear to live.

Median price: $668,000.

These were just a few of the scores of statistics presented at a special Board of Supervisors hearing Thursday to help explain why San Francisco is bleeding families with children — losing 5,278 people younger than 18 between 2000 and 2010, according to census figures.

The city is aging.

Just 13.4 percent of San Francisco’s 805,235 residents are younger than 18, the smallest percentage of any major city in the country. By contrast, San Jose’s percentage of children is 24.8 percent, Oakland’s is 21.3 percent, Boston’s is 16.8 percent and Seattle’s is 15.4 percent, according to Brian Cheu, director of community development for the Mayor’s Office of Housing. Even Manhattan is composed of roughly 15 percent children, according to Dan Kelly, director of planning for San Francisco’s Human Services Agency.

In 1970, children made up 22 percent of San Francisco. In 1960, they constituted 25 percent.

The decline in the price of housing has helped some cities compete for families. It has not done anything for San Francisco.

Families will live where they can buy the lifestyle parents want. The middle-class family cannot afford to live in San Francisco if it wants a three-bedroom, two-bath home with a yard. Parents with families prefer this to townhouses. In San Francisco, only 2% percent of new housing units built in the city since 2001 are single-family, detached homes.

Cities that cannot attract families will decline in influence. Opportunities will be in regions that are affordable to new families. This offer will draw families: “You can afford to own a home here.” Jobs of the future will be here.

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11 thoughts on “San Francisco Exodus: Familes With Children Leave

  1. LiveFreeOr... says:

    Families in San Francisco? What a silly idea.

  2. SEAN MURRY says:

    the place is full of queers.

  3. SF has higher priorities! Banning plastic bags, celebrating diversity, protecting domestic violence perps in city hall, and spending Hundreds of millions for homeless services and services for illegal immigrants. This IS a sanctuary city. The fire depts are staffed with 4’10” females who cannot lift a fire hose…affirmative action is sooo fabulous!

  4. I'd really want my kids to grow up in SF, the families that are fleeing the city will someday realize what a smart move they made..

  5. It’s not just San Fran that’s having an exodus.
    It’s the whole state.
    Most blue states are making productive people leave.
    In the near future they will be known as “The Slum States”

  6. The gay community is driving families out. Nothing better than a stroll through the city watching fat, old, hairy naked men parading about….even sitting in restaurants. Gross. That city is the shame of the US.

  7. MontanaMEL says:

    A good "shake" and another "BIG FIRE" would improve SF…. as long as the bridges are closed or dropped and the freeways south are blocked… Perhaps the big wave could imporve Oakland by collateral effect…get a "two-fer"…

    Could we get so lucky that the wicked witch of the west would be in town too??

    Or…that the REALLY BIG ONE could come and open the channel direct to Sacramento too???…

    This cesspool should have been drained long ago…along with DC.

  8. MontanaMEL says:

    Dig a little deeper…
    You are "on target" so far…
    Now look at just "where" these "remaining" children are actually at???
    Can you say "low income" or WELFARE QUEENS???…
    Well over HALF of these "children" are from/in such homes or getto traps!
    Even they are leaving this cesspool…can't be safe buying their drugs on the street corner…queers might get them!

  9. Who would want to live in a city where public nudity is encouraged? Would you want to walk into a restaurant and sit on a chair that a naked person just sat? That should be a health violation. I have 4 and 6-year-old grandchildren who would be subjected to these perverts's "thingy dingy" hanging down right in their faces while taking a strole down the sidewalk. NO THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! San Francisco is definitely not for families or normal people in general.

  10. guest on this planet says:

    Adam and Steve still can afford to live there since they have a lot more mney since they dont have to support a family

  11. With Pelosi in that City (the drunken skunk liberal) who wants to live there? The only things nice about the city are the SF Giants. Screw the queers and fags.