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Detroit Welfare: $74,000 Business Suits

Written by Gary North on March 20, 2012

In Detroit, which borders on bankruptcy and which is closing public schools because it cannot afford them, the city provided $148,000 to fund a clothing store. The store was to provide funding to help poor people get business suits for job interviews. “Clothes make the man.” We all know that.

How many people actually received new clothes? Two. Over how long a period? Two years. That is $74,000 per suit.

There is some suspicion by the city council that there was mismanagement going on here. You can’t fool these people. Not for long, anyway. Two years? Yes.

The city is running an audit.

“It’s just another example that money is not as much of an issue than managing the money, whether it’s grant or general fund dollars that we have,” said Council President Pro Tem Gary Brown. “We have to find a better way to manage the resources and give Detroiters the value for the tax dollars they deserve.”

Yes, sireee, Bob. And the city is going to do just that. One of these days, Real Soon Now.

The audit is the latest finding against the city’s Department of Human Services, which has been under scrutiny for chronic mismanagement of federal funds. Many of the department’s leaders have departed since an internal investigation was launched last year, including an inquiry into the purchase of $182,000 worth of high-end furniture for a department office. In 2009, the department received more than $11 million in stimulus funding and created a service center.

Back to the free clothing store. To get a suit, the applicant had to prove that he had a job interview scheduled.

“The DHS was only able to provide the auditors with two referral forms signed by two clients documenting that they received clothing from the boutique,” the audit said. “Eligible Detroiters are not being served with available clothing being stocked in the boutique.”

The department did not give a reason for not reaching the goal of providing 400 people with clothes.

The audit found the Department of Human Services hired a contractor to run the boutique. The contractor negotiated the purchase of clothing without involving city officials and did not give them keys to the center.

The contractor also did not provide proof of the receipt of the clothing to auditors.

This is the way things work in Motor City, USA.

This is the welfare state in action.

Federal money helped fund this. This is not going to stop until Washington’s checks bounce.

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33 thoughts on “Detroit Welfare: $74,000 Business Suits

  1. Tax Dollars Hard at work.

  2. jammin2011 says:

    like the federal government, local governments are stupid too. Well meaning perhaps, but stupid.

  3. vtdelacy says:

    Have you seen the video on you tube entitled "Detroit in Ruins"? Democrats have destroyed that once busy and prosperous town! Nothing else much surprises me about it, but with good reason most of the population has departed, leaving it looking more like a ghost town than a thriving city.

  4. Why didn’t the fools go to the dept. of labor and verify job interview appointments and then contact local stores like JC Penneys and when the client came in with the letter and a voucher say for 100 dollars, sell the suit and the store give the voucher to the govt agency for payment. Pretty simple eh?

  5. We need to be careful to vote this fall, so we don't get as much government as we pay for!

  6. bullrider says:

    They should put DEMOCRATS in charge of Detroit and they will fix all this. Oh wait… they’ve had a stranglehold on Detroit for decades now, and the literacy rate is less than 50%. Maybe only two people DID have job interviews scheduled, or knew how to fill out the form indicating they’d gotten a suit.

    I need a high stress job like working in THAT store.

  7. SEAN MURRY says:

    that place is a hell hole.

  8. Come on we know that the root of Detroit's problem is not that it's run by Democrats – although I'm sure that it doesn't help. The good jobs that used to be there have been sent overseas or to Mexico to be performed by starvelings that have to work for $1 a day. The problem with that is sooner or later that you run out of people in your own country that can afford to buy your product or pay taxes. I'm not defending theft and fraud in government but I also can't defend the greedheads at GM and Ford that have shafted American workers to increase there quarterly stock dividends without thinking about the long term consequences.

  9. Don't forget the UAW, they had a big part in the demise also. Even tho things were obviously going in the toilet concessions were not considered.

  10. DiverDown says:

    Our government is sooooo far past corrupt it won't and don't matter who's in. * * Rep. Dems. left, right, up or down. The corruption is too deep… bribes, lobbyist‘, payoffs, back-scratching ALL on yours and my money…. that's the part that sucks the most. All the promises the 'new' congressmen and women say to us to get elected…. in your and my lifetime…. what have they changed??? What??? NOTHING! They have managed to steal more and more money from us every year. Unfortunately for you and I, it won't change until we implode from loose fiscal policy and we are there, we are broke. We are a ship of fools and are sinking fast, less than half on board are bailing and over half are watching and eating lunch.

  11. DiverDown says:

    Years ago we passed the point of spending more than we take in. In my budget and your budget, we can't do that…. so what is it that our government thinks they can? It's suicide. When we go over the cliff, it will either be ; 1. the citizens rise up and revolt and try to re-establish a republic or, 2. the one in charge will impose a brutal marital law and begin a dictatorship for "the betterment of the people." I think it will be #2. For #1 to happen you must be willing to die for your country and we have too many sheeple that won't. It's a sad time for America.

  12. Wanted:
    Men who are not afraid to go on bended knee to pray to our Lord. Men who fear our Lord. Men who will listen and follow our Lord. We have lived in darkness for too long. We have been silent for too long and allowed our country to back slide to where it is today. Good men can no longer remain silent. Good men need to rise up and place our country back on it's rightful course. "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke) WE have done nothing for too long. It is time to restore our families to a mother and a father, married in the eyes of the Lord. For men to be leaders in their home and community. To set strong examples of character and integrity to their children and to raise their children up to be leaders as well. Are Godly men ready to step up and step out.

  13. Maybe they only "gave away" two suits because there were only two people in Detroit looking for a job… Hmm?

    Maybe only two people in Detroit wanted a job because the rest are getting unlimited unemployment (UU) for sitting upon their arses eating Cheetos and watching Rosie… no, Oprah… no… well, cable TV while texting on their government funded telephones before going to Walmart with their government funded "gift" cards (thank you, very much… I'm still waiting for a thank you) rather than opening a newspaper, or surfing the web on their government funded "Smartphones" at a third grade level to find a job that pays "what they're worth", which unfortunately turns out to be much more than they are actually worth… (inhale)… which is 6.8% more than the poor schlep who is actually working to pay for all of the aforementioned "entitlements".

    I'm still waiting for the daily quarterpounder entitlement… except Michelle was on Letterman last night and she'll need some good press after smiling that many times.

    Can you say "Disdain"?

  14. Remember. Spay and Neuter all your Liberal friends.

  15. Recession –
    When your neighbor loses his job…

    Depression –
    When you lose yours…

    Recovery –
    When Obama loses his!

  16. I have some USED suits I'll sell CHEAP! Let's say $5000.00 each! 🙂

  17. Troublemaker says:

    What can you expect, the cost of buying votes has gone up like everything else!

  18. Detroit, what a s**t hole!!!!!

  19. That figures. Only two people in Detroit wanted to try and find a job.

  20. More corruption in the armpit of america.

  21. David Cochran says:

    Well, if the unions weren't forcing the auto makers to pay people $40 an hour to help a machine put on lug nuts, then maybe the auto companies would STAY in America. Yeah the big wigs make way too much also, but it's the unions that have broken the back of American manufacture.

  22. IGotAComment says:

    Throw in the abuse of unions and forcing banks to provide mortgages to poor people who use unemployment and child support they don't get, and you get Detroit as the example… plus a lot of other cities.

    Add to that drugs and crime and abusive government workers … and you get Detroit.

    Now ask which party was in power in Detroit. I don't know … but I'll take a 2 to 1 bet I can guess whether it was Democrat or Republican. Any takers???

  23. IGotAComment says:

    I don't have liberal friends…

    "Remember. Spay and Neuter all your Liberal acquaintances."

  24. That makes to much sense, not allowed in politics, particularly as practiced in Detroit and D.C.

  25. ccfonten says:

    There was an article I read earlier about how the black liberation people wanted to establish a black country/state. I think Detroit might just work for them.
    They can have it. Detroit used to be a great city. Now it is a ghetto………the entire city. The entire state is about to follow suit.

  26. spelunker7 says:

    What has all this political gossip got to do with getting Obama out of the White House? Piling it higher and deeper will do no good. Get people registered tio VOTE against our dictator. Your tax dollars are funding ACORN to do that very thing right now. Apathy and sharp one-liners will not keep Obama from being reelected.

  27. SpaceChief says:

    Change "greedheads at GM and Ford" to the "UAW" and you will see why the manufacturing jobs left
    Detroit. This started right after WW II, and a federal, state and city government with any integrity would
    have acted to prevent it. What the unions, in collusion with politicians, have sown, the whole country is reaping.

  28. Seems to me goverment at all levels,( local, state and federal ), are run , by corrupt people that have no right to be in government The people in government have to rermember they work for the people of their townships , cities, counties , states and our federal branch of our government. The waste has to stop NOW !!!

  29. Mitchina says:

    No, it is not stupidiy, it's greed. And they know what they are doing… more like they opened a "self" service center.

  30. jadee1958 says:

    as in the days of Noah…………

  31. Co-opted Confederate says:

    Tis all because da bloody fools payin taxes got no guts ta stand the crooks down, or to stand up to em; much less speak out against the squanderin of their very own tax dollars on the blody welfare bums, and blitherin idiots that keep electin the devils own henchmen to public office for fear of "adverse action" from em..
    NO GUTS, NO GLORY "Mortem ad omnes tyranni"

  32. guest on this planet says:

    Probably 2 nice superfly suits, if the people new that they could get free suits they probably would have macys sales look sick

  33. I have three nice suits I will let go for a mere $10,000 each, of course that does not include shipping.