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FEMA Corps: The Citizens’ Army Begins Its Recruiting

Written by Gary North on March 19, 2012

In 2008, candidate Obama called for a domestic civilian army.

It is being put together now. This comes from FEMA’s Website.

On March 13, 2012, the White House announced an innovative partnership between the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) to establish a FEMA-devoted unit of 1,600 service corps members within AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) solely devoted to disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. This partnership builds on the historic collaboration between the two agencies and will enhance the federal government’s disaster capabilities, increase the reliability and diversity of the disaster workforce, promote an ethic of service, expand education and economic opportunity for young people, and achieve significant cost savings for the American taxpayer. When the program is at full operational capability, and in an average disaster year, we expect to see a savings of approximately $60 million in a year.

Every year, millions of Americans suffer the effects of natural and man-made disaster. Disasters can lead to human losses, social problems, economic harm, and environmental damage. Given the prevalence and severity of disasters and other hazards, FEMA is looking for ways to diversify and fortify its existing disaster workforce structure. FEMA will partner with CNCS to support 1,600 additional service corps members annually within AmeriCorps NCCC, a full-time residential service program for individuals ages 18-24. The FEMA Corps members will be solely focus on disaster preparedness, response, and recovery activities, providing support in areas ranging from working directly with disaster survivors to supporting disaster recovering centers to sharing valuable disaster preparedness and mitigation information with the public.

The FEMA Corps members will serve for a 10 month term with an option to extend for a second year. The program will prepare thousands of young people for careers in emergency management and related fields. During their service, they will gain significant training and experience in disaster services and will provide important support to disaster survivors. The first members will begin serving in August 2012 and the program will reach full capacity within 18 months.

Fifty years ago, young people volunteered for the Job Corps. That was Kennedy’s highly popular boondoggle. This new corps is far more threatening to our liberties. It will not be merely expensive. It has domestic implications.

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71 thoughts on “FEMA Corps: The Citizens’ Army Begins Its Recruiting

  1. ron nagel says:

    reminds me of what happened leading up to world war 2 with the brown shirts
    hitlers private army

  2. It always sounds so innocent, doesn't it? But I don't trust this administration any further than I could throw 0 with one hand.

  3. Patriot1776 says:

    Any time our government extends it's poisonous tenacles in the name of helping us and being prepared, let alone "saving money" it is dangerous to our liberty. This administration has yet to grasp the concept of debt, income and the relation to spending. In watching the "response" of FEMA to the last round of tornados to move through the Midwest and South last month, I really can't grasp what the function of the agency is and certainly have no idea what this army of obamites would do. FEMA's reaction is to wait and see what needs to be done after the local and state actions are in place. What we need is for the government to get out of the way, eliminate the alphabet departments and let Americans be exceptional.

  4. Yup. I don't trust anything out of his mouth or his cronies…..watch he will somehow declare marshal law prior to the election and he will claim a 2nd term by default. Nothing surprises me anymore out of this bunch of idiots. It's our own fault for being so passive.

  5. I doubt these FEMA Corp sissies would be a match for our armed forces soldiers. The whole point for this is to counter the men and women of the military who wouldn't go along with the police state. Even these jokers, and the fat slobs at the TSA would be decimated by the army, and marine troops.

  6. Scarface says:

    Here it comes Patriots! This Manchurian, the 13th imam is setting the table for the revolution he so dearly wants! Prepare your families and yurselves for the time of tribulations.

  7. Isn't that the worlds scariest known phrase?
    I am from the government, and I am here to help.

  8. LoisLane says:

    These young people will be sent to seminars and training meetings and be brainwashed as new progressives, just as AmeriCorps does. I've seen it.
    This November…VOTE…doesn't matter for whom…just ABO. (anybody but Obama).
    I'd vote for a pink ceramic soap dish before I'd vote for Obama.

  9. JW------------- says:

    You're assuming — of course — that the Obama DoD won't purge the ranks of commissioned officers who take their oath to the US Constitution (e.g. Oath Keepers) in the impending drawdown.

    One must also remember that the US Military followed the illegal order to bomb Libya…in contravention to the Constutional requirement for Congressional authorization and the Warpowers Act. While Qadaffi got what was coming to him, the officers who obeyed the orders are technically guilty of war crimes (4th Nueremburg Protocol).

  10. JW------------ says:

    If Barry's ZANU-PF* thugs (i.e. New Black Panthers and ACORN, et al.) have anything to do with it… your vote won't mean squat.

    * ZANU-PF are Robert Mugabe's "political action committee" in Zimbabwe… they use fear, intimidation and violence to keep the opposition out of power. The NBP borrowed from the ZANU-PF in the 2008 elections in Pittsburgh…of course Obama's AG let them off the hook for voter intimidation charges.

  11. defender3 says:

    i am sad to say that I belive you are absolutely right about this. I hope that American citizens will wake up and use some intelligent thinking if they are capable of doing so, and see where this will lead. We have willing Republicans who are onboard to control the population.

  12. And You are naive enough to believe that these Soldiers and Marines that are recruited from the general population were even taught enough in High School to UNDERSTAND what you are talking about.

    You are only fooling yourself. I spent 23 years in the military, both Marines and Army, and I won't trust a God D#$M one of them. After all was it not the Marines that helped the New Orleans Police disarm civilians after Katrina in a house to house search? These people had done nothing wrong yet the MARINES co-operated with the police to disarm innocent civilians in direct violation of the oath of office they took.

    If the MARINES can trash their oath, the Constitution, what in the Hades makes you still believe the ARMED Forces gives a darn about your little butt????

    The military IS our enemy now. Their ranks are filled with the products of our Public Education System from the last 40 years.

  13. cavtrooperA3_7 says:

    B. Hussein Obama and Big Sis Napolitano can't leave well enough alone when there's an agenda to be met: there is an existing volunteer corp that works very effectively and efficiently in disaster relief settings, both domestically and internationally. That volunteer network is a combination of Red Cross and religous groups, such as the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief groups. Red Cross provides food, which is prepared and served by trained Southern Baptist volunteers. These volunteers have been on the scene of every major and most minor disasters over the past 20+ years. I can speak somewhat authoritatively on Southern Baptist disaster relief efforts because I'm one of the volunteers. Our training is FEMA and Red Cross approved, and we provide services such as meals, mud- out, chainsaw, laundry, showers, day care for people filling out paper work to put their lives back together, crisis intervention debriefing and counseling: ALL at no cost to the people we serve.
    Barry and Janet, don't break what already works just for the sake of an election.

  14. This is the beginning of concentration camps here in America. If anyone trusts this guy and this government your nuts. Remember Ruby Ridge and Waco if you think this government won’t kill it’s own people.

  15. I worked in New Orleans allot after Katrina as a Volunteer for the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, if it was not for groups like this nothing would get done.We severed food and gave out cleaning materials, This Administration has not lifted a finger to help all the needy families after all this storms.This should be unacceptable. FEMA,Homeland Security,The A.G. none of them has done a thing in the three years. This is sad,that we the people are allowing all this to happen right under our nose.

  16. To al the American WAKE UP ,this now look like the gov.want to use you for the next fight of the century,a fight for the presidency,this is hes civilian army,he want to be the president again dont care how…wake up people open your eyes…………

  17. There are several things wromg with this current Obama endeavor. Number 1 – when the president says we will save millions of dollars with this program, we can expect just the opposite based on his past activities. Number 2 – I don’t know what the Job Corp has accomplished for the money spent. In Oklahoma the Corp had a mission to clean out tree rows planted as wind breaks after the dust bowl. After several years of this, the tree rows look worse than ever. Number 3 – If the Department of Homeland Security is to be a part of this program, we should all be scared to death. Shades of Nazi Germany!! Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  18. I have a coffee mug that says: “It ain’t over ’til we play cowboys and communists.”

  19. How many juvenile offenders and gang members will become part of the FEMA Army? Think of how many gang members are in the Army, Navy, Nat Guard and Marines NOW..

  20. Obama is raising his own private army. We have our own Hitler. How soon before he starts his final solution?

  21. Didn't Jimmy Hoffa Jr also offer his union thugs to be part of Obama's "army"? This is shaping up as more of a civil war than a Marxist uprising in the US. Fortunately hundreds of millions of firearms are in the hands of ordinary citizens most of whom are not big fans of Communism.

  22. you are so right. Obama—we have the best military in the world. We dont need another one. DUH!!


  23. finialy we are starting to see what i've been saying for months in this and various other blos

  24. SEAN MURRY says:

    Now we have a American gespo these young kids will good storm toopers.

  25. Right, and never forget Ruby Ridge happened with a Republican in the WH and Waco with a Democrat in the WH. This NWO blueprint has already crossed party lines and merged both into one. Let's call it the Anti-Liberty Party.

  26. Steven Higgins says:

    Might have been a good idea in 08 or 09 right noe no one trusts the government. Yes people NEED work and having them work on real projects to better social problems. Think the planing needs to spell out how to be run and managed. Come up with requirments and requlations with real goals other than spend money.. Up it up for a public bid. With anyone connected with the government CAN NOT BID.

  27. this man isnt far from what hitler was and it shows ,how much more evil before it ends

  28. reminds me of the NAZI youth groups that were started in germany, its also the same as the stalins youth groups which spied on their parents and reported anyone that did not fit into the mold of their leaders idea of what was right. we are under attack ! we need to counter attack with covert operations NOW !

  29. It's time to end the Obama regime, before these gooks come to my door. If Obama was really worried about Americans, why doesn't he tell us? Why no real reporting from the main street media? Get ready folks, the shit is about to hit the fan, and I'm gunning for Glory.

  30. Why hasn't Obama been impeached yet ? If Obama somehow wins a second term, the people, those not under his spell need to rise and march on Washington DC and demand his resignation for the good of the country. Its either that or we will see states detach from the union or attempt to. Something is going to happen.

  31. I have been worried about this (War) that will probably happen just after the 2012 election. This president will NOT, absolutely will NOT take a defeat and he has millions of people(I must say ignorant people) to stand up for this destroyer of our country. PLEASE one of you that voted for this monster in 2008, surely you would not make the same mistake AGAIN? Please reply!!

  32. Support Ron Paul! He is the only one that can beat Obama according to CHQ polls

  33. american says:

    hitler.stalin in action those civilan armies need to arrest indict try and convit him hop they ae smart enough to turn on him and take the country back to the real AMERICAN THE SOVERENITY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA- DEMOCRACY FREE LAND

  34. Indiana Girl says:

    This sounds more and more as the Hitler Jugend during the 1930…

  35. Iftruthbeknown says:

    They are getting ready to destroy the christian churches here in America. Therefore, they will need something to replace them.

  36. Iftruthbeknown says:

    I voted for this monster and I, too, will now vote for a pink soap dish before I EVER vote for Obummer again. He lied and deceived us all. I believe it was in his 2nd year when he said if Americans ever side against Muslims, that he will side with the Muslims. I will side with Americans and help the cowboys win, whenever the time comes for us to seriously play cowboys and communists. This is OUR country. It's a bastion of freedom that everyone from around the world dreams of coming to. It's the only place in the world where, if you can dream it, you can make it happen. If we don't fight to keep our country free, no one else will do so. This coming presidential election is no longer about politics, repubs or dems. This is about waking up on Nov 3rd and finding ourselves either still free……or enslaved forever.

  37. Dean Palmer says:

    Disaster Relief. Yeah, right!

  38. This has been my thought for the last several years. i wonder how many folks have been able to connect the dots and see that possibility coming before the election? Like you, Alyce, nothing surprises me anymore out of this bunch of idiots in D.C., to include those in both legislative houses.

  39. Remember this: the largest army in the world is the army of American deer hunters.

  40. I spent 22 years in the military and have to agree with you in most of your statement. The only exception would be would the lower ranking military personnel be willing to turn their weapons on their own families? Ofcourse it could be that our own troops would be engaged to other countries leaving us open to the whims of the U.N. forces. As for most of the higher ranking officers, I believe they, for the most part, are nothing more than politicians in uniform. Consider how the generals, admirals get promoted. It is by and through congress.

  41. Obama is waiting for the election results. IF he loses, he will have OWS raise trouble all over the country and he will declare martial law. He and Michelle have no plans to leave the White House. He is not going to lose, he has the election rigged.

  42. I, for one don't trust either republican or and especially democrats. I believe they for the most part are all self serving and care only for their parties and themselves and nuts to the people. They say one thing and do just the opposite. Why is this guy still occupying the Presidency? There is more than ample evidence of mulitple violations of the constitution. While we are at it the courts need a good housecleaning too.

  43. KENYANINOURwh says:

    the idiot ILLEGAL-ALIEN FROM KENYA has an army.. We have a bunch of little armies, and I'm sure they are growing… fight fire with fire….

  44. How about a novel approach? True patriots join this new "citizen's army" so when they expect that "army" to turn on the populous, we can turn on the government who has wrought this treason.
    We can sit here and complain or get proactive and stop the insanity.
    We can be the new heirs of the Founding Fathers.

  45. I did NOT vote for him before. I didn't trust him then, and I know I will not vote for him this time around. If his mouth is moving he is lying. Dictator Obama will be the ruination of OUR country. He wants to be our king, he will have all who are on SS in fema camps, they are already built, fema trailers lined up and ready for whoever oppose him. The end is near for the good old USA. For all who vote for him will be able to say "I remember when." God bless America, land of the once free and the home of the brave.

  46. William 1 says:

    Here come the Brown shirts and the SS-Hitler rises again right here in America-hmmm no other president openly did this before soooo lock and load America the 2nd Revolutionary Civil war is coming!

  47. Not-a-true-believer says:

    can't wait for Kristallnacht. Coming to a christian neighborhood near you.

  48. you think this dude is bad? wait

  49. Under Obama, there is alot more there than is being told to us. Funny, how all this was never necessary in all of our Nation's history. Incorporatiing our young people who will be very suceptiable to what they are trained and told, who did not live in a time gone by of freedom above all else. who still hold in their hearts. "Give me Liberty or Give Me Death", it sounds like when Obama chooses he will turn our younger generation on their own families if need be.


  50. Yes wonder why he doesn't call them the" "OBAMA YOUTH". Its the same damn thing. The next year they will double or triple and the same year after year. with in 3 years he will have his own private army, just like his black-shirted panthers at the voting places.

  51. All this 'Hitler' talk is insane. Obama is puppet and he reads a teleprompter. Not the 'new Hitler'….

    Germans wanted someone to appease their bitter loss after ww1. Hitler played that patriotic card.
    Anyone that thinks Obama could single underhandedly take over the USA is an idiot. Just the attempt would cause civil war. who would follow Obama? Hitler had zealous followers. What would Obama's purpose be? To round up the Jews in the USA? ridiculous. shut up with the Hitler talk. You think Obama is evil, powerful & influential? Then you are a total friggen wimp. You think Obama is bad… (it things really do go down the tubes in the USA) wait and see.

  52. WORKS FOR ME!!

  53. The Traveller says:

    Does anyone know the two words, " BROWN SHIRTS " ??? Does the word " GESTAPO " come to mind ?????

  54. Energene says:

    I agree he will absolutely not take defeat.
    I disagree about when, if the polls and his advisers tell him he will lose for sure, martial law will come before the general election is over.
    You only have 7 months to get ready if you are a conservative. If you are liberal, the government does not need to do anything to you anymore, they have already won.

  55. Pissonobama says:

    You're right. Make "some" people even more indebted to the government, make the government the perceived "father" and you'll have these people as loyal subjects. Just like Hitler did to his people. Already Obama has 90% of blacks eating out of his hand, making the government their new plantation master, and the willing slaves don't even recognize it for what it is. These slaves don't want economic freedom, they want more dependency, for they were brought up that way.

  56. mary1160 says:

    WOW! If you notice (those of us that are paying attention)…he is clearly contradicting himself….one the one hand he is trying to promote and push illegals in from the southern states, (suing Arizona etc.), then on this hand he wants a civilian army to form against Americans? ILLEGALS? WHICH ONE??…CONCRETE PROOF THAT HE IS UP TO NO GOOD AND HAS AN ULTERIOR MOTIVE! Not to beat a dead horse, but……..WAKE UP AMERICAAAAA!!!

  57. Since the Patriot Act, NDAA, etc., we are left with ONLY re-enforcing the Delaration of Independence.
    We have NO other way since our election process is compromised.
    We must again assemble the militias to combat the tyranny we are left with.
    If we do not soon assemble in force our children & grandchildren will NEVER
    know America only a USSA satanic NWO. There is no place to run for we are
    The last holdout that has not been disarmed. We must therefore arise posthaste
    LOCK & LOAD kick the UN & their “peacekeepers” (sic) outof our nation so
    They can not be used against us, & re-establish our constitutional Republic.
    If not, give up & become good comrades. I WOULD RATHER DIE !

  58. FelicityFeline says:

    Expanding on your thought, he will 'see no option' but to become a dictator. We are frogs in a pot of cold water. By the time November comes around we'll be in a rolling boil and we, along with the Constitution, will be dead. (Figuratively, if not literally.)

  59. RE:
    Does anyone know the two words, " BROWN SHIRTS " ??? Does the word " GESTAPO " come to mind ?????

    WHAT? ANYONE CRYING HITLER IS TRIVIALIZING THE HOLOCAUST. go back to your regularly scheduled TV show and SHUT THE HE(( UP!

    ….I'm tired of this…

  60. ccfonten says:

    He is setting all the little ducks in a row for a future martial law and the destruction of our system of government. FEMA camps, DHS regulations, and now his private army?? He's almost completed his/Soros' plans,

  61. We need to reduce the size of federal government.. We have a TSA of 50,00 people which could be better handled by airport security. The people of this nation are becoming desensitized by this administration.





    HE IS 50% BLACK AND 50% WHITE.

  67. Wrangler Rob says:

    While you are seeing a coming confrontation correctly, Americans marching on Washington DeCeit would be exactly the Reichstag fire situation this hitleresque character and his Marxist cronies are looking for to declare martial law and become Diktator / Fuehrer. Pray for wisdom! November: ANYBODY but the O.

  68. Wow! I never thought of it that way. I'm afraid you are likely right.

  69. Don't forget that the NWO desires to have as many people die as possible. What better way than to orchestrate a civil war within the USA? Patriots fighting the propaganda-confused and mind-controlled masses. Massive casualties on both sides. The NWO doesn't much care which side wins, so long as many millions die. PLEASE folks, let's become smarter than the NWO bosses and figure out a peaceful way to right this ship.

    It's becoming much more difficult to redress our grievances peacefully, thanks to our incumbent Congress-criminals and their slavish devotion to Obama. Also remember that the NDAA, the Patriot Act and the latest bill restricting protests in the presence of a privileged politician ALL passed BOTH houses of Congress with obscene majorities. Even if John Adams was sitting in the President's chair right now, it would appear that the Will of the American People is clearly supportive of ending the Republic and replacing it with a fascist dictatorship.

    One suggestion I have is for patriots to volunteer to serve at the polling places, to work within the county election offices and to make sure no software is flipping bits or fudging totals. We need to have as many patriots trained in the humdrum yet crucial positions required to run lawful, fair and honest elections. That way, if Barry & Janet tell us there will be no election, we can hold one anyway. Civil disobedience is peaceful. And if the election goes through as scheduled, but electoral fraud is attempted, then the patriots in place within the system can rat out the criminals and set the record straight.

    History has shown that our chances of restoring our natural rights through violence are slim, whereas if we can organize and orchestrate peaceful resistance to the communist state Obama & comrades are planning, then we can overcome.

  70. NoMoreTaxes says:

    Romney is Obama-like. Same thing. PEOPLE WAKE UP! The MEDIA (even Foxnews) have chosen Romney for a REASON, and it's not what you 'may' think. Romney will just move at a slower pace but hey were on the top of the fence NOW, all we have to do is lose just a 'little' balance and it's over to a NEW WORLD ORDER. I beleive it's just a fight between the 2 parties who will make us NWO FRIST! But they are ALL in on it. PLEASE do NOT vVOTE for any Senator or Representative this November that has been in Congress before or Politics. We Must Stand UNITED and find out the no-name candidates better and are they for THE CONSTITUTION are not, higher taxes are cutting salaries, pensions, companies must FALL on their own, etc. This is the CORRECT thinking. Just remeber and keep in mind there is NOT much left to the Middle Class anymore, for they and all others too have lost pensions, job, careers, homes, savings, etc. Why can't the Politicians cut theri salaries, pensions, etc.?

  71. Ranchman says:

    Although it's been 18 weeks since this post, it's still relevant. Obama stated the need for a civilian army, just as well trained, just as well funded as the U.S. Military. I don't believe he meant a service type corps. He meant an actual military type, fighting Brigade or Division of combat type troops. Otherwise, Obama could not lock down cities and neighborhoods effectively. No, he's thinking more in the line of the New Black Panther Party, one which will blindly follow him wherever he leads. The more middle- class Americans dead, the better. I believe this is Obama's goal. He fears an armed middle-class revolt against him more than anything else.