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Extradited! The NWO Across Borders

Written by Gary North on March 19, 2012

The New World Order asserts an international jurisdiction. If Nation A has a law against something, and you violate this law on foreign soil, you can be extradited to be tried and convicted there. You will have to pay legal fees there.

We tend to ignore this, but it is becoming legal reality.

The U.S. government is part of this system of international law. It gets its way sometimes. Other nations get theirs sometimes. The point is, nobody is safe under the new legal system. “hat’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.”

The following story comes from a Russia-based news service. The U.S. media prefer not to cover it.

A 23-year-old student from the UK will be extradited to the United States to face trial for operating a website overseas that linked visitors to external pages that hosted copyrighted material.

Richard O’Dwyer of Sheffield Hallam University in northern England will soon find himself on American soil following the United States’ recent victory in an attempt to extradite the student stateside over a website he ran. American authorities attest that O’Dwyer’s TVShack website, while not in violation of any UK laws where he lived and operated it, infringed on American copyright legislation.

On what grounds? This: the U.S. government claims control over all .com and .net domain names.

The student re-launched under .cc domain. That did not save him. A year later, the U.S. demanded his extradition. The British complied.

“I’ve done nothing wrong under UK law, and, it’s pretty ridiculous isn’t it?” Dwyer tells BBC Newsbeat in the UK. “A 65-year-old man was extradited a few weeks ago, so if they can extradite someone that old they can extradite anyone really, couldn’t they?

“Copyright laws differ between countries and that’s yet to be fought, that argument.”

Don’t fool yourself. This is part of a quid pro quo arrangement. The New World Order is being put into operation slowly. It will get precedents. Then all of us will be at risk.

O’Dwyer’s case is similar to that of Megaupload.com founder Kim Dotcom, who is facing a possible extradition from New Zealand to the US over his own site, one which provided file-sharing services for users and made money off of selling ads and subscriptions. Unlike Dotcom, however, O’Dwyer did not host any illegal material or allow users to commit crimes by uploading such. Instead, rather, O’Dwyer managed a website that just contained links to other site, something his attorney says is on par with the services Google offers.

The noose is tightening.

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8 thoughts on “Extradited! The NWO Across Borders

  1. max penn says:

    Here we have a Modern Version of what went on in Germany just before the Nazi's took power. Sadly most of the German's turned a blind eye to it. We all say " It can't happen here".

  2. Fritz329th says:

    This is Bull-$$$$. The United States needs to worry about crime here in the States and not some were outside the US. They can't even do their job correctly here. This is somemore waste of TAX Payers money.

  3. SEAN MURRY says:

    More of tax payer money nowonder we are going broke with piddy things like this.

  4. Global government's foundations were set after WWII. The future is already in the rear-view mirror. What is left is details and implementation.

    Americans fear global government yet don't see it right in front of their noses.

  5. Everyone should have a lesson on this (OBUMMER WISH) that he has been working toward for many years. He evidently did not learn from his ex soldier, (his Father who was 9 when WWII happened). I am sure he was proud of that 9 year old, of course AFTER HE was born. IF the USA doesn't wake up REAL SOON we also have that wonderful Sharia Muslim Law that says a husband has the right to do whatever he wants to his wife, even beat her whenever he feels like it. Isn't that wonderful ladies?

  6. armedandsafe says:

    This is not _always_ observed, however. Look at George Soros, who is not being extradited.

  7. I'm sure it can happen here. When I was a teenager and we watched riots in other countries on the newsreel; everyone was
    saying, "it can't and will never happen here". Look how far we have come from that saying.
    Of course, thought; can they "squeeze" blood out of a turnip to get legal fees?

  8. wow. all this crap happening so fast, like a snowball getting larger and larger as it goes downhill…. And to think when I was a child, I had implicit faith & trust in my US government…