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NAACP Tells UN That Voter ID Cards Are Anti-Democracy

Written by Gary North on March 16, 2012

The NAACP has taken the case against voter registration cards to the United Nations.

What can the UN do about stopping local governments from requiring voter ID cards? Nothing. Then why do this? It’s good publicity.

Why does the NAACP oppose voter ID cards? Because the cards are an extra step in the voting process. Blacks and poor people do not vote in large numbers. So, any additional barrier adds to the price of voting. When prices rise, less is demanded. That is a law of economics.

This is why Democrats have always opposed voter registration, ID checking, and anything else that restricts the number of voters. They know that their constituents have more votes in theory. They want this to be true on election day.

Vote-counting has always been crooked in the USA and everywhere else. So, politicians want the kind of voter-counting that favors their party. These days, Republicans favor electronic voting. The Democrats favor precinct voting without Republican observers.

Lyndon Johnson was elected to the Senate the first time in 1948 based on 200 ballots from people who came to the polls at a precinct and registered in alphabetical order. Out of a million votes, Johnson won by 87, based on a box of 200 ballots in one district. Johnson became known as “landslide Lyndon.” That box of 200 alphabetized ballots changed American history.

The NAACP is doing what it can to give federal regulators some backbone in making state and local voter ID cards illegal. The fact that the NAACP looks silly does not matter. A UN decision against voter ID cards will give Eric Holder’s Justice Department another reason to outlaw voter ID cards.

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110 thoughts on “NAACP Tells UN That Voter ID Cards Are Anti-Democracy

  1. If they needed the ID to cash there Checks they would have one! Send the checks to the Polls ! And you would find these 11 illegals and let them use the check as bus and airfare out of the country…..

  2. SEAN MURRY says:

    Screw the NAACP.

  3. muleskinner says:

    The naacp knows that many of their voters are either dead or will be arrested for outstanding warrants when they apply for a photo ID.

  4. big papa says:

    We are a Republic and it is in trouble most countries want a finger print it is just another way to steal the election.

  5. If you are not bright enough to get a photo I.D. you probably should not vote. If you have outstanding arrest warrants and will be arrested when you apply for an I.D. you need to take care of your legal obligations, even if it means going to jail. If you have been convicted of a felony (s), in most States you have given up your civil rights and can not vote. If you are dead, do the honorable thing and severly haunt the person that tries to vote for you. If you love America, ANYONE BUT OBAMA in November !

  6. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Whenever voter ID laws are proposed Liberals go ballistic. They don’t actually believe that voter ID laws discourage voting and disenfrancise minority groups. They only seek to cover up the actual reason they protest those requirements. Voter ID laws disenfrancise several core democrat voter groups: illegal voters, nonexistent voters, felon voters, multiple voters, and dead voters. This last group, dead voters, is of paramount importance; it can be counted on to vote in every election, and to always vote Democrat. When you consider that it is comprised of nearly two million voters, you can see how vital it is that Democrats discourage ID laws at all costs.

  7. This just in: if you think Bill Cosby is just talking nonsense, you should probably stay away from the polls and restructure your life !

  8. If we don't need voter ID cards, then by the same logic we don't need drivers licenses either. So everybody can start driving.
    Kids and all. Sounds like a good liberal plan to me!!

  9. Why is it the taxpayers are the only ones who must show ID?? Get over it! To get a library card you must show ID this is the way the system works. Don't you agree? You are sooo right on illegals.

  10. You are so right!!!!!!!

  11. taliesin319 says:

    Thanks for saying exactly what I would have written. Too poor ? No too lazy. If an American has a problem he should solve it among his peers. He doesn't go whinning to the most corrupt organization on the planet to do so. How dumb do you have to be to allow yourself to be exploited by these fat cat charlatans ?

  12. Obama and Holder don't want photo ID because they want illegals and Democrat fraud votes (like people who have died) in the upcoming election. But then we have traitors like JON HUSTED, the Secretary of State here in Ohio, who opposes voter ID because he is trying to play both sides. With friends like him, who needs enemies?

  13. I recently bought some cold medicine and they had to "Scan" my drivers license for me to buy it.
    I go to the doctors office and they ask for a photo I.D.
    My daughter went to the emergency room two weeks ago and needed to show a photo I.D.

    So what's the problem with showing an I.D. when you vote?

  14. That does it!! The next time I get my license renewed I will tell them if I don't need any ID to vote then why do I need an ID to get a license? Why do I need an ID and a non-family members name, address and phone number to get a library card? Why have any ID at all? Don't even bother with birth certificates. After all no real form of ID was needed to insure that president is a legal citizen.

  15. They want to cheat and that is the only way they can the Democraps and Rinos have done this for years I think the Demacratic party would have been dead along time ago if they hadent cheated we need photo ID to stop them

  16. It's also more difficult to locate the necessary birth certificates for Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck etc., etc…so I can see where that could be a huge burden on those that regularly scam the system. Hopefully, ALL of the states will adopt the IN law that was upheld by the Supreme Court 6-3…that way, Holder can't do anything about it. Wow, can you imagine having an election that is as close to honest as possible? If the conservatives win, you can bet Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Jealous will be out there saying that MILLIONS of people didn't get to vote. You know, the dead, the made up, the mentally handicapped, the mulitple voters and the illegals.

  17. The NAACP has nothing to do with blacks. The NAACP is just another Communist/Zionist front used to poison the atmosphere and cause division in America.

    “…at its founding, the NAACP had only one African American on its executive board…It did not elect a black president until 1975…The Jewish community contributed greatly to the NAACP’s founding and continued financing…In 1914, Professor Emeritus Joel Spingarn of Columbia University became chairman of the NAACP and recruited for its board such Jewish leaders as Jacob Schiff, Jacob Billikopf, and Rabbi Stephen Wise. Early Jewish-American co-founders included Julius Rosenwald, Lillian Wald, Rabbi Emil G. Hirsch and Wise…”

    Schiff and Wise were two of the Zionists who bullrushed Wilson into WWI, for which they demanded the Balfour Declaration.

  18. What does the UN have to do with Voter ID cards in our country , and since when is the NAACP a part of the UN ? The only thing either of these organizations have in common is that they are both run by Communists . The once nopble idea of the UN has degenerated into a dismal failure since the death (Murder?) of Dag Hammershold its President some 50 odd years ago . For all the good it does , the UN should pack up and its members go back to where ever they are from as they are a joke .

    The NAACP , while once for the advancement of Blacks , is now for the Advancement of a select group of Blacks , their leaders . I can say with out a doubt , Dr Martin Luther King would be ashamed of what it has been allowed to become

  19. democRATS don't have library cards they can't read

  20. Agree! Photo IDs are essential in almost every aspect of our life these days, so there is only one reason anyone would be against them and I think that is obvious. NAACP does nothing to really help their own, anyway.

  21. Not only do we have to have photo IDs for almost anything; we are fingerprinted when we are hired for a job. Go figure!!!!!

  22. Wow another Commie outfit trying to tell Americans what to do.What should be required of these un-American organizations is study,study, study the Constitution.NAACP does nothing for the Black people as a whole. There are about 600 blacks living high on the hog from the backs of the rest of em.Your average Black can not and will not see this.

  23. They used to be for Black people and against White people. I guess they forgot that white is a color , too.
    They need to change the C in their name to an I for Insane.

  24. w e rauh says:

    If they needed anID to get their damn foodstamps or welfare checks or pay the bills for their little bastard children or get their drugs then they would be flocking to get an ID. These people that are complaining about ID's and the NAACP (and not just black people) can go to hell.

  25. Bob de Grouch says:

    All 'white' police officers should join the NAACP. Just think about it!

  26. Lonesome says:

    Anyone ever heard of Liberia? Freed slaves from the Civil War founded this African Nation.In the one hundred plus years of their leadership and government, they have turned it into a complete sess pool, a toilet.
    Obama is doing the same to America.

  27. Screw the U.N.

  28. Bob da Grouch says:

    Of course, ALL of us want and would appreciate voter ID cards. Why, indeed, should this not be required? We have to show a picture D for things which aren't nearly as important as voting, but having to show your voter ID card is bad. Yeah right! We already know who would benefit the most by keeping this requirement out of the system. YUP, require voter ID cards, and train the polling place workers to really check them. And, have trained observers to keep an eye on the poll workers.

  29. Ineptocracy

    (in-ep-toc'-ra-cy) – a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

    I love this word and believe that it will become a recognized English word. Finally, a word to describe our current political situation.

  30. YO VINNIE says:

    What does the UN have to do with this? Maybe nobody else gives a crap and would listen to the NAACP!

  31. Bob de Grouch says:

    Dude, they don't want to see it. Let me clarify that. The majority of our black populace don't want to see it. The truth, that is.
    Also, don't forget all the others that bury their heads in the sand every time they see TRUTH coming to confront them.

  32. SweetOlBob says:

    What the hell does the UN have to do with American voting registration? Are they the defacto sponsors of all the dead folks recently found to be still registered ? Note: The expression "still registered" in relation to dead folks is an unintentional pun.
    More so, what does business does the NAACP have soliciting help from tha band of thieves ? Can't the NAACP find any other radical, America hating group of bigots that will listen to them ?
    Just wondering

  33. Noble Owney says:

    Try to get in the UN bldg without a photo ID

  34. bob jones says:

    Nothing more democratic to the left than stealing elections.

  35. Even if it were anti-democratic(which it isn't) it should fit right in with the lefts philosophies of "oneness" they spout. Only in this instance they know they won't be able to get away with the cheating and voter fraud they did last time. If they had nothing to gain they would be all for it. Like someone said, don't they need an ID to cash their checks? Besides if the UN has the power to stick their noses in a national situation like this they need some of their claws pulled out. Maybe Ron Paul is right. Maybe we should withdraw our support of the UN. They should not be our "Big Brother".

  36. nat'l assoc. for the attack on coon people.

  37. All power is, is the willingness of people with no conscience to do things people with a conscience would refrain from doing.

  38. Not-a-RINO says:

    Seriously, does anyone think the leadership of the NAACP has not lost their happy minds? Do black Americans like the idea of this organization advocating others watering down their legitimate votes with fraud? It's time for this organization to go by the wayside like the 8-track tape and crank-type telephones – their usefulness is long gone.

  39. NAACP is a racist group of people.

  40. ID cards prove you are a legal American citizen and if you have nothing to be afraid of, you don't mind showing it.
    Illegals, people with a crime record, deceased, should not be allowed to vote. And a lot of deceassed voted for Obama, even the ones who Obama's owns their SS number.

  41. Both the UN and NAACP are communist front operations right here in our own backyard. The USA needs to get out of the UN now and people need to recognise the danger that the NAACP is to all our freedoms.

  42. I second that motion! Nothing but a bunch of communist.

  43. They want to vote without ID. In Florida you cannot renew drivers license without several pieces of additional ID including SSI card, voter card, copy of utility bill, marriage license for women (because of name change). We have lived here for 28 years, been married for 48 years I have no idea where ML is. Now I get it, I can vote without ID but can't drive to work because I can’t find my marriage license.

  44. LOL so true. You have the system nailed! Good job.

  45. You got it right. I can't seem to get the name of those who oppose photo IDs thru the monitor. Let try it again; It is the d e m o c r a t i c s o c i a l i s t p a r t y of the USSA.

  46. Don't be mistaken. The U.N. is controlling more of our country under this Muslim than we realize. Hillary is in cohoots with them for gun control. Obama is in cohoots with them supporting Agenda 21. All these Progressives need gone before they destroy America. We MUST get this Muslim out of the former White House or we will all be ruined.

  47. NAACP now there is yet another group that has power and has become very corrupt. What a shame for this group to have the brass to go to an organization that has absolutely nothing to do with the way corruption is trying to be stoped at our voting stations around our country. To many people that have a bit of poweror a lot of power think all other people are stupid. Just not the case , in all actuallity these people that have the power are showing off their own stupidity and ignorance.

  48. andy in OR says:

    the black’s are more racist than any white. Th UN is for 1 world Govermment and they will be the head of it, can’t anyone see it Are you all blind to see what is happening around you??
    Most citizens think this is America and it wont happen here. Every day we are looseing more and more of it. Some day we will rise abouve the ashes and take it back

  49. Yes, Dag Hammershold was about the best president they have had. U-Thant wasn't so bad, either. Since then, it has been all downhill with most of them favoring Islam, which is very bad for any Nation.

  50. I have always thought we should get the UN out of our Country, ever since I found out that UNESCO is not what it is represented to be; it's a pure fraud.

  51. **************GOT OUT OF THE U.N. & GET THE U.N. OUT OF THE USA!*****************

  52. jerry1944 says:

    so what do they use to get the food stamps and health card. But that doesnt matter we need to be OUT of the U N they sure dont represent us and just want our money




  56. Tocojeto says:

    I'm not from Ohio Rus but tell your Poiticians this
    They / you want to register guns and voters: You have to show ID to buy a gun, but not to vote? Which is it going to be liberals ?

  57. Harold Clark says:

    The UN isn't America, perhaps someone should tell the naacp that if they want to live in e communist country, go to Cuba, etc.

  58. Ronald R. Johnson says:

    If the U N or Al Sharpton or Obama, or the Democrates are against it I'm for it! Does anyone really care what the U N or Sharpton or Obama want all of them border on or are criminal! Another thing Obama, Holder and the Demos. are worried about is if people have to apply for the I D card either Warrants for their arrest will pop up or it will show they are illegals and they wouldn't get to illegally vote for Obama!

  59. 375 H & H says:

    Thats CessPool

  60. Very funny. Seriously, though, nobody gives a rat's ass what the UN or the NAACP say or do. Is it worth writing your article about?

  61. sniper3450 says:

    Notice, if you will… each and every time a Sovereign State passes a law that mirrors a Federal law, the Justice Department labels it racist and declares it null and void; while they themselves attempt to pass a similar law to ecompass the entire U.S. Is this because they want full control? Yes! Check out the pilot program in Tennessee for the Government's method of universal "everyone" ID cards.

  62. NAACP members should have photo ID and be with their grandmother every time they leave their house.the leaders of the NAACP should also be handcuffed when leaving their house with a mussel installed.

  63. Yep……and of course the illegals will have several illegal driver's licences to choose from. That's still a tough nut.

  64. Sloane fun 1981 says:

    Go to L.A. where one needs not have a driver's liscense these days. Weird as those disenfranchised people can get to Gov. offices and fill out all sorts of handout paperwork… yikes!

  65. Anybody who, by now, does not realize that the NAACP are a bunch of racist, shallow, blustering gasbags has not been paying very close attention. With folks such as Waters, Jackson, Sharpton and the rest of the jello-brained gray-haired adolescent homies leading the charge, it has to be a real stretch to give them any credence what-so-ever.
    (For ya'll who are active in the NAACP, the word "credence"? It be meanin' "creds").

  66. Soffitrat says:

    How would those Bozo's know anything? We're about to enter a new election cycle. Re-Nig 012 will be the Democrat battle-cry. Even though the Kenyan is only half-black!

  67. Totally agreed!

  68. HistoryMan says:

    The NAACP and the UN are both useful idiots for the communists-make that the Bilderbergs.

  69. Spot on, sir. I couldn't have said it more succinctly. The NAACP (and a lot of other Dems too) are desperate, as the vast majority of their core membership/voterbase is "entitlement dependent." The SCOTUS has already ruled that the concept of requiring a government-issued ID, including a photo, is NOT unconstitutional, so why aren't they "instructing" Eric Holder, et. al., to just "butt out!' It's all about the integrity of the process, not the supression of any classification of LEGAL voters. The bottom line here is that only ONE identifiable individual who is otherwise eligible to cast a ballot in the election being held equals ONE legitimate voter. Period.

  70. You said it all! Total scum in the WH!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. YES….the gimme-gimme group are the most useless group of people on earth! They wait for the check while watching the big screen, talk on the cell, and then cruise around in the gosh awfull cars! And we taxpayers foot their bill thanks to dems in DC!
    If they decide to vote ….show an ID!
    Next step…want all those free benefits then show your ID and get drug tested random call !!!!!!

  72. Don't you have to have photo id to pick up welfare checks?
    And screw the UN!!

  73. The UN can't handle the world let alone try to regulate America's democratic process. The NAACP is playing on the hope that somehow the UN will get involved, and if they do it is just another assault on our liberties. America has enough poblems dealing with ourown liberal based media and the Obama administration. UN & NAACP, stay out of our democratic process. The NAACP wants to steal another election by having the black population vote early and "often", another ACORN group in the wings.

  74. Going to the UN and asking them about voter ID cards IS ANTI AMERICAN. of the worst kind. The UN is built and geared to tke down sovereignty and freedom and replace it with a global government.. the whole purpose for its creation.

    Anyone who wants democracy doesn't want voter fraud.. so an ID has to be required so one side doesn't pay for votes, like Obama is doing by buying illegal s with a free pass. Anyone knows how hard it is to get a green card and passport work completed… unless you are an illegal Mexican. My daughter can't get a passport for her son who was born in another country, because her parents…. my wife and I were missionaries in other countries and didn't spend much time in the US…l so now they deny her a passport for her son… yet Obama will give people who cheat their way in a free pass.

  75. I've got news for the NAACP …… they are no longer needed, and even less so than the UN. This country wrote the book on voter registration and voting; there's not a twit either organization can teach us about either process. Again, Liberals are trying to make the USA subordinate to the UN. That's not even a bad joke. It will be a cold day in hell when we give up our Constitution and agree to live under any other document than one which starts out, "WE THE PEOPLE".

  76. What the hell? The U.N.? Never thought I'd say this out loud, but, let's face it…Blacks or Afro-Americans, or whatever the heck they call themselves these days, are NEVER satisfied. For crying out loud, you finally got a black president. Are you EVER gonna shut up???

  77. AlwaysRIGHT says:

    The NAACP is most the racist biased moronic group of idiots I can think of. Should we stop requiring driver's licenses for black people, too? Should we not require black people to show ID to purchase liquor, get food stamps/welfare, or travel by air? Gimme a break! Show your f***ing ID or shut up! And as for the muslims who want to have their ID picture with a bag over their heads, f**k 'em! If you don't want to show your face, you can leave the country. Gimme a break. Stand up to these idiotic groups and their dumbass whimsical demands. Tell them all to go to hell. It's an ID card. Grow up. If you don't have one, you don't get to participate in society. Simple as that.

  78. Freckles says:

    Voter ID is very necessary to prevent unqualified voters OUT! EXAMPLE: When JFK ran and got elected 67,000 DEAD VOTED FOR him!!I do not have all the info but OBAMA got some a lot of illegal votes!!Let's have legal election in November!!

  79. Leonard W. says:

    There isn't a name for the naacp creeps. They are among the worse scum of the earth. They are all over the map and can be bought by any sleazy organization or group. They do not represent me and many many others that think for themselves. Hoers is a correct name for them.

  80. Then they would be the ACLU.

  81. dale jr 88 says:

    take there 400year race card and shove it up there asses. im tired of black race card ob is not american we dont need him havig people write in dead peoples names remmber acor america got screwed. time 2012 kick him out the back door. with steriod michell and matica and forleaker make the white house white and clean whites should have a race card ob has not visited a poor black hood he thinks he is white when he is out we will be called raciats well start now screw your black asses whites will regain america

  82. NAACP — colorerd people? Has everyone forgot? White is a color too! And don'y give me crap about Racism, I am a Racist The Human Race.

  83. Blue Knight says:

    Who in the hell is the naacp to represent our country to the UN and make such a statement as voter ID being Undemocratic? To begin with we don't answer to the UN, just how many of the UN members are Democratic Country's?

  84. Don DeHoff says:

    Come on, most all of the commenters are gullible. The NAACP and the radicals are making a "play on words". There is no such thing a as a "voter-ID"—We have a "person-ID", that we ALL use for a mulitude of transactions, such as gettiing a license to drive, fish, hunt,, get married, buy a car, cashing a check, boarding an aircraft, paying a traffic-ticket, and yes, for the poor, getting food stamps and other assistence. We must stop this "voter-ID" nonsense now! Also, it is true the system may, on occasion, deny a personthe right to vote because of ID issues, but to allow any non-ID voting makes voting a meaningless sham as any of the millions of illegals and felons could vote (perhaps more than once) on issues that do not even remotely concern them. Anyone advocating non-ID voting, either through gross ignorance or for suriptious means, insults the intelligence of all of our legal citizens, rich and poor. Everyone reading this should forward it to all of their friends, associates, "the other party", and any and all network outlets. Let us stop this ID issue NOW.

  85. Don DeHoff says:

    Joe, your racist attitude is showing. Your comment has done more damage than good, and it is obvious, you are part of the problem. To the black community, I apologize for this guy's racist remarks. As for the site editors/monitors, you should have blocked Joe's comment.

  86. Don DeHoff says:

    Noble, a very terse but good comment. We must stop using the word, "voter-ID", it is "person-iD" which we all, rich and poor, legal and illegal use in are every-day living. Neither the poor nor the minorities are being discriminated against with this "peron-ID" requirement. In fact, that are probably the one receiving the most benefit. Continue to spread the correct word, "Person-ID". Thanks.

  87. Don DeHoff says:

    Bob your overall idea is OK, but let us stop using the word, "voter-ID". The correct word is "Person-ID", which we all, rich and poor, legal and illegal, use for every day living. Get the word out that the UN, NAACP and others, are making a "play on words". "Person-ID" is the name of the game–let everyone know.

  88. Don DeHoff says:

    Bob, I am not sure where you are coming from or where you are going, Explain yourself, please.

  89. Don DeHoff says:

    Sir, keep is civil. I am a staunch Republican and a strict constitttionalist, but I know many good black people, Democrats and even a Muslim or two. You destroy the meaning of your whole comment when you resort to gutter language.

  90. Don DeHoff says:

    Wyatt, overall, a good comment, but don't use the word "Voter-ID", The correct word is "Person-ID", which we all, rich and poor, legal and illegal, use for routine everyday living. The UN and the NAACP are hiding ulterior motives behind the word, "voter-ID". I have said this about" umpteen" times (hope the site moderator will put up wiith me), and I hope the word gets out that we are being "snowballed" by the intentional incorrect use of the word, "Voter-ID". Please, spread the word—but keep it civil.

  91. Don DeHoff says:

    Rugs, as I have been telling everyone, don't use the word, "Voter-ID'. The correct word is
    Person-ID, which we ALL use in our routine day-to-day living. Spread the word!

  92. Don DeHoff says:

    Pitts, good point but like I have said several times in the last 20 minutes, don't use the word "voter-ID". That plays right into the UN and NAACP court. Use the world, "person-ID or better yet, ""photo Person-ID", which we ALL use for daily living. If we get enough people involved, we just might get the UN and NAACP to go worry about their real problems. Spread the word!

  93. Don DeHoff says:

    I will start out with my usual, "don't use the word, "voter-ID" as that plays right into the hands of the UN and NAACP. Use the worlds. "photo Person ID", which we now ALL, rich and poor, use in routine day-to-day living. As for the "dead people" voting, I wonder just how many are also drawing social security and welfare checks. Spread the word.

  94. Don DeHoff says:

    Tom, while not winning any literary awards, your comment has a lot of merit, andis deserving of a "chuckle" or two Avoid the the use of the word "voter-ID" as that plays right into the hands of the NAACP and the UN. Instead use "photo Person-ID" which we ALL use on a day-to-day basis. Spread the word to discourage the use of the wordl "voter-ID". Let us all know what you have done in that regard. Thanks.

  95. Don DeHoff says:

    Come on Jake, keep it civil. Gutter talk sets our efforts back considerably

  96. Don DeHoff says:

    "Yo", true the UN should not have anything to do "with it", but they have their "camel nose" under the flap of the American tent.. They, and the NAACP, continue to use the world, "voter-ID", which is intentionaly misleading. We, the UN and NAACP should all refrain from using that word and instead use "Photo-ID" or "person-ID", which we all, rich or poor, now use for routine veryday living. Voting, is a much more important issue than checking out a book from a library, or cashing a check, and if non-ID voting is permitted, doing so makes the entire democratic election process a meaningless sham, plus it facilitates illegal activies of many other kinds. Insist all agencies use the correct terminology. Spread the word and let us all know what feedback you get. Thanks.

  97. Well, since we know the make up of the UN has some of the worst offenders of human rights, can we assume they would NOT approve Photo IDS? It they should not, we would be at the mercy of blue helmeted UN troops. Can you imagine these people in our streets inflicting chaos and fraudulent election results due to this ridiculous idea of not making a photo ID mandatory in order to vote. If this is what the NAACP wants, why not move to Zimbawe or any other human rights oppressors. There are many that would like to trade places with you.

  98. Robert Wyatt says:

    N. A int A cting like C olo red P eople? You need a pictured ID to Drive, get a job, food stamps or other gubment services.
    NAACP was originally formed by a group of W hite People, or did you not know that…….So what is the problem with a Driver License, or Photo ID to vote??? other than the fact that it might take longer to vote early and often because a fraud would need to make sure he/she had the proper ID at each polling place…..

  99. howardfrombroward says:

    amen my friend. did the naacp boneheads overlook the fact that no one can enter the united nations building in new york without going through security screening? every illegal voter viciously and cynically disenfranchises a legitimate voter.

  100. Barack Hussein Obama, Holder & The Mexican
    Drug Cartel Are Working Together To Destroy Arizona. http://www.youtube.com/embed/tsH8xvjTAlo

  101. Robert Egloff says:

    I always liked " Proper ID ". Amazing just how the USA plugs along . This voter fraud scam needs to be cleaned up.

  102. Doug Wenzel says:

    Who care's what the un does.I don't remember reading anything in the constitution about the un.NAACP up your's.

  103. Robert Egloff says:

    ALL States must start to require a code on a licence for non-citizens. Same as eyeglasses required, no night driving, various codes on CDL's, and, so on.

  104. Great point! I had to show photo ID last week when I went to the Doctor's office even though I've known the Doctor and the receptionist for 20 years! This whole thing is just so Obama has a chance to win in November.

  105. I believe that this IS what we should do any time any of us vote. WE have so many illegals in this country that vote and can NOT actually do it.. because they are NOT citizens.. This policy should have been used years before, starting with the Bush administration.. and the Obama administration is even worse..Jean

  106. cowboygary says:

    Eric Holder is either Obama's lackey or the most profoundly stupid lawyer ever to walk the earth. And the NAACP complaining to the UN (not unlike Holder), what is that all about? Since when does the UN have control over anything? Time for this administration to go, before we become a third world country.

  107. Fred D Mann says:

    How do you think Obama got voted in the first time? If all the 50 states don't pass the voter ID law before the next presidential election it will happen again.

  108. I'm so glad to see someone else who has this kind of info on the NAACP! I knew this for years about its having Communists on board; I knew that even just after MLK was shot down and learned more about his background and connections with the NAACP, too. The UN has nothing to do with what the United States of America is doing and no state should be dealing with anything the UN thinks it can deal with. This is in the Constitution and each state has its own state Constitution, which I've read about the state I live in (SC) and it shows that this state is to use the US Constitution's 10th Amendment (sovereignty) whenever possible and legal to do so.

  109. We have to show ID to get a drivers license,,the airport,the library it's a must to keep voting from being more corrupt than it is!

  110. What I want to know is this:

    Did the NAACP members who went to the U.N. have to show photo ID to get inside the building?

    That is what cuts to the heart of the matter here, and I notice that absolutely no network or news organization has given us that information.

    In one magazine, a picture of a mexican drug lord was shown. It was not his mug shot. It was his picture from his voter ID card. You see, even in the lowest, dirtiest third world UN nation, photo ID is required to vote.

    Knowing if ID is required to enter the UN, and if the member nations listening to this antiAmerican complaint require photo ID's to vote (at least those that are not dictatorships with no elections) is germane to the entire discussion.

    Information, please.