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Britain’s Prime Minister Offers a Sweetheart Deal for Obama’s Re-Election

Written by Gary North on March 16, 2012

Prime Minister Cameron has announced a sweetheart deal to help Obama get re-elected. He will authorize the sale of part of the British government’s strategic oil reserves. Obama will do the same for American reserves. Together, they think oil prices will fall. Then gasoline prices will fall.

The reuters headline was on target.

Britain has decided to cooperate with the United States on a release of strategic oil stocks that is expected within months, two British sources said, in a bid to prevent fuel prices choking economic growth in a U.S. election year.

“Britain” has not decided this. Cameron has.

A formal request from the United States to the UK to join forces in a release of oil from government-controlled reserves is expected “shortly” following a meeting on Wednesday in Washington between President Barack Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron, who discussed the issue, one source said.

Britain would respond positively, the two sources said.

There are no details on the timing of the joint release.

The emergency oil reserves were paid for by taxpayers. It is clear what the emergency is: Obama’s falling poll numbers.

I assume this rumor is true. That is because it has been denied. “The issue of oil supply was discussed but no decisions have been taken,” a spokesman travelling with Cameron said.

“The Obama administration can only take so much political pain from rising gasoline prices, which pose a serious threat to the economy and the president’s re-election,” said Bob McNally, a former White House energy adviser and head of U.S. energy consultancy Rapidan.

“SPR (Strategic Petroleum Reserve) use is more a matter of when than if.┬áThe administration strongly desires international support and coordination from other strategic stock holders, but is encountering stiff resistance from some IEA members who think strategic stocks should only be used for severe supply disruptions,” McNally said.

Obama is falling in popularity. The pundits say it’s the rising cost of gasoline.

On this issue, Obama is not to blame. International oil prices are set by supply and demand. The world uses about a billion barrels of oil every two weeks. Nothing Obama has done has affected this market.

Yes, he vetoed the oil pipeline, but that would have taken years to construct.

However, he knows he is hurting politically. So, he and Cameron will decide when to release this oil.

It will come either after Israel bombs Iran or else, failing that, when the polls indicate his defeat in November.

The plan will fail. There are not enough reserves available to hold prices down more than a few weeks. The world uses a billion barrels of oil every 12 days. The total strategic reserve of the USA is about 700 million barrels. The size of the British reserve is unknown.

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73 thoughts on “Britain’s Prime Minister Offers a Sweetheart Deal for Obama’s Re-Election

  1. ReaperHD says:

    You Brits are pretty friggin stupid to help this anti-Brittish moron get re-elected. Why do people get dumb when they are around this commie trash. Your prime minister bent over backwards to help Hitler and that didn't workout to well.

  2. Fritz329th says:

    That is just great. Why don't the Brits keep their nose out of our business. We do not want obozo to get elect again. Can't that Dumb-A$$ see that???

  3. Victor Barney says:

    Britain has been a marxist country ALL of the 1900's, so this isn't surprising! Churchill himself was a marxist(Anti-Christ)! In fact, that exactly was what the British music invasion of the 60's was about: A CIA ploy to introduce "Marxism" to our Children! I was there, but never ended up buying it in the end, as our women by age tended to do. I have come to realize that it is because of the Hebrew-inspired set-apart Scriptures and the very first-born blood covenant ever made! It was between Eve, her first-born son Cain, and Lucifer, still the Angel over this world by the way, UNLESS YOU personally are called out of it! As written, our Hebrew CREATOR YHWH always punishes his own FIRST! September 16, 2012 is the Annual Israelite Festival called the FEAST OF TRUMPETS(WAR) and I predict that it will bring on the two-witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11 to completely destroy u.s., save 144,000 Israelites, less Dan and, more gentiles will remain alive than Israelites? How many? That remains to be seen? WATCH!

  4. England may have a plan to help the United States of America. However, it is just another cover up to hide the bad the jerk we have in America's White House. He needs be gotten rid of from office. A small amount of oil may gain him a few votes from the ignorant, but, those of us that read and listen [with ears open] to what is really going on will assuredly vote for another.
    For all the ugly he caused in this great country and the ugly he is causing recently and all the ugly he looks for ward to cause in the future, He needs to gotten rid of.
    What We the People of The United States of America need is a leader. Not a jerk that ONLY wants to tear our country apart.

  5. Ed Smith says:

    It continues to amaze me that the American people are duped by such manipulative tactics as this! It is obvious that Obama is only doing this to get reelected, and is not ashamed of that fact! But, his track record yells at us loud and clear what will happen after the election if he wins….gas prices will SOAR to European levels….$7-8-9 even $10 a gallon!! If O is reelected, we can kiss our Constitution and the freedoms it affords us goodbye. I just wonder if and when the American people will say, "I've had enough!!" I only pray that happens before it is too late…

  6. The Brits can have Barry. Since he had no trouble posing as an American despite being a Kenyan I'm sure he can trick the British into thinking he's one of theirs. He can be the new Prime Minister.

  7. Gee, I wonder did Obama ask PM Cameron for the Bust of Churchill to be sent back? Obama unceremoniously sent it back to G.B. upon taking office. Reason? He said he didn't like the way his father was treated during WWII. Let's see, the bust was a gift to the US, by I believe then PM Tony Blair. It really wasn't Obama's to give back! If he disliked it so much he could have put it in storage. Then of course was Obama's "gift" to Queen Elizabeth…an I-pod loaded with his speeches. This is conceit to the Nth degree. This is how he rules, I mean governs as POTUS.

  8. Well, I believe there is an ulterior motive. My clue was this sentence "It will come either after Israel bombs Iran or else, failing that, when the polls indicate his defeat in November.". I have already been told by a good source, that as soon as Israel bombs Iran, the USA, and Britain, plan to jump in really big time. At that time, it will involve some other really big nations. by the time that is over we may not need any reserves, or none reserves. Russia has stated plainly that if Israel bombs Iran, they plan to bomb us. Any one paying attention knows that China would dearly love to pound us into the sand, even though all their "sales" are to us. Do you really think we will then start in on them? I do. One might do well to read Victor's message above very carefully.

  9. SEAN MURRY says:

    It wont help the SOB we know his con game.

  10. Randolph Rivers says:

    Sell the oil and let's still vote the muslim scum out of office. I am sick of his lies. All presidents have to sell their cause but not with lie after lie. Stop midstream, cancel call off this Ali Baba.

  11. Victor is a nutcase, he's screwed up the scriptures just like the demoncrats screw up what is said by the republicans

  12. Carol Goodwin says:

    This was another pompous stab at attempting to bolster Obama's falling support. THE UNITED STATES HAS MORE OIL AVAILABLE TO BE DRILLED THAN ALL THE MIDDLE EAST! WE NEED TO TELL THE M E TO TAKE A FLYING LEAP AT A ROLLING DOUGHNUT AND BECOME TOTALLY INDEPENDENT FOR OIL! Yes, this would bring down the price of gas but it would also cut into the pockets of all those filthy rich who make their money from oil company investments. Now ask me if I really care about that!

  13. soldiermom11 says:

    They will have some expert figure out exactly the timing of the oil reserve release in order for prices to go down just before the elections. I love what Romney said this morning…to paraphrase …we don't need more alternative energy ..we need an alternative President! I'm for that!

  14. This is not the time to sell our oil reserves. It is the time to have an energy policy and develop our resources.

  15. This was totally clear to me that Obummer would/will come up with crap like this. Election is coming up, if this clown get's re-elected all I'm saying, "Good Night America" a country which was sooooo great before the Mob has taken over.

  16. There is one country BO hates more than the USA and it is Britain. Yet Dimbulb, I mean Prime Minister CaMORON is all for helping this POS get re-elected. Beam me up Scottie, there is no intelligent life down here on either side of the pond.

  17. Unmentioned in all of this is the US government's longstanding policy under Dem and GOP administrations to guarantee Israel's oil supply, even if it means shortages and higher prices for Americans at the pump. As I write this the Obama administration is negotiating with Egypt to ensure Israel's access to oil at below-market prices (underwritten as always by the American taxpayer) should there be a blockade of the Strait of Hormuz.

    This from our "only friend in the Mideast".

  18. Obama wants energy to "necessarily skyrocket"!
    Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.
    If you vote for Obama, you deserve what you get.

  19. Your article is flawed. First, there is plenty of supply (due to warm winter) but much of the oil is turned around immediately and sold primarily to China. Second, Obama is allowing only about 25% of Federal drilling; i.e. most drilling is on PRIVATE land. Allow drilling in Gulf of Mexico and prices will go down immediately! Third is the pipeline.

  20. Navy Vet says:

    I am really glad to see that Great Britain has a DAIC (Dumb Ass In Charge) just like the U.S. The oil reserves of both countries would give us about a 30 day supply. This will NEVER bring the price of gasoline down, and "they know it." Obama has already done this before. Did it drop the gas prices? No–it went up instead. A little bit of simple math will tell anyone that this simply will not work. But then again, MAYBE IT'S NOT DESIGNED TO.

  21. There are 100's of reason why Obama popularity should plummet, People just need to pay closer attention ao to what this marxist muslim is doing to this country.

  22. Bless2live says:

    President Obama is lacking! It is what it is! You can't fix stupid ! America moves on!

  23. Are they nuts? Don’t these two political readers learned from the oil fiasco in the 70’s? What happened if the oil reserves of both countries are depleted and the Oil Cartel decides, as it did before, to stop pumping oil?

  24. To the American People: Don't fall for obozo's ploy to get re-elected. He will use anything and exploit ANYONE in his quest to get whatever is personally beneficial to him. Unfortunately, Prime Minister Cameron has been bought and paid for by the obama machine. Creepy how Cameron looked star-struck while in obozo's presence recently.

  25. unfortunately you would be surprised how few they— are meaning those that read and hear

  26. PJMcK1954 says:

    I wish that was true.
    The American voters can display an amazing amount of stupidity. Putting Obama in the White House is probably the height of stupidity.
    On Election Day, let's hope that most of Obama's loyal supporters do what they do best: get themselves incarcerated or stay home. Those who do stay home can smoke marijuana, drink cheap wine, sell drugs to their friends or plan the heist of a nearby convenience store.

  27. if he thinks he will lose he will declare marshal law and block the election ,if he thinks he can win and doesn't then he will declare marshal law between nov and jan if he does win then he will declare marshal law about march or april

  28. we had better as a nation wakeup if odumbo is allowed to be reelected or to declare martial law we will be the only country to go communist without a war i just realized i misspelled martial in my earlier comment

  29. You're crazy.

  30. It's not the Brits that are doing this; it's their dictator.

  31. I thought George W was going to pull something like that to allow him to stay in the White House. You'll be wrong, too.

  32. And you are a resident of what Mental Institution? I suggest you have your drinking water tested!

  33. Why would this country's VOTER'S be fooled repeatedly by miss leading leader's in Washington. The largest % of VOTER'S desperately need lower gasoline price's to survive, or move to Electric, or Electric/Gas operated automobile's. Yes. we the majority of Voter's throughout this country are finished with this Leadership and can't wait for the upcoming election to help remove this Lying party, who continue misleading the American Voter's. I like the new comment "OBOOZOS".

  34. Don't blame the brits, like Obama circumventing congress, Cameron is doing things without the permission of parliment and the people of Britain. Cameron has no right to sell anything without parliment approval. Cameron is already unpopular, he might want to think about HIS reelection chances too. I haven't been paying too much attention to the Brits, I'm wondering if Cameron is taking orders from someone higher up to do everything he can to help Obama get reelected since the progressives are so close to success. I mean, why else would a leader of a country snubbed by Obama help him?

  35. Not the american people, more like the adoring media that worships everything Obama says and does. Then the media puts this garbage out as "news" to those that are lazy and don't take the time to get the facts for themselves. Maybe more people should contact companies that run ads on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNBC and MSNBC and not buy any of the products, or better yet, sell the stock. The left attempted this with Rush, but there are more of US, than there are of THEM…

  36. I thought Barry WAS one of theirs. Being born in Kenya would make him a dual citizen…I thought I remembered reading about Obama going to Pakistan when it was illegal for american citizens to go there. The only way that could have been done was with a british passport.

  37. You mean Obama's father the nine year old WWII veteran? LOL I just love it when Obama can't keep his lies straight, or doesn't bother with the math….wish the media would have paid more attention in math class….first they can't figure out age, now they can't seem to figure out how outlandish Obama's latest claim of being able to save families 8000.00 per year in gas is. Go figure.

  38. The mainstream media has chosen to look the other way on all things Obama. It's past time that the media be called to task about their blatant biases. It isn't funny any more! What I don't quite get is what's in it for them to be so biased to begin with? What hold does Obama and his puppeteer Georeg Soros have on these so called journalists?

  39. fatman45 says:

    "On this issue, Obama is not to blame. International oil prices are set by supply and demand. The world uses about a billion barrels of oil every two weeks. Nothing Obama has done has affected this market.

    Yes, he vetoed the oil pipeline, but that would have taken years to construct."

    I'm usually in agreement with Gary North but he is dead wrong on this. It's not just the pipeline; it's a whole series of policy decisions by the Obama admin that have affected the oil market. Like reinstating the ban on offshore drilling on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and the Eastern Gulf of Mexico; having the EPA crackdown on fracking, which has been used for 60 years with no problems; etc. etc. Although I guess the argument *could* be made that "nothing he has done" has affected the maket – thee are many steps he *could* have taken that would have had a positive effect. Like an executive order requiring 80% of federal vehicles switch to natural gas within the next five years. Why do we even have a SPR anyway?

  40. Aren't those reserves supposed to be for EMERGENCIES? So what happens when there is a REAL emergency, and our reserves aren't there?

  41. Maybe Cameron is gay too.

  42. Navy Vet says:

    Isn't it nice to know that the leader of Great Britain is screwing the citizens of his country, just like our Commandant in Chief is doing to us. This must really make them feel good about themselves. They are giving up their reserves in order to get Obama re-elected and the citizens don't have "any" input–just like us. I was beginning to think that all of the "dumb asses" were in the U.S. Now I know different.

  43. Jstarusa says:

    Obama said at one time he wanted fuel to reach 7.50 per gallon, but of course not in an election year! He will do anything and anybody to get re-elected, then watch out! Any one with common sense can figure that out! Oh! Thats right! They dont teach that at Harvard!

  44. gerald scott says:

    Obama has a plan to crash not only our but the world economy and unfortunately Prime Minister Cameron is in accord with that agenda. bringing about a one world currency etc. etc……And I'm not sure that even if we get rid of Obama in 2012 that we're not already to far gone down this road to be able to stop the demise of the world as we know it. Same reason Obama isn't stepping up to the plate on the Syria issue. He has to let things progress and help them in that progression to bring about the one world government. Let's face it we are in serious trouble as a free democratic nation. But there is one hope. Jesus said he will return for his people and then Gods wrath will be poured out on the earth and those who remain in an attempt to get them to repent and accept Christ as your God. And after that Jesus will return and set up his kingdom here on earth for 1000 years and us who are with him will rule and reign by his side for that period of time. All these troubles of the times we are living in start to pale in the light of Gods love for us. Are you ready for Jesus return?

  45. Cheshboy says:

    I am a Brit I am in total agreement with you. Hell I came over here to get away from Tony Blair, and Cameron is supposed to be a conservative, about as conservative as Dennis Kusinich. My apologies for our PM Sir.

  46. First, the Strategic Oil Reserve is not large enough to make a much of a dent. It can be easily drained in weeks. Then, if oil is really needed in a National emergency, what have you got?

    Why not connect Canadian oil to a tank farm storage system just south of the border, and create a real "reserve" of enough oil to run things, say, for 5 years?

  47. Cheshboy says:

    I refer my learned friend to the comments I made above, as we say in the Houses of Parliament!

  48. Churchill is the one who helped Britain during WWII, in case you don't know. What in the world have you been drinking or smoking?
    I don't know what year Churchill died, but he certainly was not even anywhere near in power in the 60's and I don't even think he was still alive then.

  49. Wow what a plan to further weaken the USA. Commie Cameron wants to help Commie Obama, They both are saying to hell with the Masses, Their fellow countrymen. Destroy their Morals,Destroy their freedom of Speech, Render their money worthless.and enslave em. Meanwhile we sit on our ass and let em Destroy us.

  50. soldiermom, me too!! Only thing, I think Mitt, Newt & rick will keep the status quo intact. Like 0 kept up & continued what GWB was doing, these 3 big govt CINO-RINOs stooges would do the same.

    I looked up all 4 of the R candidates. Only Ron Paul is a true Constitution supporter. Before any one jumps him for foreign policy or racism, do deeper research.

    I been watching Dr. Paul for some 6 years. He is still on the same track, no flip flops. Ron is the only one whose walk, for some 30 years, has continually matched his talk.

    When I 1st heard of Ron Paul those years back & what he was sayin I thought he's to good to be true. So I started looking. I am very happy with what I found. Not so with the others. These 3 stooges have ALL changed their talk, even using Ron Paul's ideas & some of his platform. But their past records show that they are just saying what they think it takes to get elkected.

    "But Ron is trailing in the votes & polls!" True. But why?

    Research black box voter fraud. Very interesting information. And should be a wake up call. Yeah, I know, what I say can be construed as "sore loser!" But that is NOT my motivation. Also look at NewsWithViews.com. At the bottom of their long home page there is a site search box. Put 'vote fraud' in the box. There is a LOT goin on the fringe media is silent on.

    If needed I'll share what I have found on the other 3. There is a lot of links.

    We need to get 0 out. But if we just put in another 0, like we did with 0, who just took up where GW left off, it's back to square 1 & we a further from getting the Constitution back.

    "Any one but Bush!" got us 0. Let's not do that again.


  51. taina2, right on!

    But the powers that b don't want US to be energy independent. If we were energy free from foreign sources, & doing our own, the costs would be lower. More jobs would come. Our economy would start to thrive. They don't want that. They want to break us down so we can be forced into a NWO govt, no sovorign USA.

    That's why 0 & circus plays games with US, saying one thing, doing another. Keystone pipeline a prime example.

    Something has to be up. There is plenty of gasoline, they been exporting. But the price goes up any way, in defiance of free market supply & demand. Demand is also down as most autos now get better gas mileage. Still the price goes up…

    Research Collapse The System by Cloward & Pivon. Also read Rules For Radicals. Find out some of what the enemies of the US are up to.


  52. Merry Cat says:

    Isn't there also the little matter of inflating the money supply? Won't that inflate prices somewhat? I imagine that the U.S. has only started to taste the inflation that is coming down the line.

  53. AnnieBee says:

    Please Ed, The American people are not duped by Obutthead, just the clueless American's or racisis and racisis come in all colors

  54. Oh, just what we need, another BP spill! Who wants clean water, clean beaches, and untainted seafood anyway? Yeah, let's keep drilling right off of our coasts. A little oil and dispersants won't hurt anything.

  55. frank1737 says:

    Why doesn't the damned bloody British get the Hell out of our business. Obummer Snubbed Queen Elizabeth and these stupid ass Brits still admire him? The American Military should remember these Bastards as Traitors to the U.S.A.

  56. Yeah…Churchill died in the mid 60's. There's a very collectible issue of Life magazine from that period that shows the funeral,etc. Churchill a marxist?? I don't think so. Maybe Chamberlain tho.

  57. AD Roberts says:

    Because Cameron is controlled by the same group that controls Obama. That would be the Bilderbergs. This has nothing to do with national relations. It has everything to do with making sure Obama continues to destroy the USA

  58. AD Roberts says:


  59. It's not just the gas prices!!! Unemployment!!! Heathcare!!! Regulations that are strangling business! 10,000 new laws more in just a few short months!!! IT'S NOT THE GAS MR. PRESIDENT…. IT IS YOU!!!!! GET OUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE!!!

  60. Julia Peterson says:

    The “Brits” are not making the decisions, their gas has a massive tax on it and it never goes down. I cannot understand what Cameron is thinking, he is a Conservative and Obama has insulted the “Brits” many times. There are people in Obama’s administration that are telling us he is so popular in Europe. Not so, there are a bunch of jokes about his ineptitude daily on the websites. Obama must have promised something in return. He should be telling the Saudis what they need to do instead of bowing to them. It scares me to death when he is dictating foreign policy, he does not know what he is doing and his admin. is just as stupid. I do hope Americans wake up before November – so many younger people don’t know what is going on in the world and don’t care, they are thinking only of themselves and how they are living. However, I still have hope that many Americans are not stupid and will do the right thing. A former Brit.

  61. @Reaper,
    Guess whose PR firm Cameron used in his election? Ms Anita Dunn's (formerly of the WH/ Communications Director)
    That in itself speaks volumes.
    It is amazing that either country would sell itsSPR. Do they really believe that this will bring down the ppb (oil price per barrel) or the cost of gas at the pump? We're not the big boys on this block,though we could be.
    Yes, I agree with Reaper that it is a pretty dumb move on Cameron's part as the current occupier of the WH is so anti-British.

  62. Are you one of Armstrong's followers or are you a Jehovah's Witness? Either way you're in a cult and need to be set FREE! Come OUT from among them, repent and ask Jesus Christ to be your Savior and Lord. John 3: 16,17

  63. Truth Be Tol says:

    The Alaskan pipeline was built between 1974 and 1977 after the 1973 oil crisis caused a sharp rise in oil prices in the United States. This rise made exploration of the Prudhoe Bay oil field economically feasible. Environmental, legal, and political debates followed the discovery of oil at Prudhoe Bay in 1968, and the pipeline was built only after the oil crisis provoked the passage of legislation designed to remove legal challenges to the project. So what happened and why drilling for Big Oil's and the Newt's and Romney's greedy satisfacton is definitely not the answer.

  64. glop: Churchill was in power from 1940 to 1945 and 1951 to 1955. I believe he died sometime in January 0f 1965. However, in regards to rthe British Government "helping" the USA out;. They are not "Helpin" "We the People", they are helping bo. in fact, I don't know if the British government as a whole has made this decision, or just Cameron, who is a "Liberal" and I believe, also a "Marxist". So please folks, don't believe for a minute that he is trying to HELP AMERICA and her PEOPLE. He is one of THEM.

  65. Ed Smith: The American people are NOT duped by ANY of bo's manipulative tactics. At least those of us who keep in the loop and keep ourselves advised of what is going on. It is up to us to make sure those who DON'T keep up, are kept up, forcibly (like bo does to us with his "executive orders and mandates), if necessary. Speak out to the people you know and even those you don't at times, so that we can educate folks., There are those of us who don't own or have access to a computer. There are those who are too elderly and afraid of computers. I try to do my part in educating those I meet as to what is happening in our country, even folks I may run into and get into conversation with when grocery shopping etc.

  66. JoJo: He probably COULD save us $8000.00 per year and more… if he would just STOP mooshelle taking so many darned vacation a year ON US.

  67. alex: There were a number of people who thought bo would declare Martial Lawbefore or during the 2010 elections. The only reason he didn't, from hat I can ascertain, is because HE personally, still had another two years to bring further disaster of the USA… which he has done. Now, he is up for relection himself, and heaven only knows what, or should I say when, he will do the unspeakable. I don't doubt for a minute that he will.

  68. Navy Vet: Exactly. It is not MEANT to bring gas prices down. It is meant to make it look like bo is "TRYING" to bring them down. As for Cameron, I believe you have that exactly right too. He IS A DAIC!

  69. DEFEATOBAMAIN2012 says:

    Actually he is, his father was a colonial british subject born in africa under british rule,
    who kept the blacks in their place as slaves so mr o is kissing up to a british slave owner.

  70. madmemere says:

    Obama-soetoro's veto of the pipeline will NOT help him get re-elected; with any luck it will HELP get him FIRED! IF we had been "allowed" to begin MORE drilling and exploration during "slick willy's" DUAL PRESIDENCY, we would NOT be in the precarious position we are in today! Moreover, I will state, "emphatically", if we are given the "go ahead" on this project, it will NOT take YEARS – -with the RIGHT "organization effort", it might take months. When faced with monumental challenges, America has ALWAYS been able to "rise" to the task!

  71. madmemere says:

    If PM Cameron tries to put this over, on the Brits – -his days will be severely "numbered", too!

  72. Obama gave permission for other countries to drill in the Gulf Of Mexico!!! He also provided funds for Brazilian oil production. If you are such a brave environmentalist, take your little raft out to a Chinese owned oil platform and chain yourself to it.

  73. Marc Howland says:

    Yes ReaperHD, We are stupid. Here in the UK alot of people assume PM Cameron is a 'Conservative' as he is the leader of the Conservative Party ….. but he is actually a PROGRESSIVE …. just like that lunatic Obama