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Strangulation by Regulation: Another $46 Billion Worth of Red Tape

Written by Gary North on March 15, 2012

We are now three years into the Obama Administration. So far, new regulations have added $46 billion in costs to businesses. This is four times the pace of the regulations under George W. Bush in his first three years.

The Federal Register adds over 82,000 pages a year, each with three columns. This takes place no matter who is President.

Congress does nothing to stop this. Congress has always done nothing.  We can safely assume that nothing will be done until the day when the government goes bust.

The irony is that in January 2011, President Obama announced a new policy. He promised to get tough on over-regulation. But there has been a constant stream of new high-cost regulations.

The main targets are small businesses. This is to be expected . An agency wants successful prosecutions. The way it gets them is to sue small businesses, which cannot afford to hire lawyers.

Job creation is reduced because production is reduced. A recent report concludes:

There is no agency that keeps track of new regulations. But this much can be verified.During 2011, the Obama Administration completed a total of 3,611 rulemaking proceedings, according to the Federal Rules Database maintained by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), of which 79 were classified as “major,” meaning that each had an expected economic impact of at least $100 million per year.  Of those, 32 increased regulatory burdens (defined as imposing new limits or mandates on private-sector activity). Just five major actions decreased regulatory burdens. The remainder of the rules adopted were non-regulatory in nature, such as those setting spending criteria for government programs.

From 2009 until late 2011, over 10,000 rulemaking procedures were implemented. Over 200 were classified as major.

The most expensive regulation of 2011 was imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which issued a total of five major regulations at a cost of more than $4 billion annually.

Year in and year out, the noose tightens. The agencies extend their control. Congress passes new laws. This is a system that is out of control. But it has been out of control for decades. It cannot be reversed by anything except bankruptcy, which fortunately is where the federal government is headed, to the tune of $1.3 trillion a year in red ink.

“Things that cannot go on have a tendency to stop.” — Herbert Stein’s law.

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2 thoughts on “Strangulation by Regulation: Another $46 Billion Worth of Red Tape

  1. Your DIGG button is not working. Fix please !

  2. The ultimate goal of Obama and his communist minions is to reduce world population to less than one billion people.
    Sebelius, Jarrett and Moochelle want to get there via birth control and abortion (The murder of little, defenseless babies in the womb); John Holdren wants to poison the water; Cass Sunstein wants to get there via regulation; Samantha Powers wants to get there via military-intervention; Rosa Brooks wants to gut our military: Carol Browner wants to close down our energy industries; David Axelrod wants us to become a Communist country; A.G. Holder arms the Mexican Drug Cartels so that they can kill at random; DOE head Chu pushes for $9.00 gasoline so we all can starve; Timmy the Tax cheat sends the IRS after all naysayers; Arnie Duncan has lowered the government school system to the bottom rung; DHS head Napolitano makes sure that all terrorists can cross our borders; DOL head Solis wants all companies to be unionized so that all manufacturing will move overseas; Bill Ayers wants to blow up the government as we know it. These are Obama’s associates that he looks to for guidance!
    Birth control medicine increases the potential of blood clots. Abortion doubles the chance of getting breast cancer later. So is this really about women’s health or is it a further attempt by these communists to whittle down the population?