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North American Command: U.S., Canada, Mexico

Written by Gary North on March 15, 2012

Have you ever heard of the Northern Command, also known as Norcom? Probably not.

Have you heard of moves to integrate the United States, Canada, and Mexico into one judicial authority? Probably.

Here is the description of Norcom on Wikipedia.

United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) is a Unified Combatant Command of the U.S. military tasked with providing military support for civil authorities in the U.S., and protecting the territory and national interests of the United States within the contiguous United States, Alaska, Canada, Mexico (and the air, land and sea approaches to these areas).

USNORTHCOM was created on April 25, 2002 when President George W. Bush approved a new Unified Command Plan, following the 11 September 2001 attacks. USNORTHCOM went operational on October 1, 2002.

The support that USNORTHCOM provides to civil authorities is legally limited by the Posse Comitatus Act, which sets some limits on the role of the U.S. military in civilian law enforcement. However, in case of national emergency, natural or man-made, its Air Forces Northern National Security Emergency Preparedness Directorate will take charge of the situation or event.

It gets better (or worse).

USNORTHCOM is composed of several standing Joint Task Forces (JTFs) previously assigned to United States Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM): Joint Force Headquarters National Capital Region, Joint Task Force-Civil Support, Joint Task Force Alaska, and Joint Task Force North. USNORTHCOM service components include U.S. Fifth Army/ARNORTH, First Air Force/AFNORTH, and United States Fleet Forces Command.

What does it do?

NORTHCOMM operates extensive domestic intelligence operations which both share and receive information from local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Employees of the FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, NGA, and other agencies maintain offices at NORTHCOMM and receive daily intelligence briefings.

Northern Command has completed several joint training exercises with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, the Department of Homeland Security, and FEMA.

In Exercise Vigilant Shield 2008, Northern Command, Pacific Command, the Department of Homeland Security, and numerous law enforcement agencies across the U.S. conducted exercises to test their “response abilities against a variety of potential threats”.

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31 thoughts on “North American Command: U.S., Canada, Mexico

  1. Just one more step toward the NWO and one world government.

  2. Can the government use our own military against us….. Hummmm… Sounds like Hitler has returned from the grave…

  3. The US govt can ORDER their troops to fire upon us, but the real question is, WILL OUR TROOPS COMPLY? I have asked several National Guardsmen, and come to the conclusion that the government will find itself in a very compromised position by making that order.

  4. RocketJL says:

    Remember, Clinton, Bush, and Obama have publicly supported UN Agenda 21 which promotes one world government, run primarily by folks from the UN. It also end private property ownership, private weapons, and eliminates the constitution. Did you see last week where the UN made a statement that 'it' should control all food and water on planet Earth. Top that off, their ideal population for the Earth to satisfactorily support is one billion people. We currently have over 6 billion people on Earth. You do the math.

  5. no need to make a fuss the bible sayes 1 world gov will come.wake up game over

  6. So this is why we have a basicly open boarder with Mexico . The time for action to stop this infringement of our rights as american's might of pasted us………hope not. Hope and change what a line of crap the majority of the US swallowed, hope they like it when the government goes into their bedrooms/kitchens/automobiles and all other aspects of their extistence on their journey thru life. Personally think Thomas Jefferson made the best plan when he penned the consttution. Thomas Jefferson also stated " The best government is no government. If people could only rule themselfs."

  7. "constitution" yes I know how to spell it just made a typing error

  8. Don't believe it. They will fire on you because they will have no choice. After the first few get shoit in the back for refusing to follow orders they will kill you to save themselves.

  9. No problem Few remember that old thing anyway.

  10. sweetcbt says:

    Yes they can (if they call it an emergency) (if they are in fear of riots or acts against government doings)

  11. sweetcbt says:

    If you look at all of the presidents — they all support NWO….even Washington, etc. Check the paper currency. It has always been the goal of this government. Obama was GENERATED and PLACED in the position to hasten the process. Really he wants to be head of the EU

  12. sweetcbt says:

    I believe it was Clinton who opened the borders "for trade purposes". So far the trade has netted us more drugs, more crime, more dirty politicians in Washington and more illegals on the welfare rolls. The Clintons are BIG NWO pushers.

  13. What Constitution? Our government now follows the beat of a different drummer and that drummer is the NWO pushing America into a One World Government. Just look around your major intersections crossing from one town to the next. Look up and you will see cameras watching you. You are being tracked wherever you go. There are more agencies to keep tabs on you now than ever in our history. Russia and China are probably wishing they had drones in the sky to watch over their populations as America now has. Big Brother is here to stay and soon they are going to come for our guns. So, will someone tell me what Constitution do we have to protect our rights?

  14. Al from Fl says:

    Ever heard of the Goldwater-Nichols act? It established unified commands back in the 1970s to fight the wars (and in the case of NORTHCOM support domestic crisis when brought in by civilian authorities). It's part of the joint force structure where these geographic commands fight the war instead of the service chiefs as was the case during WWII. Wouldn't put too much stock in wikipedia but is there anything else to this article other than NORTHCOM's geographical area of responsibility?

  15. IllegalAlienPOTUS says:

    Once, if infact they do, the military or our soldiers say NO to the order, that is when the UN forces will come in and take over… Martial law will be in effect, and another civil war will start because Americans have a ton of guns… and are willing to use them to keep freedom,,, I hope…

    My question is: Are there enough "Oath Keepers" to stop the liberals and Muslims that are currently allowed to serve in our Armed forces from shooting US???? that is the real question…

  16. garry_f_owen_trooper says:

    The lead element of the Army side of Northcom is the 3rd Infantry Division, based out of Fort Stewart, GA. These were the guys who led the "longest cavalry charge in history" by being the first to enter Baghdad. In addition to its usual complement of three brigades, they also have the 75th Ranger Battalion attached at Hunter Army Airfield. Just down I 95 is a federal training facility for the FBI, US Marshals, Border Patrol and others. Now I'm not a tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy kook (nor do I have anything against such folks), but just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you.

  17. For that very reason–self defense- they will turn on the traitors who give that order and those who try to enforce it.
    There's two ways to look at every contingency. And, they will not be alone. We, the people, the citizen militia, the very ones that the libtards say don't have the right to keep and bear arms, will have the military's back. Their oath to the uphold the constitution over-rides their allegiance to any commander, including the Kenyan, who violates THEIR oath to the constitution.

  18. Any UN troops that set foot on US soil would have the life expectancy of a sub-atomic particle. The NWO has a lot of money, but they don't have enough to finance that kind of coup–not with 100 million firearms in private hands plus our loyal military. I don't know about you, but I have enough to arm about 50 patriots who are careless enough to NOT to own guns.

  19. Right. NAFTA–that big sucking sound Perot mentioned as the libtards, and many conservatives, laughed. Bet a lot of them aren't laughing now.

  20. Mitchina says:

    “response abilities against a variety of potential threats” That is exactly what that means. WE are the potential threat against their tyranny, gross riches and power. WE THE PEOPLE… are the threat. And FEMA camps are ready and waiting for the last sign (as they pit us against each other thru class, religious and race warfare) to call a National State of Emergency, take our guns away (like they during Hurricane Katrina) and lock anyone up that isn't a sheeple.

  21. Mitchina says:

    It must be just the elite crust – just them… only them.. and the rest of us will be treated like we're the freaking walking dead. Quite honestly, to many of us are already.

  22. Mitchina says:

    Please explain this… in full, and anything that may come after this happening… I'm curious.

  23. Mitchina says:

    Seriously… one of the hardest words to type – guess the mass keyboards we use were designed by an extreme liberal. LOL "extreme liberal"? sorry for being redunant.


  25. toosmarttovoteGOP says:

    Ten years ago.

  26. toosmarttovoteGOP says:

    It was Republicons who laughed at Perot's comment on the matter. Liberals and progressives are the true capitalists since we don't like monopolies. Monopolies are inherently antithetical to capitalism

  27. toosmarttovoteGOP says:

    Every schoolchild in this country, not to mention others, is told by their teachers NOT to trust wikipediea bot cite them as a reference. I guess this means Mr. North is still working his way up to schoolboy level. Good luck with that.

  28. toosmarttovoteGOP says:

    "bot" should've been "nor". Oops.

  29. Re: "toosmart": heard about this from WND several years ago. Went online and examined the material on the other side of the links provided – scary. What this article posted here does not say: (Not verbatim) "In the event of a civil disturbance or natural disaster, the armed forces of any of the nations signatory to this agreement may be called upon to enter the sovereign territory of the affected nation for the purpose of providing disaster or relief assistance and establishing or reestablishing civil domestic order".
    The only way the Canadian people learned of this was through American websites,and when the Canucks found out they were livid at their government for having this hidden from them.

  30. Continuing:The original article also did indeed speak of the American Army Regiment based at Ft. Stewart organized for the purpose of engaging in precisely the tasks noted above, which would include taking control of the water supplies, transportation infrastructure, communications, disaster relief logistics, medical services, policing and judicial functions, and running the government in the "affected" area…
    Now, the possibility of seeing Canadian or Mexican soldiers operating alongside the U.S. forces here in the good 'ole U.S. of A. might seem pretty far fetched, given that the first federal agency to step in to a domestic disaster is FEMA, so, if this is true, then the use of this "command structure" and its extensive, well-organized military forces must have as its sole purpose the prevention of the overthrow of the ruling political class.

  31. Continuing: Why would I believe this? Because I received an email the other day about Obama having signed an executive order granting to five or so of his Cabinet Secretaries the authority to impress American citizens into the military, sieze food and food-making equipment, water and water distribution facilities, all forms of "energy", which I take to mean the siezure of the refineries refracting POL and all existing stocks of POL, the companies transporting the finished product, and the businesses which generate electricity…and to this administration, the end result is expected to be armed opposition, naturally, for which they have already been preparing by engaging in "disaster" drills throughout the nation in various large cities…no, I do not wear a tinfoil hat, either, but "mene, mene tekal farsin".