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Video Camera and Lawsuit: An Anti-Abortion Group Fights Back

Written by Gary North on March 12, 2012

A team of anti-abortion protesters had their signs removed by the police outside of  a public school in Mississippi.

The group of pro-life youth activists first attempted to hold signs, distribute literature, and peacefully dialogue with students on a public sidewalk in front of Murrah High School on Monday.

According to attorneys at Life Legal Defense Foundation, “Jackson school police officers immediately confronted the group and moved their signs across the street, sequestered students back inside the school grounds, and ordered students not to take the literature being handed out or speak with the demonstrators.

“The police claimed that the sidewalk belonged to the school and that they had a right to remove the pro-life activists. At the same time, the Survivors observed that the same sidewalk they were denied access to was being used by passersby and joggers.”

The protesters are now fanning out across the nation. They make stops at 200 schools annually. They have been briefed on their First Amendment rights. They obey the law. They are prepared to sue.

The team did not block joggers or passersby. So, they violated no one’s rights.

The protesters were armed with a video camera, that most dreaded weapon.

Some protesters were arrested.

Fifty years ago in Mississippi, white police arrested “outside agitators.” Now black police arrest “safety violators.” There were “safety concerns.”

When they left on Monday, school officials told the pro-life group they’d be arrested if they came back. It was when the group showed up to the public sidewalk on Tuesday that school security stepped in.

The school’s statement to WND indicates that they were prepared for this group to be on the sidewalk on Tuesday afternoon. Yet, according to school officials, security had no choice but to arrest the duo.

This is the way to fight the government: (1) public protests, (2) lawsuits, (3) video cameras.

For more details, click the link.

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4 thoughts on “Video Camera and Lawsuit: An Anti-Abortion Group Fights Back

  1. SEAN MURRY says:

    Sue the SOBS.

  2. Got nothing better to do at this moment. Maybe I’ll join this group an see if the punk officers can snatch a sign out of my hand.

  3. The protestors need to check out whether the sidewalk is public or school. Then get a permit. That way they police have nothing to say legally about the protest. In this case the students need to voice a protest about the principal telling them to not look at the images nor to read the papers that were handed out. When he did that, he violated the students freedoms. The police officer that said that they could film him without his permission;stating that that was his law, was also in violation of rights. When he grabbed the camera being held by one of the protestors, that was in essence an assault. By the way, where was the ACLU when this all happened?

  4. Richard M says:

    I wonder how many of these so-called 'police officers' took an oath of office. Because, if they did take an oath, I wonder what the oath said. If these goons took an oath of office to 'protect and defend the Constitution. . .' then they all have broken their oaths of office!

    The Police State is alive and well in America. These goons have no clue what they're doing and that they're violating their oaths of office. They need to be schooled on the Constitution or thrown out on the butts with no pay, no pension, NO NOTHING! They should be ashamed of themselves and their tyrannical behavior. Is this America now? If it is, I don't want any part of it. Keep those cameras rolling America, and catch these goons at every turn!