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Police Officer Uses a Taser on a 90-Pound Diabetic Woman

Written by Gary North on March 12, 2012

A police officer must judge the threat offered by a civilian. This case indicates that citizens are at risk.

The use of Tasers is increasing. Because they do not usually threaten the lives of the citizens, the police use them more often.

The victim in this case woke up in a hospital.

She had been disoriented after taking an over-the-counter cold remedy. She sideswiped a police car. She admits this. She got out of her car, and the policeman used the Taser on her. Twice. Maybe three times.

The Stow Police “Use of Force Committee,” which is made up of three Stow police officers, reviewed the incident, and ruled that the officers’ use of the Taser was within department guidelines.

The committee concluded that Chelsea Garrett was “unresponsive to police commands,” and stated that “if an officer perceives a threat through the totality of circumstances, he does not have to wait until he is harmed to deploy the Taser.”

She has sued the police.

Law-enforcement should be based on fitting the punishment to the crime. This includes the use of force. Excessive force is illegitimate.

As the United States moves in the direction of bureaucratic control, citizens should understand that greater force is likely. The way to fight back is in the courts.

Any attempt to resort to private force will backfire. Video recordings and lawsuits are the best means of defense.

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18 thoughts on “Police Officer Uses a Taser on a 90-Pound Diabetic Woman

  1. SEAN MURRY says:

    Sounds like the gespo.

  2. Some police are great but many are NUTS. This kind of action proves it . There is a guy in Willingboro NJ that calls himself Kojack shaves hid head takes steroids and actually sucks on a lolly pop .TRUE .You dont want to run into him and that town allows him to be there .

  3. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    ankaka.com, ledshoppe.com and other sell miniature 'spy cameras' the ride in your shirt pocket and looks exactly like an inkpen for less than $40.00.

    I bought one several years ago, and then one for each of my grown children and their older kids.

    I provided some to friends because of ex wife problems and obnoxious neighbors.

    There is nothing quite like the look on ones face when he see the 'rudimentary' video footage with sound at the same time the judges sees it, OR the jury.

  4. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Did she threaten the cop? Did she move toward him aggressively? I'll bet the answer to both questions is no; he used theTaser for simple convenience.

  5. Harold Clark says:

    The begining of Gestopo rule. Read the 'Rise and Fall of the The Third Reich." Adolph Rule has arrived.

  6. It appears the Ohio officer just loves using his toy on this small 23 yr old.. There's a better write up and video at http://reason.com/blog/2012/03/09/90-pound-ohio-w

  7. Ranchman says:

    Do not misunderstand me, I AM NOT advocating armed revolt by the citizenry. I AM saying that, according to our founding fathers, sometimes it is not only unavoidable, but necessary. Mark my words, if the elite in this country (those who actually run this country, that is) continue to take us down the road they have been, there will be no other way, other than physical confrontation, to take our country back. The evil people in control have pushed us into this situation intentionally.

  8. AD Roberts says:

    You want citizens to use the courts. But the courts are corrupt. They have been proven to lack justice, honesty, or integrity. They are NOT a solution. This is just another example of out of control police who overstep their authority to the detriment of the citizens.

    The old poem is true. "The person who out walks, his freedom to walk." Here we have proof that the police have out "walked" the right to police.

  9. Good. Sue them big time.

  10. I was a Sheriff's deputy in Broward County Florida for two years and I worked in the jail as a corrections officer. There were many deputies working there who liked to hurt people. They loved putting their boots on inmate's necks to hold them down. They also loved hog tying inmates to forcefully inject them with drugs, which is illegal. It took me two years of this and I quit. Some people should NOT be cops. They should be subjected to full psychiatric exams periodocally to make sure they are still fit to serve.

  11. welcome to Nazi America. A law has been passed that If you now speak of revolt you can now be arrested

  12. a court hearing is one mans disision, the judges

  13. I hope she gos after them this happens everyday we are going to start fighting back the police think they are gods and can do what they want to us if this keeps on there are going to be alot of police die because people are getting sick of this and isnt it funny they like to pick on sick and small people and kids it has to stop before someone is killed or a war starts

  14. Most cops should not be cops, but the problem is–who is promoting the stupidity that tasers are non-lethal. THAT'S why they are being used indiscriminately. Even if it works out to be non-lethal in a particular case, does that always make it's use warranted? H#** no, Just because some jack-booted Stasse member doesn't kill you, doesn't mean that he has the right to inflict that sort of pain and discomfort. Many of these nazis intend to inflict punishment. They want to be judge, jury, and executioner. They'd rather kill you with a gun, but they can taser you with impunity–they think.

  15. Tasers were originally promoted as a nonlethal way to subdue suspects, but they have killed 100's of people since being adopted by police departments across the country. A taser shock can put you into cardiac arrest if it routes through your body a certain way, and how many cops have medical degrees?

  16. I had a cousin who wanted to be a cop. He spent 2 years bulking up with a personal trainer, supplying character references, background/financial/criminal checks and went through a battery of psychological tests to see if he was mentally "fit" to be in law enforcement. He washed out of police academy the first week because the regimen is designed to so brutalize, humiliate and degrade you that the only people who emerge from the 5-month course are sociopaths.

    Another fact most Americans do not know is Mideast war vets are given first priority for available slots in police departments. So you have people like that vet who just massacred 16 Afghanis last week going into police work when they return to civilian life. Is it any wonder that they treat Americans as the enemy and use deadly force that is completely uncalled for in routine encounters?

  17. He is in the white house. What is next is: Heil Barack

  18. So, basically, what is being said on tasers is: A private citizen needs to be tasered by unruly police in order to sue the state.
    It seems to be murder for those wearing a badge is perfectly okay. Now, if a private citizen [like the police] happens to be a Veteran, that may attack in desperation is functionally wrong just cause she/he is not wearing a badge.

    It would seem to be that all private citizens will need to install survalience cameras on or in all their vehicles — just like the police have on their vehicles. Now, that would put both of us on a level playing field.

    In most states it is legal to purchase a taser. Isn't that nice information for the private citizen that may get jumpy just for being pulled over by some jerk in a blue suit and a badge!