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The Assassination Bureau Ramps Up

Written by Gary North on March 8, 2012

The Assassination Bureau is an unfinished short story begun by Jack London over a century ago. He could not figure out an ending for it. It is now becoming an official aspect of American government. I can see what ending is planned by the government.

The notion that the White House can target Americans for summary execution by merely claiming that they are associated with terrorism is chilling given the fact that Americans who engage in political activism or even banal behaviors have been characterized as potential terrorists by U.S. authorities.

The White House has asserted the right to carry out state-sponsored assassination anywhere in the world without having to provide any evidence or go through any legal process. The administration merely has to state that the target is a terrorist and it doesn’t matter whether they are an American citizen or not, as we saw in the case of American-born Anwar al-Awlaki and his son, who were both killed last year.

In December, Obama administration lawyers reaffirmed their backing for state sponsored assassination, claiming that “U.S. citizens are legitimate military targets” and do not have the right to any legal protection against being marked for summary execution.

During a CBS 60 Minutes interview in January, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta revealed that Obama himself personally approves the policy to kill American citizens suspected of terrorism without trial on a case by case basis.

“So it’s the requirement of the administration under the current legal understanding that the president has to make that declaration, not you?” Panetta was asked, to which he replied, “That is correct.”

This is being done in full public view. This is public policy. There are no organized protests. It’s business as usual.

The Attorney General of the United States has publicly defended this policy. He did so at the Law School of Northwestern University.

Judge Andrew Napolitano has warned us of what the implications are. Few people care.

Read the full report. Click the link.

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18 thoughts on “The Assassination Bureau Ramps Up

  1. Or those he feels are a personal threat? March 1st? Who couldn't figure that one out??

  2. SEAN MURRY says:

    Reminds me of the mafia.

  3. This goes hand-in-hand with the NDAA and the indefinite confinement amendments attached to it. Nov. can't come soon enough. When are the pansies in the House going to get some gonads?

  4. So put a bounty on his head!!

  5. this is what Syria is doing thats why obummer doesn't want to interfere

  6. Gene Terenzio Sr. says:

    This is what the bible describes as those who wont accept the mark of the beast,
    They will be put to death by the Antichrist.
    Revelation 13:15-18

  7. Referring to Anwar al-Awlaki as an "American" is laughable at best. He had repudiated America years ago and was holed up in Yemen making bombs and teaching his jihadi buddies how to make bombs to be used against Americans, actual Americans that North claims to be concerned about. As such, he constituted a legitimate military target and I'm not shedding any tears over that terrorist dirtbag.

  8. Greg Nagley says:

    Are you SDA?

  9. Ronald R. Johnson says:

    Some how I thought Obama had the White House bought for him so he could become President, not be made Surpreme Ruler!
    Rulers are able to order it's citizens to be shot at will with out any reason or any proof they have done anything wrong, but not
    U S Presidents! Why does Obama and all those people in Washington not know and under stand that? Why do we tax payers stand by and not just allow this to happen, but elect the same criminals to Washington time after time? What has happened to America? Maybe worst it's citizens!!

  10. Carl Rogers says:

    It is time that people in this country WAKE UP to the fact that history repeats. Read the history of Adolph Hitler’s rise to power 1930-1942. The similarity to the present situation of the United Stated is chilling. The fact that I posted this statement could possibly lead to the assassination of me and my family. Scoffers and uninformed people have allowed this to happen.

  11. Apparently, this load of shyt, thinks he can and will!!! , this little monster is following the recipe of hitlers rise to power, it's exact parallel!!! and these poor stupid blind,mindless zombies fall for it

  12. The most dangerous terrorist resides in the WH, so maybe he should be one of the first to be shot.

  13. I have felt the same way about some of my comments; however, I know that I'll be in a much better place if it should happen.
    Just grieve for those who should be still alive and do not know.

  14. I wonder how many of these assassinations have happened outside the public eye. That’s what worries me. As far as Al Wackidoodle, good riddance. The biggest threat is an Atty Gen that ignores the law.

  15. Still we have to vote for WHOMEVER is Owebama's opponent in the Nov elections. vote straight Republican ticket so we can get the senate and keep the house. We need this to turn back time and start over.

  16. Wrangler Rob says:

    Ja! Der ObummerMeister ist lookin’ for a good Reichstag fire he can blame on Christians, Jews, und veterans. Dann he kann suspend elections, declare martial law, und bekome Diktator. He vill bring his Marxist-Stalinist thugs wiz him und ze purges vill beginn.

  17. Maraianne says:

    When are the American people going to WAKE UP to the fact that BOTH Romney and Gingrich are members of the CFR
    and Santorum is NOT electable. The ONLY ONE who WILL return this country to the REPUBLIC that we started as is RON PAUL! He is the only one who tells the TRUTH and can be depended on to DO WHAT HE SAYS! This is NOT a democracy;
    the founders feared a deocracy –rule by the majority– NOT a defender of the Minorities BUT chaos.

    The polls (hidden by MOST of the MSM) show that Ron Paul CAN beat Obama!

  18. Start sleeping during the day. The poop will hit the proverbial fan at night after 00:00 hours. Stay frosty….