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You Can Now Record a Cop’s Public Acts in Illinois

Written by Gary North on March 7, 2012

The state of Illinois has a law that prohibits citizens from recording police who do things such as violate civil rights. The government said that the cop had to give permission.

A local judge has struck down the law as unconstitutional. It is way too broad.

The police are saying nothing. Maybe that is because they can be recorded and wind up on YouTube if they do say something.

The police are under the gun — digital guns. What they do in public can wind up on YouTube. This will embarrass them. That possibility always terrifies agents of the state. Why? Because it can lead to budget cuts. It can lead to investigations. It challenges their perceived autonomy.

Across the nation, law enforcement agencies are trying to make it illegal for citizens to monitor what they do in public. They want to Rodney King-type videos online.

The cell phone and YouTube are major threats to the police. They are major threats to politicians who speak at Town Hall meetings. They can be embarrassed for all to see.

They are fighting back. Let’s hope that the courts will overturn these laws against photographing or recording agents of the state..

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4 thoughts on “You Can Now Record a Cop’s Public Acts in Illinois

  1. Big Brother, again!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Patriot Games says:

    Again, the cowardly Tea Party are going after public servants. But Tea Partiers do not fight their country's wars and now they are going after brave men and women who put their lives on the line, for us, everyday. The Tea party needs to start fighting for their country or it's time to leave.

  3. We no there are alot of good copes but we have alot of evil ones to they dont want us to see how they treat us when no one is watching them we have to protect are selfs from these bad cops that think they are god and above the laws we see it everyday how cops are killing rapeing and beating the people they are supose to protect they need to go to jail if they go above the law and we need to watch them closely

  4. yupikesk1 says:

    One instance in a thousand of a cop killing an innocent . . .the woodcarver in Seattle. Tea Party or Potty Party Mr. super patriot, those thirty cops had no right whatsoever to abuse that woman, threaten her sons, steal her money and deprive her of being marandized. We have too many moronic brutes in high places. These guys blew 'nothing' out of proportion. My, how ingenious.