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$15,000 Per Student for a Public Education First Grade Class

Written by Gary North on March 6, 2012

The voters have no clue as to what taxpayers pay to get a child educated in the public schools locally. Once in a while, the fact slips out.

A woman in Connecticut enrolled her child in a community with a better school system. She lived outside the district. She got caught.

The district whose territorial boundaries she violated claims that she stole $15,000 for her child’s one year in school.

She was given a 12-year sentence. She will be eligible for parole after five years.

Her son will now have to spend 11 years in the other district’s public schools. Total: a 12-year sentence.

She was also sentenced for drug dealing. For that, she will receive a five-year sentence: concurrent. So, she really is getting sentenced only for violating school boundaries.

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8 thoughts on “$15,000 Per Student for a Public Education First Grade Class

  1. Huapakechi says:

    So, why no indictment against the thieves in the 'publik eddykasuni sistum'?

  2. Patriot Diva says:

    This should anger every parent with school age kids out there. They are supposed to work for us, NOT the other way around!!!!
    They treat parents like scum, when our tax dollars pays their salaries.

  3. Taquoshi says:

    I happen to live in the community where this all happened. As always, there is more to the story.

    1. If the mother had registered at the local homeless shelter, the child involved would have been place in the school with no problem.

    2. Instead, what the mother did was have someone who lived in HUD subsidized housing claim that the child was living there.

    3. Both the mother and the resident of the HUD housing project were dealing.

    4. It was the Housing Authority, not the municipality or the Board of Education, that filed charges against the mother.

    5. The mother claimed she'd been "stripped searched" by the local police. This was later proved to be false via a video tape.

    6. A rally against the municipality and the school District, neither of which were responsible – see #4 – was held by Al Sharpton.

    7. The mother was subsequently arrested on multiple drug dealing charges, at least one of which I know happened within 1,000 feet of a school. Another one of the other charges had to do with selling drugs while her child was standing on the porch less than 60 feet away from the drug deal.

    8. There were multiple charges of racism claimed by the NAACP and the mother. None of those have been substantiated.

    9. THE CHILD – which really should be the focus of the article – now resides with family members in another municipality.

    10. And finally, the cost of educating a child is something that the State determines in terms of providing state funding.

    I think all these items have to be factored in. The City was presented unfairly as being racists and miserly. Neither of those was the case. There have been other cases where the District became aware of a non-residential child being enrolled and the District usually just requested that the child be placed in their proper school district. As I pointed out in item 4, it was the HOUSING AUTHORITY which was required to take legal action by HUD, not the City or the District, that filed the charges.

    Although it was a regrettable incident, at least the child and the sibling are now being cared for by family members and the case is being monitored by child welfare advocates.

  4. This story does not pass the smell test. She was dealing drugs and got 5 years and at the same time got 12 years for sending her child to the wrong school district. How does the law read that gave her 12 years for sending her child to the wrong school district? The video gives a different story. The video stated that she owed $6200.00 for the education theft and the 5 years is the jail time that she will have to serve.
    Gary North, you need to do a better job of writing your articles (assuming you write all of your articles this poorly).

  5. Thanks for the additional facts. People complain about the "lame stream media" and this blog is just as guilty of putting out biased information. I was stunned when I read the article, but I'm glad that I read your post.

  6. Thanks for the post. There is nothing like getting reports from the people closest to it without being involved in the case. This puts a whole new meaning to the story.

  7. Taquoshi says:

    Respectfully, TomG, please read my comments above. She was guilty of defrauding HUD, the evidence was the school registration. That may factor into the amounts. After the school farce went down, she was arrested less than a block away from a school (well within the 1,000 foot drug/firearm radius) and a block and a half away from both the police station and a HUD owned housing project. THEN, at least three undercover officers visited her in another municipality where she sold them drugs AND offered them sexual favors.

    Kindly remember that a jury decides whether or not the accused is guilty, and she may only be tried on each individual charge once. Once the verdict is handed down, the judge is responsible for sentencing. So, depending on which judge hears the various cases, she can get anything from a week's community service to 15 years.

  8. I believe the article was to highlight the cost of public education.