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Breitbart’s Legacy

Written by Gary North on March 5, 2012

In early February, Andrew Breitbart spoke about a March 1 surprise. A colleague posted this.

Andrew Breitbart was one of the inspirations behind our consolidation of our multiple domain names into what has become Sinclair-News-LSNewsGroup. With the announcement of Andrew’s passing overnight we could not help recalling our conversation just 3 weeks ago in Washington, DC. Andrew said on Feb 9, 2012 in Washington, DC “wait til they see what happens March first.” We are forever grateful to Andrew for telling us that our November 2011 story about Ben Smith and Politico killing the 2008 sourced story showing Obama had lied about the extent of his relationship with Bill Ayers was truthful and the media knew it was.

What was he talking about? This.

He died on March 1. That was a surprise.

So far, the promised video has not been posted.

If it gets posted, given the coincidence of his death and the deadline, it will get a lot of viewers. But the viewers will watch it because of the strange circumstances of his death.

I am not convinced that this video would have had much impact. I don’t think the pro-Obama voters care about Obama’s early connections. He has an independent voter base now, one that will not consider criticisms of him as relevant.

He thought it would be significant. I think this is the case of a man who is tightly focused on a narrow topic, when the public is just not interested.This is the curse of the specialist.

His death on March 1 was unexpected. He was 43. To have a heart attack as you are walking down the street is statistically rare. But it happens. There are no guarantees in life.

Jesus told the parable of the rich man with too much grain for his barns. He planned to build more barns. He died that night.

We must be ready to die. We should pursue our short-run plans as if we will live, but there is no guarantee that we will see the completion of these plans.

He was an entrepreneur. Every entrepreneur should have plan for others to extend his legacy. I hope he left behind an organization that will carry on his work. This should be part of every innovator’s plans.

He showed the world what a dedicated man can do with simple technology. Matt Drudge showed us the leverage of the World Wide Web in 1998. Breitbart showed us the leverage of YouTube. The Left has not recovered. Its strategy for eight decades had been control over the public’s access to information. That strategy has been overcome by digital technology.

It takes entrepreneurs to show us the way. Breitbart did this. I am glad he did it.

I would like to see his missing Obama video. But his example is of greater value than a single video. I hope his legacy inspires a generation of imitators.

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11 thoughts on “Breitbart’s Legacy

  1. John Stewart says:

    This man will be sorely missed. I hope his legacy is not what some would have you believe but as a purveyor of the truth. His integrity must live on.

  2. All this sounds like a cover up so his vid will never be seen. Are you saying the tea party will not push for it to be seen? I am hoping the tea party is not connected to his death. bulldustin

  3. Is his death on March 1st perhaps just a bit TOO coincidental??? Just asking…

  4. Was Breitbart given a bacteria that quickly deteriorated his Heart ?? Dinner at Ayers gave them the chance to put something in . Did they have knowlege that he would be coming ?

    Lots of Possibilities http://uhavax.hartford.edu/bugl/bio-war.pdf

  5. vtdelacy says:

    Breitbart was straightforward and honest with the facts, for which the left hated him since they never want to be confused by the same. After the declaration at CPAC promising to release a tape with information about Obama's early days in college which Andrew claimed contained evidence that would destroy his chances for re-election, it should come as no great surprise that the Occupant of the Oval Office would want him eliminated before any damage could be done. If his associates fail to produce that tape, bringing it to the public as had been originally intended by Breitbart, the perpetrators will have achieved their objective in silencing the voice of truth in the matter. I hope they follow through with that directive. It would also be a good idea to demand n autopsy. Most people in reasonably good health as Andrew appeared to have been do not just drop dead at age 43 like that. There may have been foul play.

  6. Not Impressed says:

    If you have a medical doctor friend you might quietly ask about unexpected death by heart attack. The forensic pathologists know all about this and it cannot be proven in a court. It could happen to anybody and the criminals walk free.

  7. It's my understanding, from a tv show, ET, I think–that an autopsy is being done.

  8. oldgringo says:

    First we had Vince Foster…..And now Breibart…..And Obama just passed the National Defense Authorization Act!…..Hummmm!…."When will They ever Learn"?….Peter, Paul and Marry

  9. As to the delay in the March 1 video airing, give the poor man a break, he is in his grave; perhaps he works a little slower from there. It will all come out in due time. God bless him and his family.

  10. Barack Obama attempted to put a 86 year old librarian in prison for
    5 years for being honest. http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=7n2m-X7OIuY

  11. No big loss. Another Tea Party member bites the dust. The rest are due to disappear in 2012.