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9 thoughts on “Cheating Social Security Recipients

  1. johnparry says:

    what about retired military that paid into social security at the full rate and draw significantly less than the full retirement check … all monies being theirs …….. not the government's …..

  2. …and the Social Security issue is the "third rail" of politics. Why? Becuase the pols do not want Americans to become too aware of the dire straits the fund is actually in, and the uselessness of the system to most of us. End "Socialized" Security. Stop stealing our hard earned money. Let me save it myself for God's sake!

  3. rustyscrew says:

    The Social Security trust fund, National Highway trust fund, Aviation trust fund, every government trust fund has been robbed with no accountability or responsibility by anyone in government.

  4. ccfonten says:

    Yep, my dad retired from the USAF as a Col. He never got any of his SS contribution……….not one check. He had his AF retirement and that was it.
    Then there are the welfare addicted who bad mouth those like my dad and sit on their lazy bums waiting for the check to arrive in the mail and their food stamp credit card to be refilled. People like my dad made it possible for those lazy bums to have what they have taken all their lives. The welfare addicted I mentioned does NOT include those who have lost their jobs due to obama and his regulations!!

  5. The government is now trying to say Social Security is an "entitlement", forgetting that the trust funds have been built up over generations with payroll deductions through FICA withholding. SS was running a surplus until Clinton and the GOP Congress under Newt stole the reserves to "balance the budget". To all Baby Boomers: that was your retirement fund that got wiped out.

  6. jim shipley says:

    Every thing the government touches is a rip off….so what else is new? Surely you did not really think that money would still be yours did you? Some body has to pay for all those government perks that they exempt them selves for paying for.

  7. Wapitiman says:

    It's my understanding that the SS fund was raped a long time before this. It was just sitting there ripe for the picking by a congress that needed extra money to waste…but…their retirement fund at the time remained untouched!

  8. You are correct.I believe it was Lyndon Johnson who took the money and put it into the general fund.

  9. YukonBill says:

    I paid into SS while in the army, then paid into it for three years while a "temp" employee for the Air Force inder Civil Service auspices prior to gaining full Civil Service status. I worked for 34 years and retired. Went to work for a contractor, paid into SS for about 8 yers befor retiring again under SS. When I applied for SS, I was told that there was a law that allowed me to collect only half of what I should have gotten. So that is another rip off by our great leaders in Washington DC. This applies to ALL Civil Service retirees, if they paid the required 40 quarters.