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Anti-Vaccination Attorney May Go to Jail

Written by Gary North on March 1, 2012

A New York attorney who has upheld the right of parents not to vaccinate their children is being threatened with disbarment plus criminal charges. Her name is Patricia Finn.

The legal system in New York is setting a precedent. You can be sure that if the courts get away with this, other states will follow.

According to Finn’s website, her law office “focuses on protecting clients’ First Amendment rights,” and that the attorneys are “especially dedicated to the rights of parents and individuals who have religious beliefs in conflict with mandated vaccines.” Those clients in particular require help to receive exemptions relating to school, immigration, adoption, and the workplace.

Finn has now come under the scrutiny of the NYS Ninth Judicial District Grievance Committee. She contends that the she has been harassed by the New York State Judiciary after insisting that parents have constitutional rights regarding vaccine decisions for their children, particularly after she represented health care workers in New York regarding the H1N1 (swine flu) mandatory vaccination policy. New York was the first state to require mandatory flu shots for healthcare workers.

It was after she gave a speech to anti-vaccination parents in West Virginia that she was hammered.

Following her appearance at the “We the Parents” rally in West Virginia, Finn was served with papers threatening to strip her of her license to practice law. One document describes her vaccine right advocacy as “threatening the public interest.”

Mike Adams of Natural News raises the point that if vaccine proponents are so confident in the ability of the vaccinations to offer absolute and total immunity against infectious diseases, then “how can an unvaccinated child ever threaten the health of a vaccinated child?”

It goes deeper. The state wants her list of clients.

In a letter outlining the various charges against her, Patricia Finn was told that she must relinquish her complete list of clients to the judiciary. Most people understand that what the court is asking of Finn is a clear violation of attorney/client privilege. Adams contends that the court is looking to “terrorize the parents who have sought legal help in opting out of dangerous vaccines.”

This lady has guts. She has told the state she will not cooperate.

This morning I was served with papers to suspend my license to practice law. The charges are bogus and come on the heels of my address to the Parental Rights Rally in WV. I am also being ordered to disclose the names of people I represent who do not vaccinate… I refuse. I would go to jail first before I give out the names. Please contact all pro vaccine choice organizations and the media… know the truth!

No private citizen has filed a complaint.

It’s worth noting that the last two complaints brought against Finn were filed sua sponte, meaning “on their own accord” — there is no former client or public complainant filing the charges. Instead, they are put forward by the New York Ninth Judicial District Grievance Committee itself.

The noose is tightening on us all.

I hope this lady takes her stand and is vindicated in court.

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25 thoughts on “Anti-Vaccination Attorney May Go to Jail

  1. Victoria DeLacy says:

    Twisting the arms of people like that to force them to accept the injection of toxic and potentially deadly chemicals into their bodies is absolutely Naziesque and not the ideology that founded America!

  2. Martin Fee says:

    Between this, The notice yesterday that a muSLIME judge in Pa dismissed assault charges against fellow muSLIMES because they had the right to beat this person because he wore a costume on Halloween that offended them, and the Obama Administration is looking to trade GUILTY terrorists including the World Trade Center attack designers for the people being illegally held as hostages in another muSLIME nation.
    They will begin coming for us all soon, Be Ready!!

  3. Not Impressed says:

    The wake-up alarm is ringing.

  4. jim28threg. says:

    Come try to put your poison in my child. I too have a judge whos' verdict is finale.

  5. American Thinker says:

    Please post contact information for the New York Ninth Judicial District Grievance Committee. When you write articles like this- let us know who to contact so WE THE PEOPLE can make our voices heard.

  6. pat radovich says:

    agree with american thinker. who do we contact. or will that make us targets as well?

  7. Army Doc says:

    The sad thing is this woman may be intelligent when it comes to the law but she is quite ignorant concerning the medical field. No one ever said immunizations were 100% effective. In fact, you learn almost from day one in medical school that NOTHING in medicine is 100%. This is the reason why it is so important for as many individuals as possible to be immunized. This confers on a population the concept of “herd immunity”. If the immunization works on the majority of those who get it, those few that it is ineffective for will likely not become infected because those they encounter are protected. Now that some parents are listening to the likes of this attorney and Jenny McCarthy rather than their family physicians and not getting their children immunized, we’re losing the protective effects of herd immunity. This is why there have been recent outbreaks of diseases that haven’t occurred for decades. The first person to mandate an immunization was George Washington who ordered his troops to receive the first immunization ever created which was for smallpox. As far as a parent’s “right” to not immunize their child for other than religious reasons, which has ALWAYS been allowed, their reasons are complete nonsense. There have been literally hundreds of studies showing both safety and efficacy of immunizations and not one showing otherwise. To quote Chief Justice Oliver Wendall Holmes: “The right to swing my fist ends at the other guy’s nose.” Someone’s uninformed decision not to immunize their child DOES affect the children of others that child comes into contact with. Only water purification has saved more lives than immunizations.

  8. harbinger says:

    New York is not the most Democratic State, you cannot carry or have a gun with out jeopardizing your freedom, behind Broadway, The Opera and all the five-star hotels and restaurants glitz there is a wall between you and your pursuit of happiness, the right to be who you want to be without hurting anybody else.
    H1N1 was probably created in some Malthusian lab like LSD and AIDS.

  9. the very first question in my mind is WHY and HOW does the NYS Ninth Judicial District Grievance Committee have a compelling interest in pursing Ms. Finn? Certainly they can't be acting out of their own interest. Just WHO are they acting as a prosecutorial attorney for?
    This sounds extremely unlawful to me!!!

  10. NOT ANY MORE!!! It's been admitted by those who created the modern polio vaccine that ALL VACCINES are contaminated with dangerous viruses, INCLUDING SV40, which causes cancer!!! Not to mention the number of young girls that have died from the HPV vaccine!!! Or the controversy regarding high-load vaccines on infants and the resulting brain swelling and damage from that! And it's being actively attacked and covered up!
    the flu vaccine harms everyone who takes by reducing their immune systems. we are being assaulted at will by the medical community and the drug manufacturers to make us sick and force us under their "care"!
    a crime against humanity is taking place

  11. I'd also demand to know what gives them any jurisdiction in this matter, as no parties have filed a suit, no claims for damage have been made, and what standing or compelling interest could the court possibly have!!

  12. State of New York Grievance Committee for the
    Ninth Judicial District
    Crosswest Office Center
    399 Knollwood Road, Suite 200
    White Plains, NY 10603
    (914) 824-5070

  13. If they come for us one at a time in the middle of the night, are your neighbors going to run to your defense? I guarantee that they won't be coming for everyone all at once!! They'll make it look like each one was guilty of a criminal matter, barge in your door at night, seize whatever they want, and haul you off to Guantanamo!

  14. Army Doc says:

    Citations, please, for your claims. I’d LOVE to see where these “admissions” were made.

  15. Part 2
    Are vaccines safe?
    Let's take a look at the evidence. Raymond http://www.salem-news.com/articles/november292011

  16. Part 1
    Are vaccines safe?
    Let's take a look at the evidence. Raymond http://www.naturalnews.com/033834_vaccines_ingred

  17. The H1N1 Flu vaccine has proven to cause many unwanted side effect. Between the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting system in Washington and other reliable sources, the side effects are stacking up. Not only was the vaccine rushed to the market, it was based on flawed reports from the Center of Disease Control and the World Health Organization.

    It is common knowledge that the flu vaccines have always had the potential to cause serious side effects. Each year the pharmaceutical companies release new flu shots that are virtually untested.

    They combine various flu virus strains based on an educated guess and then recommend the shot to everyone, including children and pregnant mothers. According to the CDC Vital Statistics Report 1999-2003, Influenza death for children under the age of 5 skyrocketed as they began to implement the flu vaccine for the children.

    From 1999 to early 2002, death rates were declining from 25 down to 10 per year then the latter half of 2002 the CDC mandated the flu vaccine for children and the death rate climbed from 25 deaths per year in 1999 to over 90 in 2002! Death is a pretty bad vaccine side effect!

    What other side effects did we see with the H1N1 flu shot in 2010? According to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), there were 178 miscarriages after mothers received the H1N1 flu vaccine and 70 other documented form reliable sources. Considering that only 10% of all adverse events get reported, we know that the true numbers were much worse. According to testimony before the CDC advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines (ACCV), Thursday, October 28, 2010 presented by Dr. Renee Tocco, on behalf of the National Coalition of Organized Women, the number of miscarriages we as high as 3,587 nationwide. Miscarriages, a pretty bad vaccine side effect!

    The H1N1 flu pandemic was based on false information from the Center of Disease Control and the World Health Organization. They claimed the pandemic in April 2009 based on 56 maternal deaths saying it was a “Never before seen virus”. This virus was in two flu vaccines given to thousands of people from 2006 forward: FluMist and Fluvarin. Dr. Alicia Siston studied the women who died supposedly from the H1N1 flu in 2010. Her study was referenced ay this hearing showing that most of these deaths were “Unconfirmed” as being H1N1 related despite the fact that the CDC had tests that could have verified for certain that these were H1N1 related deaths. The CDC used the death of these women to push their agenda…flu vaccines for every American, without sufficient cause.

  18. The White House is pushing vaccinations because they
    know they cause injury and death. Those in power
    want us dead. They are cold blooded murderers.

  19. ccfonten says:

    As a Registered Nurse of 40 years, I agree with you 150%!! We have seen the eradication of smallpox, polio to name just two killers! Measles was nearly unheard of until parents refused to allow children to have the vaccination….then we have resurgence with horrific results……..especially on pregnant women. Mumps is another example…and there are many, many more.
    Those who claim that there are "contaminants" of vaccines and that vaccines cause irreversible damage or death or even cancer are just plain ignorant. It is ignorance like that which cause children to be exposed to deadly diseases and potential death as they spread the diseases to others!

  20. I tell my family not to take any shots at all are goverment cant be trusted they are evil and If the truth is known none of them take the shots or give them to there familys Is all about lies and money

  21. you know very well how easy it is for you to find it! "Army Doc"? You already have no credibility!! You guys are the worst!!!!

  22. Way to reveal yourself as an ignorant fool with your muSLIME label. Did you know Thomas Jefferson read the Quran, and the author of the Quran he read dispelled the myth that Islam was spread by the sword? Wake up. You’re brainwashed.

  23. Heck, why do we even have immune systems? lol

  24. We want the freedom to choose to vaccinate or not. How will vaccine TOXIC ingredients affect future generations in your family line? The one thing that was NOT mentioned here is that some of the vaccine genetic material injected will continue to be passed on from generation to generation. So as an example 4 generations ago in your family line your ancestors received the Polio vaccine.

    Here we are 4 generations later if each generation continued to get the Polio vaccine this means that the Polio genetic material has now compounded. So in this same family line when the times comes and a female is now pregnant (who also received the Polio vaccine)the Fetus will now be infected with this Polio’s genetic material that has come through 4 generations.

    Now this Fetus immune system will be extremely compromised even before the child is born. As soon as the child is born they will then inject the child with Hep-B and VitaminK shot to further complicate the child’s immune system.

    Here are the Hep-B adverse reactions listed in the Hep-B package insert.
    Anaphylaxis hypersensitivity, Insomnia, Lymphadenopathy, Seizures, infantile spasms, Gillian- Barre Syndrome / Bell’s Palsy, Transverse myelitis, Multiple sclerosis, Arthritis / Arthralgia, Thrombocytopenia, S-J S, Erythema Multiform, Urticaria, Systemic Lupus erthematosus (SLE), Elevation of liver enzymes, Optic neuritis, Otitis Media (ear infection), Renal failure, Encephalitis, Eczema * NOTE: SIDS or Deaths reported to VEARS

    In 1983 – 10 injections contained 30 vaccines. In 2012 – 40 injections contain 120 vaccines.

    By the time the child is six years old the child will receive 40 shots with 120 vaccines. So what you are reading here may have been injected 40 times. Do you think your childs DNA will ever be the same?

  25. I have been nurse for 21 years, I started opting out when it came to the flu vaccination for the last 7 years. I rarely get sick, all my coworkers have gotten very sick after the vaccinations for weeks some of them. I’ve done alot of research & alot these so called flu vaccinations hurt us more than help us. Don’t take my word, research it Out for yourself. Alot is going on that we as Americans aren’t being told the truth. We all need to stand up for our rights before we lose them then we won’t have any choices. Please research this topic & then make a decision!