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Government-Run Schools: A Kidnapping Operation

Written by Gary North on February 29, 2012

The state kidnaps students. They charge parents to run schools that cost up to $15,000 per student per year (in Detroit). Then they use the classrooms to indoctrinate the kids in a philosophy alien to their parents’ view.

Parents put up with this. “I have paid for the schools. I want to get my money’s worth.”

Here is what they get for their stolen money.

#1 You Could Be Arrested For Something That Your Child Does

#2 Your Child Could Be Arrested While At School For Just About Anything These Days

#3 Your Child Might Be Bodily Harmed By Security Thugs

#4 Virtually Everything That Your Child Does At School Is Being Put Into A Database Somewhere

#5 The Kids Are Not Learning Anything In These Public Schools

#6 Our Public School Kids Are Being Forced To Take Large Numbers Of Vaccines

#7 Exposed To Rampant Sexual Promiscuity

#8 Teachers Are Having Sex With The Students

#9 U.S. Public Schools Are Dominated By Radical Control Freaks That Are Teaching Our Kids How To Live Like Slaves

#10 Specific Social And Political Agendas Are Being Shoved Down The Throats Of Our Kids In U.S. Public Schools

#11 If Your Children Attend Public Schools They Could End Up Dead

For supporting evidence for all of these claims, click the link.

Most Christians send their kids to the public schools. So do most conservatives. They want to get their money’s worth.

Conservatives complain that the government taxes too much. As my father-in-law used to say, “They complain about taxes and hand their kids over to the state.”

The tax revolt is fake. Taxes go up. Americans pay. They will not pull their kids away from the kidnappers. Why should the kidnappers fear a tax revolt?

When the Tea Party pulls their kids out of the public schools, then it will be a serious threat to Washington. Not until then.

You can buy a complete K-12 curriculum for your entire family for $200. This is Dr. Art Robinson’s Robinson Curriculum. It is a 100% self-teaching curriculum once the child can read.

Churches could promote the Robinson Curriculum. But they don’t. Most pastors send their children to the government schools.


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20 thoughts on “Government-Run Schools: A Kidnapping Operation

  1. billstanley1 says:

    Welcome to our authoritarian government. http://www.newsandopinions.net

  2. The main reason US public education is so abysmal and unlikely to improve is the vast bulk of funding comes from property taxes on homeowners in each school district. We moved our kids out of public schools years ago, but we still pay for the failed system through property taxes. If a homeowner wanted to take a stand and refuse to pay to make his point, the county would just foreclose on his house for nonpayment and evict him and his family. This is nothing more or less than a criminal enterprise. Is it any wonder that government acts in ways so alien and antagonistic to the citizenry?

  3. North is correct about the tax revolt being a phony–as long as all of us continue to buy into the rotted system!

    Here's another example–the whole healthcare kerfuffle–years ago, we bought medical insurance for CATASTROPHIC CARE ONLY–so if a truck ran over you, you wouldn't lose your house to pay medical bills. Cut to today–you go the the Doctor's office and present an insurance card for a routine visit–expecting others to share your office visit bill–then you take a card and give it to the pharmacist so you can get a break on your drugs–again, expecting other people to pay for all or part of our drugs. So now, it is a simple thing for Big Government to set the rules on healthcare, BECAUSE WE LET THEM!!


  4. billstanley1 says:

    U.S. students rank 31st in math among 65 industrialized countries. 68% of 8th-grade students cannot read at 8th-grade level. 30% do not graduate from high school. These dismal statistics are in spite of expenditures per student for elementary and secondary public schools increasing from $5,718 in 1980-81 to $10,441 in 2007-08 (corrected for inflation). http://www.newsandopinions.net

  5. Donald Vastlik says:

    The government run schools has even happened in Misiisissippi with 135 years of a state and house in control by Democrats. This hasd now change with a majority in the house and senate with a Republican majority. The Tea Party network is a controlling factor. A school choice bill has been passed and change is coming.

  6. I taught school for 36 years and all this BS above is nothing but BS. Sure there are bad apples in teaching just like every other profession, just look at that we have in the White House. People have been going through the Public School system for decades and we have Doctor , Lawyers, engineers, etc and they all have made this country great. Get off this Public Schools are bad kick. Get the Government out of education and let the people who know now to teach, teach.

  7. Sounds like you were for it before you were against it now you are for it . You can't have it both ways.

  8. My son NEVER went to public school, not even college. And it was worth it! I couldn't be any more proud of him. If you can't afford private school, homeschool! It will be more difficult, but it's worth it in the long run.

  9. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    What is the difference between rewritten history that is indoctrinated into our children and the rewritten immediate history that is forcefed to the general public on a daily basis by the lapdog media?

  10. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    So, for 36 years you indoctrinated other peoples children in what YOU wanted them 'know and believe' and now you feel the need to defend your corrupting influences?

  11. I put my children in Catholic school and the tuition was nearly as much as my house payment. It was worth every dime. They are head and shoulders above the general population in all aspects of citizenship and scholastic attainment. They learned to think critically and not just a dumbed down indoctrination. They are politically involved and understand what is going on around them in their country and world. Make the sacrifice. You will never regret a penny spent!

  12. GimmeLiberty says:

    Most teachers are not the problem, it's the Teacher's Union that doesn't allow the teachers to be held accountable, The Nat'l Education Assoc., the administration, the FDA (regulating kids meals), and the whole dictator-in-chief gov't corporation monster octopus.

  13. Many in power are into sexual molestation of children.
    They support the rape of children.

  14. george taylor says:

    someone just told me that The Tea Party is not endorsing Dr. Ron Paul… is this true? If so, then can someone tell me what the logic of that is?? thank you,

  15. icehockeyfan says:

    The cost is $41,000 per child in the Santa Clara County Office of Education system, for special ed kids. $41,000 per child per year!

  16. Amen to that. I agree with you totally, in fact, couldn't have said it better myself. But, one thing to add is that parents need to become more of a part of their child's education. Meaning, spending time at the school, serving on textbook and curriculum committees, and following up with every part of their academics.

  17. Teachers in the public system teach accoring to the State Standards. When approached with choices such as politics, etc. teachers try to have the students research the facts and let students decide for themselves. I have always tried to teach my students how to think, not tell them what to think.

  18. manuel a says:

    where i live its concidered breaking the law untill the child turns 17 they will take you to court and make you pay fines get the wellfare involed then try to take your children from you and so forth if you say youll home school them they want to see some kind of plan you have laid out if not they force you to send them to public schools then on top of that every school is policed with police policeing the school grounds and now are giving tickets for about everything from the way they are dressed to cussing. giveing the children a police record and makeing the parents pay fines then they pass you around through all the differant angentcies and makeing more money from you that you dont have ect. so any more you start to wonder if your children are yours. good luck to all who have children

  19. Patriot Games says:

    Paranoia strikes thin.

  20. There's at least 2 things big, oppressive gummint will never give up. One is control over "public education". Two is their exclusive right to print worthless fiat "funny money". Both are just too powerful a tool to relinquish.