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Legal Resistance to Snooping Authorities

Written by Gary North on February 28, 2012

Armed resistance to the government is futile. It is illegal. It is sometimes suicidal.

But you have the right not to cooperate.

This article is on when to say not to a request by the police to search your house or your car.

The correct answer: always.


1. It’s your constitutional right.
2. Refusing a search protects you if you end up in court.
3. Saying “no” can prevent a search altogether.
4. Searches can waste your time and damage your property.
5. You never know what they’ll find.

The articles spells out these issues.

The author asks us to share this information. That is what I am doing.

Remember that knowing your rights will help you protect yourself, but no amount of preparation can guarantee a good outcome in a bad situation. Your attitude and your choices before, during, and after the encounter will usually matter more than your knowledge of the law. Stay calm no matter what happens, and remember that you can always report misconduct after things settle down.

Finally, please don’t be shy about sharing this information with your friends and family. Understanding and asserting your rights isn’t about getting away with anything, and it isn’t about disrespecting police either. These rights are the foundation of freedom in America, and they get weaker whenever we fail to exercise them.

Want more evidence? Click the link.

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20 thoughts on “Legal Resistance to Snooping Authorities

  1. “Officer, I am a private citizen going about my lawful, private business. You may search if you have a valid warrant and sufficient cause, otherwise I shall continue about my lawful, private business, Officer.”

  2. EyesWideOpen says:

    Gary North is full of BS on this one! Is this how we won the American Revolution? NO We would still be under British rule if we had just told them that we were going about our lawful business and will continue to do so…
    Because of the inherent evil of mankind, history proves that the only way that out-of-control governments are stopped is by violent revolution! Only the fear of absolute death because of many that are hunting one down is what gets crooked politicians removed from power!!!

  3. Proof Read: The third sentence of the above article says; " This article is on when to say not . . . " SHOULD read; " This article is on when to say no . . . " Was this the Tea Party Economist or the Huffing and Puffington Post ? Read it twice and type it once – like woodworking – measure twice and cut once.

  4. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.
    The above is from The Declaration of Independence and is and will be my answer to those who say nothing can be done to stop the MARXIST now running OUR GOVERNMENT! Time for talk is over,Time for ACTION is at hand! VOTE or SUFFER what is coming!

  5. John Stewart says:

    I would have had no apprehension with a warrantless search, but as of late events I would have no problem with the words "show me the warrant".

  6. Jennifer B. says:

    Thanks for sharing, Gary. My family has had our 4th Amendment rights violated three times in just a four day period. Once by State Troopers, once by a town cop, and once by a county sherrifs deputy, ending in the unasked for pat-down of my 23 year-old son. Each of these encounters occurred in our tiny rural town in Upstate, NY. We are now going to purchase the DVD's from the Flex Your Rights site and be armed for our next encounter with the thugs.

  7. @Jennifer B,
    Wow! That is pretty scary sign of the times. If people travel by air, or now by bus or train they will have their 4th amendment rights negated by the TSA. They are even doing random checks at school events or sporting venues. This is NOT the America Where I grew up and felt free.

  8. That's right, KHM, this is not the America that most of us grew up in. This is the America the marxist/communist in the white house wants us to get accustomed to for the future. This is why the coming election in November is so important for all the true patriots in this naiton. The marxist/communist takeover of our country must be stopped in its tracks. If there is an election in November.
    Random checks are just a prelude to travel to anywhere in the U.S. by the citizens. This may not turn out well for the administration if it is pursued much further.
    Liberalism is a serious mental disorder.

  9. Add at end: "Am I free to go, or am I being detained/arrested?"

  10. Unfortunately i have to agree.

  11. Agreed

  12. Only if you let them.

  13. "and remember that you can always report misconduct after things settle down" BS! You best have a video recording of the event, but you probably won't have it because the cops will confiscate it and then lie about what they did. Everyone knows that it is illegal to record the cops when they are violating your constitutional rights.

  14. I have a grandson living with us that is on probation. He gave our address as his residence. When he signed the probation forms he agreed to a search of his residence at any time without warning or warrant. Police arrived at my home and came in and had my wife and I sit in chairs while a armed policeman guarded us and another poice officer searched our home. I was told then and by a lawyer afterwards that if I would have refused their entry that my grandson would have been arrested. As it turned out nothing was found and nothing was hurt except my respect for the police. They were more like Nazis that evening.

  15. But in the end you have to remember who caused this in the first place. It was not the Police officers but your grandson who created the problem. They had orders to check the residence. Your error was letting him share your residence if you did not want the house searched.

  16. Be glad that the wonderful boys in blue didn't plant evidence so they could arrest your grandson. That's how it's down in the big city and in Iron County MI. Cops are not your friend or protector. Like all government officials they are there to "help". Help themselves to good benefits, free donuts and to be above the law.

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  18. Spot on. No one says it better than the Declaration of Independence.

  19. KrazyKyngeKorny says:

    Code Enforcement wants to search. They need a warrant AND a proper officer to serve it. Code Enforcement is NOT Law Enforcement, and has no ,ore authority than the parking lot guard at the local supermarket.

  20. Try getting pulled over for a 'license plate light infraction' in Arizona. They ALWAYS ask if it's okay to search your vehicle. When you say 'NO', they keep you there until a drug sniffing dog with its handler show up and sniff around your car, hoping for an 'alert'.