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Battle in Senate Over Which Snooprers Will Win

Written by Gary North on February 28, 2012

Our privacy is slipping away. Big Brother is tightening his grip.

During the Senate’s major hearing on cybersecurity last week, Senator John McCain, a Republican from Arizona, announced that the Republicans in the Senate would introduce a bill to compete with S. 2105, also known as the Cybersecurity Act of 2012.

McCain seeks to give the NSA and the military previously unimaginable powers over civilian networks, even further expanding the ludicrous power over American citizens given to the military under the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (NDAA).

The push for government snooping is too great for most politicians to resist. “Stop them terrorists!”

McCain wants a kinder, gentler snooping.

The Cybersecurity Act of 2012 is currently being supported by the chairmen of not only the Senate’s Homeland Security committee but also the chairs of the commerce and intelligence committees as well.

The current bill is cosponsored by Senators Joseph Lieberman, a Connecticut Independent, Jay Rockefeller, a West Virginia Democrat and Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat from California.

McCain spoke out against rushing the debate on this legislation and instead called for widening the role of the National Security Agency (NSA) in cybersecurity matters domestically.

McCain wants the law to validate what is now illegal.

The problem here is that the NSA and the military, which USCYBERCOM is part of, currently do not have the legal authority to go in and secure civilian networks.

So, McCain seeks to introduce legislation to change that, giving the military even more unprecedented powers over civilians in the United States.

Following the hearing, Lieberman made a statement in which he nonsensically claimed that he “feels like it is September 10, 2001” and that “The system is blinking red — again. Yet, we are failing to connect the dots — again. We have come so far and in such a bipartisan way that we cannot allow this moment to slip away from us. We need to act now to defend America’s cyberspace as a matter of national and economic security.”

No matter which party wins, citizens lose.

Both of the proposed bills take the power out of the hands of the American people and give it to centralized government agencies. The only significant difference is that McCain wants the NSA and the military to be in control and Lieberman and others want it to be the DHS with all the power.

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7 thoughts on “Battle in Senate Over Which Snooprers Will Win

  1. Mccain needs to go he is a butt hole

  2. How a man who was driven out of his mind by the Viet Cong can be a sitting US Senator shows just how sad a state of affairs we are in.

  3. Gene Terenzio Sr. says:

    McCain ( blood line of Cain, the one that killed his brother)
    Is a brainwashed Commie,
    They did a number on him in Viet Nam prisons.
    The American Idiots, that voted for him,
    obviously didn't see the movie
    the Illuminati Had to make( Gods law )
    Manchurian candidate,
    Now were stuck with this IDIOT.

  4. senior viking says:

    like carter mc cain has long out lived his usefulness.

    they're both men to resepct for their contributions but age has adled their brains.
    someone wheel them to the rec room so they can look out the window.

  5. I have several contacts who work at the NSA and they say that the very worst people have gravitated toward the management of NSA for their own personal aggrandizement. According to Wayne Madsen,a reporter who worked at NSA when he s in the military, NSA contacts tell him that managers are Turing NAA into a sex playground, demanding young women AND men sexually service them in order TI get promotions. Contract fraud and all means of faud waste and abuse are rampant and severely endangering NSA’s actual purpose to protect the USA from FOREIGN enemies. Criminal NSA management has already perverted NSA Security group “Q” into a thug intimidation private army that has harassed, stalked, threatened, slandered, and phyicically harmed NSA employees who naively reported criminal and even traitorous activity being conducted by this criminal cabal of NSA degenerate managers (or “monsters” as the rank and file NSA employees call them). McCain has lost his title pea brain or has been bought off and is just as degenerate.

  6. So true. This admin already has control of the internet and are targeting ebay and paypal. You won't be able to sell a used pair of jeans pretty soon!

  7. The new government push aside3 the constitution and the theme for the people by the people and instead establish the new motto for the government by the government and imprison america.