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Why the Government Shut Down Gibson Guitars

Written by Gary North on February 24, 2012

The U.S. government raided the Gibson guitar factory last year. It confiscated $500,000 worth of imported wood based on a law in India that prohibits the export of wood. The wood was going to be used in guitar frets.

The U.S. government is now the enforcer for the entire world’s labor and export policies. It’s the law. American law.

How safe is American industry from arbitrary raids like this one? This used to be the home of the brave and the land of the free. Not any more, it isn’t.

Our freedoms are disappearing at a rate of 79,000 pages of fine-print regulations every year. These are published in the Federal Register. Most Americans know nothing about this. Most Americans never will.

Here is what is going on.

The government has not charged Gibson in court.

It’s time to face the music. But not on a Gibson guitar. Not any more.

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28 thoughts on “Why the Government Shut Down Gibson Guitars

  1. F*CK this government and the A$$holes that work for it. May each and every one of them die a long and horrible death.

  2. barbara paolucci says:

    They actually shut Gibson down? I knew they took the wood but not that they shut the company down. We made a lot of noise on this one in support of Gibson. Please post whether or not the company has been shut down or not, and what if anything they are doing about it.

  3. This is why the Federal government needs to be slashed by at least 50%. You'll always have bureaucratic assholes needing to justify their positions and six figure salaries by swarming and harassing or citizens, but we can at least reduce the scale of the insanity.

  4. Oh, and here's an interesting, but seldom regarded blurb from our Declaration of Independence:

    "He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people,
    and eat out their substance."

    I honestly think King George III was not nearly as tyrannical as our federal government.

  5. Gene Terenzio says:

    The Skunk ( half white half black) in chief,
    is doing everything he can to kill jobs,
    just the opposite of what he says.
    He is the father of the lie, Understand?

  6. GrayFalcon says:

    Yeah, the ILLEGAL ALIEN in MY White House is sooooooo keen on American businesses. Who is next? When he is done with all our domestic businesses, he will be coming after you. Vote this SOB POS out in November, then deport the bastard!

  7. How absurd!

  8. You show the method, not the reason. They are NOT a union company, and it is the reason they are being trashed by the Union (communist) revolutionary in the White house —

  9. Just spoke with a rep at the Guitar Center corporate and Gibson is still in business. This government foolishness is still going on actually since 2003! Long live Gibson!!

  10. Same reason they have allowed the ecoterrorists in California to make a dust bowl of the farming community in favor of protecting a stupid fish.
    It's all about control of the peons and punishment of those who do not support this lying thug and his minions.

  11. EHeassler, USN-Ret. says:

    To my knowledge, Gibson has only one major U.S. competitor in the guitar market. That company is known to be a major supporter and contributor to Obamanazi. A proper response to this is for all guitar buyers to boycott the company supporting Obama until it is hurting worse than Gibson. When the nazi supporters begin to hurt things may change. We are running out of time however as our democratic process is rapidly being circumvented by the criminals in the Obama aadministration.

  12. EHeassler, USN-Ret. says:

    Patriot:….Most government workers are consciencious, hardworking folks sort of like you, me and everyone else. The skunks are the politicians that pull their strings. The guys that raided Gibson disn't just get up one morning and say, "Hey, I've got a great idea. Let's go raid Gibson." No, the politicians in charge orchestrated that and I'm sure the orders were schemed up by Valerie Jarrett and the band of thugs in the WH inner circle including the crooked Attorney General Holder. Be mad at them.

  13. senior viking says:

    All the injustices of this administration can be undone once he's been evicted. In the meantime, how can we get even; even surreptitiously?

    The offending agencies are just people. The agency people need to be 'convinced' it's not in their best interest to infringe on the rights of the people.

    If 0 wins re-election? What do we do? All bets are off.

  14. The American people need to take a good look at their elected (including the President) and jjudges, especially surpremes. A recent poll reveald that nearly 6o % feel that the U S Constitution is out of date and should be abolished by a constitutional convention ! They haven't been able to pass this legislation so they are doing it piece meal one law or refusal to support it at a time. These are the same people who take an oath of office to suppot and defend it ! This is just one of the reasons that there is such a distrust of government, the people may not know specific reasons but their intuitive feeling is very good.

  15. You are right about Gibson's only cometitor in US. Now, THAT company imported, and has on hand, the same wood that Gibson is accused of having. If India wants to ban export of wood and wood products, then they need to do a MUCH better job on their export inspections. Don't blame Gibson, blame India!!

  16. Just think about this for one moment…..its not the law itself, but some US Agency official's (mis) interpretation of Indian law and enforcing that in the US with armed agents shutting a business down and sending the employees home……what gives them the right to do that? Gibson needs its day in court and to file a suit for damages. But then, the One will probably have put that judge in place in the first place. Any chance of justice?

  17. Colonialgirl says:

    WRONG; They raided Gibson Because they donated to the Republican Party and NOT the Democrats. They had NO PROOF that the wood was obtained illegally and in fact Gibson had written proof that it was obtained legally through legal sources; This is just Jackbooted thugism by the Obama administration.

  18. I disagree – most government workers are lazy, arrogant and are just putting in time till payday. For many years I worked as an accountant and had lots of experience dealing with various taxing agencies. The average, with few exceptions, were insolent, refused to help and claimed "that's not my department." Most would put me on hold for long periods of time hoping I would get tired of waiting and hang up. Sending copies of documents repeatedly brought no results. When visiting government offices in person, I found many employees on the phone with personal calls, reading newspapers, staring out the window and generally wasting time. I could go on and on, but you get the picture. A former friend of mine who worked for social security told me he only processed one claim a day and that most of his co-workers did the same. Another gentleman who worked for the post office was harassed to the point he was forced to quit becaue he worked too fast and the union didn't like that.

  19. Sounds like the Central Office of "Chicago Public Schools." Worked for an IT Consulting firm supporting their IT issues…..Supervisors & subordinates were either visiting with one another….making personal calls or in the local StarBucks coffee shop.

  20. They didn't, but their actions caused Gibson to close down for a period of time in order to replace trhe stock taken by the Feds.

  21. Blair Franconia, NH says:

    Why not repeal the Lacy Act?

  22. This is a distressing story. This kind of thing is among the reasons why I always vote for smaller national government whenever I can. I think we need to spend about 10+ years repealing laws and regulations instead of creating new ones.

  23. Gene, I voted your comment down because of the unnecessary racist comment. Obama's ethnicity has nothing to do with his bad policies, it is his worldview that stinks.

  24. jim28threg. says:

    The export office in India approved the sale and export so —surprise surprise—- somebody in our government is lieing. I ARE SO SHOCKED—NOT.
    I sent a message to our aahhh govnr. and he said it was a federal affair. Welll does this mean we all just bend over and allow some federal clown do as he/they please whether it's legal or not? Can the feds send anyone in here to do as they please just because they say their from the government? The local Sheriff has more authority than the FBI so why did Haslimpy hold him back? Limpit was elected to protect the people of this state not to full fill his own personel ajenda nor to bow down to the illegal activitys of this criminal administration & don't give me any crap about the present bunch being legal, only an idiot would believe that.

  25. We should do like the state of virginia. Legislation is only allowed for 2 months of the year. after that they go work at their regular jobs. Less damage done like that.

  26. Not only is Gibson non-union, but they contributed to the Republican Party and not the Democratic Party. Gibson's rival Martin Guitars uses same wood for fretting, but hasn't had a problem at all, but they contributed to the Democratic Party, so go figure. We have a very, very unconstitutional and corrupt administration, so do not be surprised by anything they do. Time for arrest, trial and punishment for treason.

  27. You can bet that agents involved in this raid carted home some choice guitars for their personal use.

  28. Kevin Beck says:

    Theft, even if by a government agent, is still a crime.

    The first thing is that government should enforce its own laws against itself. All citizens of the nation should be entitled to sovereignty from the government, not the other way around that we endure now. Since certain miscreant elements of the government want gun control, let's give it to them: All government agents and employees must forfeit all their guns. Guns are only allowed to be owned by those outside of government.

    That should work for a start.