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37 thoughts on “Democrats vs. Obamacare

  1. DOWN WITH OBAMACARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. EHeassler, USN-Ret. says:

    Gotta love the Dems. They supported and stood beside this legislation and never noticed what a pile of chicken rap it is. For anyone that has ever had experience with large piles of chicken crap, you know that the smell isn't too bad at first. But once you break the crust and start picking at it, the stench can be overwhelming. Obamacare!

  4. I was one of the people who read Obamacare when it first appeared in the Federal register, all 2019 pages. Made a list of over 90 items that were very bad. Passed these out at 4 different town hall meetings. Close to 100% of the people who took the time to read it, said my inturpretation could not be right !!!! At a couple meetings later some people as our Senators and Rep. specific questions. The Senators said no such thing was in the afordable health care bill. Must give our rep. credit he admitted he had not had time to read it and didn't know. It is comming out now, not all of it yet by a long shot. It never was a heath bill it is a cotrol bill that among other things decides who lives and dies.

  5. Ben Nelson should have read the bill before he voted for it!!!

  6. It's about time the Dems woke up to the disaster that they have brought us. The body mass index thing bothers me a lot because I think that is exactly where Michelle Obama is going with her getting fit campaign..that as well as taxing all junk and fattening foods. It is coming and America really has to wake up!

  7. The first 1,000 pages of the bill was online at thomas.gov for several months before the vote. I downloaded and read the first 600. It was disgusting – 100 new agencies to oversee the operations? How much money will that suck away from health care? I spent a lot of time contacting my rep and senators (all Dems) with parts of the bill to read, questions and begging them to please read it. No answers, until after it was signed, then glowing emails on "how wonderful it was that now everyone will have excellent healthcare". Nobody read the piece of garbage, they just took Obama and Pelosi's word that it was so wonderful. It is beyond chicken poop, it is a blatant giveaway to special interests, a takeover of healthcare by the government and a destruction of healthcare as we know it now. It can't get any worse?

  8. Abigail Adams says:

    Here is the answer—VOTE GOP in November!!! No matter who the candidate is or what you think of him, VOTE GOP and urge your friends, family, neighbors, and associates to vote GOP also. Please– kindly and patiently explain and educate everybody you come in contact with that Obamacare must be repealed, and voting GOP is the only way to get Obama OUT and somebody else IN. We need to vote in a new Senate also, and there are several good, conservative candidates running. US Senators, no matter where they are from, effect all of us in every state. Please do not sit out this election: Vote GOP!

  9. the dems are in a panic and are bailing on obama.

  10. This prez has already increased government employees by 25% and foodstamp recipients by millions. As mainstreet citizens we are already out voted!

  11. Oh, yes it can. If changes are not made soon we will be told what car to drive, no one needs a truck, what food to eat, and NO you can not have a tomato plant on your patio. Children will be a ward of the state and they will nurture it, feed it , and educate it, a child is an "it" not a baby. Abortion will be used to eliminate the less than perfect as decided by, of course, a panel. There is no area that will not be fair game to control as we all know the Serfs are too dumb to think for themselves.

  12. jeff martin says:

    In the first place, there is no such thing as “government money”. It is “all tax money”!! Money extorted thru many taxes and “fees”. Medical care isn’t a god given right! And to even consider birth control a “right” is asinine. As are almost all unconstitutional laws and regulations which allow for taxes and fees! Vote these career criminals out of the White House! Don’t be fooled again America!!

  13. This is a list very similar to the one I wrote when I read the 2100 + pages when first came out.

    Everybody accused me of lying ! _ _Could not believe it was true, Ha, Ha
    At town hall meetings both our Republican Senators said no death panel or any of the bad stuff. Our Democrate Rep. was honest. "I don't know haven't have time to read it, my staff is trying but not half way through it yet."
    Watch and listen carefully.

  14. There is NO doubt ole Fat michy's goal is Control, definitely Not to practice it herself!

  15. This is absolutely the only way we are going to save our health care system and the country. I know people who say they won't vote for this candidate or another candidate due to ideology, but if we don't put a Republican in the White House we are doomed. If even some of the Democrats are turning away from Obamacare, then you know we are in trouble. As a senior, I would be one of those subjected to the death panel. Any senior in this country would be affected. We are in the millions and we vote. I urge all seniors to vote for the Republican candidate because you will be voting to save your lives.

  16. If you remember, Pelosi said to pass it, then find out what was in it. Every Rep. and Sen. should be required to read the whole of any bill before being allowed to vote on it. My understanding is that very few do this.

  17. We should all write to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, telling him how we feel about this bill and begging the Court to rule it unconstitutional. I know that the ruling has to abide by the law, but there is nothing in the Constitution that says the government can have complete control over our lives and can even sentence us to death by their rules. The Supreme Court needs to hear from the citizens directly, not just the people who will be arguing against the bill in the Court. By inundating the Court with letters, it would tell them that the citizens don't want this monstrosity. We don't need petitions, we need individual letters. Look up the Court's address on Google.

  18. Shot in the Foot says:

    It cost better than 40,000 dollars for my 3 months of cancer treatment. Guess if you get cancer you are out of luck.

  19. T. V. Ferebee says:

    Would you make your list and comments available?

  20. T. V. Ferebee says:

    I agree, but not for a Rockefeller RINO or a BUSH NEOCON – both are as fascist as the DINOs. Please remember it was the RINOs and NEOCONs that gave up the patriot act, that, through hidden money, financed the FEMA camps, that were strongly behind the NDAA, etc. If we want our country back, we need to dismantle the FED and the Rockefeller and Rothschild financial system as heros in our past have done (Lincoln) or have tried to do (JFK) and we killed for their efforts.

  21. If you do not vote GOP come November Obama Care will be here to stay……If Obama is not ousted come Nov. the Democrats will win in 2012…..In 2016…..And 2020…..By that time the GOP will be dead…..Our system of Government will so corrupted the Liberals, the Communist, and the Democrats will have a permanent home for the rest of millinium…..Tyranny by absolute power will rule this once Great Nation!….."When will They ever Learn"?….Peter, Paul and Mary.

  22. trackfodder says:

    I can see where Barney is coming from. It is expensive to keep an AIDS victim alive. Let 'em die

  23. This is what happens when nobody "reads" the damn thing first.

  24. Your remark is insensitive and uncalled for. HIV/AIDS strikes many innocent people who did nothing to deserve this horrid illness. Perhaps you are one of the wannabe death panel members.

  25. I read through the obamacare bill when it was first posted and when I told people about the death panels, they refused to believe it. Well, there are selected physicians who are using the panel's list of 'not to treat' on board today and people are being denied medical care based on those death lists. The US Supreme Court has already ruled several times that laws should be concise and precise; vague laws are unconstitutional because a reasonable person could not discern what behavior is declared illegal. This is precisely what obama's bill is–vague. Not only that it contains agendas that have nothing to do with health care. Sallie Mae has taken over the educational funding under obamacare—educational financing has absolutely NOTHING to do with health care. There are other agendas hidden withing obamacare that are not medically related and this is how the congress has usurped our protected rights and the reason why pelosi did not want anyone to read it until after it was passed and signed into law. The entire bill needs to be declared unconstitutional, period.

  26. You know, I hope that I am still around when Jesus returns. I want to have a front row seat when all the jaws hit the floor; I don't just want to be a fly on the wall. I know these guys all think they are really something, but something tells me the tables are going to turn big time. And I believe it's going to happen in my life time. If not, no matter. There will be the day.

    And CJM, you are absolutely correct. My mother was almost one of them. But, let's just set them on their keesters. Bring in two or three believers and pray over those these goats refuse to heal. Maybe seeing is believing.

  27. get rid of obamacare and obama or we are gonna regret it . obamas trying to destroy America

  28. yea you right oldgringo. check out council of foreign relations. very scary and an eye opener

  29. jeff martin says:

    Do away with obama and his “care”! The Commerce clause is “only” to keep trade “between states” fair!! And nothing more!! We The People understand the true meaning! Not the feds bastardized version!! Vote Any Republican In November!

  30. What I find interesting is that if you watched something like the "Biggest Loser" or even know people who have had stomach surgery to reduce their weight, you will know that even with these extreme measures, some people just gain the weight back.

    If this Obamacare continues, then what will happen is that only those who are "approved", whether they are the right body weight, the proper height or whatever the criteria is, will have health care. That's fine, until one thinks of those who do not fit the criteria. They'll be left out in the "cold", so to speak.

    Personally, I'm researching alternative health measures such as botanticals so that when they cut off the pharmaceuticals to those of us who don't fit the criteria, I'll have something to fall back on. As a matter of fact, right now I'm not insured anymore because it was too expensive to keep all of us on the health plan.

  31. every one who voted for Obama care should be in prison.

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  33. DEFEATOBAMAIN2012 says:


  34. DEFEATOBAMAIN2012 says:


  35. 15 more CZARS.

  36. The Barry Obama I remember–was pro-life. But he was ambitious–to the extreme. And that explains some things.