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The Bastard White Culture in America: Why America Is Dividing

Written by Gary North on February 23, 2012

Charles Murray has done it again. His new book, Coming Apart, has blown the lid off the most crucial development socially in the United States over the last 50 years: the rise off bastardy. He concentrates on whites.

The book is receiving a lot of attention. His books usually do. Losing Ground in 1984 was a great book. It exposed the welfare state as a fraud. It has not decreased poverty. It was right, and the Left attacked it.

The Bell Curve a decade later was a great book. It exposed the new elite, based on IQ, and the liberal university system that trains this elite. It was right on both counts, and the book was savaged by liberals.

His new book is getting attention, but the liberals are ignoring its main argument: the rise of bastard culture since 1960.  Here is what he writes. His two towns are fictional: Fishtown (lower-class white) and Belmont (upper class white).

Marriage: In 1960, extremely high proportions of whites in both Belmont and Fishtown were married—94% in Belmont and 84% in Fishtown. In the 1970s, those percentages declined about equally in both places. Then came the great divergence. In Belmont, marriage stabilized during the mid-1980s, standing at 83% in 2010. In Fishtown, however, marriage continued to slide; as of 2010, a minority (just 48%) were married. The gap in marriage between Belmont and Fishtown grew to 35 percentage points, from just 10.

Single parenthood: Another aspect of marriage—the percentage of children born to unmarried women—showed just as great a divergence. Though politicians and media eminences are too frightened to say so, nonmarital births are problematic. On just about any measure of development you can think of, children who are born to unmarried women fare worse than the children of divorce and far worse than children raised in intact families. This unwelcome reality persists even after controlling for the income and education of the parents.

In 1960, just 2% of all white births were nonmarital. When we first started recording the education level of mothers in 1970, 6% of births to white women with no more than a high-school education—women, that is, with a Fishtown education—were out of wedlock. By 2008, 44% were nonmarital. Among the college-educated women of Belmont, less than 6% of all births were out of wedlock as of 2008, up from 1% in 1970.

The liberals are ignoring this argument. Why? Because they favor the sexual revolution. They do not want that revolution to get blamed for the disaster it has caused. Second, this cannot be reversed by government spending. Liberals believe that government spending (taxing) can fix every major social problem. If spending can’t, another law can.

His solution is simple to state. It is likely impossible to achieve.

Married, educated people who work hard and conscientiously raise their kids shouldn’t hesitate to voice their disapproval of those who defy these norms. When it comes to marriage and the work ethic, the new upper class must start preaching what it practices.

Married, educated people have no contact with lower-class whites. Even if they did, they would not have contact with the single-mother parent of bastard children.

The sexual revolution, promoted in the public schools, has caused this. Liberals caused this. They cannot fix it.

Murray is right: the bastard culture is driving America apart.

Only a religious revival can reverse it — one that says, “love and marriage, love and marriage, go together like a horse and carriage.” Those are the lyrics of a popular Frank Sinatra song in 1955. That world is gone.

There is nothing that tax-funded welfare can do to reverse this great divide.

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27 thoughts on “The Bastard White Culture in America: Why America Is Dividing

  1. Fishtown bastards are OWS and "in their face" mentality is de rigeur for these cast offs. Fishtown bastards feel as if they have nothing to lose and plenty of hate/envy based angst to deliver to the privledged class; the flaw being that many of us now in Belmont got there through hard work and really invested heavily in our future; we came from immigrant parents or grandparents and started off with absolutly NOTHING! There was no silver spoon in our mouths. Fishtown bastards were bred by the undisciplined stoned losers who invested nothing in their own lives and the shame they now feel directs how they parent their children….a toxic mix!

  2. America is in great decline because of Cultural and also economic issues. I don't think it will ever be reversed. Therefore, I don't think it is the great nation it once was. We don't excel anymore.

  3. I am old enough to remember, before political correctness raised its ugly head, that a child born out of wedlock was proclaimed to be a bastard. There was actually a social stigma attached to this situation; there was shame. High School girls that got pregnant would " disappear " to a home for unwed mothers, have their child and either raise their child while attending high school at night or put that child up for adoption. The young males that helped produce the child either manned up, married and worked to be a father – or – were put on a black list; couldn't get a date anywhere. This worked fine for the taxpaying community since there were fewer bastards. Look what we have today with the Great Society and the Welfare State: unwed mothers raising multiple bastards at taxpayer expense. Generational dependence on this rotten system. Government has not fixed a single thing, only made it worse. Time for some real " change ".

  4. You read it here first… The Lib Media will say that this guy is a shill for Santorum… He has basically been preaching the same thing.

  5. The Lib's did this to destory our culture and make everyone depended on the state.

  6. Its not just White. Also take a really good look at the Blacks. THEN look a little deeper to the Asians, Vietnamese, Mexicans, Muslims. All of them are coming here because the system/s in place are better for the poorer people.
    Take a really good look at the education system – The No Child Left Behind is a massive failure.

  7. Kenneth L Love says:

    The only way to minimize situation of a welfare state is to demand all receiving welfare must report for work & accordingly be given money only after each day of work. Those unable to work must be given duties beneficial to society within their physical condition. To receive welfare all must be screened for drugs.Those not citizens be deported. Those on drugs, no welfare. Welfare recipients must be US CITIZENS. Work assignments; cleaning streets, public parks, road repair crews, simple land clearing & cleaning up abondoned city property, slum area, cleaning & painting public structures, school buildings, public areas. If getiing a job is more desireable, perhaps some will return to earning an honest living .Living on welfare only must be eliminated at all costs. If not enough jobs available, then put to work on farms raising food to feed them. If a work program not available, then receipients given food & public housing, that they help build, but no money, even clothing. All my ancestors worked, while not present citizens? GOD BLESS AMERICA< MAY HER FLAG WAVE FOREVER>

  8. You know what else is sad? The little children are of mixed races(some of them). I could go on and on about reasons for these girls having illegitimate children, but I honestly believe it is because they, their parents, and family and friends have no morals. You can be poor,but, you can also have morals( being moral is to live by having good ethics ethics). They talk bad, dress bad, act bad, if I had known someone like them in my younger years, I would have had nothing to do with them. Not because I would think I am better, but because people like these girls will get you in trouble–one way or another. Nowadays a lot of girls think they are so tough, but, you see they have to live off the taxpayers' money, because they are too ignorant, too lazy, and/or too busy running with their 'hoods or gangs. Oh yeah, the liberals caused this, and it really got going in the '60's(they are the real "bastards"!!).

  9. ichthusthree says:

    you should send this to all the non-Dem candidates — they all couod use some common sense solutions — btw, i've been saying this for years and No one would listen (& i'm almost 60!) — thank you, and Seriously, send this on!

  10. If Bastards are such a problem, why would we be against birth control?

  11. Maybe we should make birth control harder to get. I'm sure that would help. How about that idea about "workfare". We could have government day care facilities for the single moms working government jobs that they replaced workers at creating more unemployment and more government jobs. Great idea! More big government! (I guess they could just chain their kids to a radiator or something and avoid this obvious flaw in the workfare system.)

    " because they are too ignorant, too lazy, and/or too busy running with their 'hoods or gangs." Wow. I bet you don't even realize how racist and ignorant this statement really is. Most welfare recipients are white people living in rural areas. Is that what you meant by "hood" Jane? Didn't think so.

  12. Sadly, I have to agree with you.

  13. As a WASP (technically, I am a mosquito, but wasps are my insect bretheren), I find Mr. Murray's work to be based on racial bias and bigotry. Why focus solely on the whites?

    All sarcasm (and poor attempts at wit) aside, the man is courageous for continuing to address these issues after the abuse he has received over his work in the past. And it is obvious why he only included white Americans in his study. While the points he makes are valid for many sub-groups of Americans, picking on the white race is politically safe.

    As a WASP (again, really a mosquito), I am fine with this….The points need to be made.

  14. This is what Big Govt. and Obama are all about.

    Equal distribution of wealth = depend on government for everything.
    Attack the family within, take our guns away,
    strip us of our constitutional rights, supress us in every way.
    How else could they control the majority?
    Its all in the big plan!

  15. guest on this planet says:

    Because they are to lazy to use it , over 70 percent of black babies are born to (SINGLE MOMS ) , who supports them ?

  16. Bill McCroskey says:

    It will be interesting to see if Charles Murray's new book creates the liberal media & pundits firestorm his co-authored book The Bell Curve did. The Bell Curve was the classic case of 'don't like the message ?? shoot the messenger.'

  17. Mr. Murray was "right on" with The Bell Curve, and is 100% correct with his cuurent analysis. I would add another growing critical contribution to the deciline of America enhanced by the present administration, is the "something for notihng"…"the Government owes me" philosophy, as indicated in Mr. Murray's book…LOSING GROUND. The stats quoted in
    Coming Apart directly indicate the growing "welfare state " increase. Respectfully, having been born in depression times, 1926, with no Govt. unemployent for my parents & grandparents..all hard workers….the phrase(s) I heard many times
    "you get what you work for..you get nothing..for doing nothing"…" If you want something…you have to earn it"..& more!

  18. So sorry to see you feel that way . I agree with the author that only a religious revival can reverse America's decline. That revival is coming soon. History has proven that when things get really bad the people turn back to God.

  19. Bill McCroskey says:

    Well said …. what a perfect word …. 'ENTITLE'-ments … (qualify for by right according to law)

  20. Scott Todd says:

    Actually a lot of the OWS are the upper middle class. Given this guy's analysis it shouldn't be that way. I'd be curious as to what his explanation would be.

  21. Scott Todd says:

    And they get more $$ for each kid they have so there's no incentive to use birth control.

  22. what isn't there is a huge divide, the man forgot to marry to care for his family. The woman the worst problem forgot she was to raise her family, plant the garden or hire it done, if the family could afford it, to put down all her food she raised, to freeze jt and teach her children like wse. The woman forgot to be a woman she wanted to be somebody, and she already was. She wanted to go thru the glass ceiling and destroy the country. Thats my take on it as I sit back and watch it all like a movie, when I have time some days.

  23. Not so bro… Reason being that there are more in the cities than the rural areas. Also more young than old. And all races have a good many in welfare!

  24. Thanks to the politicians, we All our members of the late, great United States of America! We the people opened the doors wide for them, and now are reaping what we sowed.

  25. AMEN!!

  26. Historian says:

    Started with slave owners and their slaves and then they discarded or hung or killed them after the deed. Your founding father Thomas Jefferson had many children with one slave. So don't try to make it a black thing.

  27. Debbie G says:

    We've read stories like this before that are focused on minorities. Why shouldn't we talk about whites?

    I work for a Pediatrician. There are many single white women having 2,3, 4 babies, and their attitude just seems to be "oh well, what's one more?" Many of them come in with the boyfriend, who agrees not to marry mom for fear of losing the federal money for housing, food stamps and health care.
    The boyfriends seem to have the same attitude and act like the proud papa coming to the doctor visits because he "loves" his child. When are we going to start enforcing laws to make dad's responsible for their own offspring?