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What’s the Matter With WalMart?

Written by Gary North on February 21, 2012

In recent customer ratings, WalMart slipped to 69. The highest ranked supermarket is Publix.

That’s the way it is at our house.

We moved to Georgia in late 2008. We can now shop at Publix. That’s where my wife prefers to shop. The environment is clean. The staff is made up of very customer-pleasing people — better than any supermarket I have even been in.

WalMart’s people are not grouchy, but they are not as nice as Publix workers.

WalMart is cheaper in money but more expensive in time. It is hard to navigate your way through WalMart. The SuperCenters are big.

People can tell the difference. They seem to prefer service to low prices.

WalMart is not going out of business. Low prices pull in customers who are on a tight budget. But not everyone is on that tight a budget.

It is interesting that the Dollar Stores are growing at the expense of all stores. They are smaller. The staff knows where things are. The prices are usually better than WalMart, but you can get in and out faster. The parking lots at Dollar stores are smaller.

The closest store to us in Mississippi was a Dollar General store. I preferred to shop there. It usually had what I wanted. It was more convenient than a 7-11, and a lot cheaper.

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31 thoughts on “What’s the Matter With WalMart?

  1. Walmart cut back on how much they carry and it is all made in China junk.

    We find other places to shop.

  2. Please! WalMart is wonderful. Give it up. I thought Tea Party was the average person. Yes, I'd give up service for a better price. However, I am treated just fine at WALLYWORLD!
    Come on Tea Party"………this is the best you got? This is why we are turning away from you. Get back to business!

  3. Mike Knight says:

    My biggest problem is that door greeter. That's why I stopped shopping at Walmart.

  4. Publix is the best food store. china-mart has no business in the food industry

  5. You would turn away from the tea party because some don't like wally world? Liberal please! You claim you'd turn away from the tea party because of a general discussion, a personal opinion, about where one person prefers to shop ? ? ?

    You would never associate yourself with the tea party. You only strive to find something negative to say about every conservative and their posts. We don't believe you for a minute, but if sticking to your "story" makes you feel better, go right on ahead.

  6. I've never shopped at a publix. But thanks to the liberal post on here I just searched and found 3 pretty close to us. Since I know the liberals here won't be shopping there, I will be!

    Maybe I won't see as many people drive up in Escalades and pay for their steaks with food stamps.

  7. Right you are. Many products that we have always bought are no longer on the shelf. Most Walmats have 30 or more check outs, with never more that %25 of them open. I hate waiting 20 minutes in line for my turn.

  8. What??These are two very different things…..walmart has nothing to do with the TEA PARTY. I never think about the TEA PARTY when I want to go elsewhere. Walmart buys EVERYTHING from China and I think even if they could get products made here, they would STILL buy from China. I only shop at walmart when I can't find it elsewhere. I am average and I support the TEA PARTY.

  9. I'm happy someone finds WallyWorld fine. Personally, I stopped shopping there and tea party has NOTHING to do with it! I stopped because I was tired of never being able to find anything and what I did find was of such low quality it wasn't even worth the cheap price. Ours has been constantly updated and is now in such horrible colors it seems to scream "get out and stay out!". I don't find that paying 5.00 for a t-shirt is cheap when it's thin and poorly made. As far as groceries I started getting too many items that seemed fine on the outside but were moldy inside…what's with that? Started getting the feeling I was purchasing every other area grocery store rejects. However, these are MY opinions and not those of any party.

  10. Whats wrong with the door greeter?

  11. My mom worked at Publix, and because of what I seen of how they treat their workers first hand I try not to shop there. plus recently I went to a publix near my work and all the hunting and gun magazines were covevered with censor plaques so they would not offend people. The problem is that offends me. As I am someone who hunts here in west central Georgia. o h well I guess they just don't want my business any more.

  12. I love my local Publix. The best tasting store brand milk, store brand quarts of heavy cream, spouts on those quarts of heavy cream (no one else does this), wonderful deli that always staffed, excellent weekly sales, always a manager right inside the front door, and they usually offer to help you with the cart out to your car. Don't shop much anywhere else but the local Walmart Supercenter or Target. Probably would drop Walmart if there were a Costco or Sam's Club less than 30 miles away. Might even drop Walmart if my town every gets a Super Target, not just a regular Target.

    Walmart made a push a year or two ago to have more checkout people on the floor. My opinion of Walmart improved a lot during that period. Shopping at Walmart wasn't a drag because you weren't going to stand in line forever. Of course, over time that changed back and Walmart has gotten back to being as bad as it ever was.

  13. TheGovtIsNuts says:

    As a faithful Target & JC Penney shopper, I didn't really discover Walmart until I relocated to Houston a few years ago. Practically every one of their stores here is a Super Store! They are everywhere, very convenient. And they do have some really nice things at nice prices. The grocery section is outstanding. We even have Walmart Neighborhood Stores here, which are wonderful convenience stores. I shopped at Walmart stores 2-4 times per month — right up until Fairy Hardcastle… I mean, JaNo (now, you'all know who I'm talking about) was reported to have installed extremely offensive @#%* Snitch Monitors (which host snooper-and-blabber "see & say" directives) in all their stores. I haven't been back since. This is known as a buy-cott.

  14. I refuse to buy things made in China or produce and food that is from other countries! Most of the merchandise and food is not from the USA. Our country has the most diverse climates for raising ALL food; I want American made and American grown items. That's why I rarely go into a WalMart.

  15. The thing I don't like about the door greater is the search when you leave. I'm fussy about my light bread. I don't like it in a bag because it doesn't fit and it gets squished. I get to the door to leave with about $100.00 worth of groceries all bagged up and they want the receipt for the bread. Yea, I'm going to pay for the rest but gosh dang-it, I'm going to steal that $1.25 loaf of bread. It's stupid.

    Now it took me a while to train them but I did. I just told them, 'if you think I am stealing the bread, call a cop. I'll even wait right here and show him the receipt. Of course, if I paid for the bread, I'm getting a lawyer'. If I'm going to be publicly called a thief then I should get paid for it. Nowadays, they don't bother me so much. I was told they had a picture on the wall and below it it says not to stop me when I leave. I haven't seen it myself but that's the rumour.

    What ever happened to the 4th amendment?

    Oh, I don't call it shoplifting either. If a person leaves a store with something they didn't pay for, they are a thief and it is called stealing not shoplifting. I bet it was a liberal that came up with that term. lol

  16. My sis-n-law gets even for the long lines. She leaves her shopping cart and tells the cashier bye on the way out. Maybe they will get the point one day. I usually call the store with my cell phone, ask for management then ask why they don't have more checkouts open. They usually open a few more then. I also like when a person with a cart full goes to the express checkout. I even asked one if they could count and pointed to the sign. The cashier told me when I got up there that they can't say anything but she was glad I did.

    I always liked the way Winn Dixie did their checkouts. They had several stockers that also had logins for the register. If they get busy, the stockers come check customers until they catch back up. They rarely had more than two or three people in a line. If someone had a cart full, they called them even if there was only one person in line waiting. We lost that store when Wal-Mart moved in tho. 🙁

  17. I like WalMart; even worked there for a while. I always read labels, regardless of the store where I am shopping and do not buy ANYTHING made in China, Thailand or other countries unless I HAVE to. I always read food labels, also; they have been slipping a lot of "product of China" and "product of Thailand" on the shelves. I've noticed Chile and Russia lately, also.

  18. If you would give up service for a better price then you're not a very intelligent person. What good is a product (at any price) without good service? What if you have a problem with the product? Customer service and a good customer relations is essential to the wellbeing of a company. What I look for in a product is quality, customer support, Hopefully made in America, and a good value (but that hardly ever means cheapest), and ease of replacement if neccessary. But regardless of all that, what does this have to do with the TEA Party? Or do you just not understand the goals of the TEA Party?

  19. Has anyone seen the pictures of the WalMart shoppers that circulate the internet? That might have something to do with the drop in customers. They might do better if they had a dress code. One day it will only be the freaky people and the ones who go there to take pictures of them.

  20. Publix is the best super market by far for me. I go to WinDixie and Walmart once in a great while but I always feel better shopping at Publix. Food with the Publix name on it is always high quality and cheaper. There ice cream is the best in my opinion. Always very clean and always high quality food there with upbeat workers.

  21. Patricia Wozniak says:

    The buzz at our Walmart in southwest Louisiana is that the greeters are being phased out. That's good for us shoppers yet bad for the mostly senior citizens who man that position to make a little extra money. I wish they would do away with the constant "remodeling" and moving things around. When they start that stuff I go to Kroger and Dollar Store, even though the Walmart is only a few blocks away from me.

  22. The Traveller says:

    Wish we had a Publix in Tulsa…………. We have everything but that.

  23. I don't go into Wal-Mart since I moved to the San Antonio Area…..It's just too depressing, the employees look and act like they are near tears, and are so depressed that they might just Kill Themselves right in front of you.
    Here in South Texas we have HEB stores, same or better prices as Wal-Mart…and MUCH better quality, the only problem is that HEB is so good that it has run its competition (Kroger,Albertsons) out of the marketplace…and less competition means higher prices…So prices are inching up
    One last comment, I live in New Braunfels 20 miles north of San Antonio, a city of 60,000 people with only 4 grocery stores;2 HEBs, 1 Wal-Mart and 1 Mom&Pop (pig-sty) There was a study that showed if you divided the total square footage of the 4 stores by the population…New Braunfels Texas is one of the most underserved markets in America…HELP!

  24. I have seen many that were not dressed the way you describe. Any place one goes they are going to see "hinky" dressed people and some are really appalling, but one can't blame a store for that; "we the people" have seemingly accepted the present "dress code". If one has ever viewed a little of a fashion show, it would be well-known that immodesty is acceptable to many. So many of the bikini bottoms look like diapers to me and the bottoms and tops don't leave anything to the imagination. Waistlines of pants sold in "reputable" stores are way below the waist and show too much, especially if one bends over. (I, personally, shop for traditional waistlines and non-revealing necklines).

  25. Actually, a lot depends on the store manager; there are some good ones and some very bad ones.

  26. Where I live, WalMart AND Publix is too expensive. I find better deals at Food Lion for groceries and use the $ Store or even Sears and K-Mart for other goods. Sometimes the best deals are the specialty stores like Office Depot or an appliance store. I have been to both WalMart and Publix and found both places had their rude employees just like any other place of business.

  27. Phyllis What politically party does Wall Mart support?? If you said the communist party, you are right. We call it Democrats.

  28. Jimoroni I too have a good knowledge of how Publix treats their employees, It has a 94% approval rating, compared to a 63% at Wall Mart.

  29. Patriot Games says:

    Publix is a southern Florida supermarket.

  30. LovedtheoldUSAbetter says:

    Oh baloney! Tulsa is a snooty town that thinks of itself as the most elite town in the West. It has never gotten over the fact that it is no longer "The Oil Capital of the World" c. 1920-1960s. It has VERY few grocery stores. The best were the Safeways/Homelands and Petty's, if it hasn't gone out of business for being highly elitest and over-priced.

    There was a teeny-weeny WholeFoods for a while but I think it didn't get the business it gambled on getting. Pretty soon, Tulsans will have only wal-mart to buy its (crappy) foods.

    And it will serve Tulsa right. (and, I am not a Liberal so don't try to read anything into my words.)

  31. Mike Knight says:

    I'd love to see Chinese imports banned due to their numerous human rights violations. What happened to the good old days when this nation refused to deal with such regimes. Especially when communist in nature. Walmart would be flushed down the crapper, and small local stores could rise again. We should have never got used to all this cheap slave labor crap to begin with.