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Obama’s Precocious Father: A WW II Vet at 9 Years Old!

Written by Gary North on February 21, 2012

Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. was born in 1936. Yet he served in World War II.

This is the kind of man America’s tax-funded school system needs to produce again, the way it did back in 1942: men who accept their country’s call to die for their nation at age 6 or 7.  This is the real meaning of no child left behind. Off to war they went.

I was too young to serve. I was born in 1942. But if I had been born in 1936, I would have answered the call, too. That’s why they call people born in 1936 the greatest generation.

There will be skeptics, of course. There always are. They will scoff at the whole idea that Obama’s father served in World War II. They will demand proof that he served honorably in the armed forces. They will want to see his discharge papers. Just because these papers have been mis-filed, and are not presently available, these people will dismiss the story as an outrageous fabrication.

These discharge papers truthers do America no service when they call into question a courageous man’s service to this country — service so dedicated that he left Kenya to answer Franklin Roosevelt’s call. When they argue that he had no right to veterans’ benefits, they are saying that no veteran has a right to these benefits.

I think it’s time to stand up and be counted. Counting is what matters. And counting is what we will do, voting machine by voting machine, this November. Furthermore, for those skeptics who dismiss the results of this counting merely because there is no verifiable paper-based record of the voting, I say this: the lack of a piece of paper is not relevant when the Big Issues are at stake. I say: “No vote left behind!”

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111 thoughts on “Obama’s Precocious Father: A WW II Vet at 9 Years Old!

  1. This is bullshit what did BO senior do in the war was he a fighter pilot? Did he drive a truck? Witch side did he fight for? I Know he hates the british. He was never an american citizen and he loved communism.

  2. Noble Owney says:

    You miss the point: born in '36, war ended in '45. He would have been 9 at the oldest. Obama Jr. is a liar.

  3. mr bad example says:

    it's just something else BHO pulls out of his arse when he doesn't have a teleprompter in front of his lying pie-hole!


  5. I see this as a tongue-in-cheek post at yet another obama lie. The wording of the author can only lead one to the conclusion that those who blindly follow our dear leader will blindly believe this load of obamacrap too. They will accuse those who question the issue here to be racist, etc, etc, etc.

    Since they can't prove a person who questions this crap is wrong, they will resort to the tired liberal tactic of name calling and trying to discredit the educated among us, who dare question obama.

    There are many people who lie about military service and military awards to make themselves more appealing. Congress passed the Stolen Valor Act in 2006 just for these fake heroes. Now they just need to do something for fake presidents!!


  7. David USAF says:

    Obama doesn't know how to tell the truth. Every word out of his mouth is a lie.

  8. This is a disgrace to the real men who fought in WW11. Anyone who believes Obummer is a fool.

  9. This is all CRAP born in 1936 he would of been five at the start of the war,eleven at the end,BS Iwas born in 1934 and I never served untill 1953. O'Vomits Dad never did serve. Its all BULL SH!T anything to look good and crap on America. holy Crap what a LIER

  10. As usual for this site, it is the author who is lying http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/service.asp

  11. just curious — are there any pic's of Davis? — i assume he was Black too but would like to see i any resemblence is there

  12. Once again Obama has broke my mouth.

  13. Bill McCroskey says:

    I was born in 1948 and I too served in WWll in Italy. My father was in Italy also but I was with him (as were many others if you want to be biological correct. Please see Bill Clinton's 'depends of what your definition of …is …is' quote) so, a case can be made I was there. Like Obama's father I don't have any discharge or military record in my EXACT name …. but I was there.

  14. Yea, and I won the lottery. My winning ticket has only been 'mis-filed'!

  15. Obama is a traitor. The Bushes are traitors. Clinton is a traitor. The last good president, the last REAL president, was Dwight Eisenhower. Kennedy was close, but since then, we've had corrupted men who have conspired against the US Constitution and have given us a fiat-currency, endless wars, high unemployment, inflation, and 1984-esque laws such as The Patriot Act, The NDAA, and ACTA (international treaty).

    Ron Paul is the closest thing we have to one of our "Founding Fathers." He is a plain-speaking, highly intelligent, and honest man that loves this country and wants to see it return to the Constitutionally-based limits of government. A government "of the people, by the people, and for the people."

    Our Congress is den of vipers that is dominated by men and women of the lowest-caliber who are there serving not for their constituents, but for their own hedonistic reasons. Some, like Ron Paul, who are the tiniest minority, actually push for good legislation, but the rest push for international laws, corporate interests, and ways to line their own pockets.

    Please don't be afraid to stand up for yourself, for your children, for your grandchildren and fight for a new America…actually an old America, where men have the ability to pursue their dreams without government / international roadblocks.

    If you truly love Liberty, Freedom, and Equality, then you need to support Dr. Ron Paul for President of the USA in 2012!!!

  16. Obama is most likely the offspring of Frank Marshall Davis, who DID serve in WWII. Davis was living in Hawaii in the early 60's and supported himself as a photographer. Obama's mother modelled for him. There was in all probability a liaison that produced Obama. No big deal, he was a 60's love child (like many others in that era) which is one thing noone can blame him for. The birth certificate nonsense is a distraction. He's been POTUS for almost 4 years, he's the likely Democratic nominee for 2012. Why don't the birthers pound on his abysmal record re: the economy and the wars?

  17. Coming from Africa I can categorically say that ayatollah barack hussein obama is a liar. ALL black children in Africa at the age of 6 -7 -8 -9 herd cattle. Yes, they HERD CATTLE. Keyna belonged to the English at the time when this little black "umfaan" (Zulu word for a black boy) was trotting around barefoot and near naked amongst cattle on the plains of Keyna. For fun they catch locusts and grasshoppers, spear them with a stick, and grill them over a little fire. They did this 100 years ago and they continue so to do. Come on ayatollah!!!! surely there must be some place in your q'ran that tells you not to LIE!!! wHAT THIS MAN WON'T DO TO GET RE-ELECTED MAKES ME WANT TO VOMIT.

  18. I still haven't figured out why he is a great orator!
    He lies and it isn't reported on the news. I would never know he said this if it weren't for email.
    Republican candidates should start every meeting with an Obama gaff or lie. Posters of him lying should be all ove! Reverend Wright messages should be played but they also let him slide. You wonder why I became Independent!

  19. I'm an embarassed slacker that was born in 1935, and hid beneath my mother's skirts while my father manned-up,and went off to party with the Marine Corp (or is it corpse) in the Pacific. Yep,I was strong, able and 9 years old in August, 1945. Hope I can live to have this bad judgment, on my part, erased from the record and shielded from the innocent eyes of my progeny. Is it any wonder why the demos would overlook me as Presidential timber?

  20. sandykramer says:

    We have our Caesar. But where is our Brutus?

  21. Bill – correction on your write "we will doubt anything he says" should read " WE WILL AND DO DOUBT EVERYTHING HE SAYS. ayatollah obama is a liar and will die a liar.

  22. It has been proven on various occasions that Snopes is less than genuine in the postings it has offered to the gullible masses. They tend to protect and enable the criminals currently destroying America while using the Capitol and the WH as their clubhouse. Truth is not as pure as they would want you to think.

  23. Got me! At first I didn't realize you were being sarcastic and I was wondering how you were born in '48 and served in WW II which ended in '45? http://worldwar-2.net/ Then the Bill Clinton reference sunk in.

  24. As usual for snopes…. owned by Soros…. who owns obama, they have twisted the dear leaders words to mean what they want them to. Is obama a man of his word or not? His "muslim faith" him visiting "57 States". I thought your messiah was a college educated all knowing genius?

    Does he say anything he means? “Look, I'm at the start of my administration. One nice thing about the situation I find myself in is that I will be held accountable. You know, I've got four years,” Obama told The Today Show’s Matt Lauer on February 1, 2009.

    “A year from now I think people are going to see that we're starting to make some progress," said Obama. "But there's still going to be some pain out there. If I don't have this done in three years, then there's going to be a one-term proposition.”

  25. Obama can't tell the truth because his DNA won't let him. This guy is nothing but a habitual liar whose father "serviced" women all around the globe. After planting his seed, he simply left town, never taking responsibility for the child. Obama's father was truly the "DEADBEAT DAD." Obama meant to say that Obama Sr. fathered his first child during WWII. The one thing we all learn from Obama's statement. HE FLUNKED MATH.

  26. His kind are good at lying…all the time.

  27. Very interesting . Why was Obama sr attending collage as an exchange student when he could have gone on the GI Bill ? Also Obama has publicly stated that his father was never a US Citizen . It is my understanding that anyone serving in the United States Military and honorably discharged is automatically granted citizenship . But if a guy will lie about a birth certificate just to get elected president , I suppose he will lie about anything .


    OH OK, so Obama's then 6-7 year old father served for a country he was not a citizen of nor had ever lived there? Man he just lies, EVERY EVERY Word is BS

  29. is it legal to recall a president,the same way the dems have recalled gov. walker and a few more republicans that they did not like.i mean it just seems to me that every time a good solid republican gets fairly elected into office,the democrats and their union pals come along and have a recall and the whole election starts over,they are making a artform of this.why can't we do this to obama.please someone tell me it is legal!!

  30. Read the Book The Roots of Obama's Rage it will explain a lot about why Obama prevaracated about his Father.

  31. Wow you've just swallowed the whole thing haven't you? Snopes is in no way affiliated with Soros. I would give reference for this but it is obvious it wouldn't matter. Just like the supposed "57 states" and "muslim faith", you have to nearly bend over backwards to nitpick details so you can purposely misunderstand instead of reading the entier statement in context where his intent is extremely obvious.

    I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt by saying that you are purposely misunderstanding.

  32. Danno, do you have proof to this? I mean, I don't think this imbicile Kenyan plant was even close to Hawaii at the time of his birth, can't even be sure the reported birthmother is indeed the mother. I would like to see where you got the info.

  33. Your "proof" is B.S. there is no proof, just the supposition that he misspoke! As usual Snopes is full of smoke screens

  34. America didn't even allow 12 year old kids in the Civil War. Forget the paperwork. Check the facts on entrance requirements.

  35. Paul Trombley says:

    Only a racist would doubt Barry's recollections about his father. Obviously.

  36. Paul Trombley says:

    Only one way? If so, then his praetorian guards should be dispersed.

  37. Thanks for my laugh of the day Danno. You could be a standup comic, LOL!

  38. LOL. North is pulling your strings, LOL.

  39. Sorry Doug but Paul comes across on TV as a senile old man. My wife has worked in a nursing home for many decades. When I go to visit I see residents like this every time. The way Paul talks is a big giveaway. He hesitates for a fraction of a second between many words which is a sign that his mind is going senil eand searching for the word.

  40. daniel webster says:

    to num nuts mikeinok, you better check your facts before you open your moth, blaming the author while using snopes.com as your sourch of info. illustrates one who opens mouth and engaes foot. There is no way Obama's father could have served in WWll, perhaps his grandfather did (Obama's mothers father) but certainly not Obamas father. It again proves Obama will twist words, is a liar, who will say anything to promote his cause. Your statements confirm the uneducated political views of those who "blindly" voted for Obama, I suppose you think he is doing right by the American public. SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  41. Bill my father served in WW2. He has an expression from that time that fits Ovomit. You can put brass buttons on a monkey and it still doesn't make him a General(a president can be substituted).

  42. Muslims are indeed taking over & here is further proof. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UufCsisCAc

  43. Sperm doesn't live that long….

  44. Txconfederate says:

    obozo is a pro at lying. But he isn't as good a lier as Bill is and was.

  45. bulldogracing says:

    Read up on how Snopes makes excuses for Kommander Zero.

  46. Colonialgirl says:

    Can't you recognize sarcasm when its written in a column? Gary is just pointing out the stupidity of Obama and the lack of intelligence in the lamestream leftist propaganda media that hasn't called Obama on his BS lies.
    I thought you Marines were brighter than that; I grew up around them on Navy bases and they always seemed pretty sharp to me.

  47. Colonialgirl says:

    Yo are way off the base, Ike got elected as a republican because they ASKED him first, otherwise the Democrats would have. He was NO JEWEL, he did some things that were good for the country like the Interstate system and opening the schools, but he was a wishy washy "moderate". We were much better off with Reagan, a truly great President and would have been 1000 times better off with Barry Goldwater than LBJ, the crook from Texas.
    Ron Paul has a FEW good ideas, but then he goes off Coo-Coo into Lala Land of utter nonsense; I had a little brother that was a "libertarian", but then he smoked too much whacky-Tabaccy too.

  48. Colonialgirl says:

    What, you mean all those Marine Corpse and Aid Corpsemen?

  49. Colonialgirl says:

    Of corse its not owned by Soros; Its owned by two blatantly LEFT WING people that happen to be husband and wife. You can't believe ANYTHING they comment n in regard to politics and Obama specifically.
    You have to be some kind of fool to fall for their nonsense ( I was thinking another word about a stinky substance, but it would have gotten me censored)

  50. What a waste of time you all are spending on this matter. It is obvious that the President misspoke and that he was talking about his mother’s father, his grandfather, who DID serve in WWII. His grandfather was the only father-figure in his young life.

  51. I had the same feeling. The wording makes me believe that it is satire, pure and simple. But it lacks the "punch" I was waiting for near the end. Now I'm so confused; I don't know whether to laugh or cry, so I'm going to go vacuum the carpets and forget I ever read it! What a waste of time.

  52. No place where it says not to lie in the koran but it does give them permission to lie to achieve ones ends. He is doing that very nicely and unfortunately a lot of people believe him.

  53. What??????—ahhhh,—–That is the point! “Sarcasam my fiend, Sacrcasam!”
    And,….well,….it’s not bad either, problem is some just don’t get Sarcasam, it’s a conceptual thing some people just will never get!
    I cannopt say it is just understood by people of higher intelligence because some of the dumbest people I have ever met understand it too well.
    It’s like how common sense is just missing in liberals.
    Example…. a butterfly sitting on the center of an elephants forhead right inbetween the eyes, is invisible to the elephant. It feels it but will never know what it is, and if it flies straight up over it’s head it is lost to poor elephant.
    Thats what logic is to a liberal. No matter how hard that liberal crosses its eyes, it will always be trying to see what is invisible to it. therefore it will never be able to understand it, use it, or find solice in it.
    Of course that is just my blithering idiot conservative opinion, of a fool who believes in the invisible man in the sky, my own, and the guts of others, and an old antiquated book called the Bible, along with that old blunderbuss on the wall!
    Silly me!

  54. It would be great if we could vote in two or three presidents for seperate duties.
    Paul is good at economics, great really, but he is kooky in international affairs! He would get us attacked as fast as Obama is trying to do from a whole different angle and different reasons.

    Seriously you have to see that or you are as nutty as he can be!

  55. MikeinOK, ya need to pick up your hero's books and read them. Then comment.
    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  56. Holy crap. You obviously missed the point of this article. It was intended to be funny because it's so obvious that Obama was/still is lying. Sometimes I wonder if people read AND comprehend what they've just read.

  57. ProudPrimate says:

    Any sane person (of which few here on this site or voting in GOP primaries for that matter) can see that BHO could have easily said "grandfather" and been 100% safe from such ridiculous attacks. In fact, his grandfather Stanley Armour Dunham did fight in WWII, and did come home and benefit from the GI bill and is OB-viously the person BHO is talking about, and he very likely called him Dad as a child, because the man played that role in his life far more than any other.

    He would have been scratching his head if someone warned him not to say "father" in that sentence. Normal people aren't crazy enough to ever dream that clowns like you guys would come up with this stuff. Talk about desperate!

    Suggestion: get a life

  58. Jewell Trail says:

    I agree with you except on one account. I'am a Racist I hate a liar worse than anything, but I'am fair in my racism I don't care what color you are. Obama simply cannot tell the truth, I don't know ,maybe he didn't get enough air when he was born

  59. What amazes me is the way we swallow what we hear and see but don't really know. Attila did it first, I believe. Or maybe it was Irving, before he discovered fire. Anyway this has been going on for centuries, maybe even a few millennium. Who knows? But the simple fact of the matter is that whoever has the power control's the Information Highway. The USSR (yes Virginia, it still exists) and the Communist Party (yes again) has mastered the art of misinformation and deception. And a willing, unemployed population will grab anything that promises them "A CHICKEN IN EVERY POT AND A CAR IN EVERY GARAGE!" Some of us still remember that slogan. What I'm saying is don't believe everything you see or hear. Especially since PHOTOSHOP. GBA!!!

  60. anneinjersey says:

    Since when have valid documentation or at least something to prove Obama Sr. served… become insignificant?! This is hogwash…and I still need, on top of a digital driver's license, at least two or three forms of ID (I'm a fourth generation American mind you)….OBAMANATION at it again–for better for worse, in this case—-the worst President we've ever had….Don't even compare him to ANY of the Bushes…………….Obama, stop using your dad to win an argument or brownie pts. from what's nothing more than a campaign speech!!!!!! (Desperate as usual!!!)

  61. The birthers also pound on his failures.
    However the birth issue is not arguable. He is either legal or he is not. It just has to be heard by the proper people.
    The failures can and will be argued away for many. Just as they always have been. Particularly the millions of casual semi patriots. Watching lefty news reports after work, whilest swigging their swirl.

  62. Know the TRUTH about the Government Health Care Bill
    H.R. 3200 – Key Points. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcBaSP31Be8

  63. @barb (6 hrs. ago),
    Interesting about Africa. You are correct that Obama Sr would have been herding cattle barefoot at the time. Perhaps Obama meant his Grandfather Stanley Dunham served in WWII. Or as someone suggested Barry is the child of Frank Marshall Davis. I guess Davis would have had to serve in WWII despite his being a Communist. This is just like everything about this occupier in the WH, a lie or a mystery.

  64. @bulldogracing,
    I totally agree with you about Snopes. Early on I would send my friends who I know voted for Zero things about him. They'd always come back with I checked it on Snopes and they said it is bunk. After a while I found out that this was a pattern and Snopes is only a husband & wife team who are obviously left-wing apologists fot the regime.
    This article is almost funny. Does Obama believe any of these lies that he tells the public?

  65. The only thing I cannot understand is why Congress puts up with his lies. Remember one of the Supreme Court Justices mouthed "you lie" at one of Obamas speeches. He is a Muslim and it is OK for them to lie. Check their Koran if you don't believe me!

  66. I've seen a lot of younger people doing that, pausing between words. My dad used to do it, he was one of the smartest people I've known. His mind was looking for the exact words, the exact statement he wanted to say. He wasn't just blathering on to hear himself talk. He could take a difficult concept and put it into concise words or a simple idea but he had to think it out. Ron Paul is a smart man and he does the same, searching for the right answer, not just any answer off the top of his head. Listen to him, he's not senile, he's just perfecting his answers.

  67. Obama wouldn't know the truth if it bit him in the butt…The Dems wanted a suit who could read their BS from a TelePrompter, but they got an empty suit…

  68. You had better go back and read your history. Eisenhower was a terrible leader. Him and Bradley cost 56K American troops trying to cross the Hertgen Forest. Those Bozos would not listen so don't tell me what a great man Ike was. He was and idiot, it is just Hitler was a bigger idiot.

  69. He said his father was born in 1936 how could Sr. fight in World War 2. The war ended in 1945 that would have made his father 9 years. heres more lies from our Trader President

  70. Blair Franconia, NH says:

    Really? You gotta be kidding me!


  72. They are, haven't you been paying attention? It's not like that's the ONLY issue they have with him, it's just that on top of all that, they don't think he's legally qualified in the first place.

  73. UR FOS, my wife works in one too, and he is showing zero signs of any brain problems, you are a TROLL! Or maybe you are functioning at the level of a cretin.

  74. Celticwaryor says:

    What a lying POS!! This nitwit is totally DELUSIONAL!

  75. The author sounded very convincing about Obama's father serving, other than the 1936 birth which was glaring and coming right off the page. I was going to Google it until I started reading the posts as I remember reading an article about it a long time ago. This was what might be called cunning satire. Some people live their life through sarcasm. They see everything as sarcastic while others look for a more sincere message and know sarcasm more through the tone of a voice. Sarcasm in a very powerful tool of people who like for most part. to degrade others.

  76. Yeah. Well why don't the non-birthers face the truth? Just because he has been an outlaw for 3 1/2 years does not make him above the law. Only cowards change the subject. The subject is he is illegally holding the office of president. This might be a hint as to why he has repeatedly violated the Constitution, for you non-birthers this means he has broken the law, in other ways repeatedly since squatting in the White House.

  77. Perhaps "racist" is the wrong word. EVERYONE discriminates in one fashion or another. Not everyone will admit it though. There is nothing wrong with discrimination. If you buy a red Chevy you have discriminated against blue Fords. That is discrimination at it's base form. But when it comes to people, I treat EVERYONE with the same respect I expect until they give me reason not too. And it has nothing to do with their skin color, but as Dr. King said. "The content of their character".

    Anyone who's character and actions are not deserving of my respect or courtesy, don't get them, regardless of their skin color.

  78. He was a baby

  79. Well now don't you have the whole thing figured out!!!!

  80. Well now don't you have the whole thing figured out!!!!

  81. Your's is a very logical explanation. Obama is so confused he could easily have made that mistake. He also had a stepfather from Indonesia so, with three fathers, he has a good excuse for his confused mind.

  82. The title of the article is wrong: the WWII started September 1, 1939, finished May 9, 1945 in Europe and September 2, 1945 in Asia.
    So, the obama's father became 9 just two and half months before the WWII ended.
    Thus, what the obama emanated from his chewing device is a complete buffalo feces

  83. So, we have an 'alleged' president, who is an illegitimate SOB. DO NOT IMPEACH THIS CRIMINAL he must be removed by SCOTUS to undo all the damage he is now doing to this great country. On another note, the many strong supporters, also called Ronbots, for RP have stacked the deck of the convention, so if no delegate is chosen on Tuesday, THEY will choice RP and sanity can return to America. We have a HUGE amount of oil and gas coming online in May, and it means prosperity in spades for a long time. Soetoro MUST be removed by our incompetent SCOTUS.


  85. He just covering for the illegal, non-American fraud in the White House. Must be part of Obumblers volunteer Propaganda Ministry and a democrap.

  86. Wish I would have seen this three days ago,,,check out the real father of obooba, Malcolm X. Compare facial features to the one that is claimed now. Malcolm was in the state of Washington when obooba's mother was there. A one night stand my bets are.


  88. I googled Frank Marshall Davis and read several articles and it would seem to be true that Obama was mentored by him for quite a number of years. Obama was about ten years old and Davis was a friend of Obama's grandfather. Davis nor the grandfather sound like they were a very good influence on Obama. Obama does not give any details about Davis. Davis admits to being a pedophile and admits to rape and several other things. Google him yourselves. He sounds disgusting and quite frankly I'm glad he's dead!!

  89. According to what I googled, Obama was about 10 years old when he was hanging out with Davis and his grandfather. Davis admits to being a pedophile, rapist and several other things. I have no doubt he is in Hell right now and rightly so.

  90. I couldn't agree more and we the people are just laying down and letting them walk all over us. They vote themselves raises, separate retirement plans, separate medical plans, etc. We the people should have threw a fit the first time this happened!!

  91. It's legal to have him indicted and arrested while he is in office, but we don't have any congressional members who are gutsy enough to have this done. Besides, why do you think he hired holder as his AG? Holder is his protectorate in chief and has demanded the FBI and CIA look the other way as they blithely break the laws and trash the US Constitution.

  92. His grandfather served in WWII. Fact. Did the video catch a slip of the tongue? Yes. Take a deep breath and lend a little oxygen here – it might clear the heads and the air.

  93. Funny, the last time I was in Africa I witnessed many things children aged 6-9 were doing and not one was herding cattle. Of course Africa is a big place so I am sure somewhere there are children herding cattle and learning about their cultural history but they also seem to be in schools and churches, in carpenter shops and other places learning how to build a better future for themselves.

  94. It is always tricky to say "never" or "always" or "No place" without a true knowledge. True knowledge is very difficult to obtain. That said, there are several verses of the Koran that tell believers not to bear false witness, just as the Bible uses the term.

  95. This statement by Barack Obama is absolutely true! 76 million people voted for Obama. they can't be wrong!

    Or is the problem that dead people can't hear, and so were unaware of this stupid, stupid mistake that this pathological liar made?

    People knew he was a liar. They knew his father was a Muslim polygamist. But they voited for him anyway.

    Romney has nothing to worry about. He's a pathological liar. His father was a Mormon polygamist. They'll vote for him! Uh….I forgot. Romney isn't black….

  96. Patriot Games says:

    But not one Tea Party member is fighting wars, just parading around draped in the flag, while the sons, daughters, friends, relatives are dying, of the middle and lower class.

  97. I assumed he misspoke and meant his grandfather.

  98. Because we'd prefer to see his Obominable Executive Orders and all of the country destroying legislation he has signed be rendered null & void. Not to mention having his punished to the full extent of the law and then deported to his native country permanently since he is an illegal alien with no rights, NONE, in this country.

  99. If what he won't do makes you want to puke, I hesitate to even begin to imagine what he is doing makes you feel like.

  100. John, you missed taking your meds again.

  101. Well, it's pretty much academic now, he's been in office 4 years, he won decisively in '08. To bring it up in '12 is simply a distraction. Just like with the abortion issue and gay marriage. Siphon off people's attention and energies from the war and the unpayable debt, that affects EVERYBODY.

  102. He's like all the other "great" orators if his teleprompter goes blank.

  103. Here 'tis, an entirely plausible theory as to Obama's real roots. Birth notices appeared in both of Honolulu's 2 major daily newspapers in August '61. As much as the American people are lied to day in and day out I find it believable.

  104. As the originator of this website might say, yes, Obama's an outlaw, yes, he's not above the law, but how close will Congress ever gets to actually impeaching Obama (or Clinton or Dubya or any of the other traitors who have occupied the Oval Office at one time) and trying him in the well of the House floor? The political WILL to do any of these principled actions simply doesn't exist. Nobody wants to find out the truth.

  105. Enough is enough!!!! The men and women who's lives were on the line and fought for the U.S.A. thru World War 1, World War 2, Viet Nam and ALL of the wars that our great nation has been envolved in, should not even be placed in the same sentence with the jokes and the idiots who are telling them considering obama or his family members. Our Veterans and Active Military deserve to be spoken of in honor and respect. obama needs to be placed in catagory with the traitors and the muslim satanics who believe there is no god, because they will find out the God that Christians in America serve has the power and will destroy this earth and everything on it and in it. THEN who will be the joke of the day? Satan and his followers. Please respect this country and most of all respect and turn to a real King, JESUS CHRIST the TRUE SON of GOD!!!

  106. phil hedo says:

    There's a special category of stupid for people like you. Per your post, we've had crap for POTUS for the past 60 years, and the ONLY one who can save us is wRONg PAUL, who gets support from about 4% of the population, which makes YOU one of the very few with the epiphany of wRONg PAUL's gift as our savior.
    Doug, did you field test this theory at your weekly Forrest Gump Anonymous meeting? I'll bet they all agreed with you so long as you had a box of choclates in your hand.
    [Hint: double-up or triple-up on those meetings, 'cause you ain't gettin' any better from the once-a-week treatment. And remember, they warned you at the FGA meetings that results from treatment vary from idiot to idiot, so it's NOT guaranteed that you'll graduate from idiot to moron. But keep trying.]

  107. He has a broad base out there who believe his BS or they just don't care. And that makes them, more dangerous than him! They are the real threat just as are the majority of Conservative voters. They have voted consistently for more and more and more entitlements with watered down politicians until the conservative party is polluted with corruption? Murkowski, Snowe, Graham, McCain, Boehner, Anderson and the list grows with each general and presidential election. We the people are the real threat, the politicians are just an extension of us, that horribly truthful! We are the way we vote, sound familiar?