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America Is Moving to the Right

Written by Gary North on February 21, 2012

There is no statistical doubt about it: America is becoming more conservative. This was pointed out recently in an article in the Atlantic, a liberal magazine.

The article identifies several factors. One is religion, meaning Christianity. The states with more Christians are more conservative. No surprise here.

Another is the college degree. College graduates are more liberal. No surprise here. The educational cartel is liberal. It has screened out conservatives in the humanities and social sciences for 60 years.

Blue-collar workers tend to be more conservative.

As economic times get harder, conservatism grows. We have had hard times.

The conservative belt is heartland America. From Texas to North Dakota, and from Texas to the Atlantic coast, voters are likely to be conservative.

The West Coast is liberal. The Northeast and Rust Belt are liberal.

The article did not mention trade unions, but this is a common key. Where the shrinking trade union movement is strong, voters are liberal.

I have lived in southern conservative states ever since 1980. I have felt more at home than where I grew up: California.

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One thought on “America Is Moving to the Right

  1. Obama has convinced many liberals to become more conservative. They are beginning to see the results of liberalism and don't like it as much as they thought they would.