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Pat Buchanan Gets the Axe at MSNBC

Written by Gary North on February 17, 2012

MSNBC has fired Pat Buchanan. That is, MSNBC has done what any self-respecting Left-wing media outlet does when it is confronted with conservative views. It shuts its ears. It makes sure that its viewers or readers do not get access to such opinions.

What took them so long?

This strategy used to work very well. It began no later than 1933. One by one, liberal publishing houses began a  policy of suppression. Magazines fired critics of Franklin Roosevelt. By 1946, there were only three tiny book publishers that would publish conservative books: Devin-Adair, Regnery, and Caxton.

The Federal Communications Commission-licensed networks did not allow such views. Dan Smoot got on TV in the mid-1950s only through paid advertising by Dr. Ross Dog Food. His weekly show was on local TV stations only — not the networks.

The National Council of Churches (called the Federal Council of Churches before 1950) got radio and TV stations to limit their Sunday broadcasts to Protestant pastors who belonged to NCC denominations. They failed only after the Federal Communications Commission allowed stations to run paid broadcasts to fill their FCC-mandated religious broadcasting time slots. The result: paid broadcasting took over, and that meant fundamentalists.  It meant that the theological liberals were replaced by paying customers.

This is what the Internet is doing to MSNBC.

Fox will probably not run anyone as hard core as Buchanan. That is why Fox Business Network has fired Judge Napolitano. But the conservative message is getting out on the Web.

The Establishment is intolerant. But it is also losing market share. The old strategy of closing access to audiences no longer closes access. The gatekeepers stand at the gates, ready to block those who have not been certified by them, but the walls have collapsed.

If you want to know why Buchanan was fired, click the link.

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5 thoughts on “Pat Buchanan Gets the Axe at MSNBC

  1. Bill McCroskey says:

    Pat Buchanan was and is articulate with logic plus he has FACTS to back up his statements.

    Here is another reason he was fired …. the left wing pundits can't offer their logic WITH facts.

    This has made them look bad …. no make that TERRIBLE on any show (PBS) Buchanan appears on with left wing pundits (Eleanor Clift i.e.) shouting ideology not facts.

  2. I'm surprised Pat went to work there?

  3. Before Napolitano and Buchanan were Art Bell and John Savage from ABC Radio.

  4. Oh,, but lets make sure we keep the well spoken and always speaking the truth The Rev. AL. Sharpton,,hahahah, are you kidding me,, do they REALLY THINK that the american people can't figure this out. Well for some of the obama loving morons I quess they still have them watching and enjoying.hahahaha,, what a bunch of morons,,,hahaha

  5. I'm surprised it took this long since they are so left wing. I don't watch any of them. I used to watch Fox but they changed before my eyes so I shut them off. As long as Ailes keeps heading left I think him and OReilly will come to a falling out pretty soon.