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The Terrorist Next Door

Written by Gary North on February 16, 2012

The FBI is now handing out flyers to Internet cafe owners that describe potential terrorists.

Suspicious activity #1: he pays with cash. You know: currency. Pieces of paper with dead politicians’ faces on them.

Suspicious activity #2: he expresses interest in remote-control airplanes? This points to a terrorist act, such as ramming a model airplane into . . . what? I’m not sure.

Anyway, it you spot anything like this, be aware:  this could be considered indications of terrorist tendencies.

Who might see such activity? how about these: “airport service providers, beauty/drug suppliers, construction sites, hobby shops, Internet cafes, martial arts, rental cars and tattoo parlors, among others.”

You will be glad to know that each target area “comes with a downloadable flier profiling activity employees could look for to detect potential terrorists. See all the fliers here.”

There are other suspicious activities.

  • Demonstrating unusual interest in remote-controlled aircraft.
  • Exhibiting unusual interest or specific interest in rocket motors or igniters.
  • Significantly altered appearance (shaving beard, hair color, style of dress).
  • Make repeated returns with multiple individuals requesting identical tattoos.
  • Inquire about unusual methods of tattooing or placement of tattoos which could allow the concealment of extremist symbols.
  • Always pay cash or use credit card(s) in different name(s).
  • Evidence of a residential based internet provider (signs on to Comcast, AOL, etc.).
  • Gather information about vulnerable infrastructure or obtain photos, maps or diagrams of transportation, sporting venues, or populated locations.
  • Designing a paintball field to mimic security checkpoints (such as schools, theaters, airports, malls) .

These flyers were probably printed as early as 2007. They are getting attention on the Internet.

Let us hope that public exposure will, in the words of deputy sheriff Barney Fife, nip this in the bud.

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17 thoughts on “The Terrorist Next Door

  1. Bill McCroskey says:

    If this wasn't true …it would be hilarious …. I think I'll use this stupid government idea for the basis of a comedy screenplay/book. Robin Williams as the unsuspecting child like character that likes to fly remote control airplanes … hahahahahah. I can see it now.
    btw I am older than Robin Williams and I like playing with R.C. stuff and paying with cash …. I may not be on here until somebody makes my bail in the event I am arrested.

  2. Hey Bill, give me a call; as I'm also in that same situation, I'll go your bail…

  3. DHS has been working on this for a while. Now it is trying to step it up with the ubiquitous "See Something…Say Something" project. (In other words snitch on your neighbor, friend,parent, etc) Just as in any totalitarian state. Readers if you are a prepper do so quietly, do not advertise it and definitely do not go on National Geographic's "Doomsday Prepper" show. I wish it were funny, but it is not funny to live in a state of fear of your government.

  4. David USAF says:

    Exactly what is considered an unusual interest in RC planes and rocket motors. As far as changing ones appearance, sometimes I shave my beard, sometimes I don't, and I know women who change their hair color and clothes styles every other week.

  5. Cliffystones says:

    "Evidence of a residential based Internet provider (signs on to Comcast, AOL, etc.)."

    How freakin stupid is this. Most Homo Sapiens on planet Earth who live in a "residence" that have an "Internet provider" would have a "residential" one. Or am I missing something here because I don't have a criminal mind?

  6. America has more than it's share of "dumb asses"' and most of them work for federal and state governments.

  7. 2WarAbnVet says:

    If he shouts, "Allah Akbar" if may provide a better clue than anything the Obarfa administration will tell you.

  8. GEEE wow i just found out i jit the profile . but i sure dont feel it being a conservative and not just a GOP member who there seam to be lots that arnt conservate .I pay most with cash when out and i love m d planes trying to learn the helo now thats taken a couple out but still trying heheh

  9. willemshaw says:

    What's a prepper? Don't you mean a preppie? You mean you can get arrested for wearing Topsiders now?

  10. Doesn't that mean "God is Great"? You got something against God? You mean religion is suspicious now?

  11. the smartguy says:

    Broken English is a dead giveaway.

  12. Cliffystones says:

    I suppose we need to add to the list;

    Doesn't spell check.
    Doesn't proof read.

  13. Myrtlelinder says:

    What will happen if I pick a dime up off of the sidewalk??

  14. They try so hard to be "Politically Correct", they come off as stupid. They would never say that, 2WarAbn Vet! As far as the RC airplanes, maybe for carrying explosives, maybe, idk. Maybe they tell the reasons somewhere, just sounds stupid to me, but Im not in the spy business…

  15. A "prepper is someone who follows post-Katrina, FEMA-published checklists, and stocks up in emergency supplies. It is safe to wear Topsiders, just don't stash canned food!

  16. Glen Litsinger says:

    This proves, for the umpteenth time, that no one can satirize government better than government itself. I think that the concept of a free people arising, once again, in America, starts with the realization that the government is a collection of clowns and idiots, and to laugh at them. Thanks for the laughs, Gary North.

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